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  1. Good Morning, Everyone. I hope this finds you well…

    🎶 He’s a PINBALL wizard…There has got to be a twist…A PINBALL wizard’s got such a supple wrist…🎶 “Pinball Wizard” – Sir Elton John and The Who 1975 https://tinyurl.com/t3uoogx

    🕹 Way back before things video kept gamers all enthralled,
    There used to be our Pinball play and wizards some were called…
    The QUEST to get those little balls of metal do your bid,
    The TARGET being score your points by striking on the grid…
    It’s said that 70% of Pinball play is skill,
    So die-hard gamers used LOGIC to satisfy their fill…
    And many SUBURB teen you’d find ensconced in an Arcade,
    Where hour upon hour the different games were played…
    They had their superstitions, needed elbow room and borders…
    A pinball player wanted space…and not too tight CLOSE QUARTERS…🕹.

    By George! Pinball https://tinyurl.com/87won7t machines…and CLOSE QUARTERS indeed!…Ok..here’s what I can collect from the mix…First of all, every image we see of Washington, has him looking like he’s met his Waterloo…Oh, wrong historical figure? Well, by the look on his face, he seems to be flipping his wig…I mean you’d think that he’d seen a ghost…and I’m not kidding! https://tinyurl.com/y8595ux7. Who knows…maybe for him Pinball’s just slot what it’s cracked up to be. Anyway…let’s FORGE on…Secondly, except for the first coin in the top row, the flip sides of the other standard quarters show the presidential coat of arms, (the eagle with outstretched wings), facing in the wrong direction. So I guess we can dub this quarter “E pluribus unum”…since the other two flip sides that are visible seem to depict a toucan instead of our symbolic Bald Eagle…Just my take on it, Folks. I mean it’s Jeff who truly knows what’s drawn here…but let’s face it…toucan play this game…Ok, so next, two bits over…we have the Florida State Quarter, showing a 16th-century Spanish galleon, an image of a space shuttle, and a bit of land with Sabal palm trees. Fourth, and counting, on the bottom row, third one in…yes, third, since one’s lying flat, and the next is on a tilt…we see the Georgia State Quarter, which features an outline of the state, a peach, the official state fruit, and a live oak sprig, which is the state tree. But the one I’d put my money on is the one in the top row, second from left. Even though it’s on a tilt also, we can see that it’s the 2020 National Parks Quarter, celebrating American Somoa, https://tinyurl.com/y8fgpggw and featuring a mother Fruit Bat and her pup hanging upside down. Yep, you heard me right…Fruit Bats…And can we get any more appropriate than that? I mean if 2020 so far hasn’t been as bat-s%&t crazy as anything we’ve ever lived through…well then cash me in…We have been off to a pretty rocky start…January wasn’t all that bad, but then February…things starting to pile up…and by Mar…Tha *#@! really hit the fan by March…and now we’re into June… the final month of the second quarter…and we’re still counting the number of COVID-19 cases…Too bad it’s not all a game., huh? Anyway…back to a lighter note…Who knew we’d have such fun with coins? While most of us are probably familiar with “Fun With Flags”… https://tinyurl.com/o5ue8qv, this was a welcome surprise. It definitely added up to a nice way to spend some time…

    So, as I said earlier, this is what I collected from today’s cartoon…and I’ll CLOSE by wishing you all a good day…Here’s hoping we all stay well, stay safe…And COUNT our blessings…🕹🙋🏻‍♀️

  2. 🙇🏻‍♂️ On a QUEST to get a place of his own, and get out from the CLOSE QUARTERS he now shared with his roommates, he gave himself a TARGET date, but his LOGIC proved ABSURD, when he realized he’d never even have enough to cover the security deposit…🙇🏻‍♂️

    🎯 She stood and faced the TARGET, her LOGIC taking wing,
    She figured if her stance was right she’d definitely hit that thing…
    How ABSURD he had acted…telling her she’d never score,
    The man not only rude it seemed…he also was a bore…
    But undaunted she stood her ground, she now was on a QUEST,
    She’d hit that sweet spot do or die…his remarks put to rest…
    The only thing unnerving her was some guy and his daughters…
    Why would he have them standing here? It’s already CLOSE QUARTERS…🎯

  3. No problem w the anagrams,not even when the double t trick didn’t work on target.I usually have trouble when there are as many letters in the solution as there were today,but with the q and u tied at the hip,the close quarters solution was a given.Speaking of old quarters,I have an 1892 quarter,I ‘ve had for years.As far as live hanging bats,we had a small upside down bat hanging on our back patio,Mother’s Day weekend.Our lawn guy removed it on the next day.

    • Good Morning, Professor. Your coin story intrigues me…your bat story…not so much! I think I’d die! Hope you’re enjoying your day. Be well, Prof…and stay safe out there. 🕹🙋🏻‍♀️

  4. Good morning. I give a nod for Suburb for hardest word. Other than that everything else was a breeze. I laughed when I got the cartoon answer after writing down the letters. With the Q it was evident that the second word was Quarters. The remaining letters gave the final answer. I’d give it two thumbs up 👍👍. Until tomorrow stay well.

    • Good Morning, Brooklyn. I’m with you. Definitely an easy, breezy one today. And it’s looking like Suburb’s adding up to be the days stumper. Have a good one, Paul. Be well, stay safe. 🕹🙋🏻‍♀️

  5. As soon as I saw the Q, I got the answer. I only hesitated with Suburb. I only wish that the Covid was as easy to solve.

    • From your lips to God’s ears, Jensen. It’s my wish too…Thanks for commenting. Be well, and stay safe…🕹🙋🏻‍♀️

  6. Easy one today even though there were a lot of letters to contend with. Wishing all of you a pleasant day.

  7. Hi all – Just a quick stop at TARGET (speaking of pinball machines!) and then got the answer by noticing that the coins are QUARTERS.

    Great writeup all around Angela from the machines to the quarters!

    Ah, now here’s one that’s right up my alley (so to speak, since my earliest experiences with pinball were in bowling alleys). Both nostalgic and a bit wistful today, because just yesterday I got an email announcing that the huge pinball and video game extravaganza “California Extreme” in Santa Clara CA that I’ve been going to almost every year since the early 90’s can’t be held this year and is just going to be virtual demos, panels, etc.
    And I’m old enough to remember playing pinball for 5 cents (and other arcade games for literally a penny.)

    I’m impressed by how well Jeff rendered the inside of a machine, with the wires going between the bases of the playfield elements above.
    As for the cartoon subject itself, there’s a classic story of the introduction of Pong.
    “In August 1972, Bushnell and Alcorn installed the Pong prototype at a local bar, Andy Capp’s Tavern” in Sunnyvale CA. It was instantly popular, but after a few days they got a call saying the machine was broken and to get it out of there. One of the techs went over to check it out. He opened the case and flipped a switch to free play and everything worked fine. Then he opened the coin box, and found that it was stuffed so full it couldn’t take another quarter! (They kept the machine!😂)

    Good wishes to everyone.

    “In his QUEST to TARGET the top spot on the high score list of an ‘Addams Family’ machine, LOGIC said to head for a close SUBURB where the competition wasn’t as intense.”

    • I remember years ago making runs twice a week with a friend of mine when he’d go to empty the machines. I’d wait in the car most of the time, since they weren’t all the most savory of places. But the places I did go into, I remember there never being a single time when there wasn’t someone playing on one, and the amount of money that came out of those things after just a few stops was mind-boggling. He still has 2 machines in his house, and they both still work. I never did very well with them, since the left hand-right hand thing always seemed to impede me…but I always did enjoy watching a good player play…And one of my nephews knocked an item off his bucket list by buying himself one 2 Christmas’s ago…just the sound of it brings back a lot of memories…Life was sooooo much simpler! Enjoy, Steve…Be well, stay safe…🕹🙋🏻‍♀️

      • I’d be interested to know the names of the three machines, but obviously, don’t go to any great trouble finding out.

  8. I’m late in mentioning, but today commemorates the 76th Anniversary of D-Day. And I realize there’s a ton of things going on in our country, but I was disappointed to not find a single mention of it in my local paper. But I honor those who fought for our freedom. Was there an article in anyone’s paper today? 🇺🇸🙋🏻‍♀️

    • I meant to mention that but then forgot. The Chronicle’s “Classic Peanuts” has the one with Snoopy swimming ashore on D-Day, and The East Bay Times has an Associated Press story about how, unlike last year, the beaches and towns are virtually deserted due to the travel restrictions and the veterans being so old and susceptible to illness.

      • Hey Steve… As I did too. It was on my mind this morning at 4,…but then I just forgot…Yes, I saw the cartoon. I think they do that every year…Well at least East Bay mentioned it. Of course it wouldn’t be possible to hold any kind of ceremony with all that’s going on, and as you said, the precarious health of the remaining veterans, but I think it wrong that not even the smallest of articles was in my paper. As we speak, there’s 15K people marching across the Brooklyn Bridge…and the news is already saying that it’ll be impossible to have the march over by 8PM, which is still our curfew time here in NY…I pray we don’t have another night of turmoil…Anyway, thanks for the reply. Be well, Steve…Stay safe out there…🇺🇸🙋🏻‍♀️

  9. Got the anagrams, not the solve still….. Had to laugh. Have always believed that Jumble players were mostly older married men. The anagrams voted on as difficult were TARGET & SUBURBS. Living in the SUBURBS, TARGET is my wife’s summer camp. So, guys, you must be on your third marriage or your wives must have their own businesses. Till tomorrow…..

  10. Speaking of Penny Arcades, I loved the one on the Santa Cruz, CA Boardwalk. The East Bay Times salutes Veterans on all Patriot Days and Anniversaries, as did the Chronicle. Love your commentary Angela – I always read the comments after I solve the Puzzle.

    • Good Morning, Ann. Thank you so much. I’m glad you enjoy reading our comments…along the same line, we enjoy hearing from our readers. I think it’s so important for our Veterans to be honored, especially the ones remaining from WWII. Their numbers are dwindling. As I mentioned to Steve, granted it wasn’t feasible to hold any ceremony y’day, but I was very disappointed to see that my NY newspaper didn’t acknowledge the day at all. Growing up, I always remember my parents speaking of the day to us…the Longest Day, as it was called. Thank you for writing in, and I hope you continue enjoying our blog. And now, maybe more than ever, may God Bless America. Be well, Ann, stay safe. 🇺🇸🙋🏻‍♀️

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