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Good Morning, Everyone!      🌭 BITING OFF MORE THAN HE CAN CHEW? 🌭

🎶 Oh HOT diggity, DOG ziggity, boom what you do to me..It’s so new to me, what you do to me…HOT diggity, DOG ziggity, boom what you do to me…When you’re holding me tight…🎶 “Hot Diggity Dog Ziggity Boom – Perry Como 1956

🌭 The streets of New York City have Hot Dog carts amok,
Some people say that eating from them just may press your luck…
We call them Dirty Water Dogs…not appetizing true,
But trust me they taste really good, you may not stop at two…
They’re HOTLY served as you stand there..aromas wafting ’round,
They stand APART from other carts which on the streets abound…
But taking on a Foot Long in two bites…a WISELY move?
One wonders what’s the reasoning, what does he want to prove?
I doubt that he’ll get DROWSY…but it seems that he might choke,
It really is a lot to chew no matter who the bloke…
I wonder can he do it? Or embarrassment may follow…
A Foot Long in only 2 bites? Yea, it sounds HARD TO SWALLOW 🌭

Running way behind schedule, and admittedly a little scatter-brained this morning, and WURST for wear, I can’t find my list of the Archive research…But I do recall that WORDSY was used before, twice I think. Funny…I guess that one stuck in my mind because the shoe fits…Yes, I’m WORDSY…Yes, guilty as charged! Yes…see what I mean??? Anyway, the Early Birds CHOKED a little at WISELY, and found HOTLY the tiniest bit HARD TO SWALLOW…but other than that…the rest WENT DOWN EASILY...So, they really wouldn’t CHEWS any word as a stumper…And now, without further aCHEW…on to our puzzle…

Today Jeff takes us outdoors to a Beachfront location. We see three young teens, discussing the possibility of eating a FOOT LONG in just two bites. The HOT DOG is the one on the middle, wearing the red cap. Growing up in Brooklyn, NY, I knew a lot of HOT DOGS…You know, those guys who’d brag about themselves, and dare you to believe that they could do the wildest things. Sometimes they’d even Double Dare you..that just meant you got two chances to join in the stupidity...Anyway, as I said, the Monkey in the middle, insists that he can ingest the entire Foot Long in two bites..and MUSTARDS up the old…”Just watch me”...Yep, he’s ON A ROLL…And we hear his friends telling him that there’s no way it can be done…he’d be BUN in a million if he could pull it off…What’s he thinkingthat they’re going to do? Stroke his ego? Give him CONDIMENTS? “Oh, you’ve made the Honor ROLL“….Please…FRANKly, I doubt it myself, but then again, what do I know this morning..l’m so behind schedule that I’m still playing KETCHUP…But in answer to our question…His claim was just too…HARD TO SWALLOW! Ha! CHEW on that, Folks! David’s given us another good one to RELISH!

Ok, eye candy. The only color we see is in the front of the panel. The three teens, left to right are wearing T-Shirts of purple, black, and green. And the Hot Dogs are brown. Our teen at left seems to have already eaten his, since his white paper tray, which is half the size of the other two is empty. I guess he was quick..the DACHSHOUND… Our teen at right, is shown having eaten half of his dog. And of course, our guy in the middle is shown getting ready to play WEINER TAKES ALL. In the background, we see blue sky, and the blue of the SURF and it’s wavesbut I’m a little blue to SEA that there’s no designation line to SEA the sand. And I’m sure Jeff meant for us to SAVOR the entire scene, you know, give us a little TASTE of the warmer weather that’s soon approaching…Almost obliterated in all that blue, is the HOT DOG CART, with the words FOOT LONGS emblazoned on its front, and an accompanying picture 🌭 of the culinary deBITE. Various condiment containers can be seen atop the cart, and it sits along with the vendor, under the huge ubiquitous umbrella. The vendor, a bald man with a rather bushy mustache, wears a full bib-front apron and holds tongs in his right hand. But for some SEASON, he’s wearing a rather SAUER expression…Maybe it’s the heat…or WURST, maybe business is bad, and he’s not ROLLing in the dough…And of course, being near the ocean, WATER you think we can see way, way out on a wave beyond the cart? Jeff’s signature sinking sailboat? And WATER you think the eye candy’s going to be?…Wrong! Not today! It’s not what’s floating my boat! Today, I’m going with the RED CAP. If you look real closely, there’s an image of a figure on a SURF Board ..but it’s drawn coming out of an INKWELL. And there’s a WEB CARTOON called “The Inkwell. And I’m pretty sure that’s the INKWELL MAN, SURFING on the cap. I mean, I can be wrong, but what’s the WURST that can happen if I am? I get deemed a HOT DOG? Yea, go ahead...I dare ‘ya! So, There you have it Folks, BUN, I mean Done! Have a great day, Everyone….And remember…Don’t ever BITE off more than you can CHEW…We can’t all be Oscar WEINERS in life…but we all can play some kind of a ROLL! 🌭🙋🏻






19 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 05/18/2019

  1. Good morning. David is playing with our psyche. After being stumped on a word yesterday,he restored our confidence with fairly easy ones today. I had no problem with either the words or the cartoon answer. After writing down the 13 letters and then looking at the picture,the answer came in seconds. A clever line.. There is no lichen growing on this brain. Until tomorrow stay well.

    • Good Morning, Brooklyn! I’m running really late…and I’m trying hard to KETCHUP…Don’t disappear on me, I got a really good song for you this morning….So as long as I don’t CHOKE, I should be back with the post in like, say..2 shakes of a DOG’S tail! (You know I’m not a cat person)! WEIGHT for me, ok? 🌭🙋🏻

      • Hi Michael..Yes, I wholeheartedly agree…Easy, breezy. But after what transpired yesterday, I RELISH the smooth sailing….It’s nice to have you comment, Michael, and thank you for your daily Likes. They’re very much appreciated…Have a good night, Sir! 🌭🙋🏻

  2. Good morning again. Thought I’d throw my hat into the ring with this. Starting to fall back and become APART from the group because he became DROWSY, he WISELY took some water to regain the loss in the HOTLY contested race.

    • Good Morning again to you too, Brooklyn! Sorry I’m so late this morning…I’m trying to catch up on sleep….👏🏻👏🏻 Well done! Like the HOT DOGS! 😂 Very creative..,I love it! You done good, Brooklyn!…So, today’s song? 🌭🙋🏻

  3. Good morning once again. Angela,it was worth the wait. Oh my God,did you go back in time. Perry puts a smile on your face. Perfect song for this jumble. Loved your puns and use of the words. Thank you for starting my day off with laughter and a big smile. As always, until tomorrow stay well.

    • LOL! I know, right! Perry..What a gem! You can’t help but smile, because he’s smiling through the whole thing himself! He looks like he might start laughing at any moment! Such an adorable, sweet man…And like you, he brightened my day for sure…Thanks for the Shout Outs, and I’m so glad you enjoyed it…I thought of you the moment I thought of it…and it’s been a LONG time since I’ve heard it…Have a great day, Brooklyn! It’s supposed to be a beaut! 🌭🌞🙋🏻

  4. Other than looking for hotdog or wiener in the answer swallow was a given.Our twin granddaughters Kate and Jane say hi from Dixon.

    • Good Morning, Professor, to you and the Little Cutue Patooties! And I agree, SWALLOW definitely was a gift! The entire puzzle was very EASY TO GET DOWN! Enjoy the family, Prof! Have a good one! 🌭🙋🏻

  5. The HOTLY debated subject of keeping DROWSY drivers off the highways was WISELY kept APART from the other items on the Court’s agenda.

    • …And a Hot Topic it is…DROWSY from all the texting that goes on…It’s horrendous. I don’t know if you follow any NY news, but just the other day, the NY Senate introduced a bill to make texting while crossing the street illegal. These people don’t even look up from their phones while in the middle of a NYC Street! Are you kidding me? Talk about a death wish. They’re a bunch of HOT DOGS!…And as one woman said…you hit someone walking in the street, who’s usually going to take the blame? The driver, right? It’s unbelievable. But I thought of you, because they interviewed a man who said…”I don’t know why you have to legislate COMMON SENSE”! ..Well there you have it..,And we were just talking about how Common Sense seems to have all but disappeared lately, remember?… SMH! But, I digress…Good Morning, Chuck…Excellent entry…👏🏻👏🏻 Very imaginative and CLEVER..to boot! 😉😉 Hope I gave you a smile…Have a good one, Chuck! 🌭🙋🏻

      • I certainly remember the Common Sense conversation we had. I love the man’s comment about why does common sense have to be legislated! Texting while crossing the street should be illegal, but laws are only as strong as the people who (should) enforce them.. Angela, Did you notice that three of the four puzzle words today were adverbs? You, indeed, did give me a smile. Hope your blood pressure has returned to normal and that the remainder of the day brings more smiles to your face

        • Hi Chuck. I loved the comment too, that’s why I made a note of it. I’m sure I’ll find cause to utilize it in the future! 😂😂 And how true, right? But as you say, let’s see what enforcement comes about. It’s sad that it even needs to be addressed…The adverbs? No, I hadn’t noticed. I’m not big on the parts of speech.😉.I know that may sound silly, but I just never give them much thought..I’m not sure why! .But great observation! And thanks, the blood pressure is stabilizing…God only knows what it’ll reach after I’m done eating the HOT DOGS today though…There’s no way I could let ’em get by me after all this!!! ROTFL! I got the barbecue going as we speak! Glad I could give you a smile, Chuck! Hope you’re having a good one! 🌭🍻🙋🏻

    • Chuck…I’ve had the most hectic morning, at one point my blood was BOILING! But I’ve finally MUSTARD up the strength to KETCHUP and get around to doing this…FRANKly, I think today’s words worked very well together, but WURST case scenario? I could always FRY again…😉🌭🙋🏻

      ° DROWSY from all the HOTLY seasoned food he ate, he thought WISELY to stay APART from the others, even though they thought it HARD TO SWALLOW…

      🙊 They got into an argument…a HOTLY discussed row.
      APART from being so annoyed he wanted her to know …
      That just ’cause he gets DROWSY doesn’t mean his love is wane,
      It’s really because bottom line..he thinks she’s such a pain…
      And don’t you know he said it…not too WISELY I must add,
      So now she’s really angry..and she’s dubbing him a cad.
      And he’s out in the dog house with his words to sit and wallow…
      And most likely he’ll find that eating Crow’s quite HARD TO SWALLOW 🙊

  6. Hi all – HOTLY and WISELY both took an extra look until putting LY at the end solved both. Thought “JUST AN …” for the answer, but another look and the dialog showed it.

    The details were great; I especially liked the two crossed eyes making up part of the “Foot Longs” sign.
    Also thanks for the description of the cap, Angela. I could see it was a surfer, but couldn’t tell what looked odd about it. Also, great puns today. If his cart breaks, he’ll be singing Pierino’s song 🎵”Find a Wheel”🎵.

    Have a great day, everyone!

    “It was HARD TO SWALLOW being APART after their HOTLY contested fight, but he was so DROWSY he WISELY decided to wait until morning to drive back and apologize.” 🎵”You know it’s up to you; I think it’s only fair. Pride can hurt you too – apologize to her, because she loves you, and you know that can’t be bad.”🎵

    • Hey G..Thanks for the Shout Out…I really had a lot of BUN writing it this morning…despite playing KETCHUP….And.I’m so hoping I’m right about the cap, I’ve asked Jeff. Fingers crossed…FRANKly, I’ve got money riding on it, and I’d definitely RELISH being the WEINER! I just realized that I forgot to mention the CONDIMENT Containers atop the cart..I thought I did. But I was rushing so much, WATER you know, I see I left it out. I’ll go back and do an edit
      ..And I LOL’ed at your sentence..👏🏻👏🏻 , similar to the poem I left for Chuck…albeit with a different sentiment. Your guy was contrite, mine? Not so much! 😂 Mine’s probably MINCE MEAT by now…😂 Have a good one, Steve! 🌭🙋🏻

  7. I try to solve the main jumble without solving or looking at the small jumbles. So, for the 5/18/2019 “hot dog” jumble, instead of “hard to swallow,” my answer was the phrase, “full of baloney”!

    • ROTFL! Good Morning, Roy! I do so also. But somehow I didn’t come close to your answer! 😂 Wait until you see today’s puzzle…I thought for the briefest moment it might be intimidating..but it was the quickest solve…And in honor of your answer yesterday, I offer you this…Enjoy! Have a great day, Roy! 🌭🙋🏻

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