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Good Morning, Everyone!        📺 NO NEWS…IS KNOW NEWS 📺

🎶 R-E-S-P-E-C-T…Find out what it means to me…R-E-S-P-E-C-T...Take care, TCB…🎶 “Respect” – Miss Aretha Franklin 1967

📺 It’s been a controversial year, much news that’s been bereft,
Degrees of volatility, both from the right and left…
Old faces that have disappeared, old ways now shown the door,
And new found #MeToo standing up to reassure…
No such thing as a MISHAP, now there’s VOUCH of what is true
And all the UNWIND in its wake, made way for something new…
Respect is what we saw unfold, and newsrooms would ENACT
An atmosphere where Old-Boy networking won’t be a fact.
They cleared the air, the word went out, this wasn’t just a whim,
It’s not a clue, it’s “on the air”…and now it’s NEWS TO HIM! 📺

So, here’s the SCOOP on today’s words…A few little quirks as I like to call them…Let’s do ENACT first, because it’s the big NEWS STORY.. Today’s entry, number 9, is a new anagram, and it’s also our most recent word, from this past April. But for it’s first 7 appearances, 2015-2018 it was anagrammed as: CANTE each time. In 2014, we had CANET, and it also makes it our old NEWS of the group, dating back to August 21st, ’14. VOUCH, was no slouch either. It’s been used 4 times before, but not since 2016. MISHAP is showing for the 3rd time, and UNWIND, for the 4th, with two previous anagrams done exactly as todays’. No one needed a BREAK during rehearsal though,  since the words were all CAMERA ready…Just REPORTING…Ok, now for the MAIN STORY…

Off-set at a NEWSROOM, we see a very confident ANCHORMAN, who I’ll call Mr. POMPOUS-Dopoulis sitting awaiting makeup. (Off-side: This is by NO MEANS a reference to the similar sounding George Stephanopoulos, a very well-respected, and respectful NEWS Journalist). Speaking with two female members of the crew, he’s overheard addressing one as “Toots”. Hmm, Toots?…Well, one of them is telling him that they “need to talk”. In the background we see two more crew members, the male stating that Mr P-D is clueless. Now this statement can be taken two ways…One, he has no clue that his time is up and he’s being fired, and two, he has no clue that his behavior is unacceptable and maybe that’s why he’s being fired. Either way, he’s OLD NEWS….So, between the dialogue and our question, we can hear..loud and clear, that the impending dismissal is…NEWS TO HIM! Good one, David! SCRIPTED just perfectly…And now…a WORD from our Sponsors…”Get the free JUST JUMBLE app. Follow us on Twitter @PlayJumble”

…Thanks for staying with us, Folks…We’re back with the Eye Candy segment of our broadcast…We’re seeing some serious Color Commentary today…Beginning with our sunken ANCHOR, and leaning LEFT, we have a Blue suit with a Red tie. A blonde women, in a Red power suit, wearing Powder Blue flats. A woman, Green sweater, Black pants. A woman, Purple blouse, White collar, Black skirt and flats, and a man,  whose dress I can only describe as garish…Teal checkerboard double-breasted jacket, Green striped tie, Beige shirt. Black pants, and wing-tipped two-tone shoes. The shoe’s two tones though, are Teal and Beige! Yes, you’ve heard it here first...Teal and Beige! Oh, the humanity! Talk about Fake News! Oh…we weren’t? Well, we should be, because if this isn’t a walking, talking Fashion Faux Pas, I don’t know what is! But as bad as he is, he’s not the BREAKING NEWS. We still have the ANCHOR Desk in the background, with overhead lighting, and a Studio Camera on a wheeled pedestal. There’s the “Green Screen” (although shaded in Blue) used for Weather REPORTING, and it’s showing the blue “H” which means a center of high pressure (usually calm, sunny weather). Well, the High Pressure part is right….Because the eye candy? Take a good look at the woman forefront LEFT. Looking closely? Can you see her expression, which is one of resigned disgust and perhaps a bit of sadness?  And notice how she clutches her tablet protectively close across her chest? Her body language speaks volumes…I think she’s “Toots”..#MeToo Toots...(Good work, Jeff)! So, There you have it Folks, Done! Have a great day, Everyone…and keep in mind…Today, we all have iPHONES …and EYE think it’s a great bit of NEWS…📺🙋🏻

10 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 12/27/2018

  1. Good morning. Angela,terrific song choice but,no disrespect to the Queen of Soul,but my choice would be to have it song by Otis Redding. He is tops followed by the Queen. Nice job on the use of words and puns. My choice for hardest word would be Enact. I had the other three words minutes before getting the last one. After writing down the letters the cartoon answer was fairly easy. I noticed news which led to the remaining two words. Another cute finish for the guys. Until tomorrow stay well.

    • Good Morning, Brooklyn. Yes, yes, I know how you feel about Otis. But two things…When you “think” the song, you think Aretha, and did you watch the clip? There’s a slew of videos out there, but I went with this, because Aretha speaks of Respect…How we all want it, and more importantly, how we all deserve it. That’s the key message that I felt fit today’s cartoon like a glove…Capice? Thanks for the Shout Outs, and I have to say that it’s NEWS to me that there’d be any concern over ENACT…But now that I see everyone REPORTING it to be…it’s become another STORY! Have a good one, Brooklyn…STAY TUNED! 📺🙋🏻

      • Angela,I did not listen to it and went back as you said and I agree that hers for this cartoon is the best pick. I enjoyed her reasoning as to why she recorded the song after hearing Otis sing it. And here I thought he spelled out Respect like she did. You really do learn something new every day.

        • ….What’d I tell you, Brooklyn? Stick with me, Kid…I’d never steer you wrong! Glad you enjoyed it…. I just knew that Shout Out to Otis would give you a smile! Have a good one, Paul! 🎶📺🙋🏻

  2. Vouch and unwind were instant solves,followed by mishap.Then a troublesome pause for enact that looked like accent at first.Given the letters n,w,and s in proximity, news popped right out.It’s over the hills and through the woods to gramma’s house,this afternoon as we leave the Naperville grandkids for home ,after a nice Xmas holiday.

    • Good Morning, Professor! You’re right, NEWS did BREAK out of the letters, and it was an easy solve. Hoping you enjoy a pleasant, safe trip home..the ACCENT on safe! 📺🙋🏻

    • H Caroline, Good Morning! ENACT seems to be the TOP STORY…who knew? Thanks so much for the Shout Out. I could be way out in LEFT field with the analysis, but it just seemed to be the STORY….Hoping you have a great day….📺🙋🏻

  3. Hi all – Trying CH gave VOUCH, and UNWIND was instant with the UN trick. ENACT took a second look to see E at the beginning, and MISHAP took by far the longest. I almost had to back into it, but saw it when I wrote its letters down. Answer was obvious from the setting.

    I think your analysis is right Angela, and I think he’s going to find out that turnabout is fair play when the two women say to him:
    🎵”Toot toot, Tootsie, GOODBYE
    Toot toot, Tootsie, we won’t cry..
    If we don’t get a letter, then we’ll know you’re IN JAIL!”🎵

    Greetings from near The Dock of the Bay, and have a great day, all!

    • Hey G…A 🎶TOOTSIE ROLE Reversal🎶 going on here? 😉 …I’m 🎶Watchin’ the tide roll away..🎶 too…Got ourselves a beautiful day here…until the storm hits tonight…The Lord giveth, the Lord taketh away! Hope you’re having a great day too, G! 📺🙋🏻

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