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Good morning everyone and happy Wednesday! Today’s puzzle featured clue words that were all returning favorites and a cartoon that was chock full of fun details. So buckle up, grab a cup of coffee, and let’s head out on the open road and discover all there was to be seen in today’s game.

Both of the 5-letter clue words were no trouble at all and instantly recognizable upon first glance. IMAGE was practically spelled out in perfect reverse order with the “E” on the end being the only roadblock. CANAL hasn’t shown up in the game since last October and was probably the more difficult of the two. That brings us to SKINNY, which is my pick for the most difficult anagram of the day. On Monday I mentioned that if you get stumped on a word that has a “Y” in it, you should try making words that end with “Y”. I took my own advice and it worked like a charm. For some reason HINDER jumped right out at me, and just like that, I was ready to zoom over to the cartoon!

Today’s panel featured a man and a woman having a conversation as they are motoring along a busy roadway. Reading the dialogue and sentence gives us a hint as to why the driver looks so concerned. Our female co-pilot has just noticed on her cell phone GPS that they need to take the next right to get to their destination so she informs the driver that he needs to switch lanes. With his directional on, the driver can be seen scanning his rear view mirror for an opening that will allow him to safely execute the maneuver.

At first glance, I thought the tractor trailer in today’s panel was the same one we saw in Saturday’s game. It had similar flame decals on the engine compartment but the driver looked different. The logo on the truck we see today say’s “Duff” which is a fictional beer from “The Simpsons” animated sitcom.

My favorite detail today was the hair bow that the female passenger is wearing. If you look closely you’ll see that it has bowling pins on it and a bowling ball in the center!  Excellent job, Jeff!!!

The layout for the final solution was two words and wasn’t overly difficult to figure out. The visual clue of a man attempting to change lanes was more than enough for me to get the job done leaving us with a satisfying finish.

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Have a wonderful Wednesday, and I’ll see you tomorrow!



32 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 04/04/2018

  1. 🎶On the ROAD again…Just can’t wait to get on the ROAD again. The life I love is making music with my friends…And I can’t wait to get on the ROAD again. On the ROAD again’…GOIN PLACES THAT I’VE NEVER BEEN’..seein’ things that I may never see again…And I can’t wait to get on the ROAD again…🎶

    🎳 They may not be a couple, just members of a team,
    But here’s a man and woman with matching shirts it seems…
    They’re driving on a highway, with an IMAGE on her phone
    That’s guiding them by GPS to reach the place that’s shown.
    Their usual Bowling Alley they learn has closed its doors,
    We don’t know if it’s just tonight or will this be for sure…
    The “SKINNY” isn’t known to us, but HINDER it won’t do,
    The solve today don’t hinge upon us knowing if it’s true.
    So will they pass a river, a CANAL, perhaps a stream?
    How far they’re going we can’t tell…the issue here it seems…
    Is getting over and he’s trying ‘fore the opportunity wanes…
    The answer is quite simple…as long as they CHANGED LANES! 🎳

    I’m pretty sure I had this puzzle DRIVEN home a lot quicker than our guy here GOT OVER in front of that truck…Easy, breezy words considering it’s a Wednesday. Am I RIGHT? It LEFT me a lot of time to SPARE…Ok, BUCKLE UP, Folks, and let’s SET UP today’s puzzle. Jeff has us back on the ROAD again, with a man and a woman shown DRIVING in a car. She’s using the GPS on her phone to guide them. We’re told that they’re on their way to a new Bowling Alley, since their regular one is closed. We see them trying to switch LANES on a HIGHWAY. The RIGHT LANE is occupied by a DUFF tractor trailer, with a DRIVER looking a little STRIKEing! Heavily bearded, he looks disgruntled and sleepy, and he may not be as on the BALL as he should be. So our guy, despite having his blinker on, isn’t having much luck getting over. Anyway…Different Bowling Alley…Driving on the Highway…Our question asks us what they did…They CHANGED LANES! There you go, we PINNED it down! Good one, David! Ok, eye candy. The blue shading in the vehicles, depicting night time, is a nice touch. I hope HUE all can see that. There’s the DUFF truck. You know, DUFF TRUCKING had a slogan…”Duff’s enough for Ohio”. Maybe so, but it’s not enough for me…despite the red flames on the engine compartment and the dice hanging from the rear view mirror. I should say, that for a minute I thought it could be the DUFF beer truck from the Simpsons TV show, but weren’t they all RED? This truck is green. Is Jeff RIDING us here again? IDK. He’ll have to SPARE a moment and let us know…It’s the YEAST he can do. I found the turn/signal light ILLUMINATING, and the little STAR on the phones’ screen denoting the destination SHONE too, but I’m not BOWLed OVER….And of course, we have one of our favorite pieces of eye candy, Jeff’s “J”; on the license plate..But today I’m going with the bow in the woman’s hair. It has little Bowling PINS all OVER it…How STRIKEing! So, There you have it Folks, Done! Have a great day, Everyone! And remember..SPARE yourself any hassles today…Because no matter what your oPINions are about stress…SPLIT happens! 🎳🙋🏻


  2. To HINDER swimming in the CANAL, especially SKINNY dipping, a large IMAGE of giant carp was posted on each bank.
    Great attention to details in the cartoon Mike and Angela, some I could see, others too tiny in my paper. I’ll go online later and check them out. I did see the letter “J” today.
    Clue words were simple and the solution was not hard after studying the cartoon and writing out the letters.
    Love your song choice Angrla and thanks for using it.
    Trying to walk today but the headwinds are keeping me indoors. 😡 💨 ☔️
    Alternate sentence: Rowing on the CANAL could make you SKINNY and improve your IMAGE but also HINDER transport.

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    • Both great choices, Earl, but I’ll choose the first sentence as my favorite. It was very descriptive and brought the opening scene of Jaws to mind. Take care and enjoy this rainy Wednesday. It’s better than snow, right?!

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    • Good Morning, Earl. Thank you. Enjoyed both your offerings today…you definitely GOT OVER! 🚛🙋🏻 PS: The winds here are way off the charts too…💨


    • Hi, Earl! I liked both of your sentences and it made me smile to see that you had written two because today’s words made me feel like it was a two-sentence day. Hope you get to walk soon.


  3. I like to write in my blind solves before unjumbling the CWs when I have deep conviction that I am correct. This morning I jumped right in with SWITCHED, getting as far as the C before I quickly CHANGED my mind!

    The CWs were all pretty easy; even the last one couldn’t impede my progress!

    Until tomorrow!

    P.S. Steve, should be a good pitching matchup this afternoon at AT&T park!

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  4. Skinny was a little troublesome,but being an old time bowler,having won my first bowling trophy in a father son tournament at age 10,changed lanes was a quick solve.

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  5. Hi Everyone….I’m waiting around for a friend, and I’m bored out of my mind. I’d usually take a walk, but the weather’s so bad here..rainy and terribly windy…that I’m stuck in this waiting room. And I’m starving to boot…I started a story using today’s words as my opening sentence, today’s theme as my muse….And my hunger pangs as my motivation…Here GOES…

    While attending the fashion shoot in Italy, with a beautiful CANAL as the backdrop, ALLEY, the painstakingly SKINNY model, was thinking that all the pasta surrounding her on SET could definitely HINDER the IMAGE she so needed to maintain. She was TIREd, and NIGHTfall’s SHADOWS were GAINING SPEED. She needed so badly to GET OVER this appetite she’d developed since landing in this STRIKingly beautiful country. She knew it wasn’t RIGHT. Why just GAINING even a pound or two, could be a ROAD to ruin, and result in her being LEFT out of future shoots. This wasn’t a GAME, it was her liveliHOOD, and she couldn’t SPARE losing a days work. She had to STOP thinking about food, and TRY to get her mind back on TRACK. So she concentrated on TURNING her thoughts around, and CHANGED LANES. A little LIGHT went off in her head. She’d think about the Italian men gathered all OVER the set instead…DRIVING the TRUCKS, GUIDING the LIGHTING crew, STEERing the extras in the RIGHT DIRECTION and keeping them out of the GUTTERS. Yes, this was so much better…She smiled and let out a sigh of relief, because as TIREd as she was, the thoughts of these HANSOM men now BOWLED her OVER…And she settled on whetting this new FOUND appetite…

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  6. Hi, all! I CHANGED LANES instantly, solved IMAGE quickly, took a minute on CANAL, and SKINNY was not a HINDER.

    As foreman, I asked the engineer, “What’s the SKINNY of this Arizona Irrigation CANAL Project?” but got a dreadful IMAGE in my head of not completing it on time when he continued to HINDER our progress with his abstruse information.

    As teenagers, the IMAGE of the littered CANAL water did not HINDER us from jumping in to SKINNY dip.

    Teenage girls decided to skinny dip after dark in a small lake on a farm nearby, not knowing that the farmer was heading out the door with a bucket to pick some apples from his apple trees beside the lake. When they saw him approaching, they screamed for him to go away. Seeing their clothes beside the lake, the farmer held up his bucket and said, “I’m not out here to see you girls. I came out here to feed my alligator.”

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    • Ha Ha Ha!!! Bravo, Lelia! I wasn’t sure where you were heading with that last paragraph until the very end. You had me cracking up!!!

      Enjoy the day, and thanks for the smiles! 👨🏼‍🌾🐊


      • Hi, Mike! I do love to make you smile so thanks for telling me I was successful. Now if I only had some of your banana bread!! However, granddaughter is on her way over to take me to lunch. Happy day for me, happy day to you!!

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      • Good one, Angela! I agree that the old man thought fast. Also, I liked what you said yesterday about permanent press. I’ll have to add that to my thank-you list. A really long time ago we called those clothes “drip dry” before permanent press .

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        • Tks, Lelia, but I can’t take credit for it. That’s just how the joke ends. Alligator? (Or should we say ALLEYgator today)! 😉 Please…The only thing SHARP out there was that old guys wit! 😉 As for the permanent press? I don’t know how you women lived without it…Way too much PRESSure back then! Have a good one! 🙋🏻


  7. ROTFL…Poor Alley? Poor Angela! She found an outlet! I’m still starving here…I’m down to my last three Wintergreen mints…So not cool!🙄 I’m rationing! 🙋🏻


  8. Hi all – Had to write down the letters to get SKINNY, even though it ends with a ‘Y’. Otherwise, no problem.

    Mike, “chock full of fun” and “grab some coffee”? Just a coincidence? Surely you’re too young to remember the “Chock Full o’ Nuts” coffee jingle?
    In any case, I certainly took your advice at my brand-newly expanded Peet’s this morning. I left a description on IOW to Angela.

    Til tomorrow, folks. 🎵“Will you come see me, Thursdays and Saturdays? What have you got to lose?”🎵

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    • 👏🏻 Now, THIS is a SUITE song, G! 🎶 And you (didn’t) make it hard…🎶 I STILL love listening to it…Great choice…Ok, I can’t talk with food in my mouth!!!😂 Catch you later…☕️🙋🏻


  9. Good evening. On the way home from Atlantic City. Lost 340.00 mostly on the card game again. I’m still ahead but would be $1000.00 richer if I stayed away from the game. Going to read everything when I get home.phone is getting low and the bus rocks to much. Today’s entire puzzle was an instant solve. Never even needed the letters for the cartoon answer. Until tomorrow stay well stay well.

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