Jumble Answers for 12/09/2016







Happy Friday everyone!  MODULE was the difficult word for me this morning.  After solving it, I sailed right on to the cartoon puzzle.  I’m not a wine connoisseur so I wasn’t sure where to begin.  After looking at the letters, POUR all but jumped off the page so I wrote it down and crossed out the letters.  At that point I knew the answer was a play on emporium.  I took a moment to make sure I had my I & E in the correct location and then I was finished!  Have a wonderful weekend and be sure to share in the comments if you have any big plans.  See you tomorrow!  🍷


6 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 12/09/2016

  1. Wow! Got 1,3 & 4 easy enough, struggled w/ 2 and came up with posie instead of poise but the clues were the same. Got pour right away but struggled all through breakfast and coffee for the others. Finally figured I was trying to come up with a 5 letter answer using only 4 letters. Brain fart!..Not one of his better ones but it must be hard to come up with that many day after week after month etc.

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  2. Ido the la times jumble every morning but dont see the clue letters of mupomuier that you mention. In other words i attempt to solve the cartoon portion of jumble without the aid of jumbled letters. What am i missing?

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    • Hi Robert. The circled letters in the four jumbled words are the letters that you use to solve the cartoon. If you are just guessing at the cartoon answer then you are doing the puzzle incorrectly.


  3. Last week I told myself to take a commenting break because my to-do list is growing, but I just had to write today to brag about getting the words and answer in one short hour! MODULE was hard for me and I had WRITEr’s block, but I finally got the answer by choosing pour and struggling with what to do with two M’s and three vowels. Fun, fun, fun! Back to work! Happy Jumbling! See ‘ya!

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