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  1. Happy Monday everyone! There weren’t any new clue words to start the week, but all of the anagrams were. TRUAGI is the only one I didn’t see at first so it’ll be my pick for the hardest one. After the solve, I happened to notice that all of the clue words were listed in descending alphabetical order. This is the fourth occurrence so far this year with the other dates being 1/26/21, 2/10/21 and 4/13/21.

    Today’s cartoon appears to be taking place in a classroom where we see a father meeting his son’s teacher. At first I thought the balding gentleman may have been the principal, but his business casual attire made me think otherwise. The caricatures of dad and Sammy looked a lot like Eugene Levy and his son, Daniel, from the tv show Schitt’s Creek. The bushy black hair and circle glasses is what made me think of them. The only other detail that stood out was the “Creeper” design on Sammy’s shirt. A Creeper is an antagonist in the computer game “Minecraft” that silently approches players and explodes if it gets too close.

    The final solve was an anagram consisting of 8-letters. The dialogue, sentence and visual clue were more than enough to make APPARENT apparent! We have had this particular solution before back on 5/2/14. The sentence on that day was “The fact that she was a good mom was – – -“. On to tomorrow! Until then, be well and enjoy the day.

  2. PROUD = Last used on 05/11/19 as ORDUP
    NAVAL = Last used on 02/20/21 as VANLA
    GUITAR = Last used on 08/29/19 as GRAUTI
    EXPOSE = Last used on 05/11/20 as PXOEES
    APPARENT = Last used on 05/02/14 as TPNEPRAA


  3. On This Day in History: AUGUST 2nd

    -Iraq invaded Kuwait (1990)
    -Jackie Joyner-Kersee became the first person ever to win consecutive heptathlons with her gold medal finish at the Summer Olympic games in Barcelona. (1992)
    -PT-109, a U.S. Navy torpedo boat under John F. Kennedy’s command, was sunk by a Japanese destroyer during WWII. (1943)
    -Wild Bill Hickok met his demise in the city of Deadwood, in what is now South Dakota. (1876)

  4. Today was OK for me. Anagrams fine to solve, cartoon solution took a little longer mostly because I mistakenly placed a wrong letter. Got there shortly.

    • We’ve all done it Mig. I just hope it doesn’t give you a case of the “Monday’s”! Have a great start to your week. 🙂

  5. Good Morning, Everyone. 👥 FAMILIARITY BREEDS PARENT…👥

    🎶 Say YOU, say ME…say it for always…That’s the way it should be…Say YOU, say ME, say it together…NATURALLY…🎶 “Say You, Say Me” – Lionel Richie 1986

    👥 So Sammy and his Father, they look so much alike,
    ‘Twas obvious to family ever since he was a tyke…
    And Dad is pretty PROUD to hear it when some people mention,
    Although it looks like Sammy kind of feels a little tension…
    Like GUITAR strings that pull too tight he feels like why EXPOSE,
    Something further when obviously…seems everybody knows…
    There’s no NAVAL connection, but at times he feels at sea,
    I guess Sammy would rather feel he’d like to be just he
    But blood’s thicker than water…so our Sammy shouldn’t regret…
    Looking like Dad…the bottom line? It’s way too APPARENT! 👥

  6. 🎸 It was APPARENT that the family was PROUD of him graduating from the NAVAL Academy, and gifting him the GUITAR, they hoped would help EXPOSE his musical talents besides…🎸

    ⚓️ Intrigued by everything NAVAL, he picked up his GUITAR,
    And wrote a song ‘bout sailing, and traveling near and far…
    He tried to EXPOSE details of life upon the sea,
    And he was PROUD of what he penned…hoping others agree
    The song upbeat yet wistful…he wanted it transparent…
    So that his love of nautical life would be totally APPARENT…⚓️

  7. A good Monday brain-teaser, and cryptic enough for all those Jumble Ph’d-ers to whet their appetite on. For me…no blind solving this morning, but still an “oh shucks” slap on the forehead after seeing the answer. Yes, it was a possible solve with the right amount of ingenuity !!!! Glad I solved all the words or puzzle answer (I don’t think) would have been forthcoming. Enjoy your day…!!!

    • Your enthusiasm for the Jumble is quite apparent, Terry! I trust you had an enjoyable trip and made your way home safely. Happy Monday!

        • That’s grate to hear! My brother-in-law and his family flew back from Switzerland a couple of weeks ago, but I don’t know many details of their trip. I can’t wait to hear all about it when we see them this weekend.

          • We thought it might be a little cooler there so we opted to visit there…..Wrong. All was well there and we had a good visit.

  8. A Proud Naval officer didn’t want to Expose his classical Guitar play for no Apparent reason. Hoping the quick and easy solves are a harbinger of the day’s events. Thinking of George Harrison’s hit, “While My Guitar Gently Weeps.” Lovely day on the Great Plains except for that sad, mournful haze from western wildfires.

    • It rained here almost every day in July making it the wettest summer that I can remember. We did have the haze and smoke smell from the wildfires last Tuesday and Wednesday, but thankfully nothing since then. Enjoy the day, OO!

  9. Lots of possibilities here. I’m sure Angela will have something ready………

    If likeness in families does run
    And two people can look just as one
    Like two peas in a pod
    Which is not really odd,
    ‘Cause they’re actually father and son.

    • Hi Helen…🙋🏻‍♀️

      👥 It seems that whoever they meet,
      The resemblance…it’s def hard to beat…
      This Father and son,
      They’re looking like one…
      Those good genes, yes they’re hard to defeat! 👥

  10. Fun Monday! I Haven’t had a blind solve for awhile now! I love it when that happens! I also love hearing from our 100 yr ole lady el! She always makes my day! Cheers to all out there in Jumbleland! 🤗

    • Same here Kim — no pen or pencil required.

      I often wonder how long El has been playing the Jumble. The first one was published on 6/7/54 so it’s quite possible she could have been doing them from the very beginning. It’s always a treat hearing from her!

      Have a great start to your week! 🙂

      • Thanks Mike! You too! Had no idea Jumble has been going on for that length of time! Thank you always for all of the info you provide! ☺️

  11. Back home again,but in Illinois not in Indiana.Cleveland beat the WSox 12-11 on Saturday,but lost the game I was at,yesterday,2-1, on a walk off HR.No surprise after the high scoring Saturday game,that yesterday’s game was so low scoring.
    As far as today’s Jumble,it’s Monday so all was well.

    • Hi Chuck! I hope you had great weather for the game despite it being a loss. I learned a few years back that the term walk-off originated as “walk-off piece,” and was coined by Hall of Famer Dennis Eckersley. He used it to describe a pitcher’s walk off the field after giving up a game-losing home run. Take care and be well.

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