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Happy Thursday, everyone! There’s nothing new to report in the way of clue words this morning, but once again David impresses us with two original 6-letter anagrams. One of them really struck a chord and ended up being the most difficult jumble I’ve had the pleasure of encountering this week. GUITAR was last played on 11/13/18, but from the way DLH carefully tuned his layout, it managed to hit all the right notes and left me feeling high strung to say the least. YEAST took quite some time to rise from the archives, but a quick search gave me the proof I needed to confirm that it was the stalest of our quartet. With all of the clue words polished off, I slid on over to the cartoon where the first thing I focused on was the date that graced the calendar hanging on the wall.

Ahhhhh, 1985…… I’ll never forget that amazing year! Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches were still legal in my kindergarten class, and I managed to learn how to tie my shoes all on my own! Most of my friends here might remember it quite a bit differently though. In the way of world events and culture, 1985 could probably be characterized as the heralding of the “new”. Windows 1.0 was introduced by a company called Microsoft, “Rock Me Amadeus,” “Like a Virgin,” and “Take on Me” were tops on the music chart, “Back to the Future,” and “The Goonies” demolished the box office, while “The Golden Girls,” and “The Cosby Show” were welcomed into our homes once a week on TV. The “new” didn’t stop there with Coca-Cola changing its formula to New Coke, and the Nintendo Entertainment System finally coming to our shores all the way from Japan.

For the couple of teenage girls that we see depicted in today’s cartoon, it was also the time of recording music on cassette tapes and sharing the sounds over and over again until your parents couldn’t take the torture anymore. The dialogue informs us that the young woman on the left has created a new tape with all of her favorite songs. Her friend, dressed in a shirt bearing the Rolling Stones “Tongue” logo, gazes over to a poster featuring the lead singer of the band while exclaiming that she hopes a particular track has made the cut.

The retro feel of the cartoon was unmistakable and Jeff masterfully imagined a scene that was probably identical to thousands and thousands of teenage bedrooms across the country at the time. A boom box sits atop a couple of old milk crates that can be seen holding 9 records and 18 cassette tapes. Looking once again at the calendar on the wall, we see the date prominently displayed as 1985, and a spot-on likeness of Mick Jagger bustin’ a move on the glossy page. The date shows August 1st being on a Tuesday when, in fact, it actually landed on a Thursday that month. My guess is that Jeff moved it up a couple of days to make the numbers easier to read.

The final solve was an anagram consisting of 9-letters which is 4-letters less than yesterday’s. The dreaded quotes made an appearance for the second time this week, but the limited amount of letters, coupled with the over-abundance of visual clues, made this one an instant solve. “MICK’S TAPE” was dutifully written into the answer layout leaving me feeling like a Jumble rock star. Have a triumphant Thursday, and I’ll see you right back here tomorrow!


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  1. Good Morning, Mike. Good Morning, Everyone! 🎙JAGGER…MASTER 🎙

    🎶 All we need is MUSIC, SWEET MUSIC…There’ll be MUSIC everywhere…They’ll be swinging, swaying, and records playing…And dancing in the street…🎶 “Dancing In The Street” – Mick Jagger & David Bowie 1985 https://tinyurl.com/y6s9v4ym
    …And check this out…To a Music buff…Priceless! https://tinyurl.com/yykrsqr4

    🎙You might not like his music, he may have left you blank,
    But Mick definitely had an edge…like walking on a PLANK…
    The GUITAR music blaring, spirits rose up just like YEAST,
    And watching him prance ’round a stage was akin to a feast…
    A Stone’s fan’s love was like CEMENT…it sucked you in real deep,
    And through the years that love just grew with memories to keep
    So these girls here from ’85 most likely ne’er escaped…
    The dedication that they had back then with this “MICK’S” TAPE 🎙

    2019…76 years old, a Great-Grandfather, currently on tour still knocking ’em dead. Still prancing around the stage, four months after heart surgery…Still The Mick…I don’t know about you, but I think it’s an understatement when he sings,,,🎶Time is on My Side🎶…Cento Anni, Sir Mick! 🎙🙋🏻

  2. Good thoughts to all our neighbors in the path of the Hurricane…🙏🏻

    ° They blamed the weight of the GUITAR amps for causing the PLANK to become dislodged on the stage of the old YEAST factory they converted into the concerts’ venue, and tried to CEMENT it back in place, while the band killed time by playing a “MICK’S” TAPE…

    ° He always enjoyed GUITAR, he played from very young,
    And superstitious as he was a vial of YEAST he hung….
    Around his neck to symbolize how far his career rose,
    Reminding him it could have sunk like CEMENT he supposed…
    And every time he stepped out on a PLANK, part of a stage,
    He thought about how far he’d come…especially for his age…
    And always ever grateful, sometimes he’d be agape…
    Thinking how it all started with that very first “MICK’S” TAPE 🙋🏻

  3. Good Morning everyone. This Puzzle was especially fun for me. I put together some of Mick’s songs from the late 60’s. I don’t remember a lot, but I remember these. Enjoy

    He got no Satisfaction from the YEAST or Brown Sugar, and the PLANK gave him no Shelter. So he grabbed his GUITAR and his Beast of Burden and carried the CEMENT away. He had no Sympathy for the Devil this day, so he waited for the Wild Horses to take him away.
    A collection of MICK’S TAPES
    Hope everyone has a Rock and Roll morning. Sonny..

    • Oops. When I hit post, something happened to my sentence. Guess it’s Just a Roll of the Dice.

      • Well Jumpin Jack Flash, I said I didn’t remember a lot of the late 60’s. You’re handing out some Rough Justice.

        • No, I’m so not…I wouldn’t get any 🎶SATISFACTION🎶 out of that. So piease, 🎶DON’T START ME UP🎶 I’m just having some PUN with you…since I did 🎶MISS YOU🎶 yesterday…So don’t be a 🎶STREET FIGHTING MAN🎶, ok?….🎶ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE🎶…Oopps! 😉🙋🏻

      • Wow ! I’m in a State of Shock. Sorry, I can’t remember anymore. I bow to the master.

        • LOL! Ah, Sonny, so soon? You’re gonna 🎶LET ME GO🎶?…And I was just going to ask you if you really felt hooked…Were you asking yourself…🎶HOW CAN I STOP🎶? ..Yea, it is easy to become a 🎶SLAVE🎶 to all this.😉 ..Thanks, though…it’s been PUN! 🙋🏻

      • Thanks for the kind reply. But I think I hurt myself trying to remember all of his songs. I remember the Satisfaction song when I was a young Marine, It was being played over Armed Services Radio when I landed in Danang Vietnam in 1967. I was just an 18 year old kid fresh out of high school. So I think it’s too late for me to have any recording contracts coming my way. Besides, I’m having a ball matching wits with Angela. Semper Fi. S/Sgt. Sonny. USMC.

  4. I don’t get this. I took it that there has to be a pun or double meaning to a Jumble. This one has only a single meaning – a tape with Mick Jagger’s music on it. If that’s the case, this Jumble is cooked. It has many solutions. In addition to MICK’S TAPE, there is MITE’S PACK – people may think Jagger is great but to me he is only a tiny mite in my life. Mick dates way back in TIME, so the tape is a TIME’S PACK. And it is clear to me that to this duo in the Jumble, the tape is a TEAM’S PICK. These may seem out of kilter, but to me MICK’S TAPE is also out of kilter.

  5. Jim B.
    Don’t paint it so Black. There is a pun. Mix Tape which is a recording of music, That goes with Mick’s Tape. I know it may take awhile then one day POW! your hooked like me.

    • Sonny…I didn’t see this at first when you posted it to Jim. At the exact same time, I was leaving a reply for you..(note the time 8:48), and then I left the page to copy the link for him. So, I didn’t see that you told him about the Mixtape. 🎶MAKE NO MISTAKE🎶 I wouldn’t just 🎶LET IT LOOSE🎶 like that. I apologize if it looks like I went 🎶AROUND and AROUND🎶 you…ok…🎶’TILL THE NEXT GOODBYE🎶…😉🙋🏻

      • Oh YOU SWEET THING. That;s it, that’s all I got. Have a great day Angela.It was a lot of fun. All the best. Sonny.
        Oh, before I forget, Tonight is Giants and Patriots night. Sorry, the Devil made me do it .:)

        • Well thank you…it’s a start. 😉 And yes, it was a lot of fun…But tonight? Why must you constantly put me between 🎶A ROCK AND A HARD PLACE🎶? Is it 🎶JUST MY IMAGINATION🎶, or do you really get a morbid 🎶SATISFACTION🎶 from breaking my shoes? Here I am being the 🎶SALT OF THE EARTH🎶 to you, and yet you still want to 🎶PLAY WITH FIRE🎶. 🎶ONE HIT TO THE BODY🎶 after another….I’m 🎶SHATTERED🎶…😣🙋🏻

  6. Since he thought their relationship was similar to walking a ship’s PLANK, he thought he would try to CEMENT same by playing his GUITAR for her in the kitchen while she was mixing the YEAST for the bread.

  7. Good morning. You would think that after taking at least a year of Guitar lessons that I would get past the pluck pluck stage but alas I didn’t. Then in high school my music teacher promised to pass me if I didn’t take up the trumpet the next year, which of course I obliged her. As to the second recording of the boys doing the song a cappella, I really really got no satisfaction. Without music it was a DUD. Sorry, I went off course. My choice for hardest word was Guitar which I looked up, I’m sorry to say. The cartoon answer was clever. I got Tape right away but stared at the remaining letters for awhile before it finally clicked. Until tomorrow stay well.

    • Hi Brooklyn, Good Morning. I stuck that second one in there just for the whimsy of it. I read that they did over 50 takes, but they thought that it was the funniest, Have a good one! 🎤🙋🏻

    • Thanks for regaling us with that little ditty, Paul! Our life-stories are opposites in that I ended up playing the trumpet but always wanted to play the guitar.
      If you didn’t know, Jumble Jeff is a talented guitarist and some of his work is also on YouTube. Here’s a LINK. Enjoy! 🎸

  8. Hi Everyone –
    JA had me laughing today.
    I had lots of trouble again with guitar and needed to back in. Though I got the answer, I wasn’t familiar with mixtape.

  9. I’m with Caroline today – took me a while to figure out guitar. I too am not familiar with mixtape though probably should be since my children had tapes, boom boxes walkman ( or is it now walk person?) etc. etc. I was able to figure out the answer because I do know Mick Jagger.

  10. Hi all – I found GUITAR after focusing on the “U” as the most unusual letter. Then YEAST actually took the most jumbling. Nice to see a word with a Y where the Y isn’t at the end – all that gave me was EASTY, the general direction you head from here to get to Reno.
    The answer was pretty obvious for anyone old enough to have made a mix tape. My first ones were on reel-to-reel tape back in the STONE(S) age, but my living room still has vinyl LP’s and I still have a cassette player somewhere.
    Funny that the character picked out the one Jagger recording that Keith Richards singled out for particular scorn in his autobiography as demonstrating Mick selling out the Stones for personal popularity and ego.

    Have a great day, everyone!

    “Despairing after seeing Eric Clapton play, the student smashed his own GUITAR on the CEMENT and used the pieces, some flour and YEAST as a grilling PLANK to make monkey bread”.

    • Hey Steve. Mick only did it at the insistence of Bob Geldof, and it was for Live Aid. It was charity. I don’t think he was looking for any personal achievement. 🤔🙋🏻

  11. On the road again, to pick up 2 gkids at elementary school, then see 2 girls in Naperville, and finally watch the 5 yr old twins in Dixon on Saturday, whew, a lot of miles to go. As far as the puzzle, only guitar was troublesome, w the Mick’s tape an obvious solution.

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