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Good Morning, Everyone!       🐻 GETTING THE REAL COLD SHOULDER? 🐻

🎶 Way up North to ALASKA, way up North to ALASKA…North to ALASKA, go north, the rush is on…North to ALASKA, go north, the rush is on…🎶 “North to Alaska” – Johnny Horton 1960            https://tinyurl.com/y8sboxg4

🐻🐻Two polar bears out in the wild, an igloo missing BRICKs,
The bears look pretty NERDY, but they’re up to dirty tricks.
It’s definitely a HAZARD, being out there on this day,
The poor guy in the “ice box” obviously the entree…
A bears’ diet we’re seeing here, DEFIER comes to mind,
They’ll eat whatever pleases them…and it looks like mankind…
I know it’s just a comic strip, I get it’s just a tease…
But that poor guy all broken up? Enough for my BRAIN FREEZE…🐻🐻

Establishing that DEFIER is truly a word seemed to be the biggest challenge this morning, and along with NERDY they appear to be new entries into our Jumble collection. BRICK and HAZARD, both old favorites, also proved to be the easiest in the mix, solved with BEARly a PAWS

Today’s Guest Jumbler, CHAD CARPENTER, https://tinyurl.com/ycaga6s9 has brought us to the frozen TUNDRA. Both written and drawn by Chad, the comic deals with wildlife, nature and outdoor life, began in 1991 in the Anchorage Daily News, and today appears in over 500 newspapers. Looking at our panel, we see two POLAR BEARS having dinner. Sadly, the main course is a victim of their BI-POLAR disorder…And what the poor guy was doing out there, so ICEsolated, we may never know…It’s just too unBEARable to watch…But seeing the F and the Z, realizing that the Bear on the left is practicing the right to BEAR arms, and noting that he’s touching his head the way we all do when that COLD Man Quiver hits…The answer to our question is served right up…One of the Drawbacks of a POLAR BEARS‘ Diet? BRAIN FREEZE! Good one…But aBEARantly we saw it coming!

Ok, eye candy…With the panel having a blue background, black darkened sky, and the rest awash in white, the only color showing is a bit of the blue-jeaned leg and brown shoe of our DUPE DU JOUR. Yea, it’s bleak…and beCLAWS of that, I’ll pass on the candy today…So, There you have it Folks, Done! Have a great day, Everyone…And keep in mind…If you sometimes feel like there’s nothing but PANDAmonium in your life? Try your best to grin and BEAR it…And you’ll realize that after MAUL, it makes things a lot less POLARizing…🐻🙋🏻

24 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 11/17/2018

  1. There is possible HAZARD in hurling a verbal BRICK at the NERDY guy who believes he can be a DEFIER of social norms.
    I questioned if DEFIER was a word but the circled letters fit the solution. Otherwise, today’s puzzle was the easiest of this week’s guest artists.

    • Good Morning, Earl. Defier, yes…The topic of early morning conversation here, as I stated above. I personally wondered if I had ever written or spoken it before. I suppose I must have, but I couldn’t recall….And it wasn’t difficult to use today…but it sure looks odd! And, yes, agreed…An easy go if it today…Have a good one, Earl…🐻🙋🏻

  2. Good morning. I had to look up the word Defier. I can’t remember ever seeing or hearing the word before. It’s so true when they say you’re never too old to learn. Other than that, everything else was a breeze. A little harsh reality in the drawing, but good. Angela, nice song choice plus all the extras with your links, poem and puns. Just curious if anyone else has enjoyed your links to the song and creators of the drawings. It gives a lot of information. Earl,nnice job as always. You three amigos start the day off right. Until tomorrow, stay well everybody.

    • Good Morning, Paul…We echoed one another’s thoughts exactly regarding Defier, as I was just telling Earl…and our comments hit the page at exactly the same time! 9:11… (And God, how I hate those numbers)..But, what’re the odds? Thanks for the Shout Outs…and you know I enjoy doing it for you…Earlier in the week, when I was familiar with the Guests, it was easier to speak about them, but not knowing this guy, I figured it’s easier to just include the link…And I LOL’ed at your “harsh reality”..,very well put! 👏🏻👏🏻 Hope you have a good one, Brooklyn..Enjoy! 🐻🙋🏻

  3. I had the brain freeze solution and worked backwards to ‘defier’ but really wasn’t familiar with the word until I looked it up.BTW With Thanksgiving looming ahead we’re home this weekend,so have our hard copy newspaper,albeit late this morning.

    • Good Morning, Prof. Same here. I’ve fallen into the habit of doing the solve with the cartoon only first…and today’s was a given. And once again, yes…Defier! What’s up with this word? Got us all shaking our heads this morning…My friends and I went back and forth with it…Strange word! You know, it’s funny. I applaud your love of the hard copy, but I do wonder how you find it “easier” to do the puzzle with it vs the large on-line version. Either way, cute, clever offering today…Have a great day, Chuck.

  4. Sad to read about Johnny Horton. Died young at 35 at the top of his career in an automobile/truck accident in which he was the only one killed of the four people involved! Johnny Cash was a close friend and read from John 20 at Horton’s funeral.

    • Good Morning, Clay. I never really knew much of him, save for the recordings my Father had. But if you stop and think of how many singers were lost due to plane crashes and/or car accidents, etc, it’s mind boggling, right? So much great talent lost, and all at such young ages..Your/his story reminds me of a friend I lost a few years back. Four of them in the car, and he didn’t use his seat belt, because he was in the back seat. NY Seatbelt law only applies to those sitting in the front…They got into an accident, and like Horton, he was the only one killed. I can never get past the thought of ..”What if”? 42 yrs-old. Way too young. Anyway, I wear a seat belt all the time since…(Even when they stuff me in the trunk..😂 In an effort to keep me quiet)!! 😂 That’s me..always with the levity to break up the tension! It’s a sad memory…Anyway, it was good to hear Johnny again this morning, and I hope you enjoyed it! Wishing you a good one, Clay… 🐻🙋🏻

  5. Wow! Thought I was having brain freeze this morning. Totally struggled with defier. Had everything else solved and then like others actually looked up defier to see if it was a word. I’ve had a harder time of it this week with the guest jumblers. I’m not familiar with any of the cartoons. We have different strips in our paper. I’m remembering a very silly movie with John Wayne and Fabian called “North to Alaska”. I’m thinking of all you East Coasters with your horrible snow storms. We’re still on fire here in California and the statistics get grimmer by the day. The air quality is so bad we’re being told to stay indoors as much as possible. Please hold a good thought that we get some much needed rain as predicted next week. Happy Saturday everyone.

    • Hi Betty – “Tundra” is in the Chronicle – second page of cartoons, second from the top. I enjoy his Far North slant on things.

      • PS – John Wayne and Fabian, wow! Talk about an Odd Couple. I doubt that acting was Fabian’s “FORTE”.

      • I’ll have to look more closely at the cartoons, Steve. Except for Peanuts, I really don’t read them anymore. I used to love Farley which was local and of course the Far Side. Fabian’s acting was on a par with his singing – not good but it was a funny movie.

    • Hi Betty. Good morning! ..No, no brain freeze, just a real bone of contention with that word! I can just imagine the powers that be celebrating over catching us all.😉 As for Guest week..I think we’ve all settled into a pattern of comfortableness with David and Jeff, and all these new cartoons, especially if one’s not familiar with them, can definitely throw off ones’ rhythm. It has been quite a week! I remember the movie too. Silly, yes..but I bet Wayne’s’ estate and Fabian himself are still laughing all the way to the bank, right? It seems that back then, any member of the “singer of the month” club was put into a movie. Most of them turned out to be campy exercises in frivolousness, but people still went to see them! And I think “Mother Nature ” has turned into the evil Stepmother…We have rain, sleet, and snow to spare, and yet you so desperately need some. I mention Californias’ plight almost every day here, and my heart goes out to you all. It’s hard to imagine…And I mentioned to Steve the other day, that I’d go out and buy a supply of masks, just to err on the side of caution. Whatever news footage I’m seeing shows everyone wearing one. It’s very scary. You’re constantly in my thoughts and prayers for whatever it’s worth, and I’ve been to Church twice this week to light candles for you all. I’m big on the power of prayer, and St Anthony, especially. The Patron Saint of “lost” things..I manage to work any situation into one I turn to Him for. I hope your rain comes soon….Hang in there, and I hope things improve soon. Be well. 🙏🏻🙋🏻

      • Hi Angela,
        I’m a Saint Jude girl myself – Patron Saint of Lost Causes. I just looked it up and Saint Florian is the Patron Saint of firefighter’s so maybe we Californians should call on him. My best friend is Presbyterian and she said that Protestants don’t bother with saints they just go to the head man himself. Hey, whatever works. I just wish Mother Nature would settle down.

        • Hi Betty…Yes, St. Jude’s definitely a heavy hitter..He’s big in my family too. And I know my Church doesn’t have a St Florian statue..but I’m going to pray to him for you and yours just the same. Your friend! LOL..Yea, I think we Catholics are the only ones who still cling to belief in the Saints. And I’ve had the “pagan” worship conversation with many a friend. But hey, I consider it a little extra insurance! And I don’t have to tell you…As Italians? We think they’re family members! 😉 But I totally go by your sentiment..Whatever works. And the way things are going lately? There can’t be enough prayer, IMO…As for Mother Nature? SMH! I don’t know what to make of her anymore…but she sure seems angry..Made me think of this: https://tinyurl.com/ycsloj9a. Ah, when life was so much simpler…Hope you have a good night, Betty. And how ’bout we get out some of our “fancy” 👠 shoes and do the rain dance? At this point what could it hurt? 🙏🏻🙋🏻

  6. Hi all – Nobody who loved the “Far Side” could look at this comic without recalling Gary Larson’s caption to the same situation – one bear saying to the other “Ohhh, I just love these things! Crunchy on the outside with a chewy center!”
    I looked at NERDY to see whether there was another word I was missing, and then figured that DEFIER was the only possibility for the third word. For an instant I feared that it was REFRIED, and we’d have to listen to people complaining about another Mexican food reference again. 🙄

    Great song choice Angela, also bringing back memories of “Sink the Bismark”, “The Battle of New Orleans”, and Homer and Jethro’s “Battle of Kookamonga”.

    With our lack of air quality, there was an orange half-moon out last night, so here’s a song for you from 1958, a mere 60 years ago, from The Capris of Queens, NY. (Updated lyric – “Let’s go strolling”—with an N95 respirator!)

    The changed moon also reminded me of one of my all-time favorite Star Trek lines. When Captain Kirk is forced to fight on Vulcan and Dr. McCoy complains that it’s not fair because of the different atmosphere, Minister T’Pau asks (imagine a thick Arnold Schwarzenegger accent), “Ze air ees ze air; vat can be done?”

    • Hey Steve…Just to go on record…Anyone “complaining” about a Latino food reference needs to seriously get a grip. That’s the problem with the world today, intolerence. We’d all be in a much better place if we just learned to follow the Golden Rule…We have no choice but to inhabit this Earth together…Either that or destroy one another. I opt for the former… Anyway, off the soap box. Thanks for the Shout Out, and as I’ve just told Betty, I hope things turn around for you all out there. AIRS to better days! 🍷Have a good one, G! 🐻🙋🏻

      • Thanks, Angela. We’re doing ok, just spending more time indoors than usual, and the temperature’s not too warm to keep the windows closed. I guess you saw that the annual “Big Game” between Cal and Stanford has been postponed until Dec 1. People are even looking on the bright side of that, since it will be played at the traditional time of noon, instead of the TV-dictated late start, and the 121st edition of the game now falls on 12/1.
        I’m in a good mood personally because I passed my physical. See you later. 🙋🏻‍♂️

        • Hey, G. a PS: I wasn’t all that excited about the Cal Stanford game. It’s more a West Coast favorite. But I was depending on Rutgers today to get me out of my gloom…HA! 1 and 10! Why do I even bother? At least Notre Dame came through, so it wasn’t a complete wash out… I go through this every weekend though…still regret never learning how to knit!! 😂😂🙋🏻

          • Now I have a mental picture of you knitting names into a scarf to settle old scores. 😂
            Getting ready to watch the Sharks’ “Saturday Night on Ice”. Have a good evening. 🙋🏻‍♂️

  7. Yes one would think that a DEFIER is one who defies, just as a scrambler is one who scrambles, a user is one who uses, a bannister is one who bannists, a meter is a unit of measurement that metes, and a Jupiter is a planet that jupits. But is someone who belongs to something a belonger? But wordsmith.org’s anagram program does not recognize DEFIER, and if you Google “define: jumble”, and replace “jumble” in the blank with “defier”, you get “no definitions found”. So apparently these two programs put DEFIER in the same category as “belonger”, not in the same category as “scrambler”.

    • Ah, Jim. Good Morning. Boy, what you can do with a word! You definitely can drive your point home..Actually you definitely can drive one to drink also…What can I say…that you haven’t already? And TBT? A puzzle from two days ago? I’d much rather leave the angst behind, and move forward with today’s…But does that now make me an evader? Or a quitter? Or just a blogger who can’t defy the odds? (Where’d I leave that Scotch? I just realized…I’m a drinker)!
      Have a good one, Jim…🍷🙋🏻

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