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  1. None of the anagrams put me in a FOAL mood this morning. BEACON was the only word I didn’t initially see, but after latching onto BACON, finding a spot for the leftover E was no trouble at all. While researching the words, I noticed that CUVOH has been a popular choice with Jumble wordsmith’s over the years. I located 12 different puzzles where it was used with the most recent being 12/27/18 and the oldest on 02/21/63. That’s gotta be some sort of record! Whenever my search leads me to one of the old puzzles, I always get lured in and have to give it a whirl. The words for that day were REWAY, CUVOH, BODILI and BOBJER. Can you figure them out?

    Being a farrier sounds like an interesting but dangerous profession. Looking online, I see that their services are in high demand too. Of the 700,000 people who are employed in the horse industry, farriers represent just 3.5% of the total. The anthropomorphic horse in today’s cartoon had no problem letting his owner know that he needs a new set. On average, a horse needs to have a visit with a farrier once every six weeks. Google states that the majority of the time it’s not the horseshoes that get worn out, it’s usually the horses hooves that need trimming so the horseshoes fit properly. And how much can Mr. Post expect to pay for said services? A quick trim and four new horseshoes will run about $131.46 or $1,051.68 for the year. I hope the farrier he uses has a loyalty program!

    Fun cartoon of a horse and his owner in a stable. My favorite detail was the horseshoe hanging on the door. I see that Jumble Jeff has the ends pointing down. According to superstition, if the horseshoe is hung down, good luck is able to flow out and surround the stable. If the ends were pointing up, it would mean that the horseshoe is in the process of catching good luck. Just underneath the horseshoe was perhaps the smallest detail within the panel. There‘s a tiny mouse hole present, but the occupant is nowhere to be found!

    The final solve was an anagram consisting of 10 letters. Five of them were consonants and five were vowels. All of the talk about horseshoes brought HOOVES instantly to mind. With HOOVE crossed out, BE and HIM were easily sourced from the remainder to seal the deal. I should note that we did have a puzzle with a similar solution back on 1/21/17. The answer was BEHOOVED HIM, which was a close match, but the lack of a suffix in today’s answer makes this solve a new one. Have a terrific Tuesday everyone, and just keep MGUJNIBL!

    • That BODILI isn’t a word you see in the Jumble every day! Definitely the best of the bunch! 👍🏻🙋🏻‍♀️

    • I have a friend that is semi-retired and does blacksmithing, as he has horses. I know he does some horseshoeing, but not full time.

      • That’s cool, Dennis. I don’t know anyone that does either one. Your friend must save a lot of money doing that.

  2. MOVIE = Last used on 03/30/21 as SAME ANAGRAM
    VOUCH = Last used to 12/27/18 as SAME ANAGRAM
    BEACON = Last used on 05/04/19 as CABONE
    CHOOSE = Last used on 03/01/20 as SOHOCE

    VEOMI = Used on 03/30/21, 01/12/18
    CUVOH = Used on 12/27/18, 04/16/14, 11/01/13, 10/14/10, 01/05/06, 01/30/01, 03/02/96, 08/22/89, 07/23/84, 10/14/78, 09/18/74, 02/21/63

  3. I don’t CHOOSE to get this anagram, but I did get the rest and the solution.
    I loved the solution, these guys are wizards!
    Gonna enjoy triple digits in LALALAND tomorrow. Ouch …….
    Our CA Governor is turning the pandemic into some kind of a game show, really ridiculous IMHO.
    I need to find another state to live in—ideas????

  4. Good Morning, Everyone. I hope this finds you well…🙋🏻‍♀️

    🐴 This could have been a MOVIE script, the Horse a shining BEACON,
    Taking it upon himself to say…”My legs, I feel them weaken,
    You see my shoes are old and worn, I VOUCH I’ve tried my best…
    But it’s def time we change them…hate to ask, but I’m hard-pressed…”
    The owner looks at Mr Fred, says, “Yes, you’re right, I’ll CHOOSE
    A new set for you right away…you do need some new shoes”
    And that’s how Fred felt better, recovering his vim…
    He’s glad he spoke up when he did…Name the film..”BEHOOVE HIM”! 🐴

    🎬 He thought it would BEHOOVE HIM to speak up about the BEACON he felt should be replaced on the MOVIE set, but since he did VOUCH to himself that he’d mind his own business, he decided to CHOOSE keeping quiet instead…🎬

  5. Good morning. Another successful day. The words and cartoon answer was a breeze. Let’s hope tomorrow will bring the same results. Until then stay safe and take care.

  6. My first real job was ticket taker at a neighborhood Movie theater and I Choose to Vouch for the magic that the projector’s Beacon displayed nightly on that screen. The projectionist said it would Behoove Him to teach me his trade because he liked to nap. They paid me 75 cents and hour. I would’ve paid them for those golden days and nights. Hot, hot, hot on the Great Plains with 100 forecast for Thursday. Be safe and be well.

    • You were raking in the dough. When I started it was .60 cents an hour. I made head usher and got a raise to .65 cents an hour. I use to say the lines from the movie Mr Roberts, that’s how many times I worked when the show was playing. Of course at that time it was the only one playing for at least a week. Take care.

  7. A slight struggle this morning….knew it was XXXXXXX HIM, but had to figure out anagrams. Puzzled over BEACON and then all fit into place.

    • No HORSing around this morning although BEACON gave me a fit!
      From the nineties to 58°F …. What weather???? We need rain not snow!!!!
      Take care

  8. The v and o’s were a ready tip off for the cartoon solution ,behoove him!
    Hope to get back to a real paper tomorrow morning!

    • I agree with you, Chuck. If it wasn’t a blind solve from the clues in the cartoon, then the letters gave it away.
      Safe travels back home! 🙂

  9. I tried jumbling Beacon many times but ended up backing in. Him came to mind first.
    I also worked as a ticket taker at the movies and enjoyed the perk of watching the films.

    • Actually I meant to say I was a ticket seller, not taker. The takers were always men when I worked like OO and Paul.

    • You got me wondering whether you had a favorite movie that you got to see for free – and maybe one that you *didn’t* want to see so often.

      • As a ticket seller, I only watched the movies when I wanted to, which was usually just once. I can’t think of any that would fit in either category, Steve. But my memory isn’t very good. Unlike Paul and OO, I have no recollection of how much money I made or how much the tickets cost.

        • I wouldn’t be surprised if was 50¢ or a dollar. My wife thinks ice cream cones should *still* cost 35¢! 😂 I remember the pay from my first real job though – minimum wage, $1.25/hr.

  10. Galloped right through the anagrams and cartoon answer today. I thought it was a clever puzzle. Enjoyed all the fun facts about farriers and horse shoes, Mike. Hope all of you have a good day.

  11. Hi all – Pretty easy all around today. I saw BEACON after BACON and BECKON and then got CHOOSE with the double-letter trick. I was “something HIM” for the answer – BEFIT HIM maybe? – but looking at his foot showed the correct clever pun. You really have to HAND it to David and Jeff with these horse puzzles.
    I was also just reading about farriers a couple of days ago, but can’t remember why.

    Good wishes to everyone.

    “If you CHOOSE to VOUCH for a MOVIE for me to see these days, make it one that’s a BEACON of hope.”

    • I couldn’t agree more with your sentence, Steve. Besides baseball, I’ve been watching mostly nature documentaries as of late…..

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