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Good Morning, Everyone!      💳 GIVING CREDIT…WHERE CREDIT’S DUE?…💳

🎶 Well, I guess this story must begin that fateful day a way back when,  I decided I should have a CREDIT CARD...So I filled out this application, listed all my recommendations…Sent it off in the mail…And in a month or so the mailman brought me my brand new CHARGE-ALL CARD...Better than checks, safer than money, and not near as dirty!…🎶 “The Credit Card Song” – Dick Feller   1974    https://tinyurl.com/ycjzpfnb

💳 I’ve read about this recently, the MOTION towards no cash,
And while not causing UPROAR, there’s certainly backlash.
A move to further BISECT the haves from the have nots?
I can’t DEFINE the reasoning to satisfy the lots…
But here to buy a FLOPPY shirt with graphics to display,
We see a whole new KETTLE of fish as people go to pay.
But everyone seems quite happy…I can’t help but admit…
And the owner’s even happier ’cause he TOOK CREDIT FOR IT! 💳

I wasn’t sure I’d find all of today’s words in our archives, but surprisingly, it PAID OFF to look. Two of them go back a while…BISECT, went back to 2014, but then appeared again on the 11th of October, in 2016. And FLOPPY was last seen on July 15th, 2016. The other four, 2017 and 18 entries. None of the Early Morning Jumblers were stumped this morning…but there was a slight tic at BISECT, and UPROAR, the latter being one of these compound words that tend to COST some of us a moment or two longer to decipher. Ok..Let’s not INVEST any more time here…Our cartoon awaits..

Before we begin, I’d like to offer my “Welcome Back” to our resident illustrator, Jeff Knurek. As much fun as Guest Jumbler Week can be, there’s no one can hold a stylus to Jeff. I’ve missed you, and I’m happy to have one of your cartoons DRAWING my attention this morning…

That being said, we find ourselves today at the SHIRT SHACK, a T-SHIRT Emporium. Two young women and a young man serve as our customers. The man and woman at the background left, owners as we can ADD UP by the dialogue, are happily discussing how the man’s decision to go CASH LESS proved to be nothing less than a savvy business move. He’s using the word “kids” to describe his clientele, so I suppose we can assume that the Shirt Shack appeals mostly to the YOUNG AT PART…because PARTING with their money they are! And since he’s also saying..”KNEW” and “THOUGHT” it’s pretty CLEAR that he’s PROFITING from his business acumen…He definitely TOOK CREDIT FOR IT! Well, wrap up those SHIRTS, Dave, you’ve made a SALE!

Ok, eye candy… Before I get into it, I first must also give some CREDIT where it’s due. The color’s today are some of the best we’ve seen in a long time. Our bearded owner is decked out in two great shades of blue. Our female shopper at left, a rarely-seen redhead, wearing dark purple, is holding a shirt of powder blue, while her friend, wearing light green, holds a pretty pink one. The CASHier..or shall we call her the CASH “where”?  is wearing a stunning shade of violet, as our male shopper dons the always-stylish basic black, over khaki pants. The display counter is a dark peach-toned wood, and our checkout counter is gray...A WEALTH of color today...and a wonderful BALANCE! It all looks great! As for the candied details? Let’s do the graphics on the shirts. We have the Eiffel Tower in white, a Bird in flight amongst the clouds in black, an angry Unicorn in pink, and an Owl adorning our PAYING customer. But ZEROing in? We see that he’s being CHARGED $25, and he’s having “No problem” tapping his..Gold colored .JUMBLE CREDIT CARD with it’s CHIP to pay! Would you look at that! A CREDIT CARD with Jeff’s signature “J”! That Jeff…What a CARD! So, There you have it Folks, DUN!!! Have a great day, Everyone! And I’ll leave you with one of my favorite CREDIT CARD jokes…”A man asked a Magic Fairy to make him desirable to all women…So she turned him into a CREDIT CARD”...And yes, in the INTEREST of full disclosure.. I did SWIPE the joke! 💳🙋🏻




28 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 11/18/2018

  1. I usually have trouble with the additional words on Sun both in the anagrams and final solution, but not today. Bisect gave me time to pause before getting that word, as verbs are prone to give me trouble. The other anagram solutions came quickly as did the final solution, as credit was an obvious solution for the 6 letter word.

    • Good Morning, Professor! How’re you doing? I agree, today’s entire PACKAGE was a gift! And I’m glad to see that your sticking with the puzzles is PAYING OFF! Have a great day, Chuck. 💳🙋🏻

  2. A DISCLAIMER!! Sorry…I was in such a rush to get to Mass this morning…I forgot to mention the CASH “Where’s” five ear piercings: Three hoops, two studs…Wonder what that COST her? And her ombre blonde hair in the CUTting edge style? Very INTERESTing, indeed!! And while we’re at it, take a look at the male owners’ shoe…That new style Jeff seems to favor…I can’t help wondering…To what do we OWE that? 🤔💇🏻

  3. I figured you were at Mass when I, being at home for a change, posted first. When we’re at home, we’re Sat night vigil Mass goers. 1 more thing, being from Ohio, go Buckeyes and beat that team from up north. Woody Hayes, when he was coach at The OSU, never referred to that team by name.

    • LOL! You did, did you? 😂 You guys all seem to be knowing me way too well! Maybe I should start playing my cards a little closer to the vest! 😉Funny thing…I’ll make you laugh…Just this morning, texting with a fairly new out-of-town friend, he mentioned playing slot machines. I said that in my entire life, I’ve never done so. I’ve played and dealt Blackjack, ditto Poker. Played roulette, shot craps..etc. But for whatever reason, I’ve yet to play a slot machine, and I just wondered “out loud” why that was…He came back with…”Easy. You have absolutely no control over a slot machine”! Well excuse me! And…DROP THE MIC! Thinks he’s slick!…Like what, I’m a control freak? I had to tell him that he’s wrong…That as long as everything’s exactly the way I want it? I’m flexible! 😂 😂😂 Chuck…Are you talking about y’days game? What a nail biter that was! Or do you mean next week? Against Michigan? Prof? Are we STILL talking 1969????

        • I was afraid that’s what you meant. Still stings, huh? You were there? That must have killed you, I can’t imagine. I was in grade school, and didn’t even know Football then, let alone OSU. I didn’t get into Football until my late teens. My Father wasn’t a fan, so it never aired in my home growing up…I was probably better off! It’s caused a lot of angst over the years! 😂😂🙋🏻

      • I’m just glad that no matter who wins, *somebody* will be happy! 😂
        Can a college football game end in a tie? 🤷🏼‍♂️

        • Taking “neutral to a whole ‘nother level? 😂 A tie? Don’t you ever watch College Football? 🤔🙋🏻

          • Do you always answer a question with a question? 😂
            Now we *both* sound like New Englanders! Q: “Nice day, isn’t it?” A: “Is it?”
            I know college has overtimes, but I only know that the NFL can have ties. 😂🙋🏻‍♂️

            • LOL..Do I do that a lot? If so, I never noticed. And I didn’t mean to sound flippant. But I’m just surprised you’re asking me that…We live and die by Google…I figured you’d just look it up, no? 🤔🙋🏻

              • I never really noticed either — except that you just did it again! 😂😂
                Ok, I’ll stop teasing. I just figured that when it came to college football, you were probably a more authoritative source than even Wikipedia!
                Going to look now…hang on….Ok, college football ties. I’m glad they didn’t give me a tutorial on neckwear! Holy Mackerel, somebody could collapse here!
                The elite athlete pros get to stop, but the poor college guys just have to play till they drop? Seems odd.
                I love this non-judgmental note from SBNation:
                “Whether you’re a new college football fan, an older one who hasn’t watched in a while, or a current fan who simply never learned the overtime rules: no judgment here. Get caught up.” 😂😂🙋🏻‍♂️

              • Sorry, G. Just seeing this…A better SAUCE 😉 than Wikipedia? Shirley ..you jest! 😉 🙋🏻

    • Now why you gotta go and ruin this fine site by cheering for the buckeyes? The University of Michigan’s Revenge Tour will conclude successfully next weekend. Having lived in Ohio, for much of my childhood, and being a Wolverine, always made for a fun November. This game will be another classic. Go Blue! Thanks for the welcome back, Angela.

      • Hey JJ..Welcome Home! Great to see you here. And you’re very welcome, sincerely meant. But you need to ease up on the Professor here. First of all, the poor guy was at the game in ’69. That alone’s enough to kill a man. And secondly, look at how many years he’s INVESTed. That’s a lot of penance for a Catholic! And thirdly, he’s older than us, so we need to cut him the slack, don’t you think? Any way, I’m staying neutral..HERE at least. I just got down off the roof, watching the Giants almost blow it. They only needed 2 to cover the spread, and TB came within 3! I was suicidal!! Thank God we came back…This Football craziness we all put ourselves through..It’s COSTing me my sanity! 😉 Have a good night, JJ, and again, Welcome Home! 💳🙋🏻 PS: Jeff…What happened to your Avatar? Lose it in a Poker Game? 😉🙋🏻

  4. I had to work out BISECT on paper.
    “For it” came first to my mind for the answer, then took, and finally credit.
    Betty and Steve and others in California, I do hope that the rain forecast comes true and that you’re heeding recommendations about the air. It’s tragic what’s happened in your state, but it’s also a warning to us all.

    • Hi Caroline. Good Morning. I’m pretty sure Bisect may just CUT into the solving time for a few people today… 😉 t’s a rarely seen or heard word. Nice solve! 👏🏻 Luckily, the answer came to me immediately, because I was running the usual Sunday morning behind schedule. Today was the worse yet..And yes, I’m so with you about California, and I lit another candle this morning for their rains to come. We can only hope…Have a good one, Caroline. Enjoy the Farmers’ Market! 💳🙋🏻

    • Hi Caroline – Thanks for the good thoughts. We did get out yesterday, definitely putting the car fan on ‘recycle’. As bad as it looks, it’s really just a minor inconvenience for us compared to the real effects on the people up north (and south, for that matter.)

      I have one more Joan Baez review for you, of her concert at SF’s Masonic Auditorium.


  5. Like Caroline, I had to take to pencil & paper to work out bisect but everything else fell into place. Thanks for your good thoughts, Caroline. While the air quality is not good in the Bay Area it’s 100 times worse for the poor folks in the fire zone. Many of the are camped out in parking lots and will need better shelter if and when the rains come. Thanks for the “Mother Nature” link yesterday, Angela. I used to love that commercial, especially when the little squirrel or was it a raccoon covers it’s eyes at the end. Happy Sunday everyone.

    • HI Betty.Good Morning. The guys definitely called it this morning, when they paused at BISECT. I’ve see the “Tent Cities” on the news, and my heart just goes out to all of these misplaced people. I cannot ever imagine…You’re welcome for the commercial…I used to get a kick out of it too back then…It became such a catch phrase. Life was just so much simpler…I trust you know I wasn’t making light of the plight out there; just that the mentioning of Mother Nature brought it to mind, And it’s a scared little raccoon..I’d be scared too! I lit another candle for you this morning…Strength in numbers…Be well, good luck, and I hope you enjoy your Sunday…💳🙋🏻

  6. Hi all – The second and fourth words were the hardest for me. I was glad it wasn’t BESTIE, still too slangy, and had to write the letters. Saw it when I randomly put BI in front. Then was amazed how simple DEFINE looked after putting the DE at the front instead of ED at the end.

    I was pretty late to the party about using a smartphone to pay at stores, but now I can’t believe what an inconvenience it seems like to have to get my wallet out when the retailer wants an actual credit card or cash. Spoiled!

    I think the “Shirt Shack” must be in the same mall as this other place:
    🎵”Well, its just a coffeehouse and its made out of wood
    Espresso coffee tastes mighty good
    That’s not the reason why I’ve got to get back
    To that Sugar Shack, whoa baby
    To that Sugar Shack.”🎵

    I hadn’t heard your song, Angela. The lyric the cartoon suggested to me was this, “Dollar Down”:

    🎵”They got a refrigerator and a washing machine
    For a dollar down and a dollar a week
    And the food stayed cold and the clothes stayed clean
    For a dollar down and a dollar a week …
    You can get all the things you seek,
    For a dollar down and a dollar a week.🎵
    All I remembered about this was the “dollar down” chorus, but it turns out to have been written by a guy named Cisco Houston, who was friends with and performed with Woody Guthrie. The Wiki entry is quite interesting.

    Have a great Sunday!

    • …a Dollar Down! .Today that wouldn’t even get you the newspaper to read the ad, right? 😉 Have a good one, G! 💳🙋🏻

  7. Wearing a FLOPPY hat, the chairwoman’s MOTION to DEFINE a KETTLE contribution as taxable, caused an UPROAR and the lines were drawn and seemed to BISECT the committee into opposing camps.
    Glad to have the Jumble Guys back and with a Sunday puzzle that was if not easy,, at least doable.

  8. Wow, Angela, I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw you rattle off the Credit Card Song! I only heard it a few times when it came out in 1974, and I still have the 45rpm single in my collection! I don’t think that many people have heard it. Funny as heck at the time, and I still like it!

    • Dear Anonymous…I’m always a little uneasy replying to an Anonymous poster. Kind of like going on a Blind Date, you know? Which I’ve never done..I mean, half the time, I have trouble SEEING straight when I know a person..so..😂😂 Any way, thanks for the Shout Out, but I can’t TAKE ALL THE CREDIT. I remembered the song, and maybe the opening line or two, so I checked the log I have of the record collection my late Father left me. And sure enough there it was! TBT, I got excited! 😉 And when I played the silly little song, I knew I had my choice for today,,,As for the rest of the lyrics I posted, I Googled it. And I think you’re right. Only 2 of the 11 Jumblers I text with in the morning had any idea what I was talking about…Any way, Thanks again, and I’m glad I gave you a smile. Please visit us again…and perhaps consider telling us your name. You needn’t worry about IDENTITY THEFT here.😂 You’re amongst friends! Have a good one, A! 💳🙋🏻

  9. Yeah, I didn’t mean to be an anonymous poster, but being that it was my first post here, I hope I can get some ‘credit’ for learning… 🙂 ~ Ed

    • LOL! A rookie? Of course you’ll get CREDIT! And you’re off to a great start, too! Good one! Welcome, Ed. Nice to meet you. And we’re all always learning here..There’s a WEALTH of knowledge within these pages! So, now that you’ve joined the ranks, you’ll soon be receiving your membership CARD…No, I shouldn’t have said that…there’s no CARD. I was just looking for another shot at a pun…And I probably shouldn’t have OFFERed you one, since I’m usually very CREDITable…(See what I mean? I’m totally incorrigible. It comes with the territory)…Anyway, I’m glad you’ve taken CHARGE and decided to introduce yourself. And you’ll see..It’ll PAY OFF…We get a lot of laughs here. Again, Welcome, Ed…and please be sure to stop BUY again! 💳🙋🏻

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