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  1. Good Morning, Everyone.

    🎶 The time to hesitate is through…No time to wallow in the mire…Try now we can only lose…And our love become a funeral pyre…Come on baby, light my FIRE….Come on baby, light my FIRE…Try to set the night on FIRE, yeah…🎶 “Light My Fire” – The Doors 1967 https://tinyurl.com/k4a6lsy

    🔥 We see our Sculpttess hard at work, a Peacock on her DOCKET,
    She’s AGILE and she’s so precise…miracles in her pocket…
    She’s learned to HOARD the things that count, like confidence, yet still
    As we can see, encouragement will always fit the bill…
    I’m glad she chose a Peacock, a FERRET wouldn’t do,
    A Peacock’s one of gracefulness, it fits our girls milieu…
    We see the fire burning bright, it flickers tips of red,
    And our girls got the neck intact…it’s time she FORGED AHEAD! 🔥

    With nothing new in terms of our words today…it seems David wasn’t out to LEAD us astray, since despite the excellent anagrams, they weren’t all that hard to decipher. And you’ll have their last appearance dates in a few hours, after Mike HAMMERS out the details. As for the Early Birds? They easily FORGED AHEAD to the solve this morning…As we shall forge ahead to our cartoon…

    Sculpting…Not an easy undertaking. In fact, many times, FORGE https://tinyurl.com/y2tluk9p better or worse, most of a sculptors earliest attempts are usually a BUST. Which I’d FIGURE could be very discouraging for a beginner. But here today, we see a woman, a little bead of sweat upon her FACE, who‘s FIREd up, and refuses to have her earlier inexperience overSHADOW her confidence. She’s willing to IRON out the rough spots, SHOULDER the responsibility, and has no intention of hitting ROCK bottom. There’s a Peacock in the making, and right now she’s running NECK and neck with a deadline. So hopefully, she’s CARVED out enough time to get it done. And as if her feet were held to the FIRE, and with the encouragement of her fellow Sculptress, we see that she simply FORGED AHEAD. https://tinyurl.com/y2hxxc63 …Nicely done, David. Another work of ART. And let’s all enjoy the double whammy given us. The “neck’s finished“…and she’s “working on its FACE”?…. A-HEAD in the making…Whoever authored those two lines? Very WELD done! And Jeff? Kudos for depicting both of our artists today as women. You definitely come out AHEAD with that one…

    So, There you have it Folks, Done. Be well, stay safe, and especially in light of how things are today, let’s be sure we don’t take anything for GRANITE…🔥🙋🏻‍♀️

  2. 🏃🏻‍♂️ Always an AGILE sort, he wasn’t surprised when on the DOCKET he saw that he’d been assigned to FERRET out where the last employee had decided to HOARD all the new supplies, and he diligently FORGED AHEAD…🏃🏻‍♂️

    🦝 He bought a FERRET as a pet, and it caused her to cringe,
    She thought she could be AGILE, but this man was one to binge…
    He liked to HOARD all kinds of things…would animals be next?
    Was this now on his DOCKET?…She was worried and perplexed…
    She really liked the guy, but his strange ways she’d come to dread,
    So she felt forced to leave him…left no choice she FORGED AHEAD…🦝

  3. Good morning. No problem today. I forged right through the words and cartoon answer. Nice choice Angela on the song. Until tomorrow stay well and stay safe.

  4. Hi Everyone – Nothing came to me at first for the answer. I tried double D words, GH words and finally any word I could think of. That led me to forge. I didn’t get the double double meaning of “forged ahead” right away either. Good one, David! Then there’s the third meaning of forge, as in forgery. Perhaps ‘David could have a triple one day.

    • Good Morning, Caroline. A triple play on words? Perhaps if he’s FIREd up enough one day, he might… I know I’d definitely go to bat trying to solve it! 😉 Have a good one, Caroline. Be well, stay safe…and keep warm and dry. We’re definitely getting a taste of winter today! 💦🙋🏻‍♀️

  5. 10 Fun Facts about Peacocks:

    1. The word “Peacock” only applies to males. Females are called “Peahens.”
    2. They are referred to as “Peafowl” when they’re in a group.
    3. Domesticated Peafowl can live up to 50 years. In the wild, that number shrinks to ~20.
    4. Males are nearly twice the size of females.
    5. Peafowl can run approximately 10 miles per hour (16 kph).
    6. Females lay up to 6 eggs at a time and almost always lay them in the afternoon.
    7. They have an average wingspan of 4.9 feet (1.5 meters)
    8. The Peacock logo of NBC was introduced in 1956.
    9. Physicians in medieval times criticized peafowl meat as being coarse, hard to digest and thought it “generated bad humors.”
    10. One day old Peachicks can walk, drink and eat without assistance.

  6. Agile and ferret were easy solves.As far as the cartoon solution,head came to mind ,given the sculpture picture,quickly followed by the forged ahead solution.I usually have trouble w multi letter cartoon solutions,but not today,even w it being a Friday.It is Friday, isn’t it?

    • LOL, yes, Professor, it’s Friday. And I can definitely empathize with your asking. I thought for sure today was Saturday. The Quarantine Mien 🤦🏻‍♀️ Enjoy the day, Prof. Be well and stay safe. 🔥🙋🏻‍♀️

  7. A fun and fairly easy solve. It’s good to know that one day old peachicks can eat, drink and be merry without assistance, really reducing the burden of being a parent, thanks Mike! As always Angela’s song worked well with the theme of the day…… I have never personally done metal sculpture but have been responsible for a number of crumpled metal bumpers and fenders.
    See you Saturday in a brand new show!

    • Hey Mig. Thanks…The metal? Sounds like you were FIREd up a time or two yourself…And as for those Peahens not having to wean their young? Must be some FEATHER in their caps, huh? Have a good one, Mig. Be well and stay safe…🔥🙋🏻‍♀️

  8. Fun and easy puzzle for a Friday. Thanks for all the information on peacocks, Mike – very interesting. Wonder if we will have a Headless Horseman puzzle tomorrow? Have a Good Friday all.

  9. Hi all – Saw the words, although RADHO made me think of HAIRDO for a second, and I can’t remember seeing DOCKET before. Got the answer without writing the letters for once. After trying about four phrases I saw FORGED from the cartoon which led to AHEAD – one of the more groan-inducing puns we’ve had lately.

    Here in Oakland, we have an arts collective called The Crucible that puts on performances and teaches blacksmithing, welding and foundry use among other things including what they call the “Fire Arts.”
    My favorite line from their description says:
    “Founder Michael Sturtz has created two fire operas, a fire ballet, and a burning version of Homer’s Odyssey, in addition to the annual Fire Arts Festival held in July.” No word on whether they perform Elvis’ “Hunka Hunka Burning Love.”

    Good wishes to everyone.

    Had to smile at the coincidence of the song Angela. One of the comics I read has been showing cats having a seance for Halloween, so the comments have had a lot of “break on through to the other side” references from the same debut album.

    “The AGILE lawyer moved quickly to FERRET out and HOARD the evidence he’d need when he saw that his case had been put on the DOCKET.”

    • Hey Steve. I took a real quick look, and came across Docket at least once almost every year going back to 2011. And we had “DOCK-IT” as a puzzle answer in 2018. And TBT? It was the puzzle answer that I remembered most. As for the album…I still throw it on the turntable every once in a while. Morrison left us way too soon. Hope your day’s going well, Steve…and stay safe out there…🔥🙋🏻‍♀️

    • Hey Ron…No worries…there’s always tomorrow! Have a good night. Be well and stay safe. 🔥🙋🏻‍♀️

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