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  1. Happy Tuesday everyone! There weren’t any new clue words to be had this morning. NICER looked like it was going to be until it popped up in a puzzle way back in 1961. It was also the only anagram that I didn’t see straight away. In hindsight, I shouldn’t have wasted so much time trying to get the RE prefix to work as my time would have been better spent just making random words.

    Today’s cartoon showed us three different generations of women that have owned this particular rocking chair. I wonder if Grandma had any idea that it would be an heirloom when she purchased it all those moons ago. The young woman is overcome with joy upon hearing the news, and a small tear can be seen running down her cheek. The curved design of the wooden rods underneath the chair lead me to believe it is a Thonet (pronounced: THO-NAY) bentwood rocker. The earlier ones were often stained brown or black and had seats made of cane or plywood. My favorite detail this morning was the mobile hanging over the crib. It had four distinct shapes hanging from it, and from left to right they were a rainbow, teddy bear, cloud and a star.

    The final solve was an anagram consisting of 10-letters. Four of them were vowels and six were consonants. The layout was rater cryptic, but I happened upon CHAIR after staring at it for a minute or two. The rest of the answer fell neatly into place with those letters removed from the equation. Have a terrific Tuesday, and keep Jumbling!

    Final Thought:
    Worrying is like sitting in a rocking chair. It gives you something to do but it doesn’t get you anywhere. —English Proverb

  2. Interesting J today. Mostly easy but once again the solution was difficult for me….. Once I got HIGHER life got better. I was missing Mike so now I am glad he is back, looking forward to his creativity tomorrow! Today was one of the most exhilarating days I have seen in SoCal. Sunny, 81 degrees, winds at 3 mph, no smog or homeless fires smoke! Tomorrow is predicted to be similar…..

  3. Chair-ish? Gave me a chuckle. Glad I can see the quote marks. My image of Dave and Jeff is nicer and my approval is higher when they give us a strand of humor. O Town warming up and so I am as far as Jumble solves. Have fun everyone.

    • You’d be surprised at how many people write in complaining about how hard the answers in quotes are, OO! I’m sure glad you didn’t have any trouble solving it. Enjoy the day!

  4. Good morning. Little difficulty today. The words were easy and the cartoon answer was solved in less than five minutes. All this before breakfast. Until tomorrow stay well and stay safe

  5. Nicer was the word that took me the longest time to solve this morning but I “rocked” the rest of the anagrams and the cartoon answer. Beautiful day here today. Wishing all of you a good one.

  6. Hi all – Of all things, it took me a few jumbles to get the first word, NICER.
    No idea about the answer, but after writing the letters I realized I should have known they avoided saying “rocking CHAIR” and got it.

    Good wishes to everyone.

    “During last weekend’s NHL outdoor games at Lake Tahoe, they knew the HIGHER the camera the NICER the IMAGE would be, but they didn’t want to STRAND a poor photographer way up on a crane, so they just used drones.”

    I saw the “cloud” in the baby’s mobile as the planet Saturn. And speaking of planets Mike, did you see this? Remember when you were talking about putting an “Easter Egg” in the quiz? I think NASA did you one better – in the video of the Mars Perseverance craft drifting down to the surface, you can see the underside of the red and white parachute. Among other things, they encoded one of their catchphrases “Dare Mighty Things” in the color pattern!

    • It would have to be a heck of a lot bigger in order to be Saturn, Steve. But I do like the way you think! Hopefully space travel will be routine in his/her lifetime and it’ll see the human race finally evolve into an interplanetary species. 🤞🏻

      I hadn’t heard about the code, so thanks for the article. Very cool! Here’s a blurb and a pic for others to enjoy:

      It was first established that the striping was probably binary code: with the red representing ones and the white representing zeroes that can then be used to represent letters or words, in the same way as it does with a computer.

      Once the different red and white stripes – or bits, in computer speak, which can either be off or on – are broken up into ten character chunks and added to 64, they can be turned into letters. The first of the letters, for instance, was 0000000100, or four, which can be read as “D”, since that is the fourth letter in the alphabet.

      That was the first of the letters solved. From there, the rest of the letters were filled in, and the wording emerged. The parachute, when decoded, reads “DARE MIGHTY THINGS”. That happens to be a key phrase at NASA’s JPL (jet propulsion laboratory), including on the wall in the room where mission controllers watched the landing.

  7. Good Afternoon, Everyone. I hope this finds you well….🙋🏻‍♀️

    💇🏻‍♀️ He wanted to CHERISH the portrait of his Mother, but thought it’d be NICER if the IMAGE didn’t portray her hair having STRAND after strand looking so disheveled…maybe if the hairdo was styled HIGHER on her head it would have a better appearance…💇🏻‍♀️

    🪑The sentiment is beautiful, it warms the heart to see,
    But Grandma shouldn’t look so old…still generation three!
    Today we women stay real fit, it’s NICER to keep young,
    The IMAGE of our Grandma? Why’s it look like old-age sprung?
    We hold ourselves to standards that are HIGHER nowadays,
    No reason to just STRAND ourselves looking like olden days…
    And things like family heirlooms? I pray they will never quit…
    There’s nothing like tradition…and that’s why we CHERISH IT! 🪑

  8. I love figuring out words in quotes. I am finally getting the gist that when they use Rocker and not Rocking Chair, that “chair” is probably part of the answer! Yep! Northern Cal is also gorgeous today – 78’. Ann

    • There you go, Ann! Nothing will stump you now with that knowledge under your belt. Enjoy the beautiful weather! 🙂 ☀️

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