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Good Morning, Everyone!     🐰 AND THEY LIVED “HOPPILY” EVER AFTER  🐰

🎶 Ah, let’s go to the HOP…Let’s go to the HOP (oh Baby)..Let’s go to the HOP.. (oh Baby)…Let’s go to the HOP…Come on, let’s go to the HOP…🎶 At The Hop” – Danny and the Juniors  1957

🐰 A pair of hopping Rabbits…together hand in hand,
Out for a stroll and smiling as they jump across the land.
But if you’ve ever owned rabbits, and kept them for a pet,
You’ll know they get quite PRICEY and sometimes bring regret…
You start with two, the kids are PROUD and then there’s an IMPEL
A third, a FOURTH…You’ve had enough…the numbers really swell.
You’ll do yourself a favor, and just avoid the trouble…
Stick with a dog, it’s easier than any “HOPPY” COUPLE! 🐰

Once again today, all of our words are coming up as Sweet Repeats, and none posed a problem. And once again, for the second day in a row, we find ourselves with a Triple-duty entry. TURFHO, having appeared as recently as 12/30, comes in as our newest entry, and JUMPING all the way back to 08/22/2011, it’s our oldest also. I think this may be unprecedented Jumble Fans…And you’ve heard it HARE first!

FUR our cartoon today, we’re joining a pair of RABBITS, HOPPING along a country road. Perhaps they’re getting their daily EGGSercise and it could be HAREobics. …Looking like they’re still on their BUNNYmoon, their 14-CARROT gold smiles are telling us that married life agrees with them, and their conversation, complete with PET names just proves how HOPtimistic about their future they really are…So in answer to our question…These two are definitely a “HOPPY” COUPLE. Good one, David…🎶NoBUNNY does it better...🎶

Ok, eye candy…Jeff’s drawn our Rabbits with rounded lines of motion, giving the appEARance of them HOPPING. They appEAR to live in a THATCHed Cottage Community, with five of them silhouetted in black along the background, while two of them can be seen behind white picket fences. Both of these Cottages have entryways lined with (Easter) Egg pavers. Our male Rabbit has a bit of a receding HAREline, while our female has a blonde wavy HAREdo. Dressed in a pink tutu, she’s wearing a necklace and matching bracelet made of tiny EGGS.  But what really HOPPED out at me? If you look closely at the doorknob on the Cottage door? It’s a CARROT! You have to hand it to Jeff…You know he’d never LETTUCE down! So, There you have it Folks, Done! Have a great day, Everyone!...And 🎶Don’t Worry….Be HOPPY! .🎶 🐰🙋🏻


15 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 05/11/2019

  1. Morning, everyone –
    Really super puns today, Angela. So funny. I had no problems for a change with the clue words or answer.

    • Hi Caroline.Good Morning! Thank you very much…you’re so sweet.❤️..Yes, today’s puzzle is as easy as it is cute. Whimsical…Good to hear from you Caroline, and I wish you a wonderful day! Be HOPPY! 🐰🙋🏻

  2. Good morning. No problem with the words or cartoon answer today. The quotation word didn’t create a problem for me and I really wasn’t Hoppy with the answer but hey the guys can’t always knock it out of the park. Yesterday’s words I got but caved on the cartoon answer. Great song choice Angela and loved the puns. Until tomorrow stay well.

    • There you are, Brooklyn…I wondered where you were yday…You know my day’s not JUMP started until I HARE from you! 😉 Thanks for the Shout Outs, Bud, I knew you’d enjoy Danny & The Juniors. But the other tunes? I thought you’d like them too…So…Not HOPPY 😉 with the answer? I’m surprised…I think it’s so cute. Simple…and it JUMPS right out at you…It was all a gift today. And as for ydays answer, you’re not alone. I heard about it all day…it stumped more than a few people…Have a great day, Brooklyn…it’s supposed to be a beautiful one…🐰🙋🏻

  3. After receiving their FOURTH estimate for having their vehicle repaired, the PROUD- but not necessarily HAPPY COUPLE- decided to IMPEL their thoughts toward the purchase of a PRICEY new model.

    • LOL…I love your imagination! Good Morning, Chuck…And going above and beyond to get the answer in there too today! Major Kudos are in order HARE! Great job,Chuck, and how true a statement too. Sometimes it’s just like gambling…You keep throwing that good money after the bad? You never come out ahead!😂 Have a good one, Chuck! 🎲🎲🙋🏻

  4. Good morning. After going back and reading you again I realized I missed the other two gems you had put down. Loved all three.

    • I’m glad I mentioned it then. I was sure you’d enjoy them both. I may just have to start charging you an entertainment fee! 😂😂 Nah, not you, Brooklyn…For you it’s all on the cuff! 😘🙋🏻

  5. Proud and impel we’re problematic at the start,but pricey and fourth were instant solves,as was the final solution,with couple jumping,or should I say? ‘hopping’ right out. We’re back up at Dixon on twin watch today,with a Naperville girl watch coming up.A shout out to all the Moms and Grammas out there.

    • Good Morning, Professor. I swear…I get tired just HAREing about all the running around you do! 😉 I haven’t heard anything about Proud yet today, but Impel has struck a few chords. It’s still early, time will tell. Enjoy the Littles, Prof! 🐰🙋🏻

  6. Seems like Rabbits have the most group names; maybe because they breed like rabbits!

    Rabbits (General)
    Colony, Warren, Bury, Trace, Trip
    Rabbits (Domestic)
    Rabbits (Hares)
    Down, Husk
    Rabbits (Jackrabbit)
    Rabbits (Young)
    Litter, Nest

    • ROTFL!!!…And I’m falling down the RABBIT HOLE with them all! I have created a monster, haven’t I? 😂😂 Good Morning, Clay? 🐰🙋🏻

  7. Hi all – No problem with the words today. Figured COUPLE was probably in the answer and saw the rest when I wrote the letters.

    Maybe they’re going back home for a nice craft IPA made with extra HOPS.
    I like the wife; she’s got nice HARE and is dispensing pearls of wisdom.

    Have a great Saturday everyone!

    Great puns today Angela, and your carrot and lettuce note makes me think the couple isn’t that old; they’re still in their salad days.
    Great, great early rock song also, and I think we’ve talked before about the Dick Clark American Bandstand video:

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