Jumble Answers for 02/27/2020









Good Morning, Everyone!     🛸 SOMEWHERE…HOVER THE RAINBOW 🛸

🎶 I’ll be driving in my HOVER CAR,..I’ll be driving in my HOVER CAR…I’m going places I’ve never been, Lost myself in a time machine,….Oh, can’t stop don’t plan between, imagination and make believe…I’ll be driving in my HOVER CAR🎶  …”Hover Car” – Kassidy 2010

🛸 Over the years there’s been a lot to read about this car,
With Science Fiction and with fact…whether it’s up to par…
To think something so AGILE, to hover ‘oer the ground
The money YIELD would be a boon…if it is safe and sound…
Would it be smooth and comforting, a SONATA that can fly?
Or thought of as a SHRIMP-like fad…that no one’s gonna buy?
The average Joe…Is it for him?…Well for me personally?
I think I’ll pass…But tip my cap to the work…TIRELESSLY🛸

Ok..I was going to go into a big explanation about Hover Cars, but then I realized that many of you may not be all that driven to know the details, plus my schedule this morning is really up in the air, so I’ve decided to just give you this link...and which ever side of the road you’re on about it…you can choose to either read it or not…But of course I’ll state the obvious…which is the key to today’s clever solution…As you can see from our cartoon, the six characters are working on a car with no tires. It’s TIRELESS. It’s called a Hover Car, and it’s a personal vehicle that flies above the ground. Hence…with our dialogue telling us how exhausted the developers are…we can see that they worked…TIRELESSLY!

Today’s words? Nothing new across the board…old words, old anagrams, with each of them having been in use within the past two years. And it was SONATA that drove a few of the Early Birds to re-fuel with that 2nd cup of coffee…

Eye candy? I looked our cartoon up and down, but nothing really took off. It’s a great drawing, but there’s no hidden gems to report…So I’ll leave you with this instead...And there you have it Folks, Done! Hover wheely great day, Everyone! 🛸🙋🏻‍♀️


18 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 02/27/2020

    • Hi Patsy. You may be right….because it seems to be a runaway according to the poll. Thanks for commenting, and we’d love to hear from you again in the future. Wishing you a great day! 🛸🙋🏻‍♀️

  1. Good morning. My choice for hardest word is Sonata. I was stuck on it and about to give up when on channel 4 they had a rising new country singer on and call it a subliminal message or not but the word became clear to me. The only problem was that it faded when I tried to get the cartoon answer. Being in a rush to get everything done and get out of here I looked up the final answer. Until tomorrow stay well.

    • Good Afternoon, Brooklyn. Subliminal? You gave me a chuckle.! 😂..Be careful out there…the winds are off the charts! 🛸🙋🏻‍♀️

  2. Hi Everyone –
    I didn’t know what a hover car was so I looked it up. I tried to make restlessly fit first and then found the answer.

    • Hi Caroline…A good guess, with not knowing about a Hover….A wheely good guess! Hope your day’s going well…and that you were spared the snow…Once again, thankfully, we only got rain…🛸🙋🏻‍♀️

      • Glad you got spared, Angela. Not much snow here yet. I had heard the word hovercraft before but never knew what it meant.

        • Hi Betty….Tks. No snow, but the winds are brutally out of control. I don’t know if you’re having them. Here it’s 50 MPH and better…the sound alone is scary…I just hope with all the rain, that we don’t get more downed trees…Hovercrafts always make me think of “Back to the Future”. Did you see the Jetson clip I ended my post with? I’m not sure if everyone knows that anything printed in blue leads to a link…I didn’t have time this morning to go into any details. It’s a crazy week for me…But beyond the amusing vision of the Jetsons, this clip https://tinyurl.com/ucnlbb2 about “BTTF” is really amazing. It’s mind boggling how a movie made 30 years ago could be so prophetic. And it’s more mind boggling to imagine what’s to come….Stay warm and safe, and enjoy your night…🛸🙋🏻‍♀️

      • Angela, I just caught up on all the fun links. Thank you. There’s a lot I don’t know, and I never did see the Back to the Future films. We have a lot of wind here, too.

        • You’re very welcome, Caroline. And the Back to the Future movies are great. Especially in light of what we know now. I think you’d enjoy them. They’re worth it too, just to see a young, healthy Michael J Fox. He’s such a brave, decent man. Wishing you a great night! Please be careful with the winds. 🙋🏻‍♀️

  3. Great minds think alike, Caroline, I too thought of restlessly at first but was missing an s then I looked closer at the cartoon and also remembered a story about the Hover car and the answer was obvious.

    • I like your “great minds” analysis, Betty. Along that line, I also thought of idley, like Steve.

    • Hi Betty…With the cartoons being so small, it’s hard to see that the car has no tires, right? ..And that’s the key to the solution…Especially if not knowing what a hover car is. Glad it all worked our! Have a great day, Betty! 🛸🙋🏻‍♀️

  4. Hi all – I thought the second word was IDLEY, but when the letters didn’t work out, I saw that it was YIELD. Like many others I saw RESTLESSLY with too many S’s, and then *finally* realized it’s a hovercraft; no TIRES, duh.

    Have a great day, everyone! They’re switching my house’s water supply to the new mains as I type, so wish me luck!

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