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Happy Wednesday, my friends! If you’re a regular visitor here at JumbleAnswer.com, you’re noticing that the layout of the page has been updated for the new year. I hope you enjoy the simple and streamlined look and if you’d like to see anything modified, please let me know in the comments section and I’ll see what I can do.

We’re at the middle of the week and this is when the puzzles seem to get a bit trickier. The first three clue words came instantly with DISOWN being the only word to give me a challenge. Yesterday we saw WINDOW which was still fresh in my mind, so I tried my best to make a word starting with WI. When that didn’t pan out, a few quick self-jumbles in the margin of my newspaper led me to OWNDIS which brought the correct answer into view.

Looking at the cartoon, it was obvious to me that Wonder Woman was the unnamed superhero referenced in the sentence. With perfect form she can be seen swinging the bat with the point of impact action lines indicating that the ball was hit just as it was crossing the center of the plate. We all know that Wonder Woman wears a tiara, and Jeff modified it a bit for his piece turning it into a visor to fit the softball theme. Perfection!

The letter layout was very cryptic leaving the answer well hidden. Without an M for WOMAN or WOMEN, I tried WONDER instead. With the remaining letters, ONE-HIT came quickly to finish the puzzle for today.

Have a wonderful Wednesday, and I’ll see you tomorrow!


38 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 01/03/2018

  1. Good Morning, Mike! I WONDERed what you’d think when you saw this! A HOME RUN on so many levels, right! How could the post not be great? The Guys definitely HIT this one OUT of the PARK! ⚾️🙋🏻
    PS: I already gave you a 👍🏻 for the page y’day…Kudos!

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  2. 🎶Well, beat the drum and hold the phone, the sun came out today! We’re born again, there’s new grass on the FIELD. A-roundin’ THIRD and headed for HOME, it’s a brown-eyed fine woman…Anyone can understand the way I feel…. Oh, put me in, COACH, I’m ready to PLAY today; Put me in, COACH, I’m ready to PLAY today… Look at me, I can be CENTERFIELD…🎶

    ⚾️⚾️ The temperature’s at 13, there’s a major threat of snow
    So this cartoon gives hope to those who’s hearts are in the know…
    That soon we will be CHEERing as baseball will begin
    The sport that brings the happiness that comes with every Spring.
    As Wonder Woman comes to bat, a stance with such control
    Golden Lasso and bracelets on…This girl knows how to roll…
    There’s nothing STODGY ’bout her, her swing is hard and high
    The Wonder belt a NOVEL look to show off those strong thighs.
    There’s beauty in her movement, a Homer we are shown…
    Her teammates well aware that here’s a girl they’d not DISOWN.
    We read that’s she’s consistent, with a bat holding the thunder
    That makes this girl A Super Star and not a ONE HIT WONDER ⚾️⚾️

    Today’s words: As easy, breezy as Gal’s SWING. You may have HELD UP a bit at DISOWN, but I’m sure you FOLLOWED THROUGH. So, SWINGING over to our cartoon. Ah, Spring! Today Jeff takes us 🎶OUT to the BALL GAME🎶, and shows us Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman, at the PLATE. And, what a DISH she is! Talk about a THREAT…This girl’s BRINGING the HEAT! Centerfield? Centerfold! She…Uh…Ahem! Sorry, I BATTER get back to the puzzle, huh? Ok, so we see a DUGOUT, and two TEAM MATES are also shown. Hmm..What TEAM is this, you may be asking? VICTORIOUS SECRET, maybe? Or YANK-SHES? How about LADIES GO DIVE-A? Or WONDER MA? Or GAL’S GALS? PRINCESSES OF PARADISE? Or maybe DIANA’S on the DIAMONDS? Phew! The possibilities are endless! Let’s take a vote! When you make a comment today, vote for your favorite name…And at the end of the 9th, we’ll see what’s on the SCOREBOARD. A little interactive ACTION here at HOME. Anyway, our dialogue’s telling us that this is no FLUKE. Our GAL just keeps HITTING them OUT OF THE PARK…We got ourselves a Super Star here! Dressed to the NINEs, with her BRACELETS of SUBMISSION, GOLDEN LASSO, and STARred Crown/Visor, Gal steps up to the PLATE, and BELTS one! CRACK! It’s ‘outta here! Can this girl DELIVER or what? She’s no…”ONE-HIT WONDER”! Kudos, Dave! A DOUBLE entendre! Wonder Woman SCORES. Both here and at the BOX OFFICE! BUNT wait a minute…Is it a TRIPLE entendre? Should I be literally SINGING their praises? Is Dave throwing us a CURVEBALL here? Is a TRIPLE entendre even in the LINEUP? Could it be like INSURANCE, or am I just putting myself IN THE HOLE here with this PLAY? Whatever, either way, it’s a WINNER! Ok, eye candy. I like the SWISH lines showing the BATs MOTION. I like the happy LOOKs on everyone’s face. I’d be LYING if I didn’t say I really like the LASSO of TRUTH on Gal’s BELT…but Jeff, despite all the great details, I think today I’m going with color…Three woman…and no one’s in Purple? Talk about a TRIPLE PLAY! And only a SINGLE blonde? It DOUBLEd my pleasure! So…That COVERS all THE BASES, and…There you have it Folks, Done!
    Have a great day, Everyone! Get OUT there and SWING for the fences…And don’t forget to vote for your favorite TEAM…⚾️🙋🏻


  3. This puzzle is cooked. It has another possible answer: ONE-HIT DOWNER. The cartoon made it clear the woman was not less than a Star, and indeed a one-hit wonder (who only is wondrous for one hit) is less than a Star. But so is a downer of any kind. So there are two answers.


  4. There was no CHEER in the home of the STODGY millionaire who made his fortune with his first NOVEL because he had begun legal proceedings to DISOWN his only child.
    DISOWN also gave me grief Mike and like you I had window in my head. The solution came before the unscrambling, so I backed into the correct word.
    Angela—I haven’t had time to read through your post yet—have to rush to a dental appointment before the weather gets more awful later in the week. I’ll try to get to it later today or tonight. I’m sure it’s worth my second visit to this site today. I’ll also try to fix my moniker not appearing.
    Have a great day everyone.

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  5. I really struggled with disown. Just couldn’t get Windows our to my head. Finally figured it out but it took me a bit longer than usual to get the cartoon answer. At any rate, it was a good midweek challenge. Happy Wednesday everyone.

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  6. Very small type on my phone, had to enlarge it, then make it smaller to read and comment and slide the screen to see my typing. Maybe it’s just me and my lack of tech knowledge. Personally I liked the previous format where everything was bigger. I could “peek” at a word I was stuck on and scroll just enough without giving away the answers. We’re all different I guess.

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  7. Hi all – Hard to believe, but CHEER took me the longest today, no idea why.

    🎵”Well, it’s-a gone and you can tell that one goodbye”🎵 John Fogarty’s reference to the Bay Area’s late great Hall of Fame Announcer Lon Simmons.

    Angela, ahem, were you combining “Angels in the Outfield” with the J Geils Band to get “My Angel’s in Centerfield”?
    I’m not ready for baseball yet, so I’ll abstain from the vote and go with some hockey teams: New Jersey She-Devils, Minnesota Wild Things, or Calgary My-Old-Flames (I can’t even think of their names.)

    My heart goes out to all of you in the East and New England especially when I read terms like “blizzard”, “explosively intensify” and “polar air mass.” I’m sure you’re as prepared as you can be, but I’ll be worried about you. Keep us posted. 🙋🏻‍♂️

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    • I’m fully prepared, Steve! I’ve been working outside all afternoon getting my snowblower ready, getting a few groceries, filling the bird feeder, etc etc. Schools are cancelled already which makes it easier tomorrow. Lord help me if the wifi goes down. The kids will go bananas! 😂


    • Hey Steve. No I thought it was clear, guess not…. There was no mention of Angels…
      🎶Centerfield🎶 I said she could be a Centerfold. 🙋🏻


      • Your reference to centerfield and centerfold inspired me to consider a mash-up of “Angels in the outfield” and the J Geils song “My angel is the centerfold”.
        But right now, all I care about is all you guys making it safely through the storm. 🙋🏻‍♂️


  8. Hi, all! I recognized Wonder Woman immediately! She was the idol of my youth. I dreamed that I was Wonder Woman with her blue-black hair & her gold bullet-deflecting wristbands.

    No problem with Wonder Woman not being a ONE-HIT WONDER & first 3 words were easy, but the puzzler of the day, DISOWN, eluded me. I so wanted it to be “wisdom” even without an “m.”

    I sympathized with the talk of cold weather yesterday but laughed out loud, Angela, when you pretended to be looking for your bathing suit at 21 degrees. Good one!!


  9. HI, Mike! You touched my heart yesterday when you said that you had me in mind with your new layout, hoping that the text was not too small for me. The text on my computer is fine, and even though the print is tiny of the copy I made of your comments, it is readable. Thank you so much for asking. How thoughtful!!

    Jerry agrees with you that his birds & rabbits have to be fed more often this time of year. Our little ground squirrels are hibernating. We both loved hearing about your heated birdbath, squirrels, & deer.

    In answer to your question, one had to live more than a mile from school to qualify to ride a bus and we were right at a mile. No, I didn’t mind the walk home because in those days we were not cruelly overburdened with a huge backpack full of heavy books.

    P.S.: I just read today’s comments so will add that if others need larger print, I would enjoy it, too, even after saying it’s readable for me.


    • Hi, Mike! In response to your concern about the print of the new layout being too small for me, I thought it was fine & readable.
      It is certainly not too small now, but if you get requests to change it back to the way you had it, I would be fine with that, too. I aim to please and obviously, so do you! LOL


      • Thanks for the wishes, Lelia! We’re all going to be home together and we’ve already decided on a menu. Belgian waffles and bacon for breakfast, chicken won-tons for lunch, and a chef’s salad for dinner! I’ll be hungry after all the shoveling! See you tomorrow and tell Jerry the bird feeder was filled with sunflower seeds and a few apples were left out for the deer. 😉


  10. Good evening. Just want to let you guys know that two of us on the bus to A/C were stumped on the last two words. But I don’t care we decided to give up. Heading back to Brooklyn with 575.00 to the good. Won a total of 1,065.00 on two different lighting slot machines. Gave part of it back on the roulette wheel and the card game “let it ride”. Now were watching a Frank Sinatra war movie on the way back. Until tomorrow stay well

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  11. For whatever reason, I did not have the clue words in my paper (Courier Journal), only a very large cartoon which took up the whole space which was alloted for the Jumble previously. Help!!


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