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  1. Happy Monday everyone! It was BACK to basics for our first puzzle of the week. All of the clue words have been used before, but two of the anagrams returned as new. We’ve seen quite a bit of EBBIR before. I was able to locate it in eight different puzzles, but none of them were recent. My biggest pain in the neck was UNLOCK. I tried making words out of the scramble for a short time before stumbling upon the UN- prefix which ended up giving it away. The biggest surprise for me was noticing that all of the solved clue words were arranged in ascending alphabetical order. By my count, this is the seventh time it has happened (so far) this year.

    The setting for today’s cartoon appears to be a Doctor’s office where we see a middle-aged man attempting to order a back brace. We don’t know how his injury occurred, but by taking just one look at him it is obvious that he’s in quite a bit of pain. On the receptionist’s computer monitor is an image of the “Straighten Up Brace.” Relief won’t be coming any time soon as the words “Temporarily OUT OF STOCK” are written just below it. At this point all of the clues made it fairly obvious that BACK would be part of the solution, but I still had no idea where the guys were going with it. The fine details were rather sparse in this one. Besides the plant in the corner and a count of 33 keys on the keyboard there really wasn’t much else to note. It is a Doctor’s office after all, so I didn’t really expect to see much anyway.

    The final solve was an anagram consisting of 11-letters. Four of them were vowels and seven were consonants. With the letters for BACK removed from the layout, the remaining two words were no problem at all to CRACK. ON was my first guess for the two-letter word and ORDER was sussed from the remainder to seal the deal. A quick and easy solve for our first puzzle of the WEAK. Have a magnificent Monday everyone, and just keep BUGJIMNL!

  2. BRIBE = Last used on 12/15/20 as BBIER
    COVET = Last used on 07/25/19 as CVOTE
    DREAMY = Last used on 05/11/20 as MRADYE
    UNLOCK = Last used on 05/09/20 as CONKUL

    EBBIR = Used on 03/19/08, 01/11/02, 10/28/95, 09/29/89, 09/23/81, 05/04/76, 10/26/71, 02/13/62
    VECTO = Used on 09/24/18

  3. Was out of this group yesterday due to a great birthday celebration for my significant other. I got all the Sunday anagrams but failed the solution test!
    For Monday I got them all and loved the puzzle solution. So Clever.
    Fun to watch Rahm win the Open at Torrey Pines but did feel bad for Oostie…….
    Our temps are relatively mild in the mid 80’s but the weather beasts are saying it’s gonna rise at week’s end. Yuck.
    Hope all of you had a great weekend. We did!

    • I was wondering why you didn’t post, Mig. I’m happy to hear your absence was due to a happy occasion and not something more serious. I hope it was twice as fun with it being both your SO’s bday AND Father’s Day. Have a great start to your week. 🙂

  4. I just love it when I can clock in at under 30 seconds !!! A blind solve on puzzle solution, followed by easily unscrambled anagrams…..doesn’t always work out that way, so am relishing the easy puzzle day.

    I, too, enjoyed an exciting finish to the U.S.Open…there were a few hearty stumbles out there on the back nine !!! See you Tuesday morning.

  5. Good Morning, Everyone. 🤦🏻‍♂️BACK IN THE RADDLE AGAIN 🤦🏻‍♂️

    🎶 The buzzard tried to throw the monkey off his BACK…The monkey grabbed his neck and said, “Now, listen, Jack…STRAIGHTEN up and fly right, straighten up and fly right… Straighten up and fly right, cool down Papa, don’t you blow your top 🎶 “Straighten Up and Fly Right” – Nat King Cole 1943 https://tinyurl.com/3hrs6ra6

    🤦🏻‍♂️Your back goes out, you suffer…and COVET those who are well,
    ‘Cause it would be so DREAMY, if this discomfort would quell…
    You have to UNLOCK all this pain, so bad you can’t describe,
    You definitely need a back brace…and you’re willing too to BRIBE
    Can’t sit, can’t sleep, can’t walk right…your spine’s in such disorder…
    You’re gonna need an exorcist…with braces ON BACK ORDER! 🤦🏻‍♂️

  6. 🕺🏻 The DREAMY picture of Elvis that the teens couldn’t help but COVET, was still ON BACK ORDER, and they were willing to do anything to BRIBE the company to UNLOCK it’s presses and print more…🕺🏻

    🪴 His neighbor he did COVET, though he knew he should UNLOCK,
    The jealousy he harbored…like the others on the block…
    But that property so DREAMY, that commandments he would break,
    And he’d BRIBE the people for the chance to their landscaper take
    He tried to beautify his yard, ‘specially where they did border…
    But everything he needed, he was told was ON BACK ORDER! 🪴

  7. Monday puzzle cured my Sunday blues when I stumbled badly on two of the six anagrams. I Covet these Dreamy days of summer when temps are in the 70s on the Great Plains and you don’t have to Bribe me to Unlock the door to take a walk. I also enjoyed the U.S. Open after work Sunday and the College World Series just a couple miles away in downtown O-Town. Dreamy made me think of Roy Orbison’s “In Dreams.” Which is nice.
    In dreams I walk with you
    In dreams I talk to you
    In dreams you’re mine all of the time
    We’re together in dreams, in dreams

  8. Definitely an easy Monday puzzle.A quick solve on the anagrams ,and an even quicker solve of the cartoon puzzle.

  9. Good morning. Ditto with Chuck. Only I had a blind solve after putting down the letters and checking. Sunday was my daughter-in-law’s birthday so besides it being Fathers Day we had a good time at a restaurant. Another first Angela on you video song choice. Always enjoyed his singing. It would be hard to find a nicer gentleman. The man had class. Until tomorrow stay well and stay safe.

    • Good Morning, Paul. Definitely agree. Beautiful voice, beautiful man. Hoping you’re well and safe too. Have a great day. 🙋🏻‍♀️

  10. A Monday quick and easy jumble.
    Finally some needed rain and…. a wet newspaper! Christian

  11. No backing into anything today. Anagrams and cartoon answer were plain and easy. Back pain is the great leveler. It can bring anyone to tears. Wishing all of you a good Monday.

  12. Hi all – The last two words took me longer than they should have, but the UN trick showed UNLOCK, and when I wrote the letters, DREAM appeared.
    The answer was pretty obvious.

    Thanks for another new word Angela, be it RADDLE or RUDDLE. Who knew there was a way to create a bovine scarlet letter? (Not me.)

    Good wishes to everyone. A special wish of concern to Naperville, Ill where I lived for a year – I’m just hearing about the tornado last night – hope you are all ok.

    “The Amazon worker switched off his phone before Prime Day so as not to be tempted by any BRIBE for the secret code that would UNLOCK the DREAMY tropical vacation that he knew many would COVET.”

    • Fun sentence, Steve. I bet he’s the first to know about all the best deals. Have a great start to your week. 🙂

      • Thanks Mike! Funny thing about that – I went to Whole Foods this morning not even thinking about that, and when I checked out they gave me a little goodie bag for Prime Day containing some hand sanitizer, a peanut butter chocolate chip energy bar and a coupon for a free cup of yogurt. I had no idea what that was all about at first.

        • You’re going to make Safeway jealous by shopping at the competition! But it does make sense that WF’s passed out freebies because they’re owned by Amazon. Enjoy the goodies and your new-found knowledge!

      • When I looked it up it just said “another word for RUDDLE”, so I looked that up.

        • Hmm. But where would that fit the puzzle? 😂 Did you not have faith in my BACK in the RADDLE..? A twisted back? 😉🙋🏻‍♀️

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