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Happy Thursday, everyone! Today’s puzzle featured two brand new clue words to baffle our brains. Both LOTTO and PATCHY made their debut into gameplay this morning but they were quickly deciphered along with the rest. Our other two words were both used in 2018 with INVOKE being the oldest of the group. We last saw it jumbled as OVENKI on 3/29 which was slightly more challenging than what we saw today. Since all of them were instantly visible to me, I’ll leave a poll down below where you can vote for the most difficult anagram of the day.

It’s hard to believe that we’re already at day #4 of Guest Jumbler Week. Yesterday’s puzzle ended up being the most searched for answer of all time for this blog so don’t feel bad if you weren’t able to figure it out. There was a LATTE discussion in the forums in which players went back and forth about the grammatical intricacies of the sentence, but overall it was a well brewed pun that suited the cartoon perfectly.

Today’s panel is courtesy of Ed Steckley who is an award winning illustrator from Queens, New York. The first thing that I noticed about the cartoon was the very fine detail work of the piece. Unfortunately my newspaper was a bit skimpy on the ink this morning so I had to look at the online version to get the full effect. The lines of the cartoon have a soft feel to them and it looks as though it might have been been drawn by hand without the aid of a digital device.

The cartoon sentence informs us that little Rube Goldberg wanted to catch a mouse so he constructed a thingamajig to get the job done. In his books, Mr. Steckley always has Rube devising inventions with interactive sequences which help him accomplish mundane tasks. It definitely was a treat starting at point A and following the the path to point K where he traps the silly looking mouse. I could go into great detail about every mechanism, but instead I’ll share with you my favorite part of the cartoon. If you look under the saw-horse that Rube is standing on, you can see the hole in the wall where the mouse has taken up residence. An absolutely superb drawing!

The final solve consisted of an 11-letter anagram that was rather cryptic. The painstaking detail of the machine and wording of the cartoon sentence made CONTRAPTION jump out at me after staring at the letters while enjoying a few sips of tea. If you enjoyed Ed’s cartoon, be sure to stop by his website and pick up a signed copy of his latest book which features more of Rube’s unconventional CONTRAPTIONS! Have a terrific Thursday, and I’ll see you tomorrow! 🐭

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  1. 🎶 If you BUILD A BETTER MOUSETRAP…grin a better grin…roll a better eye to all the boys who’ll try to chuck you ‘neath the chin..(Bob)..If you make a better moonface, when you’re with the chicks…whisper better whispers, how you gonna miss…persuadin’ five or six…(Helen)…🎶 “If You Build a Better a Mousetrap” – Bob Eberly & Helen O’Connell 1941 https://tinyurl.com/yd4g2f36

    🐭 If one thinks of convoluted, Rube Goldberg comes to mind…
    An engineering genius, and so way before his time.
    The one PRONE to INVOKE the folly life can bring,
    And like a game of LOTTO took a chance on anything…
    With his cartoons of inventions, really PATCHY as they were,
    They went from A to J-K-L…What things that would occur!
    His life was one of whimsy, with imagination wild…
    And ’till this day his complicated gadgets thrill a child.
    If I were called to write about him, what would be my caption?
    I’d have to go with “Come meet this Man, the King of the CON-“TRAP”-TION! 🐭

    With only INVOKE CALLING for an extra moment or two of thought, our words today didn’t stump any of the Early Morning Jumblers…And I just can’t wait to GET THE BALL ROLLING with our cartoon…

    Today’s Guest Jumbler is ED STECKLEY, an award-winning illustrator whose clients include MAD magazine and a slew of advertising agencies throughout the world. And what makes him a particular favorite of mine is that he lives in Queens, New York. A landsman! I follow him on Facebook and Twitter, where he describes himself as a cultured, sophisticated man about town, and I totally agree! A Reuben Award (named for RUBE GOLDBERG) winner for Advertising and Product Illustration, he specializes in illustrations for children books, advertising, and product packaging. He’s a member of the Society of Illustrators and the International Society of Caricature Artists, and of course the National Cartoonist Society, where he’s earned himself the title of President of the Manhattan chapter. The latest book of his that I’ve purchased is titled: “Rube Goldberg’s Simple Normal Humdrum School Day”, (the irony)!…where his illustrations bring to life the humor and educational messages of its’ author, Jennifer George…Who just happens to be the granddaughter of Rube Goldberg! Can it get any better than this, Folks? I think not! And I’d recommend it to anyone who has kids…of all ages…

    Our cartoon is showing us a smiling young Rube, dressed in two shades of blue, and standing atop a beige-colored sawhorse as he tries to “build a better MOUSETRAP”. And being who he is…https://tinyurl.com/ydzyd77w what else could we expect but the intricate, convoluted concoction that we see here? So, in an effort to TRAP that mouse, who I’ll call HERMAN? Rube built a …CON-“TRAP”-TION! Ha! I FIGUREd as much!

    Ok, eye candy…Today it’s ALL eye candy! Let’s see if I can follow this…It’s a pulley, and A starts the tugging of the rope, which brings us to B, the first wheel. C is a gloved hand, pushing at D, (with lines of motion), which is a gray chute, that sets a darker gray Bowling Ball, E in motion…It lands at F, a peach-colored bucket, lying atop a platform, that looks like a brown wooden PIzza Peel, held up by a coiled spring, (with lines of motion), (G)? that’s attached to the wooden platform. The Broomstick is held up by a cupped Bracket, G,(?), that’s colored in a darker peach shade. Atop the brush of the Broom, sits a Basket, H, which will be projected, J, by the spring, onto the buck-toothed, unsuspecting, ecstatic, grinning like a fool, gray MOUSE, Herman, K. But before we get there, there’s I, which is a string, (attached to another gloved hand, which in turn, is attached to the end of the Broomstick handle), and is knotted on an extended finger to form a loop so that the piece of yellow Cheese dangles! I THINK!!! There seems to be a little double-duty there with E and F, and G…Gee, it’s soooo confusing! And if I’m wrong? Keep in mind, I’m just the messenger! Take it up with Ed…After all, this is all his doing, and all his imagination…not mine! Oh, yes…and off to the left, underneath Rube’s perch, at the floor molding?…The little Mousehole, shaded brown, from which our Vermin, Herman has emerged! So, There you have it Folks, Done! Have a great day, Everyone…and try not to make your life unnecessarily complicated…There was only one Rube Goldberg….and how he did this, I’ll never know! 🐭🕵🏻🙋🏻

  2. Good morning. Lotto for me was the hardest word. The other three were instant reads. Who knows why the mind blocks out the simplest of words at times. It happened again with the cartoon answer. I had the middle word but couldn’t put the front and back with it. I was itching to see what you guys wrote so I just caved in. Thanks Mike for a great post. I hadn’t noticed the mouse hole until you pointed that out. Angela,besides being the Queen of puns you now are the Queen of music. I don’t know how you come up with these old classics. Never heard this song before. Your poem,puns and unknown facts about Rube was much appreciated. Thanks for the links to both. Until tomorrow stay well.

    • I had to do a double take on LOTTO as well, Paul. It didn’t look right at first because I thought it was slang for lottery, but I stuck with it. I was really impressed by the cartoon today — top notch artwork. Have a good one!

    • Good morning, Brooklyn! Thanks sooo much for the Shout Outs, you’re a Sweetheart! 😘 But the credit rightfully belongs to my Father. ❤️💔 They were all His. And when I looked this morning, there were two 78’s of the song. Must be different versions, I guess. If anything, I’ll take the credit for remembering them…(And yet I still have trouble recalling what we had for dinner last night)!!! 😂 Talk about the mind blocking things! You’re very welcome for the links..and I credit you for that one. Your suggestion that I include it with the lyrics was a good one. Thank you for that…If you get a chance, check y’days page. I didn’t see your last comment until late, or should I say early…and I answered you about 2 this morning, when I got in. We threw a little thing for deGrom…And as I told Steve…nothing fancy, just a few HIGH BALLS and SLIDERS…😉! We just had to celebrate the guy! I’m so proud of and happy for him! Ok, get out the shovel, Brooklyn…Mother Nature’s gonna show us that she means business! Have a good one, and be careful out there! 😘🐭🙋🏻

      • I went back Angela and read your last comment from yesterday. This one is four ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️s. A good one with High Balls and Sliders in honor of deGroms terrific season. It’s just a darn shame he didn’t get any run support. It was said if he got 3 runs or more each game he pitched he would have won 30 games. If just 2 runs he would have had 20. It’s about time a Met won something and it couldn’t happen to a nicer guy.

        • Hey Brooklyn..LOL..I was just laughing with Steve over it..It got me over, and I won the night! We play for who can come up with the best “remark” or pun…Thanks for the Shout Out..As for deGrom, it’s a shame his stats looked so dismal, but anybody with a baseball “eye” had to know he was robbed all Season. But as you said, imagine winning it WITHOUT the support? He’s an Ace! And I’m glad that the powers that be went the way they did. Personally, I’d like to think I helped…I think it was all a reverse Samson and Delilah thing…I kept saying he needed to cut off all that ridiculous hair..And once he “listened” to me? Boom! He started to shine! 😂😂The Cutie Patootie! I’m thrilled for him…Anyway..Are you listening to the weather forecasts? It keeps getting more dire as the day goes by! ❄️❄️😳🙋🏻

  3. The gambler was PRONE to INVOKE various superstitious beliefs when he played LOTTO games but his winnings were PATCHY at best.
    I also paused at LOTTO and the got stuck putting “trap’ in the wrong place. Eventually I got the solution.

  4. I also wasn’t sure that lotto was a real word rather than slang for lottery,and I also wanted to put trap as the last word rather than the middle word,with con the obvious 3 letter word choice.

  5. Count me in with the “lotto” crowd. I just wasn’t sure it was a real word. However was able to figure it all out this morning without difficulty unlike yesterday where the final solution just eluded me. Kept thinking that “sleep” had to be in the answer and couldn’t seem to get past that one word. Hated to throw in the towel but finally had to look up the answer. Wishing all of you a good Thursday.

  6. Very precise drawing by Ed! Young Goldberg has FIVE fingers on each hand to help with his rope pulling..

  7. I agree with Betty’s comment about SLEEP in yesterday’s puzzle. I wonder how many really solved it.. Stay warm and dry!

    • Hey Chuck..I don’t know if you saw a comment I left Steve yday. There’s a group of guys I “play” Jumble with in the early mornings. Out of the 11 of them, 6 fixated on Sleep, and they couldn’t get past it. I think it threw a lot of players off. Warm and dry to you too! 🙋🏻

  8. Hi all – I only paused at PATCHY, but putting the Y at the end showed it.
    Figured TRAP had to be in the answer, and got it when I moved it from the end to the middle.

    I Googled “Rube Goldberg” images, but didn’t see any mention of there being a current comic strip, only his originals, so this is interesting to me. I didn’t realize that the Comic award was named after him, nor that he was born in San Francisco. Learning a lot today!

    Angela, that may be your best, most appropriate song choice yet! You know I’ve even watched some Bob Eberly and Helen O’Connell videos fairly recently (“Tangerine” and “Rubber Dolly”), but I had no idea this existed. Excellent!

    Have a great day all!

    • Did you happen to notice the 9-year old comment on this video from “GoldenEraDame” who says she used to pull out her father’s old records and listen to Helen O’Connell for hours?

      • The 25-yr old? Yes..but I didn’t realize the comment was that old. You do that too? Read all the comments? I always do that. It’s amazing the different things people take away from one piece of music…🎶🙋🏻

    • Ok..I need to put on my Game Face now…and disassociate from the Goat that you are! I mean…😂😂 Yes, I agree..This page has truly begun to DISH 😉 out a plethora of knowledge! Ok, ok..no Mas! The Reuben I’ve known about for a long time…Again tho, where or why I acquired it? Another one of those abyss things…The song? IDK myself how I remembered it, but it was right there this morning, front and center. And again tho, let me repeat that I have to seriously think about what I cooked for dinner last night…It’s scary, right? Thanks for the Shout Out, and you and I have “done” O’Connell and Eberly here before, remember? In fact, both these two songs too. (Remember discussing the 1940’s innuendo? See what I mean? This I remember! 😂 SMH)! But I was blown away this morning when I found the video…I didn’t think anyone else even knew the song…Anyway..Ed gave us some good play today..Figures though…a NY boy! 😉 Have a good one, G! 🐭🙋🏻

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