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  1. I sure hope there was a “Thank you” tossed in along with all those questions. Not only would it be the polite thing to do, but it would also let her employer know that she truly appreciates the opportunity. Her posture seems to suggest that that probably wasn’t the case. And all those questions being fired off in rapid succession is never a good sign. We’ve got a full blown DIVA on our hands, folks!

    There weren’t any new clue words to toil with this morning. REETOS was the only anagram returning as new, and it’s the only one that I didn’t see straight away. I had a feeling that DISOWN was probably going to get the most votes when all was said and done. It sort of looked like WINDOWS before it finally came into view.

    Something tells me that Jeff really enjoyed drawing this panel. For those of you that don’t know, his daughter, Sydney, is currently working towards her degree in fashion design, and I think she’d be quite proud of her pops, too! I caught myself questioning whether the style of the dresses was modern or futuristic. I’ve settled on modern, for now, because futuristic sounds like it would need to utilize technology somehow.

    The final solve was an anagram consisting of 14-letters. It was definitely on the larger side, but David did us a solid by beginning the layout with QUES. QUESTIONS immediately came to mind and POSED took no effort to put this one in the books. Have a terrific Tuesday everyone, and keep jumbling!

  2. Here are 10 Fun Facts about FASHION/CLOTHING:

    10. Clothing production is the third largest manufacturing industry after the automotive and technology industries.
    9. The skirt is the second-oldest garment, with only loin cloths predating it.
    8. Just one bale of cotton can make 215 pairs of jeans.
    7. The bikini was named by its designer, Louis Réard, after Bikini Atoll, a site in the South Pacific where the US conducted nuclear testing.
    6. For a time, South Korea had actual Fashion Police. During the 1970s, police would measure the length of women’s miniskirts; if they were too short, women could be fined or arrested.
    5. In the 1670s, King Louis XIV of France popularized high heels for men. He even issued an edict stating that only members of his court were allowed to wear red heels.
    4. The world’s longest wedding dress train was 26,559.71 ft in length. For comparison, the height of Mount Everest is 29,032 ft.
    3. The word “jeans” comes from “Genes”, a local term for Genoan sailors, who wore cotton pants. “Denim” comes from the fabric used to make blue jeans, originally known as “serge de Nîmes”, after Nîmes, France.
    2. The first clothing logo, a tiny embroidered crocodile, was created in 1933 by French sportswear designer, Lacoste.
    1. The average American woman owns 11 handbags, 19 pairs of shoes and has 103 items of clothing in her closet!

    Fashion can be bought. Style one must possess. —-Edna Woolman Chase

  3. Good morning. Had very little trouble with the words or cartoon answer. The second word was evident from the captions. Until tomorrow stay well and stay safe.

  4. No problem w the anagrams or the cartoon w both posed and questions being obvious solutions.Problem today was no papers arriving at my door,yuck.Did the puzzle online thanks to your link to the puzzle.

  5. Good Morning, Everyone…I hope this finds you well…💃🏻🙋🏻‍♀️

    💃🏻 This model’s on a major QUEST to see what she can win,
    The Agency that sent her should have really filled her in
    The woman at the venue…well she don’t make the rules,
    And this girl like a STEREO is giving her the blues
    These models seem to SPOIL all the reps of other girls,
    They really should DISOWN the lot…they’re far from being pearls
    But we’re seeing the worst today at this one modeling session…
    I’ll-manners are what’s on display…as she stood and POSED QUESTIONS! 💃🏻

  6. 🤦🏻‍♀️ Ready to DISOWN her fridge, because food would SPOIL so easily, she POSED QUESTIONS…and on a QUEST for answers called the manufacturer…only to be put on hold and forced to listen to canned STEREO music for a hour…🤦🏻‍♀️

    🎶 The STEREO was aging, the years had taken toll,
    And music’s QUEST for perfect sound has since been on a roll
    But lately Vinyl’s coming back, a SPOIL Sport no more,
    So…Don’t DISOWN the Stereo? …if Vinyl’s back in store?
    Not sure what now to go by…recession or progression?
    The music lover feels confused and that’s why he POSED QUESTIONS…🎶

  7. Good one on the concept of a stereo! We used to have a console stereo that played AM/FM radio ,vinyl records ,and 8 track tapes.It occupied an entire wall in the living room.

    • I still have two stereo systems, Prof. One is as you’ve said, AM/FM radio, turntable, but cassettes. The other, same, except for CD’s instead of cassettes. I have the room, so I’ve just kept them. And the surround sound speakers are still so great…It definitely allows me to keep enjoying all of my music collection…🎶🙋🏻‍♀️

  8. Hi all – I paused at all the words except QUEST. We’ve seen DISOWN and STEREO many times, but I still see WINDOWS (or WinDOS) and SORTEE first.
    The answer was easy though because of the QU giving QUESTIONS.

    Good wishes to everyone.

    “He loved his son, but he would DISOWN him if he were to SPOIL the STEREO in his QUEST to experiment with electronics.”

    • It’s the double E’s that get me, Steve. EAGLE is another one that always trips me up.

      Was your sentence based on a true story??? 😂😂😂

      • Fortunately, no Mike. I always just used things as they were intended, and wasn’t one of those kids who took everything apart to see how they worked. Now my wife on the other hand…😱

  9. Paused as usual at disown. For some reason I always see it as windows or wisdom. Other than that everything fell into place nicely. Okay, Miss Angela I’ll bet you own more than 19 pair of shoes. I know I’m anything but average in that department. I think I may have mentioned it before but if there’s reincarnation, I’m coming back as a centipede with a different shoe on every foot. Put your best foot forward and have a good day folks.

    • Miss Betty…😂😂…I’m laughing at 2 things. 1 – Steve and I had a discussion earlier about DISOWN…And 2? Shoes? TBT? I remember us speaking of this before…but as much as I “share” here, I’m kind of embarrassed to mention how many pair of shoes I have! Definitely conspicuous consumption, although it was never my intent. It just happened…But it’s definitely a vice…a harmless, pleasurable vice. 19? Wait…that makes 3 laughs! 😉 And here’s to us all putting our best feet forward! 👠👞! Have a good one, Betty. Be well and stay safe. 💃🏻🙋🏻‍♀️

    • Aren’t you going to at least keep them in pairs? That would only be 50 – better come back as a millipede!

  10. Nifty easy Jumble. DISOWN got me, nothing else. Odd that I have oodles of shoes and basically wear only flip flops…. My wife has MANY purses and shoes and is always ordering more. No 80s for us today, back in the 70s. We may get some sprinkles on Friday but I won’t hold my breath. Have fun today all of you!

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