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Happy Thursday, everyone! Although the rams in today’s cartoon seem really small because of the size limitations of the panel, they’re actually quite large. The average ram is approximately 6 feet in length and can weigh anywhere between 260 and 300 pounds. Since they’re the size of a football player, there’s no wonder why many sports teams have tapped them to be their mascot!

After a couple days of new clue words, David decided to take it easy on us this morning. The most difficult anagram for me to decipher was GSITTH. Upon noticing the misdirection of the coupled T’s, I immediately went to work by first separating them. I saw THIGHS but quickly changed it to TIGHTS to make use of the second T. The anagram itself was the same as the last time we butted heads on 3/31/19, but it’s been so long that I didn’t recognize it. With all of the clue words complete, I noticed that Mr. Hoyt had the anagrams listed in reverse alphabetical order.

Today’s cartoon introduces us to four rams. Two of them are ready to lock horns while they other two are already getting down to business. The dialogue between them consisted of a bit of trash-talk, the definition of which is to make disparaging, taunting, or boastful comments especially between opponents trying to intimidate each other. Although the exchange of words added a bit of humor to the scene, they didn’t offer up any helpful clues to assist with the final solve.

The drawing itself was quite impressive. My favorite detail was the depiction of the two rams battling in the background. Jeff perfectly captured the physical form of these animals and you can almost feel the intensity of their horns as they prepare to clash. During fights, rams can throw themselves at opponents with speeds of up to 20 miles per hour and the resulting blows unleash approximately 800 pounds of force. A study of 12 karate black belts showed that their punches deliver roughly 325 pounds of force. Since it takes 687 pounds to break a 1.5″ thick slab of concrete, it’s no wonder why scientists study these animals for concussion prevention!

The final solve was an anagram consisting of 11-letters. It’s not the longest layout we’ve had this week, but the similar letters and quotation marks made it seem rather complex. The cartoon sentence was a bit too leading for my taste, especially this far along in the week. The mention of friends had me thinking BEST BUDDIES, but the lack of D’s was easily remedied by substituting the T’s to finish it off. And I came away from it all without even the slightest trace of a headache! Have a terrific Thursday, and I’ll see you right back here tomorrow.





18 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 12/05/2019

  1. Good Morning, Mike and Everyone! Are we being BUTTered up? 🐏

    🎶 RAMa Lama Lama Lama Ding Dong…RAMa Lama Lama Lama Lama Ding…Uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-oh-oh…I got a girl named RAMa Lama Lama Lama Ding Dong…She’s everything to me…RAMa Lama Lama Lama Ding Dong..I’ll never set her free…For she’s mine, all mine…🎶 “Rama Lama Ding Dong” – The Edsels 1957 https://tinyurl.com/o796gyq

    🐏 While a Ram sure ‘ain’t a RABBIT, ‘cause a Rabbit’s very calm,
    Whatever UTTER SENSE it makes, Rams “butt”, and can do harm…
    With 30 lbs of horns at bay, and TIGHTS need be a neck,
    And thick skulls definitely rule…aggression, is not dreck…
    The dominance, the hierarchy…the wooing of a ewe,
    It’s just the law of nature…it’s what a Ram will do…
    And are they friends when all is done? After the Seasons’ “rutties”?
    Life does go on, so maybe they do become BEST “BUTTIES”! 🐏

    Tuesday Goats…today Rams. If EWE didn’t know any better, EWE’d think someone was trying to pull the WOOL over your eyes…BUTT once again, what we have HAIR today is an easy, breezy GOAT of it…with no RAMifications. Definitely a SHEAR delight, BAA none! Anyway, I’m listening to some Christmas music, and just as “FLEECE Navidad” came on, I HERD my better HOOF calling…that breakfast is ready. So I better get tHERBIVORE it gets cold…Have a great day, Everyone. And here’s hoping there’ll be no BUTTing heads in store for us today…🐏🙋🏻‍♀️

  2. This Jumble has a shadow solution – BUTT BETISES. This is the solution I found first. I knew that BUTT had to be part of it somehow, and so I suppose it was the four-letter word. The only word the remaining seven letters spelled was BETISES, but BETISE is an obscure word from French that has a hat on the first E. I then stumbled on BEST and pulled BUTT out of the rest, and came up with BUTTIES. So is BUTTIES the plural of BUTTY?

  3. Good morning. Could we be in a week of children’s jumble? It’s been that easy so far this week. Now that I said it, the higher powers will surely lower the boom. Today’s words were as easy as Sunday morning. The cartoon answer was a little different. I came up with Butt Betises. I couldn’t make heads or tails with the seven letters but it seemed to be a word according to the dictionary. So my friends even though I like their answer better, I’ll say I should get a half point for an alternate. Until tomorrow stay well.

  4. When the guy wearing TIGHTS decided to UTTER a word of common SENSE to his opponent, he was immediately struck with a RABBIT punch. Lots of double letters today!!!

  5. 👢Getting dressed to meet her BEST BUDDIES, she decided to wear the long RABBIT fur vest with boots and a pair of TIGHTS, figuring it was her UTTER favorite, and it made no SENSE to let it just hang in the closet…👢

    🤷🏻‍♂️ Loving cartoons as he did, he felt it made no SENSE,
    To keep on saying that he watched…why did he need defense?
    The silly figures dressed in TIGHTS, the RABBIT and the hunter,
    Why was it such an issue…and keeping some friends asunder?
    So tired just to UTTER that he just enjoyed to laugh…
    He wished people would not perceive it to be such a gaffe
    To him, their judgement foolish…a bunch of fuddy-duddies…
    Him and his cartoon characters? Simple…They were BEST BUDDIES! 🤷🏻‍♂️

  6. I also thought the 4 letter word was butt rather than best,but them stumped by the next word,best came to mind for the first word quickly followed by “butt-I-ES” for the second word. And yes I do know today is Thursday,even though I thought yesterday was “Tuesday” instead of Wednesday.That’s what happens when you’re retired,or should I just say, tired.

  7. Had to back into tights which I think stumped me before but other than that it was an easy solve. I wonder if old rams suffer from CTE like some of the football players. Happy Thursday to all.

  8. Hi all – Yep, another easy one. The double letter trick made RABITT even easier, and the word BUTT had to be in the answer somewhere. I thought TIGHTS had been used even more recently, but I guess not.

    To Jim and Paul, I’d suggest going with BESTIES for the second alternate word. It’s current slang for “best friends” (at least I think it’s current, but how would *I* know?😂) and the letters are even in order once you take “BUTT” OUT of the answer.

    Have a great day, everyone; hope your storms are clearing out. We’ve got another one coming in tomorrow, it says.

    “Although he danced as one in The Nutcracker, he soon realized it had been an UTTER lack of SENSE to have had one of his BEST BUDDIES make his TIGHTS out of RABBIT fur.”

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