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  1. Good Morning, Everyone. 🦮 Sometimes Life Can Really Be An Itch…🦮
    🎶FLEAS release me…let me go…For I don’t love you anymore.To live with LICE would be a sin..Release me and let me love again…🎶 “Please Release Me” – Engelbert Humperdinck 1966 https://tinyurl.com/yc2wjdms (With an apology to Mr Arnold Dorsey)

    🦮 It’s obvious this dog has fleas, from his SKULL down to his paws,
    Perhaps the park should hand out a FILLET once passed it’s doors…
    Instead of wearing collars, they’d wear those across their hair,
    AWAKE or not, it’d do its job..and keep fleas off of there
    I think there is a CURFEW…Have your dog home by 9 please…
    They’ve started spraying every night…so that they’ll FLEE THE FLEAS…🦮

    The sign on the fence reads,”Bark Park”. Maybe they need to post a second one that reads…“Keep an eye on your dog…It’s a FLEA FOR ALL out here”… Social distancing for the dogs too…who knew?

    I hope this finds you all well…Fleas stay safe out there…And pray for peace for our country…🦮🙋🏻‍♀️

  2. 🤦🏻‍♀️ The font used for the book cover’s FILLET kept her AWAKE all night, since it seemed out of place with the photo used being a SKULL and bones, but she was forced to ok it by the CURFEW the editor had demanded…now she tossed and turned…and itched as if she needed to FLEE THE FLEAS…🤦🏻‍♀️

    🤷🏻‍♂️ The teen was very head-strong…with a SKULL thick as a brick,
    His parents felt he acted like he’d FILLET…pick, pick, pick…
    Lately as soon as he’d AWAKE, he’d give them sass and lip,
    They knew they had to rein him in…not further let this slip…
    So they gave him a CURFEW, turned deaf ears to his lame pleas…
    He’d scratched them with that final straw…it’s time to FLEE THE FLEAS 🤷🏻‍♂️

  3. Hi Everyone –
    Funny one today! Got a kick out of Flea for All, Angela.
    Fleas came to mind immediately and enabled me to back into Fillet and finally Curfew.
    One thing I like to do during the pandemic is watch wildlife outside, and I recently saw a robin completely open its wings and tail on the ground. I was worried, but I read this is a way birds try to deal with insects.

  4. Good morning on the former Decoration Day,May 30 Holiday,before the change to the Memorial Day Monday holiday we had last Monday.As far as the anagrams and puzzle,except for a pause over the spelling of fillet,all were a quick easy solve.

  5. Good morning. No problem with the words or cartoon answer today. Rather clever answer I might add. By the way the guys are playing bocce at the park. In the past two weeks they have only been chased off twice that I know of. I only went to look a few times. They really aren’t keeping the distance like they think. The parks department chases when someone complains as to why they are playing bocce when all the other courts are blocked off. Think I’ll take a look today. Angela thanks for your song choice. Right after this I’m turning in. Until tomorrow stay well

  6. CURFEW left me bewildered. Then couldn’t pass FEEL the FALSE. So after my mental roadblock, looked up the answer. FLEE FLEAS? So where’s the THE? THE THE? FLEE FLEAS? BYE, BYE, till tomorrow good day, stay well

  7. Hi all – For the second day in a row, only the last word caused a pause. I put together the “FEW” and then saw CURFEW.

    Learned a new one from your post, Angela. I didn’t know FILLET as a headband, and when I looked it up I found that it’s an engineering term I didn’t know either.

    Good wishes to everyone.

    “Since he was still AWAKE long after CURFEW, he decided to FILLET one of the fish he caught for a snack and toss the SKULL to the raccoons in his backyard.”

  8. Wanted flea the scene at first, but when that didn’t work, finally got it.

  9. I was stuck with FEEL. Made sense with the dog wishing to feel the fleas so he could scratch them off. Never thought of FLEE. I would accept both answer. FEEL free to condemn me… I will not FLEE!

  10. Curfew took me the longest but once I solve that one it was smooth sailing. “A flea and a fly in the flue didn’t know what to do. Said the flea let us fly, said the fly let us flee so they flew through a flaw in the flue.” I’ve been cooped up way too long. Stay well.

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