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  1. King Kong is definitely no spring chicken. The original movie was released on March 2, 1933 which would make the “Eighth Wonder of the World” 88 years old! Noticing the palm trees, I couldn’t help but wonder if we’re seeing them while they’re on vacation or if they’ve chosen to live out their golden years somewhere down south or out west. The biggest surprise of the panel for me was the fact that he’s found another love interest besides Ann Darrow. I think deep down he knew it wasn’t really going to work out with her, but you can’t say he didn’t have some wacky adventures while chasing love during his youth!

    There were no new clue words to start off our week. Two of the anagrams and the final answer were though. CIGIN and NORLEG were our repeats, but they didn’t give me any hassle. The only problem I ran into this morning was deciding if BONKER was a real word or not. My general rule of thumb is that if you question your result, 9 out of 10 times it’s probably wrong and you should keep searching. Taking my own advice, I had BROKEN sorted out a few seconds later.

    It’s got to be good being King! In today’s cartoon we encounter King Kong and his wife making their way down to the beach, but their gigantic size has attracted some undesired attention. Mrs. Kong mentions that she gets the feeling people are staring at her, but Kong replies it’s only because she’s so beautiful. He doesn’t seem to be smooth-talking her either because he’s looking deep into her eyes while he’s saying it! All of the people moving out of their way must look like tiny ants to them. In the original film, King Kong’s height was given as 50 feet tall. I found it odd that nobody had their cell phones out to take a picture or video of them. Everyone looks to be in their swimming attire so I guess it makes sense that they didn’t have their phones with them. I thought her banana earrings and his visor were wonderful details. I bet he’ll create a heck of a sandstorm if he shakes his towel out when they get ready to leave! And off in the left hand corner was Jeff’s ubiquitous sinking sailboat. A cartoon featuring water wouldn’t be the same without it!

    The final solve was an anagram consisting of seven letters. Three of them were vowels and four were consonants. I’m not 100% sure if this is the first puzzle where all of the vowels in the solution were alike, but it’s the only one I can recall! The answer had me stumped until I wrote out all those I’s. After that, it was quite obvious to me where it was headed. Have a marvelous Monday everyone, and just keep BIGLUMJN!

  2. Another fun Monday J….
    BIG KINI is the bomb!!
    ICING was the word that slowed my roll but not for long….
    I did ponder if BONKER was a valid word.
    All said and done, let’s see what Tuesday offers.

    • 🎵”Red is autumn green is summer
      Greens are turning and the sand
      All along the ocean beaches
      Stares up empty at the sky”🎵
      That’s all I know about New York beaches, except for that “only surfer boy around” who said there’s no surfing there (I suspect that’s wrong.)

      • LOL…You do realize that there IS life beyond Joni, right? 😂 But even though my shout out was to Brooklyn beaches, NY has “miles and miles” of beautiful beaches, especially out on Long Island. And yes, we surf, too. We’re quite modernized out here! 😂 Have a good one, Steve! 👙🙋🏻‍♀️

  3. 🍫 Sitting poolside, she tried to put ICING on the cake with the new-fangled baking GIZMO, but not realizing that it was BROKEN, she ended up splashing chocolate all over her BIKINI, rendering it no LONGER wearable…🍫

    🍸 The LONGER line up to the bar…right now just wouldn’t do,
    The bartender was fixing drinks…those mixed ones all frou-frou…
    He saw a GIZMO in his hand, his spirit BROKEN more,
    It put the ICING on the cake, the long wait such a bore
    He worried now that she might leave… he needed a martini…
    That he had promised to the girl in the hot pink BIKINI! 🍸

  4. Took a quick look at cartoon, whereby BIKINI was staring me in the face…but didn’t put 2 and 2 together. After starting anagrams, saw plethora of “i”s staring at me and puzzle quickly solved.

  5. Me too,bikini took a toll.Then I tried to make the 4 letter word,king,which left me nothing for the 3 letter word,all in all a Monday failure on the cartoon solution,even though I had a quick solve of the anagrams.

    • If they were on bicycles, “BII-KING” would have been a hilarious find! You’ll get it tomorrow, Chuck. Be well. 🙂

  6. No Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeney Yellow Polka Dot Bikini for Mrs. Kong! Add me to the group that saw bonker first and looked it up – it’s bonkers.Cute puzzle and all in all it was an easy solve. Happy Monday to all!

    • You’re right, Betty. There’s no monkey business when it comes to David’s words! Have a wonderful start to your week! 🙂

  7. I was thinking this morning how King Kong’s no stranger to the Jumble. We last saw him on July 31st of 2019… https://tinyurl.com/mcr72x4w but he’s also made APEearances in July and September of 2017, March of 2016, April of 2015, August, September, October and November of 2013, and November of 2012, just to name a few…So I guess we can WRAY that it’s a foreKONG conclusion that David must be a really BIG fan…But I still can’t help but wonder…What kind of monkey business was going on in that latter part of 2013…Four months in a row? MON, STER’s a BIG mystery there…🦍🙋🏻‍♀️

  8. No BIG challenge on this normal Monday . No definition for KINI.
    Sweltering day for the second day. What makes it worst… no wind! Already 90°F in the shade at noon. Beats-40 in the winter!!! Thank heavens for AC.
    Stay cool!

    • You’re not alone, Christian. It’s 93°🔥 here…and it’s the 3rd day in a row. And it’s NOT even summer yet! Looks like Mother Nature’s giving everyone a ride for their monkey…I mean money! 😉 Be well, Christian…and stay safe out there! 🦍🙋🏻‍♀️

  9. Hi all – I’ve seen ICING enough to get it, especially with the ING suffix. Spotting the ER suffix gave me LONGER. At first I thought the third word was BONKER. (One of the other cartoon strips I read has coined the term “Metric-Bonker’s worth” to mean a large amount.) But I suspected that wasn’t legal and then got BROKEN. I thought “Ape Suit” or “Bikini” but didn’t get the pun until I saw the letters written out.

    Good wishes to everyone.

    I’m not surprised to see where they retired, Mike. After all, King did grow up on tropical Skull Island. (And I read “Which anagram drove you BANANAS” *just* as I was biting into one during breakfast! Almost spit it out! 😂)

    “The BROKEN GIZMO in the ICING machine meant the bakery could no LONGER offer its fancy cakes.”
    “The GIZMO in the machine that was supposed to adjust his hockey stick had BROKEN it instead, causing his pass to go much LONGER than intended, resulting in an ICING.”

    • The timing couldn’t have been better then! 🍌

      Wow, we lucked out by getting two sentences today. Kudos as always! Good stuff. 🙂

        • But of course you did — I wouldn’t expect anything less! 😂

          When I got a haircut on Friday, my barber had a giant stuffed bear in full Bruins gear in front of the shop. I know she’s not a sports fan, so I asked her what’s up. She said a customer asked her if he could leave it there and she said she didn’t think it would hurt. She said people were stopping by all day to get a picture with it, and some of them were even getting haircuts!

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