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Good Morning, Everyone! 📖 THE LONG AND SHORT OF IT 📖

🎶 Since you left me, I’m so alone…Now you’re coming, you’re coming on home…I’ll be good like I know I should…You’re coming home, you’re coming home…IT WON’T BE LONG… yeah (yeah), yeah (yeah), yeah (yeah)...IT WON’T BE LONG (yeah), yeah (yeah), yeah (yeah)…IT WON’T BE LONG, yeah (yeah), ’til I belong to you…🎶 “It Won’t Be Long” – The Beatles. 1963

📖 His publisher is waiting, she hoped she’d had it sooner,
And Justin Case is almost done…he’s trying to fine TUNER
A comma here, a TINGE of this…a tweak of certain words,
Of course he wants it to become the best she’s ever heard
He titled it “A Stitch In Time”…he’s hoping it goes GLOBAL,
A story of a tailor…through the years a trade most noble…
What made his family turn so cold and decide they’d DISOWN him?
He’s hanging by a thread now and his life is looking grim…
But he hangs tough…the story’s good…the words prove that he’s strong,
And Justin tells his publisher…”In short…IT WON’T BE LONG”…📖

Words. Wonderful, fascinating words. And today our puzzle’s about how these words become a story. But first…I author fill you in on our Jumble words. Whilst nothing novel to report, we have four old favorites, with two repeat anagrams – A Tale of Two Ditties, so to speak – BLLOGA, published here on our pages on 07/17/18, and WOSIND, on 01/03/18. Which leafs us with TINGE, a colorful word playing double duty as our oldest, 10/20/11 and our most recent 11/19/18, and TUNER, having last been seen on 09/11/18…And while one of the Early Birds wrestled a bit with Global, the rest of our words were no problem this morning…they were all easy reads...So, with that all written up…let’s get to phrase two…our cartoon…

Finding our shelves in the office of our featured character, the author, Justin Case, we see him speaking with his publisher, Pat Inadvance. From her dialogue, it themes that she’s waiting longer than she bargained for to get the manuscript of Justin’s newest short story, “A Stitch In Time“. Her words “kind of anxious” leads us to believe that this may be the Case. Most likely a very busy woman, I’m sure Pat’s booked up, and she probably should have had Justin on a shorter leash. But he, not one to mince words, and acting a bit shelf-absorbed, gets write to the point, and let’s her know that he’s “almost” finished…The long and short of it?…Not to worry, Pat, he says…”IT WON’T BE LONG”! Literary..ly! Truer words never spoken!

Eye candy? Hmm. A few things in my line of vision. The camera above the monitor, and the wired keyboard. The I ♥️Jumble mug of coffee to the left of it, where Jeff’s drawn those squiggly lines rising from it, denoting that’s it’s still hot. We see that Justin isn’t one to just follow a script, and be bound by today’s standards…since he did a throw-back and wrote his story out in long hand – the written pages are piled in front of him. Novel idea. And he’s a lefty, which I’m never averse to seeing. But I’m going to go with his T-Shirt. Gray in color, it depicts William Shakespeare, with three words in a flourished print. The ink, seeming to have blurred when the panel was colored, might cause you to take a long time identifying what it says, even after enlarging it. But luckily, I have the exact shirt, and it readsProse Before Bros (the last word being hidden under Justin’s thumb). Now that’s a great phrase, don’t you think?…And we all know that Shakespeare is definitely the pro among the prose! So, There you have it, Folks, Done! Have a great day, Everyone! And let’s hope “A Stitch In Time” by our character Justin Case makes the best seller list...Don’t forget…you read it here first!📖🙋🏻‍♀️






9 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 12/28/2019

  1. 📡 While IT WON’T BE LONG until he knows if the new TUNER he bought will allow him to pick up GLOBAL frequencies, he worried that his parents would DISOWN him when they saw how much it cost…and he felt a TINGE of guilt…📡

    🤦🏻‍♂️ He felt a TINGE of color start creeping up his cheeks,
    Addressing this big GLOBAL group was making his knees weak…
    The company not one to play, DISOWN him they might do
    If he failed to do justice to their TUNER, so brand new…
    The sale of it was up to him, he prayed nothing went wrong
    Or otherwise his firing? For sure IT WON’T BE LONG 🤦🏻‍♂️

  2. A PE instructor at WIU has the students w vision problems play a game called “Goball” which is played w a basket type ball that beeps,so Goball came to mind rather than global.Then tuner was stumping me,so I had to back into it, after I had already solved the cartoon solution.We’re home on a weekend for a change w 2 grandkids visiting us rather than we visiting them,so I had a real newspaper to solve the Jumble.

    • Good Morning, Professor. Funny with the Goball…But I’m glad you got the solve. Enjoy the paper, enjoy the kids! Have a great day! 📖🙋🏻‍♀️

  3. Hi all – I recognized DISOWN from having seen it before, then went through GOBBLE OBLONG BOLOGNA to get to GLOBAL. Couldn’t see TUNER for some reason, but I did see the answer and backed into it.

    Thanks for posting the song and saving me the trouble, Angela. That’s the one I was going for also. Memories of *early* Beatles, yeah, yeah, yeah!
    I actually have a hoodie with the name “Computer Prose” on it, a very obscure small company.

    Have a great day everyone!

    “The piano TUNER had no TINGE of regret when he decided to DISOWN his no-good son in law to protect his company before taking it GLOBAL.”

  4. I too paused at tuner but eventually got it. Cartoon answer was easy. Hope all of you have a good Saturday. Stay warm. It’s cold here in the Bay Area – 49 degrees on my back porch this morning.

      • Oh my goodness, Steve. That means that 49 is positively balmy. Nonetheless, I will be wearing my down coat today. Take care!

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