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  1. It was all VINTAGE clue words this morning. Although none of them were new, three of the anagrams returned as such. MIGER is the only one that we’ve definitely UNCORKED before. My mind drew a BLANC when I first encountered DMLEUO, but it all came together pretty easily after finding MODEL.

    You can really tell when Jumble Jeff is drawing a cartoon that he’s passionate about. His panel was OVERFLOWING with so much detail that it was almost impossible to keep track of it all. My favorite one was the view of the vineyard from the window. When zooming in, you could clearly see some of the vines and their grapes. I counted three rows on the first hill, three on the second and 20 rows on the level area in the back. Turning our attention to the bar area, the first thing I noticed were the veins in the granite countertop. The woman pouring the wine behind it was wearing formal attire complete with a bow tie. I also noticed the gentleman resting his foot on the rail under the bar as he was waiting for her to complete the pour. The star of the show was of course the four bottles of “J” wine. I counted a total of 13 glasses scattered about in which to pour it in. The smallest details were the two wine stoppers on the table in the foreground. One had a fleur-de-lis design and the other was a bunch of grapes. I’ll stop there as it should be quite evident by now that today’s answer would have something to do wine!

    The final solve was an anagram consisting of nine letters. Six of them were vowels and three were consonants. POUR was quickly spotted in the layout which left me five letters to sift through. As soon as I stumbled upon EM it was game over. We have had this solution once before back on 12/09/16, but it didn’t have any impact on my solve. The name of the bar in that one was “Pop Your Cork,” and it’s really all that looked familiar to me. Have a wonderful Wednesday everyone, and just keep UNGIMJBL!

  2. Anagrams no sweat but the solution dropped me to my knees. I got POUR immediately but couldn’t figure out the rest.
    Triple digits today in SoCal but tomorrow should drop 8 or 9 degrees.
    For the first time in a year and a half the Dodgers are playing with a full crowd and it’s been enervating!!
    IM energized……………………..
    See y’all mañana

    • Good morning, Mig. The layout suggested a prefix at the beginning, the punny part in the middle and a suffix for the ending. -IUM wasn’t the most obvious, but it was there. That’s how I work solves in quotes. YMMV. On to tomorrow! 🙂

  3. Good Morning, Everyone. I hope this finds you well…🙋🏻‍♀️

    🧽 How GRIME got onto the hidden ZIPPER pocket MODULE was beyond him, but determined to USHER in the opening of the new EMPORIUM on a high note, he quickly proceeded to clean it up…🧽

    👖The ZIPPER on the pants was stuck, to him it was a crusher,
    He had only an hour until he would be an USHER…
    He thought to maybe spray it, but it might end up with GRIME,
    And panic started setting in…there wasn’t much more time…
    He looked around for something that would aid him in his plight,
    A MODULE of some sort, anything to help tonight…
    He stood there with his pants undone, convinced his chances slim…
    Until another usher ran to the EMPORIUM! 👖

  4. Good morning. Module was my choice for hardest word. It took longer to get then the other three word combined. The cartoon answer was a breeze once I put down the letters. Until tomorrow stay well and stay safe.

  5. No blind solve this morning. Knew answer started with a vowel and probably didn’t include WINE. Anagrams easy enough…then saw POUR pouring out…and the rest was easy

    From other comments…looks like it’s gonna be a long, hot summer !!

  6. Had to move letters around for Em-Pour-ium but immediately saw Pour. The anagrams reminded me of a wedding when an Usher had his Zipper down and half the church was trying to signal him. “Pour” guy. I will now washing this inky Grime off my fingers and try to nap in my Module until noon. Thankful for air conditioning because it will be horribly hot here in the Big O.

  7. Zipper looked like prize to me,before I noticed the extra ‘Z’. Then having gotten all the anagrams,I turned to the cartoon.With the quotes and hyphens,I knew I was in trouble,but then after noticing “pour”, and “ium” the complete solution appeared.Definitely not a blind solve.Made it back from our 1200+ mile journey,and resumption of our real paper delivery.

  8. I couldn’t help but notice that the POUR woman in our cartoon today has no eyelashes, something known to be SEEN on all Jeff’s female characters…(and which has been proven to be key in determining gender in a few rare instances). Granted, this character is easily identifiable as female…bow, lipsticked lips, and drawn with a noticeable bust line…but it still tended to straighten my CURLy hair! And then, out of curiosity, I looked back, and found another lash-less character. The woman business owner in the puzzle of 06/11…and EYE didn’t pick up on it that day! But just the same, what’s going on HAIR? Be it far from me to LASH out over little things, but this really left me KOHL!…And I WANDa why Jeff didn’t MAKE UP her face as he usually does…Over-SIGHT…or is Jeff just trying to catch us LOOKING?

    …And I also noticed that the woman pouring the wine back on 12/09/16, in contrast, wasn’t dressed formally at all…Open-necked shirt, no vest, no tie…but…she did have lashes…Anyway…HAIR today lies a mystery…👀 🙋🏻‍♀️

  9. Love those quotation marks. No problem with the anagrams this morning and once I saw “pour” , the rest of the cartoon answer fell into place nicely. Hope all of you have a good day. 🍷

  10. Hi all – Got the words today. All I could think of for the answer was that it was a pun on “wine”, but the letters showed POUR and the rest.

    Hey Betty, the answer was easy because the first thing I thought of was The Emporium downtown, or “Emporium/Capwell” by the time I got to see it. I’m glad I got to see one of the last times they set up the Christmas village and rides on the roof before they abandoned the practice.

    My favorite details were also the wine stoppers; very nicely done, although I was a little surprised that they’d be saluting French wine at their local vineyard.

    I also liked your observations on both genders having trouble with their makeup and wardrobes today Angela. Maybe they’re getting ready to go out in the world after a year and a half spent on Zoom, and having trouble remembering the old routines.

    Good wishes to everyone.

    “The audience at the movie EMPORIUM left so much GRIME behind that the USHER was forced to get the cleaning MODULE from its ZIPPER case before the next show.”

  11. Oh Wow, Steve, yes, thanks for the memories. I too first thought of the Big E our go to department store when I was a child. Christmas time was just magical. The City would close off Market Street so that Santa and his reindeer could arrive in style accompaned by the SFPD & SFFD. The roof rides were a must and my sister and I would just love browsing all the new offerings in the toy department. My Mother loved their Bargain Basement. I would stand mortified as she seemed like a tackle for the 49’ers diving into a display of goodies. Those old department stores are long gone but the memories are alive and well.

  12. Hi Everybody – No problem once I saw Pour. The CNN international correspondent just said “behooves.” My husband responded that she must play the Jumble.

  13. A FLICKA recognition crossed your minds, eh? 😂
    And by the way, doesn’t everybody (play Jumble)?

    • MANEly, yes! 😂But in answer to your question…No, I really don’t think everyone plays…Some people lack the HORSE sense…🐴🙋🏻‍♀️

  14. Good Ref. -ium of 6/16
    “The reminder how the English has multi-lingual etymologies, making Gustave air in opinion as you give him Hook in the ,”Ja!, All Greek to me and Latin me gettin’ it! Lette eta Al end all there, Period ! ”
    Grew up with Marx Bros. and cartoon and movies, making such play on words, poking fun at their own idiom. Gave learning fun.
    Thanks, Mr. Al

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