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  1. Pretty straight forward although the solution eluded me….. Don’t really know about joists. Anagrams were not hard. It will be interesting to see where this week goes.
    Weather is awesome in Cally. They finished up the golf at the Riviera and a young Burbank man took the win! Nice…..

    • Well said, Mig! Any guess as to what the finished area will be?

      Since dad and daughter are standing side by side, I’d assume that’ll be a sliding glass door and it’ll lead to an outside seating area. Jeff really paid attention to the details making sure everything was up to spec! The concrete footing appears to have been poured as evidenced by the unevenness of the ground around it. The fasteners holding the joists to the outside beam could be seen in the shadows if you looked closely. Double screws on the ledger board were also fun to notice. And I assume you saw the saw? It must be battery powered because no cord was shown.

      Update: Just noticed a small patch on the right pant leg of the daughter near her knee. It was difficult to spot in the B&W version of the puzzle!

      I’ll let this be my post for today. It’s my son’s b-day, and we’re still up playing video games and goofing around. Have a great start to your week!

  2. CLOWN = Last used on 10/17/16 as WLONC
    FUDGE = Last used on 10/23/20 as UDEFG
    MUMBLE = Last used on 06/22/20 as MMLUEB
    ZIGZAG = Last used on 05/11/08 as GIZZAG
    BEAMING = Last used on 10/09/13 as GIBMAEN

    DUEFG = Used on 10/28/19

  3. Monday, Monday. Anagrams were Monday easy, but it took some persistence to hammer out “beaming” for the puzzle solve. Had to use my phone magnifier to see that patch on the girl’s knee. Going to be mid-40s in the O Town after 8 inches of snow yesterday. Woo-hoo! Happy birthday, to Mike’s Teenager!

  4. Good morning. We knew it was Monday by the easy words we had today. The cartoon answer took a little time but was beaming with pride when I was totally done. Happy birthday to your son Mike. Until tomorrow stay well and stay safe.

  5. Good Morning, Everyone. I hope this finds you well…🪚🙋🏻‍♀️

    🪚 They had a feeling that the CLOWN of a carpenter would FUDGE the job, and as he stood there BEAMING, they couldn’t help but MUMBLE their displeasure seeing the cabinet’s ZIZZAG end result…🪚

    🐝 The party almost starting, the FUDGE ready to slice,
    The CLOWN themed decorations had really turned out nice
    But looking up she saw her husband ZIGZAG ‘round the pool,
    Smiled with a little MUMBLE as he acted quite the fool…
    Just then though did she notice swarms of bees were out there streaming…
    And a worried look now overtook her face, no longer BEAMING….🐝

    Happy Birthday to the new 1️⃣3️⃣!🎈🎂!

  6. Seeing the ING ending saved me on the answer because I know nothing about this subject. Best wishes to your son, Mike. I remember that wonderful poster he made a few years ago.


    🎶 If I had a HAMMER, I’d HAMMER in the morning…I’d HAMMER in the evening…All over this land…🎶 “If I Had a Hammer” – Peter, Paul and Mary 1963 https://tinyurl.com/3pmktzft

    🔨 The job is half way over, and nothing did they FUDGE,
    Right now they’re basking in a glow, and neither one will budge…
    They didn’t CLOWN around at all, no ZIGZAG with the joists,
    They concentrated on their work…nothing untoward foist…
    You heard nary a MUMBLE, the work was steady streaming
    And now the finished product has the both of them wide BEAMING! 🔨

  8. Anagrams were Monday easy,even zigzag.Given the ing ending made the cartoon puzzle a quick solve as well.We’ve broken thru the freezing mark on the positive side w Temps above freezing on the weekend and continuing this week,

  9. Words were easy but it took a few minutes on beaming. Once I saw the ing it only took 5 seconds after that.

    Beautiful day in Vegas, heading out to Lake Mead for 2 nights of tent camping. Have a great week everyone.

  10. Got it within a minute. No clowning around… I was beaming with joy until I realized it was a Monday Jumble!
    Have a good week! Soon, bye-bye February!!!

  11. Super easy puzzle this morning. Words and cartoon answer fell into place quickly. Happy Birthday to your son , Mike. Hope all of you have a good day.

  12. Hi all – A funny thing happened on my way to an instant solve – I ran into the answer. I thought she might be FLOORED by how well she did, but the letters weren’t right. Maybe she was beDECKed? Then I saw it. (I guess she “sawed” it.)

    Good wishes to everyone, especially your son, Mike!

    “When he saw his tax guy FUDGE the numbers and ZIGZAG around randomly with his forms, he began to MUMBLE to himself ‘This guy’s a total CLOWN!’ “

  13. Today was my Mother’s birthday too. Until 1968 she never received mail on her day. Then President’s Day was established. Mom has been gone a long time but my brother in Virginia always calls me in California on her birthday. Ann

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