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  1. Good Morning, Everyone. 🎾 A SWING AND A BIS…NESS DEAL? 🎾

    🎶 NETWORKING, I’m user friendly…NETWORKING.. I install with ease….Data processed, truly Basic…I will upload you, you can download me…🎶 “Networking” – Warren Zevon 1989

    🎾Some meetings may be very brief, while others can go LONGER
    You need to WRING out all you can, so your points appear stronger
    These guys seem pretty PERKY, if that applies to men
    But can one speak of business?…As we see ‘tween Now and Sven?
    Yes you guessed right I chose the name simply to make the rhyme
    Just like I’m gonna tell you that SONATA?… Not sublime
    Some words no matter how you try, scenarios won’t fit,
    And when that happens you will see I try it bit by bit…
    But anyway, this puzzle here…I feel I have to scoff
    ‘Cause I would think that business talk goes much better with golf…
    But since our theme is tennis based…I’ll skip over the twerking
    A golf pun wouldn’t work with this…not with these guys NETWORKING! 🎾

    So, as you can see, I kind of lost my GRIP there with today’s rhyme. I mean…Sonata? In a tennis puzzle? Tough one. And as far as naming one of the guys Sven…Well, if not now, then SVEN? Anyway…checking beFOREHAND, I found no new words this morning, and none of the anagrams MATCHEd anything in the Archives. David’s SERVED up a brand new SET to put into GAME PLAY, and I’ll POINT out that none of them posed any problem for the Early Birds. Easily gleaning WORK and NET from the given letters, NETWORKING https://tinyurl.com/yy46szg7 was an easy CALL…They were in like Sven…

    Ok. I have to question it. These two guys, Sven and Now..(short for Norwald) are playing tennis. About thirty feet apart, running, lunging, grunting here and there. And during all this, they’re talking business? I don’t know, seems like a long SHOT to me…but hey, what do I know…I mean, I’m not here to LOBby for one sport or the other, but as I said earlier, it just seems that it’d be easier to do business while playing golf. But yes, then there’d be no NET. And we all know that WORKING without a net…well, the deal might FALL THROUGH. So, LET’s stick with Tennis. Maybe they just WENT OVER the basics of the contracts…no STRINGS attached, and they’ll APPROACH all the details over that lunch that Now’s proposing. Ok..LET’s seal this deal…

    Eye candy? Not much to PLAY with today. A bead of sweat on each of our guys, but not much else to make a RACQUET over. I guess we could say that today’s puzzle is a lot more subDUECEd than yesterday’s was…

    So, There you have it, Folks.Done. Be well, stay safe and SHANKS for listening…SEED you tomorrow…BYE, LOVEs!

  2. 🎼 Hoping to get ahead by NETWORKING with the chamber music group, he got nervous realizing that the LONGER he practiced the SONATA, the more he was convinced that there was nothing PERKY about it at all, and he began to WRING his hands in worry…🎼

    🎹 Moonlight SONATA she just loved, a Beethoven fan was she
    She liked the LONGER pieces, they just made her feel PERKY…
    She’d WRING her hands and flex before she started on the keys,
    It made her feel more comfortable, so she would play with ease…
    She had to get it perfectly, she wasn’t one for shirking
    And there was competition with the musical NETWORKING! 🎹

  3. Wow! Your song tastes really run the gamut, assuming they do represent your tastes. Zevon a favorite of mine. Certainly the only songwriter to get brucellosis into a song lyric. Enjoy every sandwich!

    • Good Morning…I guess my musical tastes do definitely run the gamut. But am I a Zevon fan, per se? Hard to tell. Musically talented, yes, but not exactly a pillar of the community now, was he? But then again…how many of us are? I suppose like many talented people, he had his demons. Ok, maybe he had a few more demons than your average Joe…but I didn’t have to like him to like his music. I think I first learned of him from Dave Letterman’s show. Way back. Anyway, I like “Networking”…he seemed way ahead of the times with that, and I like “Lawyers, Guns and Money”…three of life’s most double-edged swords. But “Play it All Night Long”?…Uh…I’ll pass. Thanks for commenting…and stay well and safe.🎾🙋🏻‍♀️

  4. Good morning. Really didn’t have any trouble with either the words or cartoon but it solving the cartoon I really thought that Networking was wrong as one word. After giving up trying to change my answer I went to the source and confirmed I was right. Who knew, not me.! Until tomorrow stay well and stay safe.

  5. The anagrams were a quick solve,even sonata, as was the working part of the cartoon solution,but even with the tennis reference,I was thinking ten-working ,rather than net-working.I guess it was too early for me on a Saturday morning,plus my paper moved the puzzles page in a different section from the usual sports-comics section,so I had trouble even finding them.Hope the rest of the rainy day goes better than this stumbling start.

    • Good Morning, Professor. I know you got a little worried there when you didn’t see your puzzle. From what you’ve told us, you’re definitely a paper and pencil devotee! Enjoy the day, Prof. Be well and stay safe. 🎾🙋🏻‍♀️

  6. Another easy going jumble. Love the answer. As for me, I now have to go working on my 24 yr old deck that needs a new floor with PVC boards. No longer will I have to spend time caring for it yearly. As an 80 yr old, I take my time and it keeps me busy during this pandemic. Need sunshine, not rain! Let the rain drown the USA western coast.

    • Good Morning, Christian. And a tip of the cap for still DIY! God bless you. And I’m praying the rain’s directed where it’s most needed too. Good luck with your project, Sir. Be well and stay safe. 🎾🙋🏻‍♀️

  7. Sort of worked backwards today. Saw the ING so put it at the end, then saw WORK so connected it to ING. SONATA threw me for a loop. The players standing across from each other with the NET in the middle finished it for me. No Superman references, not even Batman.
    It’s horrible in Cally. The air is like putrefied barbecue. Even our little dog doesn’t like going out….
    Let’s all get through this day and peel another page off the 2020 calendar, eh?

    • 2020…Ugh! I’m so ready to put it to rest..and pretend it was all just a nightmare. It’s been one disaster after another. Hoping things improve for everyone on the West Coast. Be well, Mig and stay safe. 🎾🙋🏻‍♀️

  8. Hi all – No problem again. I must have just recognized SONATA from having seen it before. Got the answer from the cartoon situation and dialog, and them meeting at the net confirmed it.

    Good wishes to everyone.

    Not much detail to work with Angela, but one possible detail – that *might* be a Jumble-logo “J” on the tennis ball.
    (And I am a big Warren Zevon fan, but hadn’t heard that one. David Letterman – “The best friend my music ever had.” (said he) )

    “The LONGER the conductor tried to WRING the last bit of pathos out of the SONATA, the harder it was for the musicians and the audience to maintain the PERKY demeanor they came in with.”

    • You’re a Zevon fan? I never knew…you never said…we never discussed him! 😉 And Letterman loves/d the guy…As for the tennis ball…IDK..Seems like a long SHOT…I pinched the *&:¥§! out of the pixels early this morning, and I couldn’t make neither head nor tail out of the image. Still can’t. Closest thing I came up with was the Nike logo, but even that was iffy. That’s why I just LET it be…Who knows…Hope your day’s going well considering the air…Be well Steve…and stay safe. 🎾🙋🏻‍♀️

  9. Easy puzzle again today. No problem with the words or cartoon answer. Hope all of you have a good Saturday.

    • Thank you, David. Thoughts and prayers to you and Claire. Be well and please stay safe. 🙏🏻🙋🏻‍♀️

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