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Good Thursday morning everyone!  STUDIO gave me some trouble this morning but I figured it out with a little self jumbling of the letters.  With all of the clue words solved it was on to the cartoon.  My first thought was that there’s quite a few vowels in the solution.  I was unable to solve it by reading the sentence and dialogue so I started a list of possible words.  IS, IN ,TO, ON, and IF all made the list.  As soon as I removed IS from the clue letters, FOOT jumped out at me and the solution came right away.  The puzzle was more difficult than I expected and was a wonderful challenge.  Enjoy the day, and I’ll see you tomorrow!  ๐Ÿ™‚

15 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 04/06/2017

  1. Good morning Mike, good morning everyone. Zipped through the first 3 words, and got down to bounce. “Blink…”. Great scrambling of letters. For me, the U as the last letter caused the left vs the right brain tug-of-war! I wrote the letters down, putting U in the middle, and voila! BOUNCE. Gathered my letters, pulled FOOT out of the mix, and had the answer. Love the name of the store. Always one of my favorite expressions. “If the shoe fits…(buy it in every color)”. I got A LOT of shoes! Dark, cold and pouring buckets of rain here; hoping everyone’s having better weather. Have a great Thursday! ๐Ÿ™‹๐Ÿป

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      • Hey Mike. Too bad the rain didn’t start earlier here last night. Might’ve called the Met game! Those extra innings kill us! …And we were doing SO well! LOL…(True Mets fans, we choke the life out of those straws we clutch)! โšพ๏ธ๐Ÿ™‹๐Ÿป


  2. Good morning. Had studio down on paper and didn’t realize I had the word for a couple of extra minutes. The cartoon puzzle took a little time but the letters fit like a glove. Today’s a wash out,no bocce today. Till tomorrow stay well.


  3. Hi! Great puzzle today! My old nemesis ICING did not get me this time! The two that I worked & worked at were STUDIO & BOUNCE by doing what you have taught us, Mike, and that is “self jumbling” the letters over & over again. I also remembered that you have told us several times about starting with the 2-letter words first, which I did, and caused “FOOT” to appear.
    We’re up early because our refrigeration quit cooling yesterday so we will be getting a brand new unit for the upstairs when the workmen arrive. We didn’t have to worry about sleeping warm last night because the basement unit was working fine. Better to have this happen now than in the middle of the summer.
    Enjoy your day! See you tomorrow.


  4. Answer came easily, but STUDIO had to back into.

    Tornadoes just north of here and hopefully will not reach Martin Co. – remnants of storms from last few days. But we really need rain – many brush fires in area as we are so dry. Pray for no more damage to property and people with these storms.


    • Hi Lana, good morning. Prayer is right. So heartbreaking to see in the news what this weather is doing around the country. Sad and frightening. This morning at my parish we offered the Mass for everyone affected by these storms, and t’row there’ll be a clothing drive. One of so many we’ve been having. ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป Hoping everyone can enjoy their day..


  5. Bounce was the one that gave me pause. Figured foot had to be in the answer so was able to solve the cartoon without difficulty. Like Angela I have a passion for a closet full of shoes. If there is reincarnation, I plan to return as a centipede with a different shoe on every foot. We too are expecting rain storms here for the next several days. Stay dry and safe everyone.


  6. Studio made me think hard but was good for brain. 83 degrees here yesterday; 50 today. Sister lives in Bardstown had lot of damage from wind and hail yesterday. LELIA, watched recording of Voice and Josh was awesome. Johnny was really good, however, judges got it right!๐ŸŒž


  7. Thank you, Sue. Being his grandma, I agree that Josh was awesome, but I love hearing it from you. I loved his kick!!
    Now about you. Glad you commented today, and I am hoping that you will soon tell us that the results of your CT scan were normal/good/not bad.


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