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  1. Happy Trails had me thinking about Roy Rogers this morning. The lyrics instantly came to mind after seeing the words written out in the answer blocks. The name of the song is actually “Happy Trails To You,” and Roy’s wife Dale was the one who came up with it. Legend has it that Roy was going to give a live performance on a radio show one evening and Dale thought his performance could use a theme song. She scribbled the lyrics down on an envelope in less than an hour and even taught the medley to Roy and his band with only forty minutes to spare. It is said that her inspiration for the song came from one of Roy’s autographs in which he signed “Trails of Happiness, Roy Rogers” to one of his fans.

    David was unable to trip me up with any of his clue word offerings. None of them were new, but three of the anagrams just happened to be. WSORYD was the only one I didn’t see at first. The W out in front brought WORDSY to mind, but I remembered David using that particular anagram a few times before.

    These hikers sure have excellent timing. They seem a little confused as to which path to take, but luckily a Forest Ranger was there to show them the way. Jeff introduced us to another Forest Ranger named Bob in a few of his other cartoons. He only seems to be in the ones featuring the Grand Canyon so it makes sense that we’re not seeing him today. The sign has three choices for hikers to choose from. Hoyt’s Peak is named after our favorite Jumble wordsmith, David L. Hoyt. Colin Ridge was a nod to D&J’s web designer and friend Colin, and POI Pass is named after one of Jumble Jeff’s favorite bands, POI Dog Pondering. That last one really got a RISE out of me. You don’t suppose Jeff named it that on POI PASS, do you??? I also noticed a couple of other hikers up ahead on the trail. They were rather small, but I did notice that the character on the right had a hat and a trekking pole.

    The final solve was an anagram consisting of 11-letters. Four of them were vowels and seven were consonants. I figured the answer would be HAPPY something after reading the cartoon sentence and noticing the P’s in the layout. TRAILS was no problem to decipher with the other letters crossed out. Have a terrific Tuesday everyone, and just keep GLJINMUB!

  2. Easy peasy wheezy!
    Not a challenge today…..
    Likely a Roy Rogers song today.
    Getting hotter here day by day but not too many fires yet.
    Dodgers losing badly to Padres.

    • That first inning was brutal, Mig. I turned it off after a couple more when the outcome became obvious. I can hardly wait for the rematch tonight. The solo HR by Mookie took me back to the days when he was crushing them for the Red Sox. Very entertaining. 🙂

      • Moore and Bauer have been great additions for the Blue Crew. U are correct last night was a painful dip in the pool of masochism for me!

  3. Good Morning, Everyone I hope this finds you well….🙋🏻‍♀️

    🧗🏻‍♀️ To do this kind of hiking, being AGILE is a must,
    Especially going uphill…or you’re sure to bite the dust…
    David does love his hiking, not a DROWSY sort is he,
    THANK Jeff for giving props here for the Hoyt’s Peak that we see…
    A mountain from a molehill, a PIMPLE from a grain,
    Hiking’s not for faint of heart…when covering terrain
    You hope you’re on the right track, and that you will def prevail…
    So reaching the peak that you seek is hashtag HAPPY TRAILS! 🧗🏻

    …And a nice Shout Out to Colin! 🙋🏻‍♀️

  4. 🦟 A little DROWSY after spending the day hiking the HAPPY TRAILS as they were dubbed, he still felt AGILE enough to set up camp…but first needed to determine if the itchy bump on his arm was a PIMPLE…or did he have a mosquito to THANK…🦟

    🏃🏻‍♂️ The runner was an AGILE sort, so rarely known as DROWSY,
    Life’s little bumps, the PIMPLE-kind, no way made him feel lousy…
    His trainer he would THANK for that…he worked him tooth and nail…
    And so far all his races were just simply HAPPY TRAILS! 🏃🏻‍♂️

  5. Ahhhh…a Roy Rogers morning with HAPPY TRAILS. Easy anagrams but needed those to solve puzzle. No blind solve today. Cooling off in central texas, so hiking might be in order !!!

  6. Good morning. Like the first few, after solving the cartoon answer all I thought of was Roy Rogers song which stuck in my head. I immediately went to Angela’s post to see her song choice and to my surprise there was nothing. Surprise surprise, just when you think you got her she leaves you hanging. The words weren’t that easy for me and in order to get the cartoon answer I needed the letters but, all in all, a good day. Other than not seeing The Happy Trails pick. Until tomorrow stay well and stay safe.

    • ROTFL! Paul, you slay me! 😂 You have to know it’s the first thing I thought of too…but it was just too obvious…so I figured I’d take a pass. I didn’t want to go for a novice play! 😉 And just as I figured..everyone’s echoing my feelings. But, never wanting to disappoint, here you go. I couldn’t live with myself if I felt I let you down…You have my apologies, and I wish you ❤️ and Everyone…HAPPY TRAILS…🐴🙋🏻‍♀️


    • …And I see that I failed to wish you a Good Morning. Apologies again…Good Morning, Brooklyn…And stay well and safe…🙋🏻‍♀️

      • Good evening. Just read everybody’s text and especially enjoyed Mike’s interesting facts. If Dale was born 1912 and divorced twice by 1929 she really was married young. Loved all your song choices that you left for everybody Angela. Thanks again Mike and Angela for all you guys do. Take care.

        • Nice detective work, Paul. From what I read, she eloped and married a man by the name of Thomas Fox Sr. when she was only 14. They had a son, Thomas Fox Jr., when she was 15. Thomas Sr. ended up abandoning them both about a year later. She then moved to Memphis as a single parent and got into the music business. Her early life was quite a challenge, but thankfully it all worked out in her favor.

          Wishing you a pleasant evening, Paul. 🙂

        • Tks, glad you enjoyed it, Paul. And you’re very welcome. Let’s hope we get through this game tonight…Have a good one. 🙋🏻‍♀️

  7. A Drowsy morning Thank you, but the mind was Agile and the puzzle easy as popping a Pimple. Sorry.
    I was drawn to the park sign with “Hoyt’s Peak,” a nod to David Hoyt, but puzzled by “Colin Ridge” and “Poi Pass,” if I am seeing those correctly. Being, indeed, old enough, I remember the Roy Rogers tune but the word “Thank” brought to mind a Sly and Family Stone song from the summer of 1969, “Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin).” Great weather again today on the Great Plains. Happy Trails!.

    • Good Morning, OO…Colin is David’s colleague with development of his WSWT game. I’ve spoken with him many times, and he’s the sweetest, most intelligent man. …And POI DOG PONDERING is a favorite group of Jeff’s… But I’m taking POI PASS, to be his POIpusely making a pun of “Purpose”. I could be wrong, but it’s what seemed funny to me. Enjoy your weather, and have a good one, OO. 🧗🏻🙋🏻‍♀️

  8. Being an old western fan of Roy Rogers,Gene Autry,The Lone Ranger,and my favorite,Hopalong Cassidy(William Boyd), I should have gotten the cartoon solution,but it stumped me until I cheated and looked up the first word,”Happy”.
    Happy Trails to you all.

  9. Easy time of it here too this morning. Of course I also thought of Roy Rogers immediately but did not know the history of the “Happy Trails” song so thanks for the info, Mike. Yay Dale Evans. Happy Tuesday to all.

    • You’re welcome, Betty. She was a very interesting woman. Did you know she had several different names? She was born in 1912 and given the name Lucille Wood Smith. When she was an infant, her mother changed her name to Frances Octavia Smith. And after her second divorce in 1929, she changed her name to Dale Evans to promote her singing career. 🙂

      • No, I did not know that information. I wonder why her mother changed her first name – that’s strange.
        At any rate, Dale seemed to suit her.

        • Here’s the answer. But you’re right, Betty. It does sound a bit fishy:

          Dale Evans was born in her grandparents’ home at Uvalde, Texas, though her family lived in Italy, Texas. The evidence of her birth was an affidavit from her parents saying she was born Frances Octavia Smith on October 31, 1912, which she used for her driver’s license and passport until it was misplaced in 1954. Requesting a birth certificate from the Texas Bureau of Vital Statistics, she was surprised to see it in the name of Lucille Wood Smith, born on October 30. Her mother insisted that she was born Frances Octavia and that the record keepers were wrong.

        • During that time period, and for many years to follow, births took place at home, with either a midwife, or most times even just a family member assisting with the delivery. There wasn’t any formal record keeping of any kind – statistics were often written on whatever paper might be handy – and if one lived outside of the city limits, it only compounded the possibility of something going amiss, because often, by the time the birth was registered, days – maybe even weeks had passed. Two of my Mother’s Aunts, born at least 20 years after Dale, had their birth dates recorded incorrectly, and in one case, a name also. And one of my Grandfathers went through the same thing, with his date of birth. And I’ve heard of countless other similar stories. And the funny thing, well not really funny, but of course both my Great Grandmothers swore they knew when their own children were born…and let’s face it, my money’s definitely on them. I think a Mother would know. In this case, it just seems like a case of mixing up whatever paper work was available…And I’m sure that Lucille Wood Smith was left scratching her head one day too…suffering the same fate! 🙋🏻‍♀️

        • I found a fourth name for you, Betty. She also went by her stage name, Marion Lee, several times early in her music career! 😂

  10. Hi all – I saw all the words but had no guess at the answer. I saw HAPPY as soon as I looked at the letters and unscrambled TRAILS.

    Good wishes to everyone.

    “He was normally AGILE in the morning, but had the acne medicine he had taken for his PIMPLE to THANK for feeling so DROWSY.”

  11. The two Ps helped me see Happy and then the song came to mind.
    I was also glad to learn that Dale was responsible for Happy Trails.” And the S’MORE joke in the voting box made me smile.

    • I’m glad you found the story interesting, Caroline. To be truthful, I wasn’t going to use S’MORE at first because it seemed more camping related. I was running short on time and said what the heck. Now I’m glad I did. 🙂

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