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🎶  I’m gonna get DRESSED FOR SUCCESS…Shaping me up for the big time, Baby..
Get DRESSED FOR SUCCESS...Shaping it up for your love, yeah…Look sharp…
DRESSED FOR SUCCESS...I’m gonna get DRESSED FOR SUCCESS…🎶Dressed for Success” – Roxette 1988

🥗 Fourth of July in ‘24, and Caesar’s place is packed…
He could just CHOOSE to disappoint, with not much on the racks…
A little UNSURE what to do, he gets what’s there to huddle,
And comes up with a dish to serve that makes the patrons CUDDLE
Romaine leaves he decides upon, and then he does INFUSE,
Them with ingredients from what he’s left to pick and choose…
It wasn’t something SUGARY, although it ended sweet,
His diners loved the Salad…and they all came back to eat
The ODDEST thing happened that day, but Caesar could profess…
He’d made his mark, his Salad Day, now he’s DRESSED FOR SUCCESS! 🥗

Good Morning, Everyone…and welcome to March! Ok…So two things I’m thinking about this morning… 1 – All roads don’t lead to Rome, and 2 – When was the last time we saw this many well-dressed men in our cartoon that weren’t in an old-time period piece? The Rome thing? Ok, promise you won’t laugh, but I just figured that Caesar Salad originated back there with Caesar. I mean I don’t go Roman around wondering where food originated from. I cook it, I eat it, I don’t study up for the written exam. Actually, I probably never give much thought to it at all. But Tijuana? I’m thinking…what brass!…It just leaves me surprised. So this here today is just one more thing that I’ve learned from the Jumble. And the sharply dressed men? Well, I think they speak for themselves. I went on record a while ago saying how much I appreciate a man who suits up..And unfortunately we don’t see much of that anymore. But what can I say? I look at a well-dressed man and I just always think that the vest is yet to come! Anyway, enough about what has me tossing and turning this morning…Lettuce get down to business and dish

So, what do you think of today’s jumbles? A fine mix, right? But you know I’m here to put the cards on the table, so I’ll let you know that they’re all new, even though the words themselves have been served up before. And except for UNSURE which we’ve just seen in January, we’ve seen all our other words between May and October of 2019. And while they’re all masterfully scrambled, I’m going with ODDEST as the stumper of the day, because it’s the one that the Early Birds were chewing on the longest. In fact, I was forced to say…”Men u need to calm down…Cheese, it’s weigh too early in the morning for all this turmoil…” Anyway…they’re all great jumbles…You know I love the six-letter words…they’re just my taste.

So, Caesar Salad. Who knew? Tijuana, Mexico, circa late 1920’s, at the restaurant named Caesars. Caesar Cardini, the handsome restaurateur, seen getting into the mix with his dining patrons, seems pleasantly surprised that they’ve traveled all the way to his restaurant just for his new, famous namesake Signature Salad. Well the two men have anyway. The woman seems a little more interested in Caesar himself, if you ask me…I guess Italian men are her strong suit…But what our puzzle is telling us is that Mr Cardini, in his double-breasted sartorial splendor, has not only found SUCCESS creating a winning dish with a delicious DRESSing…his custom made suits are helping also. Hats off to his Taylor, Swiftly making a name for himself too, right? But you gotta love the clothes angle mixed in there with the  special sauceDRESSED FOR SUCCESS, indeed! You’ve done good, David! Lemon be the first one to toss kudos your way for this one!

Eye candy? Since I’ve already laid my cards on the table about the handsome Mr Cardini, and how suitable I find him…I’ll think I’ll mention that I like the croutons and anchovies lying near the serving dish…But my choice today has to be the dialogue. Jeff’s outdone himself.  “Make a fortune with this sauce”?…”Very classy”? And our woman doing oil but leafing her heart on the table? Eggcelently put together! So, out of olive salad-related remarks I can make, I think I speak for us all today…Lettuce just say…”Et tu, Croûte”! So, There you have it, Folks, Done! Have a great day, Everyone…And I’ll leave you with a little humorous food for thought…What do you call a chicken staring at lettuce?  Chicken sees a salad… 🎤 🥗🙋🏻‍♀️

PS…I think you’ll find the two highlighted links about Caesar and his salad very interesting. I know I did…So if you have the time, take a look…🙋🏻‍♀️

🧑🏻‍🦲🐶 And if any of you missed this yesterday, David stopped by to say hello….Take a look at this too!…https://youtu.be/Csg1adl4VkI  🐶🧑🏻‍🦲

11 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 03/01/2020

  1. 👫🏻 They were UNSURE of what to do, and thought it the ODDEST thing that during the meeting to CHOOSE which manufacturers INFUSE foods with too many SUGARY substances, they saw the committee chairman CUDDLE with his very DRESSED FOR SUCCESS assistant…👫🏻

    👔 No one was pleased with the new guy, his SUGARY approach,
    And felt his habit to CUDDLE one of complete encroach…
    They had to CHOOSE a way to deal with his untoward ways,
    Since it was just the ODDEST thing they’d seen in all their days
    They didn’t want his manner to INFUSE more discontent,
    But they were still UNSURE of how to get him to relent…
    An HR issue that’s for sure, and causing much distress
    Just goes to show it takes more than a guy DRESSED FOR SUCCESS 👔

  2. Hi Everyone –
    Love the et tu line, Angela, and learning about the history of Caesar salad.
    All I could think of at first was For for the middle word and ed for the ending of the first word. From there I was able to find Dressed.

    • LOL! Good Morning, Caroline. I have to be honest…After I got back from Church this morning. I had to double check it, because it was gnawing at me all during Mass. (Mea culpa)…I always check pronunciations before I use a word, but I was rushing this morning, (as usual), and I didn’t do it. And as it turns out the the correct pronunciation sounds like “crute” as in SUIT! 😉…the “a” sound at the end is missing. But I decided to leave it in just the same because I too loved what I thought it said! So, thank you…and it’ll be our little secret! 😂 And you went with a perfect means to the solve! 👏🏻👏🏻 I enjoyed the wit and cleverness of this puzzle…almost as much as I enjoy Caesar Salad! I’m glad you did too…Have a great day, Caroline…Stay warm! 🥗🙋🏻‍♀️

  3. Learned something new this morning as I didn’t know that Caesar Salad originated in Mexico. Anagrams were easy but first thought of Headed for Success might be the cartoon answer, alas, no a’s or h’s so upon closer look realized that the well dressed man was dressing the salad. I remember an ad for Caesar Salad Dressing in which men dressed in togas shouted “Who Made the Salad?? Caesar! Caesar!” Don’t remember the brand but thought it was a clever ad. Happy Sunday to all. It’s actually National Pig Day so Oink! Oink! 🐷 (the only reason I know this fact is that my sister has a collection of pigs).

    • Hi Betty. Good Morning…I think I remember the commercial. I think it was Seven Seas…but I’m not finding one that mentions Caesar per se. But I do remember the one here..Geico has some very creative ad people…And I can’t believe I missed National Pig Day! 😂 I remember you talking about your sister’s love of pigs, and I always think of you and her now every time I see a pig tchotchke or decoration…Happy Pig Day to you both! 🐷😉 And as I mentioned, I too learned things about Caesar Salad that I never even considered… Not that I consider much about the origins of food anyway…but I did find it all so interesting…The things we learn here, right? Hope you have a great day, Betty…and be sure to tell your sister that if her ears are ringing…it’s just us! 😉 🥗🙋🏻‍♀️

        • YVW, Betty! And I’m with you…When it comes to the anchovies, it’s the only time I stray! 😉🥗🙋🏻‍♀️

  4. Hi all – No problem with the words – lots of double letters today. Looking at the cartoon, I thought “dressing” or “dressed”, and with the remaining letters, that showed the answer.

    Thanks for the links Angela. Putting anchovies in the salad always seemed odd (ok, to be honest, disgusting) to me, so I was interested to see that the original version didn’t have them and only got the taste from the Worcestershire sauce.
    If he had originated his creation in Amsterdam instead of Tijuana, he’d have had his salad days in his Holland days (or should that be the other way around?) Nice Herb Alpert reference, too!

    Happy March, everybody!

    “Although her date was DRESSED FOR SUCCESS, she became increasingly UNSURE about him and had the ODDEST feeling that he would CHOOSE to INFUSE his already SUGARY energy drink with yet more sweetener before starting to CUDDLE.”

    • Hi Steve…Good Morning. You know, it’s funny…I’m soooo not an anchovy person…but in a Caesar Salad I’m accepting. They kind of get lost in the TOSS…But anywhere else…I definitely LEAF them alone…And of COURSE I knew you’d pick up on the HERB Albert ..WELL DONE, 👏🏻👏🏻 …I got a chuckle from both your sentence and your Hollandaise Sauce…although the cuddling and the energy drink does give me pause…Is this a blind date by any chance?! 😂 Have a great day, Steve…And be safe when you’re out there ROMAN around! 🥗🙋🏻‍♀️

  5. Good afternoon. Another easy go of it with the words and cartoon. Short and sweet. Take care until tomorrow

    • Hey Paul…Good Afternoon…I don’t know if you saw my reply to you about the Burger place last night…I don’t want you thinking I didn’t MEAT my end of the bargain by LEAFing it unanswered…😉 And yes, an easy breezy one today, especially considering it’s Sunday…Wishing you a wonderful day, Brooklyn! Enjoy! 🥗🙋🏻‍♀️

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