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  1. Good Morning, Everyone..1️⃣ THERE AUDIT BE A LAW 1️⃣

    🎶 Might be the whiskey or the midnight rain…But everywhere I go, I see your face…In my brain, dial it up, everything I want to say…But I’m still ONE NUMBER AWAY…Away, away…Yes, you’re ONE NUMBER AWAY…🎶 ..”One Number Away” – Luke Combs 2017 https://tinyurl.com/y2udzwfq

    1️⃣ Accountants always numbers CLUNG…it’s what they’re all about,
    They have to HOARD lines one by one…so that there’ll be no doubt…
    The numbers all just have to SPLICE…compare it to one SKIING…
    It’s up,then down meticulously….never too careful being..
    But our guy here is at a loss..just like a bird that’s trussed
    He’s totally ( and that’s no pun)…he’s totally NONPLUSSED! 1️⃣

    Numbers…But first our words. So, we have RAHDO: February’20, and CLIPES: August ‘19. Just as is. Plus CLUNG going back to 2014. But SKIING? Missing…Can that be? My first thought? That just doesn’t add up. My second thought? Maybe I didn’t look hard enough…And by the time I got to the third thought? Count me out…So, if it shows up later, I’ll just add it in. And as far as a stumper goes? Nope, not today. The Early Birds went through them 123…and 4. Ok. Our cartoon…

    Our main character today? Mr Accountant. Harry D Accountant. Seen sitting in his cubicle, sweated brow, frantically going over his numbers for the umpteenth time. And as he’s telling his co-worker, something just doesn’t add up. He’s stressed, he’s worried…he probably thinks his number’s up…But he just forgot to add his last number. He’s NONPLUSSED. https://tinyurl.com/y2jc5xet. Get it? NON…PLUS…SED! Now how clever is that? Another one in the win column for David.

    Eye candy? https://tinyurl.com/yygt29ql …We see Harry’s co-workers, four of them, sitting in cubicles in a row. An adding machine, tape intact, sits on Harrys’ desk, and a pen is placed in his left breast pocket. The co-worker asking why he’s so “puzzled“…(I think Jeff’s pun intended) is holding a steaming cup of coffee. But it’s the iconic cat HANGing IN THERE…https://tinyurl.com/jgdyqoo that made me paws and laugh. I’m totally taken by it…It’s definitely todays spot of whimsy…

    So, There you have it, Folks. Done. Have a good one, be well and stay safe out there. And to sum it all up for you, I’ll leave you with a little Accounting humor… An accountant is having a hard time sleeping and goes to see his Doctor. “Doctor, I just can’t get to sleep at night.” “Have you tried counting sheep”? asks the Doctor…. “That’s the problem”, says the Accountant… “I make a mistake and then spend three hours trying to find it.”…No?…Ok, ok…I just figured I’d take a shot…1️⃣🙋🏻‍♀️

  2. 🤦🏻‍♂️Frustrated that his wife still CLUNG to so many old mementos that her Mother was known to HOARD, (like the equipment from a long gone SKIING trip, help together with a SPLICE of rope), he suggested that he’d help her empty the attic…but all he received in return was deadly silence and a very NONPLUSSED stare…🤦🏻‍♂️

    🤷🏻‍♀️ The child didn’t want to go, he CLUNG tight to his Mother,
    First day of school, and he’s decided that it’s not his druther…
    She had to pry him gently from his HOARD of games and toys
    And now they’re here and he just won’t go with the other boys…
    She’d need to try to get away…break from this SPLICE-like grip,
    But it may not be easy…as he’s clinging to her hip…
    She hasn’t felt this nervous since when SKIING she first tried,
    But even that was easier…at least then no one cried…
    What will she do, she’s totally lost with all these tears and fuss…
    She’s never felt just quite like this…poor woman she’s NONPLUSSED…🤷🏻‍♀️

  3. Good morning. Congrats to the now 49 that was able to come up with the cartoon answer. Even after I looked it up I used the Dictionary to find the meaning. I can’t think of one time I saw that word used somewhere. Yea, broken down in 3 parts it’s simple but us old people have trouble remembering where our glasses or phone is. The words were no problem which gives me so consolation. Until tomorrow stay well and stay safe.

    • Good Morning, Brooklyn. You gave me a laugh! 😉 I think the big clue David meant to offer was the word ADD in both the dialogue and the question. ADD=PLUS. But as you’ve said, if you’ve never seen the word used, I guess there’d be no way to get the solve. Wishing you a good one, Paul. Be well and stay safe out there. 1️⃣🙋🏻‍♀️

  4. Hi Everyone –
    Almost gave up on the answer. For a while, I thought “less” would be part of it. Playing around with the letters and putting ed at the end eventually helped me recall that uncommon word.
    The hanging cat poster does not ring a bell with me.

    • Good Morning, Caroline. Good call with Less…And I bet you won’t be alone in seeing it. Hang in there, 😉Caroline. Be well and stay safe. 1️⃣🙋🏻‍♀️

  5. It looks like NONPLUSSED has puzzled us before!

    Arnold, Henri & Argirion, Mike “Jumble 10/31/07, Wed. 31-Oct-07, Chicago Tribune, Page 2-8

  6. What’s with that CAT?? Got the words easily although I always second guess putting two ‘I’ s together…. I saw the ED also but couldn’t divine the word ‘nonplussed’. Actually quite a clever solution IMHO. Ahhhhh, that hanging cat…..

    • 🐈 A cat hung from its pointy claws, no doubt it wasn’t great,
      He needed to take one big leap…or else he’d seal his fate
      He’s been around forever, he symbolizes stress…
      I think we’ve all hung by a thread…Thing is…fall, or success? 🐈

  7. Hi all – No instant solve on the words today. I saw GLUCH and had to jumble several times to get CLUNG. Then the rare double-I stopped me. I saw SIGN, KISSING and SINKING, but I got it went I wrote down GIN-SKI (for those who can’t wait for the apres-ski party, I guess, where I also heard NI-GIN-SKI would be performing), and realized it was SKIING.
    Figured out the answer pretty quickly, although I haven’t seen it used in quite a while. Funny, because yesterday I was thinking about the days when bank tellers would have to painstakingly go through the day’s receipts at the end of the day if there were any discrepancies, and nobody could go home until everyone ‘balanced.’

    “Accrual joke” was a great line in the voting panel. Very INTERESTing to me, although there’s no ACCOUNTING for taste.

    Good wishes to everyone.

    Amazingly appropriate song Angela. I’m always impressed by all the recent songs you come up with, since you know my musical knowledge fades out around the early 90’s.
    🎵”See, the NUMBER on the matchbox is old and faded”🎵 (Jim Croce, “Operator”)

    “After the avalanche, the SKIING party CLUNG to the ledge while the rescue team dug into their HOARD of supplies to find enough rope to SPLICE together to save them.”

    • Tks, Steve. I try to stay atTUNEd to all kinds of music. 😉…Have a good one. Be well and stay safe.1️⃣🙋🏻‍♀️

  8. I am a CPA. This got me for a while, but then it came to me. One of the best!

    Bill G.

  9. I didn’t get ‘nonplussed’ though the clues were all over the place and pointed at NONPLUSSED! Actually a quite clever Jumble solution and lack of knowledge of a word is not a valid reason to diss it. Still bemused after all this time, I remain………..

  10. Hoard and skiing gave me reason to pause as did the cartoon answer,as I also thought less would be in the solution rather than the e d ending.

    • Hey Professor. I guess it’s a harder one than I thought…But it’s definitely a clever one! Be well and stay safe, Prof. 1️⃣🙋🏻‍♀️

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