Jumble Answers for 11/18/2018









Good Morning, Everyone!      💳 GIVING CREDIT…WHERE CREDIT’S DUE?…💳

🎶 Well, I guess this story must begin that fateful day a way back when,  I decided I should have a CREDIT CARD...So I filled out this application, listed all my recommendations…Sent it off in the mail…And in a month or so the mailman brought me my brand new CHARGE-ALL CARD...Better than checks, safer than money, and not near as dirty!…🎶 “The Credit Card Song” – Dick Feller   1974    https://tinyurl.com/ycjzpfnb

💳 I’ve read about this recently, the MOTION towards no cash,
And while not causing UPROAR, there’s certainly backlash.
A move to further BISECT the haves from the have nots?
I can’t DEFINE the reasoning to satisfy the lots…
But here to buy a FLOPPY shirt with graphics to display,
We see a whole new KETTLE of fish as people go to pay.
But everyone seems quite happy…I can’t help but admit…
And the owner’s even happier ’cause he TOOK CREDIT FOR IT! 💳

I wasn’t sure I’d find all of today’s words in our archives, but surprisingly, it PAID OFF to look. Two of them go back a while…BISECT, went back to 2014, but then appeared again on the 11th of October, in 2016. And FLOPPY was last seen on July 15th, 2016. The other four, 2017 and 18 entries. None of the Early Morning Jumblers were stumped this morning…but there was a slight tic at BISECT, and UPROAR, the latter being one of these compound words that tend to COST some of us a moment or two longer to decipher. Ok..Let’s not INVEST any more time here…Our cartoon awaits..

Before we begin, I’d like to offer my “Welcome Back” to our resident illustrator, Jeff Knurek. As much fun as Guest Jumbler Week can be, there’s no one can hold a stylus to Jeff. I’ve missed you, and I’m happy to have one of your cartoons DRAWING my attention this morning…

That being said, we find ourselves today at the SHIRT SHACK, a T-SHIRT Emporium. Two young women and a young man serve as our customers. The man and woman at the background left, owners as we can ADD UP by the dialogue, are happily discussing how the man’s decision to go CASH LESS proved to be nothing less than a savvy business move. He’s using the word “kids” to describe his clientele, so I suppose we can assume that the Shirt Shack appeals mostly to the YOUNG AT PART…because PARTING with their money they are! And since he’s also saying..”KNEW” and “THOUGHT” it’s pretty CLEAR that he’s PROFITING from his business acumen…He definitely TOOK CREDIT FOR IT! Well, wrap up those SHIRTS, Dave, you’ve made a SALE!

Ok, eye candy… Before I get into it, I first must also give some CREDIT where it’s due. The color’s today are some of the best we’ve seen in a long time. Our bearded owner is decked out in two great shades of blue. Our female shopper at left, a rarely-seen redhead, wearing dark purple, is holding a shirt of powder blue, while her friend, wearing light green, holds a pretty pink one. The CASHier..or shall we call her the CASH “where”?  is wearing a stunning shade of violet, as our male shopper dons the always-stylish basic black, over khaki pants. The display counter is a dark peach-toned wood, and our checkout counter is gray...A WEALTH of color today...and a wonderful BALANCE! It all looks great! As for the candied details? Let’s do the graphics on the shirts. We have the Eiffel Tower in white, a Bird in flight amongst the clouds in black, an angry Unicorn in pink, and an Owl adorning our PAYING customer. But ZEROing in? We see that he’s being CHARGED $25, and he’s having “No problem” tapping his..Gold colored .JUMBLE CREDIT CARD with it’s CHIP to pay! Would you look at that! A CREDIT CARD with Jeff’s signature “J”! That Jeff…What a CARD! So, There you have it Folks, DUN!!! Have a great day, Everyone! And I’ll leave you with one of my favorite CREDIT CARD jokes…”A man asked a Magic Fairy to make him desirable to all women…So she turned him into a CREDIT CARD”...And yes, in the INTEREST of full disclosure.. I did SWIPE the joke! 💳🙋🏻