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Happy Wednesday, Jumble friends! Today’s puzzle ended up being quite deceiving. The answers to both of the 5-letter anagrams jumped out at me even before I could finish folding my newspaper into quarters and the cartoon drawing appeared to be as bare bones as you could possibly get. My solving abilities were really put to the test when I started to work on those 6-letter doozies. OFFEND ended up taking the most time to figure out so it’ll be my pick for today’s hardest word. TOIDT last appeared 4,020 days ago (yes, I included leap year days) while the other 3 are coming up as new. Yesterday I noted that David had been constructing the layout of his final solves with D & R being in the first two spots. With no “R” in today’s anagram, it looks like he chose to substitute it with a “T.” It’ll be interesting to see if any sort of pattern continues tomorrow.

The setting for our panel is obviously a golf course and it is there that we meet our Jumble characters for today. The amount of empty space was quite shocking at first but the sentence and dialogue explained why Jeff chose to skip over the extra scenery. In order to show how far the ball traveled in just 2 swings meant that he needed to create the illusion of distance. This was done by drawing the characters as small as possible at the top of the frame while the hole, flag and ball were much larger and located at the bottom.

Just because our characters were hard to see didn’t mean that they were devoid of detail. The male on the left is wearing shorts and a polo shirt and there’s a “J” logo on his hat. The woman is dressed in similar attire with the exception of her hat being a solid color. The golf bags in the cart were my favorite part of the panel and there’s a small teddy bear shaped cover on one of the club heads.

The final solve was an anagram consisting 12-letters that would transform into 4-words. The G&I seemed to create the -ING suffix so I crossed those letters out first. LONGING was my first thought but it was too long and there was only one G. LONGED happened to come to mind next and it was then that I had my “eureka moment” and the rest of the answer fell neatly into place. Have a wonderful Wednesday and I’ll see you right back here tomorrow!



19 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 01/15/2020

  1. Good Morning, Everyone…It’s a LONG SHOT today! 🏌🏻‍♀️🙋🏻‍♀️
    ….With PAR being the number of strokes an expert golfer is expected to need to complete an individual hole, I have a friend, a fellow logophile, who’s dubbed it the “Professional Average Rating”…P A R…A good acronym, and for him…PAR for the COURSE…Have a great day…And remember…You should never FOREgo enjoying yourself for a round of golf…Bottom line? It’s like paying taxes…You’re going for the green…but you end up in the hole!
    “High Hopes” – Frank Sinatra. 1959. https://tinyurl.com/rv5xm2n

    🏌🏻‍♀️In golf there are a lot of rules, and funny names abound,
    One wonders how the average man gets the ball off the ground…
    A Birdie, and an Albatross and DITTO with an Eagle,
    Should golf have been the Sport of Kings?…Some do think that it’s regal
    It has its share of Golf GIZMOs, (a wink to Jeff’s cute pup),
    But playing golf’s not easy…that’s why many just give up
    One can follow a LESSON, but it doesn’t mean a thing,
    If you can’t get out on a course and perfect stance and swing…
    Want to OFFEND a golfer? Tell him he don’t have the grit…
    For 2 shots on a par 5… Many have LONGED TO DO IT! 🏌🏻‍♀️

  2. Good morning. Another gift with the words. The cartoon answer looked simple enough but I came up with my own answer. I had Lodged On To it. I didn’t think I was right but the way it’s been going lately, Who knows. A simple switch with one letter would have given me the point instead of a half. Yes, I’m taking that 1/2 point. Lol. Until tomorrow stay well.

  3. 🤷🏻‍♂️ After offering up one GIZMO after the other, and DITTO with the lectures, he wondered how much further this guy would OFFEND him with this so-called “Learn to Swing” Golf LESSON…when plain and simple…he just LONGED TO DO IT…🤷🏻‍♂️

  4. Got the words, The answer got me. Missed putting a (o ) in.the letters for the Longed. Lots of fun. Thanks

  5. I expected a golf term here. Otherwise, it could have been something else. For example, we could have had a pair of runners and the inscription “she finally finished the marathon after she LONGED TO DO IT.”

  6. Like Paul, my first answer was lodged on to it. But I looked some more because this solution didn’t have a double meaning or golf term. I saw do and that led me to the other answer, though I think either should be acceptable. Wishing everyone a great day.

  7. I wanted the answer to be drove on to it but couldn’t make it work obviously. Was a fun on even though six holes is the most I’ve ever golfed.

  8. OFFEND caused me pause, but the solve was pretty quick. The three two letters words were the giveaway. The leftovers made LONGED. Note: As much as I cringe at quotes and hyphens, I believe “LONGED” needed them. Funny. Have a good day.

  9. I also thought the first word would more likely be drive related,as hitting your tee shot longer w your driver.Then my thought went to longing to do it rather than longed to.At least it was a welcome golf respite to a foggy dreary winter day.

    • Hey Prof. Driving aside😉 the wording and cartoon set the stage. The dialogue and question stating “wanted to for years”, and “finally” stressed how LONG she waited, and Jeff left allllll that expanse to show how LONG the ball needed to be hit. And as a golfer, I’m sure you’ve been there! 😉 Hope your days going well despite the weather! 🏌️‍♂️🙋🏻

  10. Hi all – Despite the ‘Z’, I had to stare for awhile before realizing that the word was GIZMO. (The host of Mystery Science Theater 3000 supposedly worked at “Gizmonic Institute” before his bosses ‘shot him into space’.) Nice pickup on Jeff’s dog “Gizmo”, Angela, I’d forgotten that.
    I thought the first word of the answer would end in ED, and after crossing that and some two letter words out, LONG remained.

    Have a great day, everyone!

    “The professor’s LESSON was cancelled when the administrators feared the GIZMO he had created would OFFEND someone, and DITTO the explanation of its use.” Maybe something like “The Thing” that Phil Harris found on the beach:

    • Steve, Thanks for making it possible for me to hear that song again after about six decades! The Thing movie came out in 1951 and the song right after. Later on they changed the title to The Thing from Another World,I think it had something to do with Kurt Russell’s version in 1982. I remember James Arness played the part of the unfrozen monster. Very scary!!!

      • My pleasure; glad you liked the song. I also saw the movie at the time; great ending! Never saw the sequel.

  11. Got all the anagrams but the cartoon answer eluded me today. Was looking for a “golf” term which of course it wasn’t. Tomorrow is another day.

  12. I’ve been doing Jumbles for years, but just discovered this site. I really enjoyed the messages left by your fans. I thought I was a very good player, but most of these guys have some real novel approaches to solving them. I’m fully retired from everything and really find these Jumbles as good brain food. Thanks, David and Jeff, for your fine contribution to our entertainment and mental well-being. Vic

  13. Didn’t have any problems with the anagrams, but like others, I had a devil of a time with the cartoon answer. I also came up with ‘lodged on to it’, but I knew that was incorrect. This was one of the more difficult, and it turns out I didn’t even need to know anything about golf!

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