Jumble Answers for 12/01/2018







Good Morning, Everyone!            🏈 THE FORWARD PASS 🏈

🎶 We love to watch the kickoff as the game begins, Pretty cheerleaders and las’ minute wins…The screaming crowd and the linebacker’s stare…Scrambling QUARTERBACKS and signals in the air…Big hits are coming, the ‘backs are cutting inside…Everybody turns it up Monday night…Are you ready
Are you ready…Are you ready for some FOOTBALL?…🎶 “All My Rowdy Friends Are Coming Over (For Monday Night Football)” – Hank Williams, Jr. 1984  https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=718swIfZKtY

🏈 While drafting Football players from College to the Pros,
I’m sure a lot of early thoughts are back where their mind goes…
They called him MOOSE, and the name stuck, a FACTOR was his size,
And SCREWY as it may have seemed, he tried not to surmise.
But dreams come true and now he wears the jersey and the PANTS, 
And playing in the NFL, he’ll soon hear all the chants.
‘Cause he’s achieved a lifelong dream that’s put him in a class…
With Quarterbacks who also saw their fame had COME TO PASS! 🏈

Once again today, we’re seeing words that have PASSed through these pages before. Except for MOOSE which last appeared on March 23rd, the others are all from 2017; and all seemed easy enough to TACKLE this morning, SAVE for a slight FUMBLE with FACTOR…But it was easily REVERSEd. So let’s CHECK DOWN with our cartoon…

Finding ourselves at a news conference, today we see MOOSE, the new QUARTERBACK for the NFL “Jumblers“, standing at a podium emblazoned with the team’s name. From the AUDIBLE, we can hear the owner congratulating him, while three sports writers are standing ACROSS THE MIDDLE, listening and capturing the moment. There’s a screen OFFSIDE to the left, showing a CLIP from years ago, when the new draftee was a young kid playing for his schools’ team. He’s heard “predicting” that he’d be a “pro QUARTERBACK” one day, throwing those winning PASSES. And as surprised as MOOSE seems by the FOOTAGE, and the GAP of years that has gone by, he realizes that his dream has COME TO PASS. Good one, David…ROLLOUT the red carpet!

So, eye candy. Except for the GOAL POST shown in the old footage, and the humorous, ubiquitous “J” for Jumblers Football Team, the only real eye catcher is the #12 on the jersey worn by our QUARTERBACK, shown back then as black on a gold jersey, and now, as gold on a black one.  For those of you not familiar with the game, #12 is iconic for a couple of reasons. First, it was the number that Joe Namath wore. Namath transcended the game of football. He was a superstar on and off the field and a hero of the 60s’ counterculture. He was the face of the entire AFL.  Second, during the 1970s, the #12 received the lion’s share of the best air time available, the Super Bowl. Three of the greatest teams of that decade, the Pittsburgh Steelers, Dallas Cowboys and Miami Dolphins employed QUARTERBACKS who wore #12. And for a generation that grew up watching Terry Bradshaw, Roger Staubach and Bob Griese, the “12” emblazoned across a chest was more iconic than a big red “S.” That may explain why todays’ QBs like Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers, who have both taken their teams to Super Bowl wins, don the sacred number. And that may explain why Jeff figured he just had to PITCHure it.  LATERALly! So, in light of all this, my POST POSITION for the eye candy today goes to that #12. So, There you have it Folks, Done! Have a great day, Everyone! Bye, bye...GO LONG! 🏈🙋🏻



Jumble Answers for 11/30/2018







Good Morning, Everyone!               🏄🏻 WAVE OF THE FUTURE? 🏄🏻

🎶 Let’s go SURFIN‘ now, Everybody’s learning how…Come on and safari with me
Come on and safari with me…🎶 ” Surfin’ Safari” – The Beach Boys   1962 https://tinyurl.com/ya56tjg6

🏄🏻 I give a surfer credit, it takes real nerves of steel,
To get aboard with riding waves, at least that’s how I feel.
One needs be BRASH and unafraid, while at the oceans’ mercy…
And magical they seem to me…Just like the Goddess Circe.
I’m sure there’s things of TABOO, they keep amongst their peers,

And yet they all get out there, FACADE or not of fears…
So is it SCARCE to give oneself to monstrous waves toward?
I guess not to these guys who love their lives ACROSS THE BOARD! 🏄🏻

Today once again our words are all Sweet Repeats, with SCARCE having appeared earlier this month on the 2nd. TABOO, last seen on August 1st, was anagrammed exactly the same, and was the “unspeakable” word that day…but so far this morning it hasn’t stumped any of the Early Birds. Our oldest word, BRASH, has been seen twice, August 2015, and September 2016, and FACADE last appeared on October 15th of 2017…And as I’m sure most of you may have guessed by now, “Decaf” was definitely not on the menu this morning! SCARCE has brought in a murmur or two, but nothing this morning has caused a WIPE OUT…

If you’re feeling a WAVE of nostalgia looking at our puzzle today, it may be because once again the Jumble brings a familiar theme to the SURFace. Having had a SURFING puzzle on April 7th, and again on May 9th, one may not have expected to see the subject here now, in winter. But I guess the Jumble Guys are BEACHY keen on the sport, and think it’s SWELL. Our scene today opens upon a blue-washed panel. Standing in a SURF SHOP, which I believe to be in Hawaii, we see two men discussing not the rising WAVES, but the rising cost of Surf BOARDS. The Surfer there to rent, is asking the proprietor if he’s PULLED UP the prices, since he didn’t intend to WIPE OUT his bank account just to SURF. But let’s face it, Folks, no matter what we’re CURRENTly in the market for, SURFice to say, the price has gone UP. With that in mind, the owner of the Shop is seen telling him..”SHORE, I did, I added 20% to everything”. And he’s also added new price tags, which are seen posted…ACROSS each BOARD. Good one, David! The prices rose…ACROSS THE BOARD! A perfect (HANG) TEN!

Ok, eye candy…Each BOARD has a Yellow banner ACROSS it, with prices reading left to right…$400, on the Blue Flowered one, $600 on the Brown one with the Black Stripe, and $550 on the Red one with the Lightning Bolt. The BOARD lying at front on a SEAhorse is marked at $700. Our SURFER, in bare feet, wears a Green shirt, with Red Flower-patterned shorts. The owner is clad in Blue, and wears Brown sandals. Looking very closely, there appears to be a tiny “J” on his shorts. There’s a window to the left of the panel, and we can see a woman, clad in a bikini, HANGING EIGHT. And off on the WAVES, we have Jeff’s endearing signature sinking Sailboat. But what really caught my eye this morning? Two things…The first BOARD is patterned with Hibiscus, which is the State Flower of Hawaii. They’re not colored Yellow, but I’m pretty SHORE Jeff meant them to be. And the real BIG KAHUNA of the day? HANGING around the Shop owners neck, we can see a MAKAU, the Hawaiian Bone Fish Hook Necklace, which symbolizes strength and is said to provide good luck and safe journey when out on the WATER. And that’s what HOOKED me…So, There you have it, Folks, Done! Have a great day, Everyone! And keep in mind…WHY POUT about things? It’s a proven fact that where there’s a will…there’s a WAVE! So we may just as SWELL smile…and  RIDE IT OUT! 🏄🏻🙋🏻

Jumble Answers for 11/29/2018











Happy Thursday, everyone! Today’s game started out with four anagrams that were new, but their clue word solutions were old friends. Both of our 5-letter words were instantly visible while the 6-letter ones took some extra time to work through. VIOLET, in my opinion, was the more challenging of the two earning it the title of most difficult anagram of the day. MORPH ended up being the oldest word in the lineup with its last appearance on 9/12/15 and jumbled as PROMH.

Today’s cartoon transports us to Paris where we see three Jumble characters reviewing architectural plans for the Eiffel Tower. Construction of the Tower is happening right behing the gentlemen so this period piece can be dated to somewhere between 1887-1889. The dialogue of the cartoon allows us to identify the middle character as Gustave Eiffel with the other two men possibly being under his employ.

The Eiffel Tower is a cultural icon of France and is one of the most recognizable structures in the world. Constructed of 18,038 pieces of wrought iron and fastened together with 2.5 million rivets, the 81-storey tower was the largest structure in the world for 41 years until the Chrysler Building in New York City surpassed it in 1930. The Tower was constructed as the entrance to the 1889 World’s Fair and to this day remains the most visited paid monument in the world.

I could go on and on about the history of the Tower, but lets get back to how it plays a role in today’s Jumble. The cartoon sentence, dialogue, and the drawing itself focuses on the height of the structure which was our first big clue. The final solve consisted of a 13-letter anagram that kept the solution very well hidden. TOWER jumped out at me after having read so much backstory about it for this analysis. With those letters crossed out, OVER became visible leaving THEM for the punny finish. Well done, David and Jeff! Have a terrific Thursday, and I’ll see you tomorrow. 🇫🇷

Jumble Answers for 11/28/2018









Happy Wednesday, Jumble geniuses! Our Wednesday solve began with all of the anagrams being in reverse alphabetical order. They were all recycled favorites with LENKT having been used in the past. BBRASO was the only one to require a couple of extra glances to decipher which made it my pick for the most difficult anagram of the day. KNELT was also the oldest clue word of the group and was last used in gameplay on 12/21/17 and scrambled as KTLEN.

The first thing that I noticed about today’s cartoon was the A-frame curb sign that says “Free Checking Today”. The sign lets us know that this building is a bank and it’s where we meet our Jumble characters for today. We see four people on the sidewalk with one of them heading into the building. The two people on the left, identified by their nametags as Scott and Amie, are attempting to drum up business by letting people know about the special being offered by the bank.

There were a a few well placed details within the panel that made it visually interesting. The lines on the door and windows of the bank seem to indicate that the glass is squeaky clean and it gives the building a polished appearance. Scott is holding a stack of papers that I can only assume are flyers or applications for the free checking account. We catch a glimpse of the customer counter within the bank with a pen sticking out of its holder. Missing was the tiny chain that keeps people from walking off with the pen but this bank looks upscale so perhaps they’ve done away with the tacky detail!

The final solve consisted of an 11-letter anagram which is the same amount of letters as Monday and Tuesdays game. The cartoon sentence said “financial institutions” instead of “bank” so it was the only clue I needed for the solve. The -ING ending made bank the required 7-letters leaving ON and IT for the finish. We’ve had three easy puzzles this week so I’m banking on a brain-buster either tomorrow or Friday. It would only make cents! Have a wonderful Wednesday, and I’ll see you right back here tomorrow! 💰

Jumble Answers for 11/27/2018









Happy Tuesday, everyone! There weren’t any new clue words in today’s puzzle, but all of the anagrams were new. IGLOO has given me problems in the past, but it was instantly visible for some reason this morning. The peskiest of the pack ended up being DEFIED due to the double D’s and E’s. David decided to group all of the B’s together in BOBBLE but it too was instantly visible. SCOFF ended up being our oldest clue word with its last appearance on 6/11/15 and jumbled as FOCFS. Once solved, all of our clue words were in reverse alphabetical order.

Today’s cartoon brings us to an unamed pizza parlor where a scene for a movie is being filmed. We see a director in the rear of the panel that is coaching the actors on how to say their lines in an effort to give the scene an “everyday” feel. I wasn’t particularly impressed by the dialogue in the panel and thought that the flow was off by having both of the characters say “for me”.

The drawing itself was superb and contained quite a few extra details when compared to yesterday’s panel. The microphone dangling over the counter and the lighting panel on the wall lets us know that this is a big-budget production. The actor on the left is dressed in streetwear while Sal can be seen wearing an apron. The pizzas in the display case looked delicious with one pie being pepperoni and the other appearing to be mushroom and onion. My favorite detail overall was the cameraman filming the action. He has his hat on backwards so he can get a super close look into the camera and perfectly capture the scene taking place.

The final solve consisted of an 11-letter anagram with SLICE being instantly visible due to the visual clue in the cartoon. OF was the obvious two letter word leaving LIFE to be found in the remaining letters. Be sure to cast your vote down below for the word that gave you the most trouble and be sure to check back tomorrow to see the results. Have a terrific Tuesday, and I’ll see you tomorrow! 🍕

Jumble Answers for 11/26/2018









Happy Monday, Jumble friends! Mr. Hoyt started off our weekday Jumble duties by offering up a new clue word in SAVOR. We’ve seen SAVORY numerous times in the past so this one wasn’t any trouble to decipher. The rest of our words were all recycled favorites, but their anagrams were brand new. DECENT required a few extra glances before coming into view making it my pick for the most difficult anagram of the day. Our oldest word in the group was LOFTY with its last appearance in gameplay on 2/27/17 and scrambled as FOLYT.

Monday puzzles are usually pretty tame in regards to difficulty so I was pleased to see the surprise answer contain one word in quotes. The cartoon featured three animals in a pasture where there is an abundance of dialogue being exchanged. The large horse in the rear, who appears to be female as indicated by her long eyelashes, exclaims that Trig should go back to the barn and rest. Trig’s dialogue states that he’s feeling better but his droopy eyelids are a good indicator that he still needs to take it easy.

There wasn’t much extra detail in today’s panel, but there were a few items definitely worth mentioning. The long fence in the background lets us know that these animals have a lot of space to roam while the smaller fence in the foreground separates the goats from the horses. There were four tufts of grass drawn into the pasture which makes it look lush and green. My favorite detail was the bony shoulderblades of the goat that give it some extra character. Jeff could have easily kept its back flat and we wouldn’t have thought twice about it. My final thought about the cartoon was the choice of “Trig” as the small horses name. Was this a tip of Jeff’s cap to Trig from the Roy Rogers Show of the 50’s or merely a coincidence?

The final solve consisted of 11-letters in a cryptic anagram. With the visual clues of horses in the cartoon, I spotted HORSE almost immediately. LITTLE took a few seconds to decipher but wasn’t any trouble whatsoever. The word in quotes didn’t end up being the challenge that I expected, but it was a cute play on words that started my morning off on the right hoof. I wish everyone Happy Trails today, and I’ll see you right back here tomorrow! 🐴


Jumble Answers for 11/25/2018









Good Morning, Everyone!           🔢 COUNT ME IN 🔢

🎶 “When I’m worried, and I can’t sleep, I COUNT my BLESSINGS instead of sheep. And I fall asleep….COUNTING my BLESSINGS …🎶 “Count Your Blessings” – Rosemary Clooney 1954       https://tinyurl.com/ycrt89mg

I think BLESSINGS seems to be the key word here today…This entire puzzle was ONE…Our words are all old favorites, and except for MOSTLY which appeared back on July 13th, 2017, the other five? – All repeats from the first four months of this year. But they were an easy, breezy, group…with not a pause to COUNT amongst them..NOBODY seems to be stumped this morning…

Today we find ourselves in Ancient Rome, at the ABACUS STORE. The owner,  STEVANO, as I’ll call him, seen off to the left, bearded and holding his hand to his chest…has grown his ABACUS BUSINESS from just a JOB, into a very successful enterprise. ONE can see from his COUNTenance that he’s very pleased with his lot in life, and is heard saying that he has a “new house and a new chariot”…He is truly BLESSED! And I don’t think he ever FIGUREd as much….We see his two employees, CiZERO, meeting and greeting, and the other, CASHius talking  “upgrading”..competing. It’s definitely ONE prosperous business…and something Stevano knows he can COUNT on to bring him many, many years of BEADitudes!  So what does it all ADD UP to? ..He now can COUNT HIS BLESSINGS! Great pun, David! I give you a “X”!

Ok, eye candy…Our panel today is very easy on the eyes…The “brick and mortar” work is a soft shade of gray…All of our CHARACTERS are dressed in white and they all look very nice TOGAther. The sole woman, easily outNUMBERED, is wearing her hair in an UPswept style, and there’s some strands of BEADS at her neck. The men, except for CiZERO at the entranceway are all sporting facial hair of some kind. ‘ZERO, as he’s less formally known, does look very young…the little SHAVER! All of the ABACI are colored a peachy brown shade…We see an ITER, (a Roman footpath, a Road) leading up to the store, and the grassy landscape leads to Rome in the background…(You know..all roads.., etc)! 😉 CASHius wears a wristwatch, showing a tiny Sun Dial. Great detail, Jeff. And Stevano wears Golden cuffs on both his wrists, a sign of his wealth. But the candy may be a little hard to put my FINGER on today…and I’ll tell you why…See the big “A” atop the archway? See the little placard on the desk near CASHius reading “ABACUS X”? And notice that he’s using the word “UPGRADED“? See the lanyard around his neck? It displays a tiny BEADED store symbol…So is it just me, or is Jeff, with his amazing sense of whimsy really PUSHING the envelope today? Does anyone else see a connection between STEVANO and the first of his JOBS? Hmm…Jeff? Did I ADD this UP right? So, There you have it, Folks, Done! Have a great day, Everyone…And I apologize for being so much later than usual with the post today…Had to make it to Mass…to COUNT my BLESSINGS! 🔢🍎🙋🏻

Jumble Answers for 11/24/2018







Good Morning, Everyone!           🎶 🐷THERE MAY BE TRUFFLES AHEAD...🐷🎶

🎶 Don’t go BACON my heart…I couldn’t if I FRIED…Honey if I get restless…Baby you’re not that kind…🎶“Don’t Go Breaking My Heart” – (With apologies to): Elton John & Kiki Dee    1976    https://tinyurl.com/ybjuaqxr

🐷 This Little Piggy went to the Market, and this Little Piggy got snatched,
And after that he ended up where roofs are often thatched…
He went out being NEEDY, to shop a little bit…
And now he’s got his THROAT pierced with this great big Roasting Spit…
A walk along the Koloa’s GULCH, on his cell did he talk…
And now our Piggy’s ready to become Kalua pork!
Just strolling through the WILLOWs, relaxed as he did go…
He never thought he’d end up underground in an imu!
A lesson should be learnt here…cell phone put you in a fog?
Don’t be like this poor Piggy…because now…he WENT WHOLE HOG! 🐷

Today, it’s the 5-letter words that seem to be the SPIT FIRES. We’re seeing a new word in GULCH, and NEEDY, last seen on May 17th, 2017, was the one that caused the Early Morning Jumblers to take a second look. Seeing the letters “ED“, our minds tend to look at them to end a word, and it slowed down the completion time this morning. Our 6-letter words were easily recognizable, with THROAT going back as far as 2016, and WILLOW last appearing this past July.

Ok, now I’m going to SQUEAL on myself. Quickly glancing at today’s cartoon this morning, I settled on a LUAU, and went straight to writing about the Hawaiian tradition of ROASTING A PIG in an underground pit. I looked right at the support poles with the “Y” opening at top to secure the spit over the fire…and yet I still went aHEAD with the IMU method. So, feeling a little GILTy, and not wanting to make a RASHER decision and have it seem as if I was just BACON up the material I offered in my poem, I’ll include this link describing the WHOLE thing. https://tinyurl.com/y7ty7kgb. Truth be told, when I did go back to re-do it, and started looking at the pictures? …Well let’s just say it wasn’t that GReasy on the eyes, and that’s no HOGWASH. I really aBOARed the images. So…Our cartoon today takes us to a PIG ROAST, which we GRILL agree can be anywhere, since I even came across an article that said people were doing it in Brooklyn, NY!  We see a Chef and a Sous Chef carrying the HAM of the hour, a WHOLE PIG toward the fire pit. The dialogue between the two Event Planners, is telling us that this “FEAST” will “pull out all the stops“..So, in answer to our question…They: WENT WHOLE-HOG!…WILD done, David! You SHOAT us a good one!

Ok, eye candy. The entire panel’s shaded light green, with black landscaping across the back. Our Chefs are completely dressed in white, wearing gray shoes. Our Pig PORCINES, both holding clipBOARds, are clad in burgundy vests over CRISP white shirts, and have black pants and bow ties to complete their outfits. A bright yellow Banner stands at the left background, reading  “BIG PIG ROAST”. Yellow is also used to depict the fire, both in the flaming pit, and atop the two Tiki Torches under the Banner. Three tables are set up, the left one showing a Cornucopia with pineapples, bananas, grapes, and peaches, and the right sitting under a Blue Canopy, and holding a flowing Champagne Fountain, with 7 Flutes beside it. Atop the middle table is what looks to be an Ice Sculpture of a Porpoise. It could be a Watermelon carved sculpture instead, but with droplets seen dripping from the nose and tail of the creature, I’m taking for GRUNTed that it’s ice. Great details Jeff. But three tiny things SWILL do it for me this morning…One is the 5 ear piercings on the Sous Chef, the other is the two extinguisher caps of the Tiki Torches, and the last is the yellow glow illuminated against the gray stones surrounding the fire pit. You can see the fire CRACKLING! So, There you have it, Folks! Done! Have a great day, Everyone! And I wish you a PIECEful day that’s not LARD, or BOARing…but free of any rePORKcussions …🐷🙋🏻

Jumble Answers for 11/23/2018







Good Morning, Everyone!             ⛏🔦 GET A LOAD OF THIS! 🔦⛏

🎶 Yeah, I’m proud to be a coal MINER’S daughter…I remember well, the well where I drew water…The work we done was hard, At night we’d sleep ’cause we were tired…I never thought of ever leaving Butcher Holler…🎶 “Coal Miner’s Daughter”Miss Loretta Lynn   1970       https://tinyurl.com/yddufryo

🔦⛏ A Miners job’s not easy, the dankness and the dark…
It takes a certain kind of man…it’s no walk in the park.
There’s always something LEAKY, there’s always things that crawl,
You never know what might “TURNIP“…it’s iffy after all.
Credentials can’t be BOGUS, you need to be have a grip,
A claustrophobic person would be so ill-equipped…
The issue of their safety, one always of DEBATE,
There is M H S A  but still…conditions ‘ain’t that great.
I tip my cap to one and all, their courage quite endearing…
A Mine’s a Mine…but my mind’s not one to be so “LODE”-BEARING ⛏🔦

With all of our words being old favorites, I was surprised to see DEBATE amongst the group, since we only tackled it a week ago today, when it appeared as BEDTEA. It didn’t pose any problem then, and so far this morning, it hasn’t come up for DISCUSSION. Amongst our other words, the oldest entry is LEAKY, which DROPPED in on March 22nd, 2017. No one’s voiced any concern with any of today’s entries…But I wish I could say the same for our answer. Being familiar with the word “LODE” in relation to mining, either from crossword puzzles ORE just general knowledge, and knowing about BEARING and Retaining Walls since I’ve helped to gut apartments and build a She-Shed or two…the solution was an instant read, especially seeing the words “SHORE UP” in the dialogue. But since a few of the Early Morning Jumblers have CAVED on the answer, I’m not SHORE if this one will be that easily solved. So instead of trying to BUILD a case for it, I’m going to add a link here describing https://tinyurl.com/y837u95t LOAD BEARING walls. It could just be a question of MINE over MATTER, but I’m SHORE it’ll explain it all a lot better than I ever could…

Since our cartoon today has us underground, AND IN THE DARK, the panel is showing a yellow-lit background coming from the flashlight held by the Miner at left, and the Head Lamp from the Hard Hat of the Miner at right, who’s holding a pick hammer. Both are clad in Blue work shirts and Brown work shoes. Miner left is wearing Blue pants held by suspenders, while Miner right wears Black pants with an extra open-front shirt. And as they discover the “LODE”-BEARING wall, I’ve discovered this as eye candy…Miner left’s head seems to be covered with a Red cap, instead of a Hard Hat. There is a circular image showing at the front of the crown, but it’s not that clear, so I’m not SHORE if it COVERS it…So, There you have it Folks, Done! Have a great day, Everyone and after all that eating most of us did yesterday…Today seems the perfect day to just kick back, relax and take a LOAD off! 🔦⛏🙋🏻