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Good Morning, Everyone!              🎶 THE SOUND OF MUSIC 🎶

🎶This is the way…I always DREAMED it would be, The way that it is, oh oh,
when you are holding me…I never had a love of my own, maybe that’s why when we’re all alone…I can hear MUSIC, I can hear MUSIC…The SOUND of the city Baby seems to disappear, I can hear MUSIC, Sweet sweet MUSIC…Whenever you touch me Baby, whenever you’re near…🎶

🎶 Where Music soothes the savage breast, what did they do before?
If not present they’d just FORGO hearing the notes and chords.
And then the ODDEST thing occurred, a “Music Box” was born,
And we could hear the voices interspersed with string and horn…
Tom Edison had vision, saw the NUANCE here and there,
And knew we could have Music with no need to appear…
IMPELled to make it possible he went on to invent
A way to work a cylinder and then his voice indent…
So “Mary Had a Little Lamb” was spoken and refined,
And Edison became the man known to be OF SOUND MIND 🎶


Our words today have all been pre-RECORDED. NUANCE may SLIGHTLY overshadow the others though, as far as its degree of difficulty…Despite us having HEARD it here as recently as February 23rd, where it did NEEDLE a few of us…Hopefully this time AROUND it PLAYS out a little better…And FORGO does have an alternate spelling of forEgo,,,EEEE, I’m hoping that won’t cause a NICK in our solving! Anyway, it’s time… So, let’s PLAY with our solution! Today we’re brought back to 1877, and find ourselves in Menlo Park, New Jersey. Inside the workshop of THOMAS ALVA EDISON, we see him showing his new INVENTION, the PHONOGRAPH, to a very excited couple, HY and LOIS, (LO for short), TONE. The TONES, seem very imPRESSed with this new machine. As MR. EDISON explains how the new-fangled invention works, HY comments that Tom seems to have an amazingly solid BRAIN. Why HY would cry this silly BY..line? I have no idea! But I can see LO GO, “Wow”, .though…It is so far an unRECORDED phenomenon…So, with HY’s comment in mind, don’t you think Jeff’s sort of given us a gift HEAR? BRAIN? MUSIC? …SOUND familiar? There was no doubt Tom was...OF SOUND MIND!! Well, put that one up on the CYL..INDER we’re done! Good one, David! Top NOTCH!

Ok, eye candy…What can I CRANK up today? The hairdos are all quite on POINT, PERIOD. The clothing, quite STYLUS for the time, right? And LO’S Cameo, nice, but a tad efFACing…Hmm…Wait, I know…HEAR we go…The lines EMANATING from the MEGAPHONE? Or is it a PAVILION HORN? Quite SOUND..and that’s it..And I’m RECORDING it right now…So, tHEAR you have it Folks, Done! Have a great day, Everyone!…And may we never stop LISTENING to the MUSIC! 🎶🙋🏻

21 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 06/22/2018

  1. The father used a clever NUANCE to IMPEL his son to FORGO selecting the ODDEST reptile at the pet store.
    A strange group of words this Friday—-I think NUANCE was the most difficult word for me but I believe we have had it before. The solution was not too much of a struggle once I isolated SOUND as the longest word.
    Another song I am not familiar with Angela, but I am glad you put “The Sound of Music” at the top of your notes. I’ll be humming one or another of that musicals many songs all day.
    Clever poem and lots of historical tidbits about Edison. I remember my grandparents had an old machine, not sure if was an Edison, that had those old heavy, black records and a needle that had to be placed by hand at the beginning of each disc. During a summer camp, we used those old records to make flower vases for our mothers—-they were dipped in boiling water and then shaped appropriately. Now that I think about it, what a waster of probably valuable records. What did we know????
    Have a great day everyone.

    • Good Morning, Earl. You BEAT me to the punch! I have too many balls in the air this morning, and only just now put up the commentary piece..Thank you so much for the Shout Out and the Poem Nom. As always, greatly appreciated. Your sentence? Hilarious! Great imagery, and extremely clever! The song is, 🎶I Can Hear Music🎶, the Beach Boys, 1969. Great piece of MUSIC. You know what comes next, right? ..Google it..you’ll definitely be entertained! And yes, NUANCE. See above…Your story about your Grandparents..fascinating! And the RECORD use…Valuable? WATER you think? 😂 Have a good one, Sir! Enjoy! 🎶🙋🏻

  2. Good morning. Before I posted, I took your advice that you gave Earl and listened to the song you picked for your opening. Like Earl, who by the way did his usual fine job on the words, I had no clue as to the song. Angela, I don’t know how you keep coming up with these gems, but you do. An enjoyable poem and puns. You are definitely Mikes girl Friday. Today’s words were a little challenging with Nuance taking the longest to get. Today’s cartoon took about fifteen minutes to finally solve. Remember the newer model where the wooden cabinet was about three feet high with a heavy lid and there was a picture of a dog and speaker on the front that you had to wind up to play your big records? . Well,as a little kid I helped my father break it up so he had some fire wood for the coal furnace that heated the house. I guess money was tight at the time. Thank God it was only for a very short time. I remember my father putting out those barrels for the sanitation men. If you filled them too much they just left them there. Until tomorrow stay well.

    • Good Morning, Paisan! I was rethinking my reply to you last night, and hoped I didn’t offend you. Woke up st 2:40 and it was gnawing at me. I hope you didn’t take it wrong. And of course, when I said “people” I wasn’t in the least referring to any of us “regulars” here. I was thinking of all the other 900 some odd that read this every day. I just have the strongest disdain for anyone who criticizes Italians. Or any nationality for that matter. Anyway, as my familiy’s always telling me…I worry too much. And they’re right! So..stepping down off that soap box…I’ll hop on another…You gotta trust me with the Music, Bud.. 90% of the time, I don’t choose it..it chooses me! Like that little bird you won that time? Something just whispers in my ear..And I’m a goner! So, kudos to you for doing the right thing! You’re a quick study! 😘 NUANCE kicked a little butt last time out too. It’s surely not a word one sees or HEARS every day. But you finally got it, so you’re in like Flynn. The phonograph cabinet you’re speaking of was before my time, but I’ve seen pictures. Your story saddened me a little though. It’s amazing the sacrifices our Parents made years ago, right? And how common for us to help our Parents out as we did. Unfortunately today, most kids coming up wouldn’t even recognize firewood, let alone manual labor! Whatever…Ok, soap box #2..Fini…And the barrels? Gotta take a pass there too, Paul..The earliest recollection I can come up with as far as outside in the street, is being a very young child, and seeing my Father and the other men, after a snowstorm, lifting the sewer covers on the corners of Avenue U, and shoveling snow into them. For some reason, that image is so vivid…Ok, so there you have it! History 101, Brooklyn style! And Thanks for the Shout Out, Brooklyn, much appreciated. ..Oh, one more thing..Since it’s a Friday, I’m letting you “get away” with the Gal Friday tag…But I like to think of myself as Mike’s “Write Delight”…It just has that certain je ne sais quoi that we Brooklyn girls are so fond of! 😉 ROTFL! Ok…Phew! You can take a nap now…I know I must have knocked you out! Have a good one, Brooklyn! 🎶🙋🏻

      • Dont fret my pet. Excuse me,”Write Delight”. It never entered my mind. I can see your point of view but I was surprised that it went over your head. That’s why I came back with those thoughts. Plus if I thought that way I wouldn’t have married my childhood sweetheart.

        • LOL…My Pet is quite alright! Feel free. And besides, it rhymed with fret! No, it didn’t go over my head…As I said. I just wasn’t sure how to respond. And there WAS sooooo much talk that he only got the part in “From Here to Eternity” because of who went to bat for him. But most likely, it was Ava Gardner, who he was married to that scored it for him. Supposedly she persuaded the wife of Harry Cohn to go to bat for her…and do her the favor of casting him…A lot of ball playing going on there, huh? 😂 As for your marriage? Best decision you ever made, am I right? ❤️ Hang in there, Brooklyn! Talk to you later! 🙋🏻

      • Regarding the sewer covers and shoveling the snow down into it. I did it all the time with my boys so I could get to work. I had an old car with snow tires and snow chains that I put on when the snow was real deep. We shoveled a quarter of a block once to get the car on kings highway. I was one of the few cars on the road. We sure did have fun.

        • Oh, so you remember that too? I remember being so afraid he’d slip and fall in! I guess all the men did things like that back then. When men were truly men…My Father never drove, but he’d tell us to help out all the others on the block, and around the corner, so that they’d be able to free their cars…Yep, Brooklyn, we sure did have fun! 😘🙋🏻

    • “Nipper”, the RCA Victor dog listening to “His Master’s Voice.” 🙋🏻‍♂️

  3. My Dad,brother and I used to shovel a block long alley so we could get out to the Main Street.Our garage was in back of the house with the only access from the alley.

    • Hey Chuck, How’re you doing? Yep, I remember doing that at my Grandparents house so that my Grandfather could get out. My Mother would be yelling at my Father to stop enlisting me to help, but I always wanted to. I remember Him saying…”Have you seen her swing a bat? If she can swing a bat like that, she can lift a shovel”! LOL…And I was happy to help! Hope you’re having a good one, Sir! (Did you do today’s puzzle?…And)? 🙋🏻

  4. DONE! Instant solve of the cartoon answer and quick solve of all 4 words.
    Enjoy your day!

    • Fun, and easy, breezy. Perfect Friday fare! Hope you’re enjoying your day also, Lelia! 🎶🙋🏻

  5. I couldn’t see ODDEST for the life of me. Beatrice finally got it, though! Surprise answer came easily, thereafter.

    Hope that the Mariners can right the ship in Boston. That series in New York really stung a bit!

    • Hi John. Last time we had ODDEST back in August, you didn’t post, so maybe you haven’t seen it before. It was a good scramble today. And Kudos to The Missus! Those Yankees? A whole lot of young blood on that roster! Young and hungry…A pretty deadly combination! And I’m with you..Beat those Red Sox! (Uh oh…Is Mike listening? 😷) Have a good one, John! 🎶🙋🏻

  6. Hi all – ODDEST took the longest, until I put the DD together and saw that EST remained. And again, it’s UNCAN-E that NUANCE is back. The third word for us old-timers, “Its delovely, its dynamic, its DeSoto!” (What on earth *is* he talking about *now*? 😂)
    I thought Edison might be “In the groove” and WAXing poetic while describing and playing Lelia’s cylinder. Wrote down the letters, saw SOUND and got the answer.

    I bet you have some stuff by The Hi-Lo’s in your record collection Angela, and I didn’t know that Sinatra had recorded with them, or this about their influence: “The Hi-Lo’s, and especially their innovative use of vocal harmony, were an influence on the groups and musicians Take 6, The King’s Singers, The Manhattan Transfer, Chanticleer, The Free Design, Herbie Hancock and Brian Wilson.” Brian Wilson! How’s that for a coincidence with your song!? And as for “Listening to the Music”, yes, as Romper Room almost said, “Do be a do-bee”, brother!

    Did I really forget to wish everyone a happy summer, and June Solstice yesterday? Oh well, try this: 🙋🏻‍♂️
    🎵”Here comes summer
    School is out, oh, happy day
    Here comes summer
    We’ll go swimmin’ every day
    And let the sun shine bright on my happy summer home
    Well, school’s not so bad but summer’s better
    It gives me more time to see my girl
    Walks through the park ‘neath the shiny moon
    When we kiss, she makes my flattop curl”🎵

    • Hey, G…🎶I’ll Never Smile Again🎶 for sure..Might be others, but nothing that rings a bell. I can definitely see their influence with the Manhattan Transfer, but I have a ton of Herbie Hancock, and I never thought of a connection. I’ll have to listen again. And I know what a DeSoto is, but you’re right, not the commercial. …🎶Drive in movies every night…🎶 The “Sweet Innocent” music, I call it….Got the 45. But did he ever do anything else? Hope you’re having a good one, Bud! See ya at the Hop! 💃🏻🙋🏻

  7. You can rock it, you can roll it,
    Do the Stomp it, even Stroll it at the hop.
    Yet more Brian Wilson:
    🎵”Little Richard sang it and Dick Clark brought it to life
    DANNY AND THE JUNIORS hit a groove, stuck as sharp as a knife.
    Now do you remember all the guys who gave us rock and roll?”🎵


    • 🎶…Elvis is the King..he’s the giant of the day…🎶 Ok, let’s not go crazy now! You do know I never “hopped”, right? I just saw pictures…But I must sing that song in my head a zillion times a week…The Littles: “Zia, hop with us…” Me: “Jeez, let me get out of these heels, before I kill myself…”! 😂..And then the song starts to play! And then we hop…And then I start wondering when their Mothers are coming back…! 😂😂 🙋🏻

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