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Happy Wednesday, Jumble geniuses! Today’s puzzle started off with a brand new clue word in BLOAT. It also ended up being the only word that wasn’t instantly visible so it’ll be my pick for the most difficult anagram of the day. The remaining three words were old friends, but their anagrams were new. MARKET ended up being the oldest one in the group and was last used on 11/9/17 and jumbled as KTREMA.

It’s Day #3 of Guest Jumbler Week and we’ve been treated to some really great cartoons so far. Today’s guest is Sandra Bell-Lundy and she brings us a a panel from her strip, “Between Friends“. Bell-Lundy, a Canadian native, launched her comic in May 1990 and it now appears in more than 175 newspapers. The comic focuses on three middle-aged professional women and the problems that they face in their lives.

In today’s panel we see a woman that just can’t fall asleep. It’s a situation that I’m all too aware of and it’s an absolutely horrible feeling. The cartoon sentence identifies the character as Susan and her sleepless night began after having a cup of coffee after 3pm. It looks like Susan might suffer from a caffeine intolerance and she should avoid those late afternoon pick me ups. But the damage is done and we see her lying in bed with her eyes open a mile wide and her pupils constricted to pinpoints.

The final solve consisted of a 13-letter anagram that was extremely cryptic and kept the solution well hidden. I noticed “SLEE” in the layout so I figured SLEEP would be in the answer. With the remaining letters resembling mush, I scrapped SLEEP and started again. Reading the sentence a couple of more times brought PROBLEM to mind and all of the letters were there. The leftovers looked like SEATTLE until I focused a bit and found LATTE. Placing the remaining “S” on PROBLEM finished this one off making for one clever answer! Have a wonderful Wednesday, and I’ll see you tomorrow! 😴

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  1. Good morning. Another terrific guest drawing. Patio took me the longest to get. Bloat and Sleepy were instant reads followed by Market. For some strange reason Patio took longer to get than the other three words combined. The cartoon answer gave me trouble. I got Problems within a minute but not being a Latte kind of guy,I failed to make that word with my remaining letters. I guess my mind blocked out the easy word because I really really dislike any of those drinks. Except for maybe black coffee with Sambuca. I couldn’t call my friend to check because they are late sleepers. Her husband sleeps till the cows come home. It’s tough for her tip toeing around the house until he gets up. Until tomorrow stay well.

    • Hey Brooklyn..Good Morning. When you say black coffee do you mean espresso? …And now I see why you can’t call Marie earlier….🙋🏻

      • Yes Angie,espresso. Introduced by wife’s family. My family, loved it as well. It was much better with Sambuca over Anise. The extra money was well worth it.

        • Hey Paul. How’re you doing? Sorry, I forgot your late wife, rest her soul, was Italian. No wonder you said “black” coffee..That’s what threw me..Not many people that aren’t Italian use that reference. That’s what we know it as..Brown coffee, or black coffee..And I agree. It’s so much better with Sambuca. I remember as a kid, it was always Anisette, but later on, the Sambuca emerged! My Father taught us all to drink it “straight..like your Scotch”! So we never used any sugar. (But my Mother did, she found it too bitter straight). Two of my brothers “lighten it up” with Sambuca or Amaretto, I go it straight…maybe once in a blue moon a little pony glass on the side… but that’s rare. Have you tried Espresso Martinis? They’re fantastic…I’ve turned my whole family on to them…😉 Anyway. The news is saying that they already suspended alternate side parking… Makes you wonder what we might be in for trow! ❄️❄️🙋🏻

        • Brooklyn…A latte is really just an espresso with milk. Hot steamed milk. If you like a cappuccino, you’d like a latte, it’s just “milkier”. .But now that Greek coffee? That’s an acquired taste…That stuff’ll really put hair on your chest! 😂☕️🙋🏻

  2. Good morning again. I’m sorry Mike,I forgot to tell you thanks for such a great post today. I got involved with a interview with Bonnie Hunt which was very interesting and forgot to give you your due. You give us facts that we would never know about. I thank you for that.

    • Don’t mention it, Paul. I appreciate you taking the time to write another comment after giving us your thoughts on today’s puzzle. 😊😊😊

    • Angela,Nix on the cappuccino. Haven’t tried Espresso Martinis but have had bottle(s) of Expresso Vodka. Now that’s good. Forty years ago I was invited to a ladies apartment for Spanish coffee that’s boiled with milk. When she was younger she use to wrestle for Spanish 📺 TV. She had pictures of herself on the kitchen walls. A very nice lonely person. Now that coffee would put hair on your chest.

      • Hey Paul…Sorry this took me so long…Espresso Vodka’s in the ballpark. The martini’s made with the coffee, vodka, some sugar mix, and a coffee liqueur, some add a cream to the mix… And then it’s seriously shaken..So good. .I know the Spanish coffee you’re speaking of. Yes, it’s strong. But Greek coffee’s like Turkish coffee. It’s served with the grounds in the cup that settle at the bottom…It’s strong, and potent. But I’ll stick with the espresso, like you. I don’t need the hair! 😂😂 On another note, our boy deGrom scored the Cy Young! All while pitching for the Mets! 😉 Now that’s a miracle, huh? All first place votes except for one too..Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy. I’m thrilled for him..Can’t wait to see him back up there on the mound…Hope you had a good night, Brooklyn….Snow’s on the way! ❄️🙋🏻

    • The “A” in the clue is modifying the word “latte”, in the solution, not problems; hence the singular article.

  3. In the SLEEPY verdant Vermont village, a farmers’ MARKET and a popular PATIO furniture shop, caused a BLOAT of cars on many weekends.
    Scrambled words gave little difficulty but the solution gave me grief—not a “latte” lover so I had to back into that word after I got “problems.”

    • In regards to the first post. “It’s all Greek to me”! I see you also are not a fan of latte’s. But, at least you backed into the answer. I flew way over it!! Terrific use of the words today. Thanks.

  4. I agree with the other Chuck,that the ‘a’ indicates a singular answer,where the first word in the solution,latte is an adjective for problem ,not problems.But then I’m a math prof,not an English prof.

    • Hey Prof..Good Morning. The word “latte” is used here in place of the words “lot of”.That’s the pun….It’s not a single latte…”Drinking coffee after 3 o’clock, gave her a lot of problems”….The problem of the darkened eyes, the problem of worrying about being late for work, the problem of awakening her husband..you know…the usual! 😉🙋🏻

        • Professor…The “latte”, and 4-yr olds…I think you may enjoy this, in light of todays’ puzzle, and your spending so much time with your Granddaughters. I’m pretty sure I still carry my Brooklyn accent. It’s hard for me to tell. It’s not as heavy as say my Father’s was, but I’m sure to out-of-towners, I can still do damage to one’s ears. I always watched myself in any professional setting, and made a conscious effort to make sure that I didn’t leave off final consonants, or say things like “cAWffee”. I’m definitely bi-lingual. 😉 Anyway, last week or so, I was with the Littles. They wanted to play “Memory”, the game with the 48 picture cards that match up to 24 pairs. As I was taking them out of the slots in the box, they seemed a little shy of the 48. So I counted them, and of course there were cards missing. The 5-yr old, who possesses the patience of a gnat, said, “Just make the deck an even number”. Cute…smart even, but no…Needing the 2 of each to make the matching pairs, which is the idea of the game, I wanted to explain that we had to go through them all, to ensure that we had the matches, (and I also wanted them to help, so that they got the reasoning). So I said..(maybe a little too dramatically), “Oh man, it’s not that easy. This could be a “lotta” trouble.” And that’s when the 4-yr old, (who I swear, doesn’t really belong to us), looked at me and asked..”Zia…what’s a “lotta”? 🙄 BA-Boom! (and gimme a break)!…We played Candy Land instead…😂🙋🏻

  5. 🎶 I kicked the blankets on the floor…Turned my pillow upside down,
    I never never did before..’Cause I was TOSSIN’ and TURNIN’..TURNIN’ and TOSSIN’…A-TOSSIN’ and TURNIN’ all night…🎶 “Tossin’ and Turnin'” – Bobby Lewis 1961

    ☕️💤 Caffeine is known to block something that’s called adenosine…
    Which we all need for sleep inducement, natural so it seems,
    Circadian disorder, oft linked to coffees’ use…
    Is just the one of many ways our bodies take abuse.
    Our eyes can BLOAT, we feel SLEEPY, but resting just won’t come…
    You toss and turn, and it gets worse, once it’s really begun.
    You walk out to the PATIO, you make a MARKET list..
    Yet nothing seems to help at all, the restlessness persists…
    It happens to a lot of us, the wishing sleep would come…
    Life’s hard enough in daytime, without “LATTE” PROBLEMS…💤☕️

  6. Hi Everyone,
    I tried this morning and again in the afternoon but did not get the fun answer. I was able to make lots of words but none led anywhere. My husband needs the computer so I’ll catch up on comments later.

  7. Hi all – Got PATIO from having seen it, SLEEPY with the “Ending Y” and double letter trick. BLOAT was my second hardest, and I was diverted by the last word, remembering the many times I visited my friends at the early Silicon Valley company RAMTEK.
    When I wrote the letters for the answer, leaving out MARKET which I hadn’t gotten yet, I was surprised to see SLEEP and BLOAT. I don’t remember seeing clue words in the answer quite so obviously before. I finally gave up on the answer.

    “I got 99 PROBLEMS, but drinking PM Lattes ain’t one of them.”
    The cartoon reminded me of Paul Simon in two ways, though: The album title “Wed. Morning 3 AM”, and the lyric to “Think too Much(b)” –
    🎵”They say the left side of the brain
    Dominates the right
    And the right side has to labor
    Through the long and speechless night”🎵

    You picked the perfect song Angela, and a great game in “Candy Land”. That and “Chutes and Ladders” were among our most favorite.

    Have a good Wednesday, everyone.

    Speaking of sleep, I could use a nap. I was a good boy and did a lot of shopping this morning, and was rewarded with a great price on craft beer, and a good Song from the Ceiling at Safeway, “Back on the Chain Gang” by The Pretenders:
    🎵”I found a picture of you,
    Those were the happiest days of my life…
    Knowing that deep in my heart
    They’ll fall to ruin one day
    For making us part”🎵

    • Uh..G..From the “read” of this, I’d say you had a double shot of espresso this morning! 😂 Slow down, Cowboy..it’s still early! Thought of you before…Shop Rite…Toooo many oldies. Way tooooo many. .One of them even stopped me dead in my tracks, and I cried a little..Jeez..SMH! No more Shop Rite after a morning of watching the news…But damn, do I so want to meet whoever’s mixing this music…Thanks for the Shout Out, Bud..but you know the song picked itself…I didn’t even blink. I only did the quick write up after reading of the pun conundrum….And God knows I can’t relate…You know me..I fall asleep with the coffee mug in my hand, so I’m no gauge! A case study, maybe, but no gauge! As for Candy Land? There was no other choice…By the time I finished making peace with Little Miss Pronunciation, and getting my “due”…it was too late to play anything else! 😂 Enjoy the nap.I’d pay good money….😉💤☕️🙋🏻

    • PS: Forgot to say..For the record, 6 of the 11 (it’s 11 now, I picked up a straggler from PA), including 2 Lous, saw Sleep, and couldn’t shake it off, and 5 of them, like you, threw in the FILTER 😂 altogether on the answer. There was a LATTE losing SLEEP this morning…☕️💤🙋🏻

  8. “Latte” OMG, how is that a pun-ish word that deserves quotes. Poor take off on late if that was the purpose, and that makes no sense either. Boo

    • Hi Joe….Good Afternoon. The word “latte” was used here in place of the words “lot of”. That’s the pun….It’s not a single latte, it’s not a play on the word late …”Drinking coffee after 3 o’clock, gave Susan a “lot of” problems”…Or as we say in Brooklyn, a “lotta” problems! Hope it makes better sense! Have a good one! ☕️💤🙋🏻

  9. Figured out all the words but not the answer. I don’t feel bad because, after I saw the answer here, I don’t “get” it. A play on words, to be sure, but, …what..?

    • Hey Denny. How’re you doing? It’s been a while… Look above at the answer I left for Joe, and further up to the answer to Chuck..(the Chuck with the purple icon) …It’s a good pun..Have a good night..,☕️💤🙋🏻

    • Jeez, Clint. What do you really think? Maybe you’re not pronouncing latte correctly. Here are the pronunciation, from Merriam’s of both LOT and LATTE – lot /lät/ lat·te /ˈlätā/ They seem pretty similar. Notice the long A in latte.

  10. When the sentence ends with “caused Susan a—-“, the answer should not end in a “s”. That through me off.

    • Good Morning, Jim. If you’ve read above, I’m sure you’ve seen the comments of all those agreeing with you. It did prove to be a true “Pun Conundrum”, and it did produce a pretty widespread amount of groans! But again, if it’s read as the pun was intended…a “LOT OF”..a “lotta” problems, it’s a lot less painful! I guess every once in a while, a puzzle will come along that really pushes the envelope…and it looks like this was one of them…Hope today will be a lot less frustrating! Be well, Jim! 🙋🏻

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