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Happy Thursday, Jumble friends! We’re nearing the end of the week so I was optimistic that today’s game would pose quite a challenge. Starting the puzzle, I was disheartened to see all of the clue words instantly upon first glance. TAUGHT was the oldest of the quartet and was last used on 8/22/16. I have a feeling that it’ll be the most difficult anagram of the day but I’ll refrain from picking one and let our Jumble forum hash it out. On an interesting note, MIRROR was last used on 12/22/16 and was the same exact anagram that we encountered today.

Upon starting the cartoon, I usually take a few moments to absorb just the drawing itself and mentally block out the sentence, dialogue, and surprise answer layout. That wasn’t the case today and I couldn’t help but notice that the layout for today’s answer consisted of a whopping 13-letters in quotations. There was even a hyphen thrown in for good measure! My pulse quickened at the prospect of a stumper of a puzzle and all thoughts of it being a washout exited my mind.

The setting for today’s panel is a hotel where we see two people who have just opened the door to a room and crossed its threshold. The finely appointed interior brings smiles to their faces but the lack of wedding rings on their fingers had me wondering if they were married. The dialogue and sentence didn’t provide any solid evidence to answer my question so I’ll assume that they’re really close friends. What we do learn is that the man is a retired Doctor and he’s gone from healing patients to flipping real estate.

The room is exquisite with an oversized claw foot tub and glass paneled shower. The bed looks rather large as well with not a wrinkle to be seen. The chair in the bottom left-hand corner does look a bit dated with a doily on the headrest but I reckon it’s comfortable enough. The number 17 on the door was the most unique detail in today’s cartoon and it left me wondering why Jeff chose this specific number. I’m sure it’s symbolic of something, so if you have a guess, please let us know in the comments!

The letter layout for the surprise answer was overflowing with O’s. Noticing the R and M coupled together brought room to mind. Not knowing the name of a Doctor who specializes in joint repair, I did a quick Google search. Rheumatologist popped up and I knew the rest of the answer immediately! Have a terrific Thursday, and I’ll see you tomorrow!

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    • 🎶 I’d like to GET AWAY, Junior…Somewhere alone with you. It could be oh, so gay, Junior…You need a laugh or two. A certain place I know, Frankie, where funny people can have fun…That’s where the two will go, Darling…Before you can count up…One, two, three. For…There’s a small HOTEL, with a wishing well…I wish that we were there together. There’s a bridal suite, one room bright and neat…Complete for us to share together…We’ll thank the small HOTEL together…🎶

      🛋 If anything can SPOIL a trip, most likely it’s your room,
      Let’s face it, you’ll be “living” there, you’re not looking for gloom.
      ‘Tween bed bugs, noise and view even, a lot’s to be thought out,
      If anything is TAUGHT to us, it’s what we shouldn’t flout.
      I look for full length MIRRORs, a heat lamp’s always nice…
      I pore over hotel reviews, there’s tons of thinking twice.
      My friends tell me I’m anal…But there’s time to be the fun one,
      I want to be assured that hallways won’t be reeking ONION!
      Long story short, the room is key…I’m sure you get my gist…
      I have no problem being called the “ROOM-ATOLOGIST”! 🛋

      Good Morning, Everyone! 🛋Do Drop INN! 🛋

      So how much fun is this today? Still in BED, SPREAD the papers around, and came upon this very clever puzzle. Today’s words, all Sweet Repeats, left little ROOM for error. We’ve bINN there, and done them, with ONION AROMAing around as recently as March 12th…And the three “R’s” in MIRROR caught my eye, but since we’ve seen it not too long ago, on November 13th, I doubt it’ll be a problem…So, I just CLOSED the DOOR on them, and moved on to our cartoon…Today we find ourselves in a HOTEL ROOM, owned and OPERATED by a retired DOCTOR. Obviously a very INNdependently wealthy one, too! I guess he must have had a LEG up on the competition…And maybe he’s a New Yorker also? Because let’s face it, Folks, how many people today refer to places as JOINTS? KNEEd I say more? You’d think for a moment that maybe something INNCITYUS was going on, am I right? I even asked my friend, Art, for his opinion…”ART…THRITIS on for size”, I said. But he couldn’t put his FINGER on it either…Anyway, we see the Doctor escorting a woman into a ROOM. She sounds quite pleased, saying. “Wow, this is nice”…and doesn’t seem to have any RESERVATIONS about it…Even though it’s decorated in a rather unSIGHTly greenish color. But then again, she’s atTIRED head to TOE, in purple! SuitCASE included..So we really can’t put much WEIGHT on her KNEEds now, can we? We see that the Doctor’s a former RHEUMATOLOGIST, and we know this because he states that he gave up fixing JOINTS… And then went into the HOTEL business, you know… RHEUM SERVICE! So when our question asks what did he now become? A “ROOM-ATOLOGIST”! Ha! Good one, David! If I wasn’t fully awake, I’d think I was having SUITE dreams! This is a PUNderful pun! Definitely gets a 5-STAR RATING!

      Ok, eye candy: I like the looks of the BathROOM, complete with the drain shown detailed in the STALL Shower. I like the claw-FOOTed Tub, very trendy now, very INN…There’s a cute little Flower engraved on the HEAD BOARD, and a ANTImacassar draped over the top of the ARMchair. And I’m very TAKEN INN with the entry KEY card…nice TURN, Jeff. But let’s be honest…Nice details all, but RHEUMor has it we’ve seen things like this before…So, I’m going out on a LIMB, and choosing the Number 17 on the door…Why? Because according to MedicineNet, there are 17 symptoms that could be the beginning signs of RHEUMATOID ARTHRITIS! Now if that doesn’t do it FOYER, I don’t know what will! So, There you have it, Folks! Done! Have a great day, Everyone…And remember..Don’t let anything get your nose out of JOINT today…There’s no ROOM for that..Just keep it LIGHT, HUMERUS, and BACK away from anybody who tries to give you any WRISTinstance…🛋🙋🏻

      • Back from the beach and little time to make copious comments Angela but your post was positively poignant and pregnant with possibilities.
        First: Your Do Drop INN pun—There once was a “joint” in Saranac Lake, NY, called Dew Drop Inn, no kidding—doubt if it’s still there but it was a fun bar.
        Wasn’t familiar with your song, but your choices are always appropriate and appropos of the cartoon. Interesting comment about the 17 symptoms of arthritis, as good an explanation for the door number as any.
        Thanks also for pointing out details in the cartoon I cannot see—my paper is black and white and the site I used online is not in colour.
        Heading off to the local farmer’s market to buy some fruit and Mennonite pastries, which I don’t need but love, and it’s only once a week, right???

        • Hi, Earl..I’m positively pleased as punch at your profuse appreciation of my prose! LOL..Thank you very much. I think there may be a few Dew Drop Inns in existence today, it’s a catchy name. As I told Paul, I’m sure you know my song choice. What may have thrown you off, is my use of the intro. I very rarely include one. Please check it out on YouTube. The name: 🎶There’s a Small Hotel🎶 Look for Miss Ella’s rendition…I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised. I doubt if the 17 is what prompted Jeff, it was just a random thought I had, so that I could use FOYER as a pun. (Although it is a valid fact). Earl, you know there is a site that’ll show you the puzzle in color. It’s not good for seeing the tiny details, since it doesn’t open up very large, but the colors are right on point. Let me know if you’d like the link, and I’ll send it to you. We did the Farmers Market yday, and I went a little wild with the corn! We spent a serious amount of time earlier today sitting on the boat..and.shucking! …😉 And later on tonight, they’ll all go on the barbecue…Once again, I feel like one of Pavlov’s dogs! 😂 We haven’t had Mennonite pastry in a while, but I’ve always loved the cheese knot-like ones, that have some sort of a glaze on them? And then there’s those pocket pastries..pirozki, (spelling?) I think they’re called? The apple and cherry ones are to die for! 😉 I may have to go on a quest now! LOL..Once a week? Indulge yourself! Life is short! And anyway, with all the walking you do, I think you’ve got it covered! Hope you have a wonderful night, the weather became beautiful down here…And please try to check out Miss Ella…You won’t be sorry..🙋🏻

  1. Look in the MIRROR the designer was TAUGHT and don’t SPOIL the look with too many ONION-like layers.
    I agree with you Mike, TAUGHT gave me a slight pause—kept going to THOUGHT and THOUGH before it dawned. The others were easy and like you, I felt somewhat intimidated by the number of letters and the quotation marks and the hyphen, but after reading the caption carefully and thinking about what kind of MD the retired gent might be, the solution was apparent. Pheww.
    Thanks for the details–no idea what significance 17 might have. Does he have children? Could it be the age of one of them? Maybe his birthday?
    Angela, I am posting before seeing yours, so I’ll check in later. Off to the lake shore to enjoy the first day of summer. Is there a song with RHUMBA in the title or the lyrics???

    • Good Morning, Earl. Your “onion-like layers” gave me a laugh! I’m trying to picture it…doesn’t sound too AP-PEEL-ING! 😂 Rhumba? I’m sure there are, but my mind didn’t go there..It went straight to Hotel…and Miss Ella came into VIEW! I think you’ll approve. Enjoy the lake. We got your rain this morning, but we’re being promised clearing for later. 🛋🙋🏻

  2. The most difficult task in today’s puzzle was figuring out the spelling of “room-atologist”!

    Those damned Yankees and their long ball! Good hitters will make one pay for a bad pitch!

  3. Good morning. Maybe Jeff was at the Canarsie Fair way back when I was a kid and played that number 17 on a chance to win a canary. My brother gave me a dime and I played that number and went home with the bird and the cage. Never forgot that lucky day. All on one thin dime. Great posts from the three Amigos. Only I have no idea of the song. Wouldn’t Heartbreak Hotel be a better choice? Just throwing that into the ring. Today’s words were of little trouble for me. Agree that Taught would be the choice for the hardest word. But even that came fairly quick. Now the cartoon answer was a different story. My eldest son dropped by after his doctors appointments and I showed him the picture. Now I consider him and my youngest one the smartest children. I’m not putting any of the others down but,that’s just the truth. Everyone has their own field where they excel. Well anyway,between the two of us we had the right idea because we had room and gist but I decided to look for your answer. He agreed with me that these type of answers are let’s just say not cool. Until tomorrow stay well.

    • Hey Brooklyn! Thanks for the Shout Out! I like 🎶Heartbreak Hotel🎶 too, but there was nothing sad about the puzzle. I went with 🎶There’s a Small Hotel🎶, because not only did it seem to fit better, but it’s a beautiful old song. You may not recognize it, because I included the intro from Ella Fitzgerald’s rendition. It’s been recorded by Sinatra (BMH), Tony Bennett, and a slew of others. I chose hers because it’s a woman’s version, and it happens to be the last one I listened to on vinyl. I have it by a few artists in my collection. If you Google the title, you can hear it on YouTube, and trust me you’ll recognize it right away. I think it was first recorded in the late ’30’s , but became mainstream popular when Sinatra(BMH) sang it in the movie, “Pal Joey”. That’s what my Father used to introduce me to it. I could be wrong about its history, but that’s what I remember. And I bet you’ll see that it’s a song you’ve enjoyed in the past. Let me know…As for the puzzle…the spelling was a little tricky, but it’s a gem of a pun! Have a good one, Bud! Talk to you later! 🛋😂 🙋🏻

      • Ah Angela. Because I’m such a goody goody,I did what you suggested and listened to “Small Hotel” by both artist. When I heard the chairman of the board sing it,it brought back memories. I enjoyed Ella Fitzgerald but remembering it with Frankie (that’s what his friends called him) from Pal Joey,I liked it more. And yes I have no idea what his friends called him. For all we know it was godfather. But that’s a horse of a different color. Take care sweet Princess.

        • Brooklyn…You know you got me ROTFL! You’re something else! Goody, Goody, huh? Is that a Brooklyn endearment? Because I find myself still saying it! As do my cousins…We always heard it growing up! But I never hear many others out here use it…I need to find out. But let’s put our cards on the table here, Bud. You listened because you know I’d never steer you wrong when it comes to the music! Shoot..I’d never steer you wrong, period! That’s a lock! 😂 And I just knew you’d recognize it, too. But of course you’d like Frankie’s better…His is a man’s rendition, singing to a woman…Rita Hayworth, if I’m not mistaken. ( I really need to see that movie again)…Me, I went with Miss Ella’s because it’s got a woman’s lyrics…Like I’d use to sing to Frank! Didn’t you notice in my opening? First I called him Junior…and then Frankie? There’s a method to my madness! 😂 I’m glad you enjoyed it, Brooklyn, I just knew you would…Hope you’re enjoying this beautiful night, too…Even though we’re in the 8th, and the Mets are doing it to us again…Enjoy, Sweet Prince! 🎶⚾️🙋🏻

        • Gee, Paul. We lost! For a change of pace…They’re saying we’re “limping home”. I’ve limped..This isn’t limping…This is more like “rolling in the dirt home..” 💔 ⚾️🙋🏻

      • Angela,don’t tell me I slipped one right past you on my remarks. In The Godfather there were rumors that the singer was Frank Sinatra and the movie was the part he finally got when the prize horses head was placed in the directors bed while he finally came out of his drug induced sleep. I thought you would pick up on the hints.

        • No, I saw it. And yes, there was the talk.That it was either him or Jimmy Roselli. I just didn’t want to taint the conversation by talking about it. You know how it is…Your wife was Italian, right? People (not you) just love to jump on that Godfather stuff. If we were speaking alone, I’d have you falling out of your chair, but this is just too open a forum…Know what I mean, Jelly Bean? 😘🙋🏻

  4. Love those quotation marks. No problem with the words. All those “o”s revealed room fairly easily and the rest fell into place. We seem to have a medical theme this week. By the way Mike, I did answer your post yesterday about the needle question though it was late in the day before I got to it. Happy Thursday everyone.

  5. Hi all – The words were quick today. Yesterday, “TIGHTS” TAUGHT me how to handle GHT. (Hmm.. “taught, “taut”, “tight”. Means nothing, I guess.)
    Then the answer. Had to write down the letters, and thought from the first three that I was going to be SOL figuring it out The retirement made me think “Post-operator” or “Post-operative”, then all those O’s looked like “Smooth Operator”, but no. Finally just looked for what the four letter word could be, saw ROOM, and hit on the answer. The “fix joints” had me thinking chiropractor or orthopedic surgeon at first.

    I think Betty and I had an advantage, after apparently spending most of our careers in hospitals. I think I mentioned that I walked into work every morning past a big portrait of Rosalind Russell, who founded a Rheumatology Research center there.

    Can’t remember the last time I heard or thought about “There’s a Small Hotel” Angela – nice choice. Is that up in the Catskills or over in Nyack?

    Song from the ceiling at the 99¢ Only store yesterday – “That’s All” by Genesis with Phil Collins. Very nice piano and organ work there.

    Have a great day everyone!

    • Actually, I my be nit picking, Steve, but I too thought operator as you did but figured that couldn’t be the correct answer as Rheumatologists are not surgeons. The actual joint fixing belongs to the Orthopedic Surgeons in my experience.

      • And Betty, we certainly don’t want INNexperienced people dealing with these sort of things! 😉🙋🏻

      • Not nit-picking at all Betty (although maybe now you’re getting into entomologists 😂). Good points all, and I do believe you’re already in the company of some world class nit-pickers here. I’m sure Jumble Jeff would agree!

    • LOL…No, G, nothing to do with hospitals! All that’s needed is one case of Arthritis in a family, and you’ve got a LEG up on it, trust me! I probably, as many others I’m sure, have known the word since childhood. 🎶Smooth Operator🎶! Sade in the house! Or the ROOM! Nice call! The song choice? Tks. And as I told Paul, a classically beautiful tune. And if you’ve never heard Miss Ella’s rendition? Check it out. IMO, she put Sinatra( BMH), to shame!…And can you believe I’m saying that? 😉 As for the locatiion? My thoughts immediately went to a little inn in Charleston, SC. (Sigh)…But any bucolic setting will do..🎶I could leave but I won’t go, Though my heart may tell me so… I can’t feel a thing from my head down to my TOES..🎶 One of their best..and apropos, besides, right? Who knew? Hope you’re having a good one, Bud! 🛋🙋🏻

      • 🎵“The morning after blues from my head down to MA SHOOS. 😂
        Carefree highway, let me slip away, slip away on you.”🎵
        Why doesn’t anyone ever get the blues from their feet up? 🤔😂🙋🏻‍♂️

        • Cause then it’d have to be called the seulb? 😂 🎶Carefree Highway..got to see you my old flame…🎶 …LightFOOT!! LOL…Did you pick up on that? A lotta JOINTS! 😂😂🙋🏻

          • No, I didn’t! 😂 It must have been too CORNY. He should have written a song about Paul BUNION. 😂🙋🏻‍♂️

            • 👏🏻 But now you’re talking podiatry! Soon we’ll have the entire AMA in the ROOM! 😂🙋🏻

  6. Hi, Mike et al! Quick solve of the words except for a second look at TAUGHT, which I will cast my vote for as the most difficult yet easy anagram of the day.

    Oh, Mike, our dear strong, healthy young one who had to Google rheumatologist! Good for you! Jerry has had to go to a rheumatologist for years. To protect your joints, be careful hauling all those tons of wood chips for your stove. Get help. I give the advice to get help, but did Jerry & I ever take that advice? No.

    Enjoy your day, all!

  7. 13 letters and 17 on door means he primed us all up. Room was instant and fist was next because I was getting the gist of it. Five letters left and another prime number. Tool worked out didn’t look right so I changed a and l. Helped me with my prime feelings

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