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Good Morning, Everyone!            💡 FIELD OF BEAMS! 💡

🎶 How many ROADS must a man walk down…Before you call him a man? How many seas must a white dove sail…Before she sleeps in the sand? The answer, my friend, is BLOWIN‘ in the wind…The answer is BLOWIN‘ in the wind…🎶 “Blowin’ In The Wind” – Peter, Paul and Mary   1963  https://tinyurl.com/ybykfxuk

💡 The body has its power, spiritually called Chakra…
And our “Fields of Energy” penetrate with much FERVOR.
Energy can be directed and can GYRATE through our nerves,
And can make a VIXEN turn serene and get her peace deserved…
What may start out so DIMLY, permeates our every gland,
And here we have the cutest pun with “Energy” on land…
With a Windmill power producing,  we can see what Energy wields,
And we get our double meaning of today’s ENERGY FIELD!💡

Three of this morning’s words are showing up within our archives, with FERVOR appearing twice, and holding the title of our oldest word, at July 15, ’15. GYRATE, making its 4th appearance, was last seen this past July 26th. And DIMLY has been seen twice, in 2016 and ’17. VIXEN isn’t showing in our listings, despite looking very familiar. FERVOR caused quite an INTENSE pause this morning, with its’ challenging anagram, and had 6 of the 11 Early Birds stumped, while GYRATE ran second, TURNING a few heads itself. So, on to our cartoon…

Todays theme is truly a timely one. While we’ve dealt with it before, this time the Jumble Guys have tongue-in-cheeked us with a little bit more of a POSITIVE SPIN. With our ENVIRONMENT so in need of ALTERNATIVE POWER to keep us CURRENT, they’ve also DUG UP a little homage to the inner STRENGTH we all need to face today’s CHANNELges. We’re out in a FIELD, where we see a pair of Farmers, shooting the BREEZE about the POWER of their WINDMILLS. Not just BLOWING smoke, they’re discussing how they’re GENERATING enough ENERGY to help supply POWER to their neighboring town…So, in answer to our question..What they created is an ENERGY FIELD! Good one, David! CHAKRA! CHAKRA! 

Ok, eye candy. While a perfectly deLIGHTful DRAWing, there really isn’t all that much to get ENERGIZED over. Grassy FIELD, five TURBINES, all shown SPINNING the tale….Our man, sporting a soul PATCH, is dressed in typical Farmers’ garb…Gold plaid shirt, jeans, and a blue cap, and he has a work towel hanging from his pocket. Our woman, Olive Green pants, with a Black top to match her head scarf.  He’s holding a shovel. And rows upon rows of crops…albeit with no candy CROPping up. So I think I’ll just take a pass…and TURN over and get some  sleep. But you know me, I can’t RESIST leaving you without a little pun…RENEWABLE ENERGY? I’m a HUGE FAN! So, there you have it, Folks, Done! Have a great day, Everyone! Time for me to unWIND! 💡🙋🏻


23 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 12/28/2018

  1. Perfect song choice, Angela. Green, renewable energy – that’s what we need and soon.
    I was unable to get FERVOR without coming up with the answer first and working it out on paper.
    Wishing all a great day.

    • Good Morning, Caroline. You know I’m with you here…And I thought of you this morning when I saw the puzzle. Green SOOOOO needs to be the new black! 😉 FERVOR? Not the most common of words…and it had my guys quite PASSIONate this morning…(and not in the good way)! 😂😂 Thanks for the Song Shout Out, it’s what immediately came to mind…Glad you enjoyed it. Have a great day…Hope you’re like me and getting tons of rain, but no snow! ☔️💦🙋🏻

      • I thought of you as well since I know this is a concern of yours and many others, including David and Jeff. We’ve had only rain today and not much. Christmas snow is all gone.

        • Thank you for thinking of me too, Caroline! I hoped you would. And yes, we are kindred spirits when it comes to preserving this beautiful Earth we’ve been given. I just wish there were more like us. I pray a lot! 😉 Still raining here…but the sky seems to be LIGHTening up…💡☔️🙋🏻

  2. The FERVOR of the VIXEN trying to GYRATE on the stage was DIMLY received by most of the female audience.

    • 😂ROTFL!! ….And the males, pray tell? Were they TURNed off too? Was it a GREEN with envy thing, or just a case of out and out no SPARK at all? 😂😂You, Chuck can certainly paint a picture💃🏻! Glad to see you, I’ve missed you the past few days…I figured you were probably BLOWN away with all the festivities…You know the key to all this reveling is pacing yourself, right? Moderation…and a whole lot of ENERGY! Love the sentence..👏🏻👏🏻 .I didn’t attempt anything this morning..I truly TURNED over and went to sleep around 4…but you’ve piqued my interest now…maybe I’ll give it a go…💃🏻🙋🏻

        • You’re very welcome…I truly enjoy your slant on things! But me? What I have, Chuck, is a big mouth! 😂😂 And thank you, Sir, you’re too kind. But, yes, I do love words…and I do try! 🙋🏻

    • Came up with the these two, Chuck. This wasn’t an easy one, by no means…I applaud you, once again…👏🏻👏🏻🙋🏻

      Ever since being deemed a VIXEN, she developed a determination and a FERVOR unmatched by any of the others who chose to GYRATE in that DIMLY lit strip joint….

      The script called for a DIMLY-witted, VIXEN-like character, to project comedic FERVOR into teaching a group of monkeys the dancing routine for the show…”A Primate Can So GYRATE”!

  3. Good morning. Angela, guaranteed you blew everybody away with your song choice. A perfect fit to today’s drawing. Not a bad job either on the use of the words and puns. Lately I’ve been giving in to looking up the answer. Like Caroline I was stuck on Fervor. Once I looked up that word I decided to look for the cartoon answer. I just had to scroll through the six and five letter words to pick the two that fit the drawing. Another cute finish. Got to get that passion back to solving it on my own. Maybe tomorrow I’ll be in that mind set. Until then,take care.

    • Good Morning, Brooklyn. Thanks for the Shout Out, but even though I agree with you, let’s not get ahead of ourselves. One thing I’ve learned, not everyone’s taste in music is the same. I’m lucky…my Father blessed me with an appreciation of all kinds, but it’s hard pleasing everyone. I always think how He gave me His love of words, word puzzles, music, baseball… just to name a few…I’ll give you a laugh…Growing up, my Grandmother (my Mothers Mother) would constantly remark that I was just like Him. “Only one thing’s missing, or you’d be your Father”. I loved hearing it. But my Mother would shake her head each time, and say..”Ma, stop with that”. And I couldn’t imagine why…What was wrong with talking about a MUSTACHE? I mean that was the ONLY difference between us, right? As far as I could tell anyway…😉 Till years later, older and wiser…it finally hit me…😂😂 ROTFL!!’ My Grandmother♥️was a piece of work! Anyway…back to business…You’ve been throwing in the towel? What’s up with that? C’mon Brooklyn…where’s the fun in doing that? Maybe it’s just the Holiday Blues got a hold of you…They can take a toll. Ok, tell you what. I’ll give ya until New Years. We’ll toast our Fathers for their Birthdays, and start fresh… Sound good? I’m counting on you, Brooklyn…We weren’t raised to be quitters! 😉 And as for FERVOR? You looked it up, right? Well, just as you said, let’s get that PASSION back! Hang in there, Bud, and I hope you gave a great day! 😘🙋🏻

  4. Fervor also gave me a reason to pause but gyrate and the other words came quickly,as did the final solution.We are home again,and the real newspaper was readily at hand.

    • We’re all quite PASSIONATE about that FERVOR, aren’t we? I just knew it would be the stumper today! Good Afternoon, Professor! Glad you’re home, safe and sound, and I hope you have a well deserved relaxing day! 💡🙋🏻

  5. Got the clue words without difficulty but it took me a little longer to get the cartoon answer. Once I saw field, energy fell into place. Happy Friday everyone.

    • Good Morning, Betty. Loved today’s answer, with its’ nod to inner peace. We can all use a healthy dose of it…Wishing you a Happy Friday too! Enjoy! 💡🙋🏻

  6. Hi all – Nice to see a word where putting the ‘Y’ at the end didn’t work, but the GY combo gave GYRATE away. Didn’t see what the first word could be, but writing down the letters showed ENERGY and the answer.

    It’s possible that in their spare time, these farmers could combine the rocks from the windmills’ foundations, their crop and the electricity to build a Wheatstone Bridge. (I hope our professor likes the pun, but since he may be more of a mathematician than an electrical engineer, ‘i’ think my hope may be imaginary.)

    The FERVOR of the hounds who could only DIMLY see the VIXEN safe in her den caused them to GYRATE wildly in frustration.

    Have a great day, everyone! I’m going off topic here, although, Angela and Caroline, space travel has given us the views of our tiny Earth and the need for all the green energy we can get to preserve it:

    As we approach New Year, this note from Johns Hopkins tells of the New Horizons space probe which will fly by and send back images of the Kuiper Belt object beyond Pluto on 1/1/2019 and — wait for it — there’s a musical connection:

    “As seen from the spacecraft, Ultima Thule (officially named 2014 MU69) appears to be in the constellation of Sagittarius, hovering in front of the heart of the Milky Way, not far from the central plane of our galaxy. The image field is filled with stars in the most crowded and rich area of the sky.
    Each half of this stereo pair of images — created from LORRI images by astrophysicist and New Horizons science team collaborator Dr. Brian May — represents a combination of several dozen images taken to search for faint companions, rings and dust clouds around Ultima.”

    Yes, that would be *that* Dr. Brian May, the lead guitarist of Queen, who is also releasing a new single for the event:
    “Writing his thesis must have taken its toll on May, because he hasn’t released a single since 1998. But now May is releasing a new tune just after midnight EST on New Year’s Day from the control centre of NASA’s New Horizons space mission. According to the NME, the single features the voice of the late Stephen Hawking and is a tribute to the NASA mission, which will reach Ultima Thule in the Kuiper Belt on 1 January.”

    Needless to say, I find it all absolutely mind-blowing that we glorified monkeys are able to actually do things like this.

    • LOL! I have to say…Whereas Chuck and I took VIXEN as a female “female”. which one would think might raise eyebrows, your going with it as the fox somehow seems to truly rate an X! 😷Who knew? 😂 Have a good one, Steve! 💡🙋🏻

      • Ah, now I see what you mean. I was thinking in terms of a fox hunt that thankfully couldn’t be completed because the prey escaped. That’s what I get for trying to clean things up! 😂😂🙋🏻‍♂️

        • Ah…NOW I SEE 🤔 what YOU mean. So it’s me that gets the X-rating, not you! 😂😂 The imagery! 😉 You have my apologies, G! 🙄🙋🏻

          • My post was “G”-rated! 😂
            Absolutely no apologies necessary because my first thoughts were not so innocent either! 😂😂 Time for a nap now anyway before I get myself into trouble. Stay warm and dry today! 🙋🏻‍♂️

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