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  1. There was nothing confusing about this one, folks! The quotation marks gave it the illusion that it was going to be a challenge, but I had the whole thing BUTTONED up in just a few seconds. I thought the punny finish was pretty good too. It didn’t leave me in STITCHES, but I did get a good RISE out of it. It almost sounded like the answer to a classic Jumble from back in the day. A quick search confirmed that it was actually all new MATERIAL though.

    All of our clue words were familiar old friends. I was actually quite surprised to find them all used just last year. CARDOC ended up pulling double duty this morning. It was the only new anagram in the bunch, and it was the only one I didn’t see straight away. I thought it was brilliant how David PATTERNED the layout. CARDOC, which seems like a slang word for mechanic, actually solved into ACCORD. Pure genius!

    Today’s cartoon introduced us to three Jumble characters that were learning to sew. The plain-looking door and the arrangement of the sewing stations made it SEAM like they were in a classroom, but I suppose the lesson could could be taking place pretty much anywhere. Zooming in on her stitching revealed what the instructor already confirmed. One side of the panel looks perfectly sewn, but the other could use a bit more work. If I had to guess, I’d say the threading of the bobbin is where it all went wrong. While learning to sew, that was always the part I CURTAIN figure out. My favorite detail was the tangled mess of thread that appeared to jam-up her machine. I also enjoyed seeing the action lines around the other two needles. It seemed to let us know that those machines were threaded correctly.

    The final solve was an anagram consisting of nine letters. Four of them were vowels and five were consonants. I had a hunch that the double F’s would spell OFF. With that word PINNED down, SEAMED practically leapt off the page for the finish. SEW easy! Have a marvelous Monday everyone, and just keep MNUJBLGI!

  2. Monday is always a nice day in J World. Mike usually returns and the puzzle and anagrams are easier……
    Angela will find a great song to go with today’s J……………………
    I play a lot on David and Jeff’s apps which I find quite enjoyable.
    Getting closer to 100’s here.
    Enjoying the Olympic Trials

  3. Beautiful morning in O Town with temps in the 60s but that “Seamed” Off and local weather says highs in the 90s. I’m sitting on the Fence whether to Fillet fish for my dinner, but we are all in Accord that I won’t Skimp on the meal. My song of the day, Angela, is “Don’t Fence Me In,” Bing Crosby version.
    I want to ride to the ridge where the West commences
    And gaze at the moon till I lose my senses
    And I can’t look at hobbles and I can’t stand fences
    Don’t fence me in

    • OO…” Don’t Fence Me In” was a song, that as a child, I remember my Father singing and whistling while he did woodworking. Odd, now that I think of it, since he was born, bred and died in Brooklyn, NY. Not exactly the wide open range! And I have this version, on a 78 in his earlier collections. You’ve brought a sweet memory to mind…And this ones for you… https://tinyurl.com/6mtxrhpr Enjoy your day! 🙋🏻‍♀️

  4. 🔨 After his FILLET work on the molding SEEMED OFF, his wife was afraid that he’d now SKIMP on materials for the new FENCE, and worried that once again they wouldn’t be in ACCORD with these home improvements. 🔨

    🥩 So staring at the menu, the FILLET fish caught his eye,
    To keep ACCORD his diet, he said he’d give it a try…
    He hoped they didn’t SKIMP on sauce, he still was on the FENCE,
    With knowing it was good for him…but in his own defense…
    He’d rather have a juicy steak, with scotch his choice of quaff…
    But in his head his Doctor’s voice told him that it SEEMED OFF…🥩

    • Pretty easy Monday morning….but needed anagrams to solve caroon puzzle …..as an aside, Cole Porter’s Don’t Fence Me In sung by Roy Roger’s in 1944 Hollywood Canteen. One of his few songs not composed for a Broadway Musical.

  5. Good morning. A no brainer this morning. Breezed through the words and cartoon answer. I was so quick I didn’t even have a sip of coffee yet. A lot of oldies but good songs. Until tomorrow stay well and stay safe.

  6. Today is NATIONAL FLAG DAY…and it’s been pouring rain here for hours. Days like this, I’m glad I have an all-weather flag, making it ok to still display it. Proud to fly the American Flag…God bless America! 🇺🇸 🙋🏻‍♀️

  7. Seamless solve on the anagrams and puzzles this morning. “You’re a Grand Old Flag, you’re a high flying flag and forever at peace may you wave!! You’re the emble of the land I love, the home of the free and the brave!! Happy Flag Day to all!! 🇺🇸 Didn’t know about National Boubon Day, Angela but I’ll drink to that one too! Cheers!! 🥃

  8. I found Seamed first and then Off. Just read that Wasabi, Pekingese winner of the Westminster Dog Show, will celebrate by eating Filet Mignon.
    Wishing all a good day.

    • I saw that too, Caroline! He looked like a little ball of fluff with all that hair. It must have taken hours to get him groomed perfectly. Cute name — Wasabi!

      • I agree. Speaking of coincidences, did you notice the runner-up Whippet is named Bourbon and, as Angela pointed out, today is National Bourbon Day!

        • …And he didn’t get a steak dinner…He had to settle for Bourbon-glazed pork chops! 🍖🙋🏻‍♀️

        • Can’t say that I did, Caroline. Poor Wasabi has been getting a bunch of bad press this afternoon. I’ve seen two or three articles questioning the legitimacy of his win because apparently his owner used cooling packs. One article went so far as to question if Wasabi was even a real dog! 🤦🏼‍♂️

  9. Hi all – Got the letters with the help of the double-letter trick for both FILLET and ACCORD. I
    didn’t pick up on the cartoon clue and guessed that the last word might be ODD or OUT, but the letters showed SEAM and the answer right away.

    Besides the national Flag Day, California’s flag has its own bit of history today, when a version of it was raised on June 14, 1846 during the “Bear Flag Revolt” in Sonoma, proclaiming the independent California Republic, which lasted 25 days. (Have another round, Betty! 😂)

    Good wishes to everyone.

    “When learning to FENCE, he reached an ACCORD with his teacher not to SKIMP on either the time or money spent on lessons lest he resemble a FILLET after his first real competition.”

    • Yes, Steve, leave it to California. Poor old John C. Fremont he just couldn’t make it work. By the way Steve, how do you like the candidate who is challenging Mr. Newsom, running around the state with a grizzly bear in tow?? I think his slogan is” Beauty vs the Beast”. PETA is none to happy with him. No wonder people think we’re crazy here. 🤪

      • Oddly John Cox was the Libertarian candidate last election.  I have drifted in the Libertarian direction but I don’t care for most of the candidates they field.

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      • I think the bear might be the least of his problems. In any case, I’d vote for the bear before I’d ever vote for him! 😂

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