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PS   DAN   AM   AE   =      EMPA – “NADAS”


Good Morning, Everyone!             🍩 COMING UP EMPTY? 🍩

🎶 Say hey, good lookin’ – what ya got COOKIN‘, How’s about COOKIN‘ somethin’ up with me?…Hey, sweet Baby…don’t you think maybe…We can find us a brand new recipe?…🎶  “Hey, Good Lookin'” – Hank Williams  1951 https://tinyurl.com/y8dr7j89

“In the WARMLY scented kitchen, Baldo became TIPSY, and the DEBATE was whether he was DRAWN to the aroma of the baked goods or had he tested the liqueurs…”

🍩 In the WARMLY scented kitchen, Tia Carmen happily bakes,
And she’s hoping everyone enjoys her food when they awake.
She seems a wee but tired, and she looks a little DRAWN,
Perhaps she needs to rest some more, ‘stead waking before dawn…
The Family does sometime DEBATE the fact she works so hard,
But Tia knows she’s needed, so no slacking’s in the cards.
As far as feeling TIPSY, yes it comes…but then it goes,
Ok, she’ll try to rest some more…She needs to…this she knows.
But right now dinner needs be planned…perhaps a nice frittata?
A good idea, once she’s done with these empty EMPANADAS! 🍩

All of our words today are SWEET Repeats, but the opinions are SPLIT this morning as to which may be the toughest. None of them were really hard to DIGEST, but DEBATE seems to have gotten the most DISCUSSION….

Our cartoon today is of the comic strip, BALDO, https://tinyurl.com/y9mpqala, which gives us two Guest Jumblers. Written by HECTOR CANTÚ and illustrated by CARLOS CASTELLANOS, BALDO presents a look into the lives of three generations of a Hispanic family, living together as a household. Shown here are BALDO, the main character, and his Great-Aunt, TIA CARMEN, who is often described as being a little ditzy.  Carmen has been baking, but it seems that she’s forgotten to stuff her BAKED TREATS, which are called EMPANADAS. https://tinyuvrl.com/ycqs8ost. NADA in Spanish means NOTHING. So in answer to our question…BALDO called the empty pastries…EMPA-“NADAS”! It’s a very fulFILLING pun!

As for the eye candy…The entire kitchen is shaded in light blue, the only color being our two characters and the empanadas at front. BALDO is dressed in his usual outfit, the white-striped red pullover with jeans, and is seen staring judgingly, with a rather CRUSTy look, into the hollow shell of the baked good. TÌA, wearing her favorite long-sleeved lilac dress, with a darker shaded scarf around her neck, has a look of sadness and disappointment. How unfair! She’s such a SWEET woman, and let’s face it, when baking, there’s always that MARGARINE for error…The platter she’s holding is piled high with the empanadas, which she’s baked to a perfectly beautiful golden brown color…And they’re the eye candy for today…So they’re empty…So what? All she need do is switch COURSE, say they’re Croissants…and call it a day! I wouldn’t worry about it TÌA…We’ve all been there. Personally? I’m constantly accused of being HALF BAKED!…(In fact, I’ve even begun to WARM up to the idea)! The way I look at it, as long as I know they LOAF and KNEAD me? Then I’m ok with whatever they call me! And Tia? You’ll  always be a SWEETheart in my book! So, There you have it, Folks, Done! Have a great day, Everyone!…And a thought…If someone’s SWEET enough to bake for you? The YEAST you can do is be grateful, and just enjoy the FRUITS of their labor….🍩🙋🏻


25 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 11/16/2018

  1. Baldo is the only one of the guest comic strips this week that I’m familiar with. When I first glanced at the cartoon, I thought of Tia Carmen’s lengua dish. There is a running joke in the strip about everybody avoiding her lengua. But that didn’t fit in the answer layout. When I got the first three words, I could guess the blind solve. When I looked up “empanada” and found that it was not spelled “empenada”, I could finish the puzzle.

    • Hi Mike. Good Morning. How’ve you been? Too early in the morning for lengua! Not a fan! But it doesn’t look like what’s pictured here…And funny you brought it up. The TONGUE. I’m hearing from more and more of my friends, that not knowing the Spanish language, the native tongue of our Guest Jumblers, is proving to be a problem. Remains to be seen as the day goes by… Baldo just recently began appearing in my local paper, but I knew of it from the out-of-town papers that I read. As for DEBATE, you’re not alone, it caused a pause for a few others this morning. Good to hear from you…Don’t be a stranger…Have a good one, Mike. 🍩🙋🏻

      • I can see how some people might not be familiar with the Argentinian delicacy, empanadas, but NADA? I thought that was fairly common in this country, especially with sports reporters.

        • Texas…What can I say? You know I don’t make the news, I just report it. As for the Sports Reporters? How many you figure are here amongst us?? 😂😂 Just KNEADling you, Mike! But I have a funny feeling it’s going to RISE up all day…I’ve had at YEAST eLEAVEN 😂concerns so far! 🍩🙋🏻

  2. Hi Everyone,
    The guest puzzles have been a real challenge this week and made me appreciate again how hard it is to pull off what David and Jeff do every day.
    I thought the answer might be a Spanish treat. When I spotted nadas, it was easy from there.

    • Good Morning, Caroline, I hear you. We become complacent with the puzzles, as with anything familiar in life…But Dave and Jeff are both true artists at their respected crafts. It’s no walk in the park! Kudos on the solve..Have a great day! 🍩🙋🏻

      • Hi Steve,
        Thanks so much for the link to the great review. I do love her (and the others you mention) and in fact saw her in Ithaca when she kicked off her final US tour. She didn’t do all the songs mentioned for us. The tour started in Europe, and there’s a whole concert she did in Paris on youtube.

  3. I was completely stumped- as I imagine were others. I remembered nada meaning “nothing” from my old Spanish class, but I didn’t know to which section of the puzzle it belonged. Hope the Northeast is recovering fairly well after yesterday.. Stay warm!

    • Good Morning, Chuck. Yes, you’re right. At YEAST half the people I’m speaking with are KNEADing to come here for help….I’m just glad I could RISE to the occasion and lend a hand! The weather? I think we all got hit with too much, and too early in the day…The forecasters seemed to be a little off, and we paid the price…If this is any indication of what’s to come? It’s going to be one tough winter…Thanks for asking…Have a good one, Chuck…🍩🙋🏻

  4. I never heard of empanadas before, so the best I could do was SPAM A DEAN. Nor have I heard of Tia Carmen.

    • Hey Jim…You’re not alone on this one. AlDOUGH Tia Carmen is not the issue here…If you’ve never BREAD the comic strip, you won’t know her…Tia simply means Aunt in Spanish. Hope you have a good one, Jim! 🍩🙋🏻

  5. Good morning. Angela, at the risk of being redundant,I just have to say it was another great song choice. After seeing the movie about his life like many people,I went out and bought a couple of his albums. He is one of my favorite country singers. Earl,another solid sentence with the words. Really enjoyed this week with all the guest drawings. Today’s words were easy as pie. Again it was the drawing that did me in. The answer was right there in the picture but I failed to recognize it. My son-in-law makes a mean empanada at times at gatherings and they are scoffed up right away. Not a bad chef when he cooks. Until tomorrow stay well.

    • Angela,thanks for the Spanish lesson and links for further information. Your post just keeps getting better and better.

      • Awww, Brooklyn…You just get SWEETer and SWEETer, DOUGHn’t you? Thanks so much, and you’re very welcome…And for a minute there, I thought you wrote that my posts get “BATTER and BATTER!” My heart took a leap! 😂 Hope you have a great day, Bud! 🍩🙋🏻

    • Good Morning, Brooklyn! You’re just tooooo SWEET! And there’s much to be said about redundancy! 😂 I like Hank too..more so his later stuff..but I’m a country music fan anyway, so I can listen to it all…Thanks for the Shout Out. 😘 I’m sure there’s a lot of other songs I could have gone with, but this one was just ECLAIRest in my mind…Plus I was really LOAFing around this morning, and I didn’t want to RYE my patience…I think it’s great that your son-in-law cooks. I like a man that’s not afraid of a kitchen. I really WARM up to guys like that…😉😉 Have a good one, Brooklyn…Let’s hope the sun helps us out…so we don’t have to shovel! 🍩🙋🏻

    • HI Clay…Once again? I’ve become so used to thinking that every cartoon character has only the 4, that I don’t even look anymore! Great catch…I wonder why though? Maybe if Jeff’s reading he may shed some light…You know I never look while I’m reading the comics either. But then again, it’s a hard detail to pick up in the newspaper…Thanks for POINTing it out, Clay! ✋🏻🙋🏻

  6. Hi all – Putting LY at the end showed WARMLY, and DEBATE took me the longest, partly because the double letter trick didn’t apply.
    I doubt that I would have known the answer if i hadn’t moved to California, but now it was an instant solve. When I left New England in 1969, I had never even heard of a Taco or Burrito.

    “Baldo” runs in the Chronicle. I find it interesting to get the Hispanic view on things which we haven’t really had since Gus Arriola’s “Gordo”. (I don’t know whether “Dondi” counts or not). And occasionally, the artist will draw one of Baldo’s dream sequences in a very realistic style that shows how talented he really is.

    I’m off to the doctor for my yearly physical, so have a great day, all!

    PS – When I did a puzzle from the Just Jumble app this morning, the drawing included a Jumble pinball machine. Thanks, Jeff!

    • Hey G..Gordo’s been gone since 1985. And Baldo first came out in 2000..Was there such a gap in between? I never realized …But Dondi was an Italian WW II orphan, so..no go there..Your comment about living in CA made me LOL.Steve, It was 1969! 😉 Most likely few people outside of the Latino community knew about Spanish dishes then..Take-out restaurants of every nationality weren’t very common back then. But now? Most everyone is exposed to food of many different cultures… It’s not exclusive to CA! Good luck, and talk to you later! 🍩🙋🏻

    • Here you go, Bob. Have a great day! 🙋🏻







  7. I can tell you think this is a great jumble and pun, but I felt put down by it. I’ve been doing jumbles for years, and almost every time there’s a guest jumbler…look out! It’s going to be super hard or it’s going to invove their pet jargon. I didn’t know anything about Baldo or a “nada”, and couldn’t find it on the ‘net until I stumbled on to this site.

    • Hi Bill, sorry for the long delay in getting back to you. There’s a lot of Thanksgiving prep work going on at my home. As you can probably see from reading here, this puzzle has generated a lot of discussion on both sides, pro and con. Let me first say, that I dont speak Spanish, I’ve never eaten an empanada, and I take these puzzles for what they are, and with a grain of salt..They’re just puzzles! And please understand also, as I’ve said before, I don’t make the news, I just report it. This was the puzzle published, so I wrote about it. I agree, that Guest Jumblers can take us from our comfort zones. With most people being creatures of habit, myself included, we’re used to things being a certain way. And I guess it carries over to these puzzles also. So this particular one, relating to a culture other than what some readers may be accustomed to, did throw some of us off a little bit. But it was fun, and the pun was well put. Yet, I’m sorry to hear that you felt put down by it, again, even though it’s nothing of my doing. I truly hate seeing anyone feeling badly. I’m just glad you did stumble upon us, and I’m hoping that the little bit of explanation we’ve given here helped out. And I’m also hoping that you join us in the future. Again, I apologize for the delay in responding Bill, and I trust you had a good evening…See you tomorrow? 🙋🏻

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