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  1. Happy Tuesday everyone! All of today’s clue words were fairly obvious. None of them happened to be new, but one of the anagrams returned as such. CIBKR was our repeat, and I located in one other puzzle back on 3/30/11. Sorting through the triple E’s of DEGREE was my only delay, so for that reason alone it’ll be my pick for today’s hardest anagram.

    Stimulating cartoon of hubby accidentally dropping his wife’s favorite coffee mug. Let’s hope she doesn’t fly off the handle when he breaks the news! Even though the mug was broken into eight distinct pieces, I was still able to identify it as being an “I ❤️ Jumble” from the letters that were showing. If you’re interested in purchasing one, you can do so right HERE! Of course my favorite detail was the Jumble puzzle in the newspaper that she’s holding. Just below it was a Family Circus cartoon, and on the other page were a couple of comic strips, with each one having two panels.

    The final solve was an anagram consisting of 10-letters. The long action line of the mug being dropped was my biggest clue. With BREAK removed from the equation, TO and HER were effortless to find in the remainder. I found BREAK IT TO HER used once before back on 8/10/16, but it wasn’t an exact match as “IT” was part of the solve. On to tomorrow! Until then, be well and enjoy the day.

  2. HAVOC = Last used on 03/16/20 as OVCHA
    BRICK = Last used on 11/17/18 as CRIBK
    TOWARD = Last used on 04/04/21 as RDAWTO
    DEGREE = Last used on 05/26/20 as GREEED

    CIBKR = Used on 03/30/11

  3. On This Day in History: AUGUST 3rd

    -(1492) Christopher Columbus set sail on his first transatlantic voyage, departing from Palos, Spain, with three small ships — the Niña, Pinta, and Santa María. He arrived in the Bahamas on October 12.

    -(1949) The Basketball Association of America (BAA) & National Basketball League (NBL) merge to form the National Basketball Association (NBA).

    -(1981) U.S. air traffic controllers went on strike, despite a warning from President Reagan that they would be fired, which they were.

    -(1993) The U.S. Senate voted 96-to-three to confirm Supreme Court nominee Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

  4. Good Morning, Everyone…☕️ GOOD TO THE VERY LAST…DROP? ☕️

    🎶 BREAK IT TO ME gently….Let me down the easy way…🎶 “Break It To Me Gently” – Brenda Lee 1963 https://tinyurl.com/f6uj7uh2

    ☕️ She sits and does the Jumble, with coffee on her mind,
    And asks what is the crash she hears..she’ll hate what’s there to find…
    We all have caused some HAVOC…a drop, a break, a fall,
    But differ the DEGREE of things…there’s some just worst of all…
    The husband looks TOWARD the floor, he knows that he’s in deep…
    Like BRICK is thick, this mishap here? No way it’s gonna keep…
    He should have placed the mug down, upon the counter there,
    Not try to hold both pot and it…poor judgement now is clear…
    We all have favorite things we love…I’m sure you would concur…
    And with this mug gone?…He’s dreading how he’ll BREAK IT TO HER! ☕️

  5. 🤷🏻‍♂️ How would he BREAK IT TO HER, that TOWARD the end of the evening, a piece of BRICK fell from the pergola’s pillar, and caused such a DEGREE of HAVOC? 🤷🏻‍♂️

    🌪 Vacation almost over, they went shopping for their girl,
    But as they looked around the mart, the wind began to swirl…
    A storm was quickly rising…the DEGREE now off the charts,
    And known to cause much HAVOC, they felt best that they depart
    They saw a BRICK fly TOWARD them, they felt it’s rushing whirr…
    No way will there be souvenirs…they’d just BREAK IT TO HER! 🌪

  6. Am back in the saddle with a blind solve this morning….always good news. Was wondering why they didn’t throw in the word IT into the puzzle fray, and that might have made it more challenging. Stumped for a moment on the last two anagrams and wondering how I could back in two six-letter words…Yikes, that would have been a toughie…but then TOWARD popped into the brain, and with letters left over, must have been an ERE, EER or REE word and DEGREE came upon the scene. Rained Sunday evening and most of the day yesterday…Wow, two days of August rain in Texas.

    • Good morning Terry. IT was part of the solve the last time we had this solution on 8/10/16. And you’re right, it was much more challenging that way! The anagrams on that day were KIRHE, OBTOR, VINIET and OGATUE if you’d like to give them a whirl. Have a good one!

  7. Saw the solution before doing anagrams; but for some silly reason DEGREE was a little tricky…thought at first it could be GENDER..but wait, there is no N…then it came into focus…anyway, greetings from south Georgia!!

    • Welcome to the group, Alan! You’re obviously a whiz at the Jumble since you solved it without the help of the clue letters. We refer to it as being a “blind solve”.

      My wife and I were in Canton, GA a few months ago. It wasn’t all that warm at the time, but it was definitely warmer than our home here in NH! Beautiful state and very friendly people. Take care and be well.

  8. I love me some morning Jumble that gets me thinking of Shakespeare. ” Cry ‘Havoc!’ and let slip the dogs of war.” – Marc Antony in Julius Ceasar. Anagrams easy and a blind solve on the puzzle. Tuesday is looking up!

  9. “She loved that mug to bits
    Now on the floor it sits
    Completely shattered
    The pieces all scattered”
    The husband regrettably admits!

    • Hi Helen…🙋🏻‍♀️

      ☕️ So this guy took his wife’s favorite mug,
      And perhaps on the handle he tugged…
      ‘Cause it fell to the ground,
      And his wife heard the sound…
      And he’s now in the deep hole he dug! ☕️

  10. A 100% Blind Solve for me this morning, even before looking at or solving the anagrams. Maybe the presence of a real newspaper in hand was the reason, having returned home yesterday afternoon from my ball game excursion. Anagrams were a snap even degree, w/its multiple E’s.

    • I know what you mean, Chuck. I recently switched to the digital version of my newspaper and can’t stand it. When my subscription expires in 6 mos., I’m definitely going back to print. My carrier was amazing and always delivered the paper around 4am. The digital copy doesn’t seem to refresh until 6.

      Soften those Jays up for us as we’ll be facing them this weekend! Take care.

  11. The Jumble was easily solved but regarding my wife I can’t say the same when I have to ” break her” bad news. Before telling it to her, I often have to plan some kind of remedy or a path to safety!
    We’ve had a few in our 45 years of marriage… and I’m still living and in one piece! Thanks to a wonderful wife!
    Vive l’amour!!!

    • Path to safety….. Good one, Christian!

      The website that sells those Jumble mugs doesn’t offer overnight shipping, so it looks like he’ll be in the doghouse for a week or more!

    • That’s wonderful, Betty! Did you go with the classic white interior, or did you choose one of the color options? When I ordered mine, the only two colors they had for the inside were black and white. The blue looks pretty sharp!

  12. Good afternoon. Today’s jumble was a breeze from the words to the cartoon. It should have been a blind solve, but I automatically went and wrote down the letters. Absolutely loved your pick today on the song, Angela. She just might be my favorite female singer. Was at A/C Sunday and now back home safe and sound. Unfortunately a loser, but only $200. We went to Cape May and did a tour of an old Victorian house and then visited a winery. I posted Sunday but when I checked it wasn’t there. Could have sworn it went through. Until tomorrow stay well and stay safe.

    • Hey Paul…Tks. Glad you enjoyed it. And I remember you mentioning her before. And by now I think we know that if you’re MIA at the beginning of the week? It’s AC! 😂 The trip sounds wonderful…Enjoy your night, Paul. Stay safe out there. ☕️🙋🏻‍♀️

    • Hi Paul. I just checked the comments for Sunday and there was nothing there from you. There was nothing in the spam folder either. I’m glad you had a great time! Take care and talk soon. 🙂

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