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Good Morning, Everyone!      💖  WORTH HER WEIGHT IN GOLD 💖

🎶 When the evening shadows fall…and the lovely day is through, then with longing I recall the years I spent with you…MAMA only for you does my song soar…MAMA you will not be alone anymore…How much I love you…These words of love that my heart whispers for you….Ah, MAMA, but the most beautiful song is you…You are my life and for that life, I’ll never leave you again…MAMA, I miss the days when you were near to guide me…MAMA, those happy days when you were here beside me. Safe in the glow of your love, sent from the heavens above…Nothing can ever replace the warmth of your tender embrace…Oh, MAMA, until the day that we’re together once more…I’ll live in these memories…Until the day that we’re together once more…🎶 English translation of  “Mama” – 💔- Connie Francis 1959  

💖 A STRING of pearls, a favorite scent…a beautiful bouquet,
The MAYHEM of late shopping for what’s such a special day…
Pre-planning like these kids here…has always been my vote,
The crowded malls last minute? Not for me, I would REVOLT.
You come across the ODDEST gifts, and vendors quick to FLEECE,
They know you’re up against a wall..they love the price increase…
So do yourself a favor…and preserve your mental HEALTH,
Your Mother’s too important…Think ahead and think heartfelt..
We only get one Mother…and our lives to Her are owed…
A Mother’s all we need in life to HIT THE MOTHER LODE 💖

Five of our words today are old favorites last seen in 2017 and ’18. I couldn’t find FLEECE, despite it seeming so familiar, so we may have a new word…but I’m a little skeptical.

Our cartoon today is an adorable portrait of a family at home, celebrating MOTHER’S DAY. The three children have saved, and  PRESENTed their MOM with a GOLD necklace that she’d admired, and her joy in receiving it reflects theirs. But her calling it PRICELESS says it all. Figuring that ‘MOTHER’ had to be the 6-letter word, from the remaining letters I gleaned ‘LODE’ because it was emphasized that the necklace was GOLD. And removing ‘THE’ gave BIRTH to the familiar phrase..HIT THE MOTHER LODE. Clever indeed, David…I KID you not…

Eye candy. The Father seems to have a rather distinctive look, so the family may be one that Jeff knows. Besides the family, a brown chair and a white dog, there’s only the GOLD necklace and it’s box to be seen…But Jeff hasn’t let us down…The box? No, not Tiffany’s…it’s a white box from the JUMBLE JEWELER, and above the cursive name is the familiar “J” we’ve all come to know and LOVE! So, There you have it Folks, Done! Have a great day, Everyone! And to all those celebrating MOTHER’S DAY...I wish you a wonderful day of Love, Laughter and Happiness. Enjoy! 💖🙋🏻


13 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 05/12/2019

  1. Hi all, wherever you are. Have a great day!
    “What a REVOLTin’ development” that second word was – the only one that took me extra looks. Got ODDEST from the double letter trick. I thought the last answer word would be THEM, but when I wrote the letters I saw MOTHER, and the rest followed.

    I didn’t catch that GOLD was a hint until later. A funny coincidence that the 150th anniversary of the driving of the Golden Spike to complete the Transcontinental Railroad (the MOTHER of all railroads, I suppose) was just celebrated yesterday.

    “The ODDEST thing happened when the STRING on the prospector’s FLEECE jacket failed at the worst time, endangering his HEALTH before he could HIT THE MOTHER LODE – the subsequent REVOLT and MAYHEM against the clothing company caused its price to plummet.”

    🎵”Until I asked her what she wanted,
    And this is what she had to say:
    I want a pearl necklace; It really don’t cost that much”🎵- “Pearl Necklace”, ZZ Top

    • Hey G…I’ve been out on the road all day so far…Hope your days going well! 🙋🏻

      • Yup, and there’s a quiz on IOW when you’re so inclined. 🙋🏻‍♂️

  2. No problem w the anagrams except for oddest,which was odd indeed.Happy Mother’s Day to all the Moms out there.

  3. The answer took me a long, long time. I gave up twice. I saw mother early on, but coming up with the rest was the problem. Wishing all a great day!

    • Hi Caroline. I think the key to the answer was the word Lode. And I guess knowing the phrase itself. I hope you’re having a good day, despite the weather…☔️💦🙋🏻

  4. Good afternoon. Happy Mothers Day to all the deserving women out there. It’s an extra special day when you are fortunate enough to have great kids. The words were simple. ODDEST was the only one that made me pause for a little bit. Otherwise it was straight down until that fifth word. The cartoon answer had me stumped so I put the paper aside and started to text all the Mothers It was just a little while ago I realized I hadn’t finished jumble. The break worked because I finally succeeded. Should have gotten it right away but as Yogi Berra would say,a win is a win. Angela great song choice. Love her singing but maybe,just maybe,the guy that sings Mama in The Godfather gives you just a wee bit more chills. Loved you use of the words besides. Until tomorrow stay well.

    • Hey Brooklyn..I hope you enjoyed the day…And I agree…A win’s a win…no matter how we get there. But you got me a little confused with the music. Al Martino sang in the Godfather, but I don’t remember him singing Mama. It’s been years, because I’ve never seen any of the movies a second time, but I just don’t remember the song being sung in the movie. And to be honest, I’m not up to Googling it…it’s a little too heartwrenching to go through a second time today. But I do know that a man singing the song would definitely have a more chilling effect on a man…you relate to him. Whereas a woman gets more emotional hearing a woman sing it. Don’t you think so? I just know the version I used here today wiped me out, as it does every time I hear it since I lost my 💔 Mother. Thanks for the Shout Out, and I hope you’re in out of this rain. We came in from Jersey a while ago, and I was looking for the ark! Wishing you a great night, Brooklyn! ☔️💦🙋🏻

      • If I remember correctly Angela it was when he was very young and he went to a play because his side kick wanted him to see a girl he was in love with that had a part in a play. I think the guy got a letter from home that his mother died and he sung that song.

        • Oh yes, I remember that. It was young Vito. And the actor put a gun to his head, right! An Italian playhouse on the Lower East Side… Ok..That song was called “Senza Mama”. Without Mama. It’s about a guy who leaves Italy to find love in America, and then finds out that his Mother whom he left behind in Naples had died…But I don’t remember if he shot himself or not…🙋🏻

  5. Probably answered many time before, but how many combinations are there of 6 letters that make only one English word?

    • Hi Eric. Personally, I have no idea. But we do have a Math Professor who comments daily, and maybe he’d have an answer. I’m sorry I can’t help you. 🔠🙋🏻

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