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Good morning everyone and happy Tuesday!  The clue words weren’t overly difficult and I managed to get through them quickly and without any trouble whatsoever.  I don’t recall GOOEY being used in the past so I’ll take a chance and guess that it was the most difficult anagram for today.  Moving forward to the cartoon, we arrive at what I first thought was the Oval Office with a former president.  Reading the dialogue and sentence, I quickly discovered that it was the office of high-fantasy author J.R.R. Tolkien and he’s being asked a question about his book “The Lord of the Rings”.  Jeff took the creative liberty to add some artistic flair to his piece by including a large dragon on the front of the desk as well as a Jumble puzzle with a cartoon featuring the Eye of Sauron.  The solution to this puzzle came instantly without the need of the clue letters.  Let me know if you had any luck solving Mr. Tolkien’s Jumble!  Have a terrific Tuesday and I’ll see you tomorrow.

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  1. 🐉🐉 It doesn’t happen often, hardly has over the years
    That looking at a puzzle can evoke an “I don’t care”
    The words and solve so simple, they didn’t cause a blink
    “Lord of the Rings” tho, I must say, just caused my heart to sink…
    I’m so not into Fantasy, my feelings here are STRONG.
    Tolkien I’ve never chose to read, not ’cause the book was long…
    There’s creatures with some GOOEY slime, there’s horses and some water
    CANAL? Got me…For all I know men going cross a border…
    I’d SWITCH this puzzle in a sec for any other thing…
    Oh wait there may be some appeal…I see a golden Ring! 🐉🐉

    Today’s words are easy, breezy. Today’s theme…It makes me queasy! The solve? Piece of HONEY CAKE! “Lengthy book”…”IT’S A LONG STORY”! Short and to the point. But the cartoon? It’s an eye candy paradise! No such thing? Uh, look what we’re dealing with here…! I’m a fiction devotee, but Fantasy? Not my cup of mead! I was thinking..”Should I do some research on MIDDLE EARTH”? No, I can’t even find any middle ground here. But Jeff’s cartoon is the work of a WIZARD! There’s Jumble books on the desk, showing an illustration related to “The Lord of the Rings”. Some of the letters are even visible, great details. There’s the bird-like creature emblazoned on the desk. There’s the pipe and the inkwell, with a red feather! A plethora of art work. FRODOs, Jeff..oh I mean Kudos, Jeff. My pick? The pipe. Somehow blowing smoke just seems to fit…! So, there you have it, Folks! Done! But Jeff, if I may? Please don’t make this a HOBBIT…!
    Have a great day, Everyone! And to all the “Lord of the Ring” fans: I’m TOLKIEN to you when I say…”All’s well that ends better…” 🐉🙋🏻


  2. Good morning. I don’t know about you guys but more often than not I find I get the six letter words faster than the five letter words. “Like Today”. It took a second look to get the first two words. After laying out the letters for the cartoon answer,it became obvious as to its solution. All and all a good start to a dreary rainy day. Thanks for the info on the picture. We miss so much not having it on a computer. Until tomorrow stay well.

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    • Paul you will find days when you solve it all without a pen and other days where you might wad it up and say a whole Sunday School lesson! It is kinda like golf, you get good rounds and bad rounds. Oh sorry I forgot you only got half of that experience! All in good fun my friend.

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      • Touché, you had me laughing out loud. At first glance I thought it was Angela chiming in and then the golf phrase came up and it only had to be you. Nice way to begin the day with a great big grin.

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  3. Snap! TY Mike for enlarging that pic today. I cannot see those details in the Indianapolis Star or on the colored one on line. It is special to me since I have had the pleasure of meeting Jeff.

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  4. A STRONG gale drove the molasses BARGE into the CANAL wall and the GOOEY mess that resulted forced other boaters to SWITCH off their motors.

    Unscrambling was a snap and even though I , like Angela, have never read Tolkien, the solution came sans pen or pencil–unusual for me this week. Your poem says it all for me, Angels, so no comment on the cartoon other than a big thank you for all the details mentioned. I also cannot see them in the format I use.

    Strong gale force winds and showers during the night but a bright sunny morn now. Off to volunteer again, so later. BTW. Passed my annual physical with flying colors, so I am a Happy Warrior.

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    • Hi Earl. Good morning. Thank you. Luckily, we didn’t need any knowledge of Tolkien to solve the puzzle.
      Hopefully, the worst of the weather has passed for you. We’re just beginning here. Fingers crossed. Kudos on your physical! You worked for it! The walking, the biking…it all pays off. Great news.
      And the imagery on your sentence? On point!
      Have a great day. 🐉🙋🏻


  5. Get the paper every day usually all that gets read is when I do the jumble, my husband wonders why we get the paper, then he realized its for me and my jumble

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  6. I prefer to do the Jumble on paper rather than online. For some reason things don’t pop into place as quickly for me on a monitor. Must be generational!

    Puzzle was an instant solve today, sentence first, again.

    Make it a great day!

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  7. Hi, all! Instant cartoon solve and 3 words quickly but had to self-jumble STRONG two times. I took our newspaper to the doctor’s office at 6 a.m. to do the Jumble.

    Steve, I promised to tell you Jerry’s biopsy results immediately this time. I am typing through a lot of Happy Tears because the biopsy showed NO MORE CANCER. I can’t thank you enough for all of your support and others who sent well wishes also.

    Jerry is eating 2 waffles to celebrate, and I am going to eat a hot dog with oodles of gooey condiments before going back to bed.


  8. Lelia, that happy news exceeds anything to do with the Jumble. It makes my day, and I have no doubt that the feeling is shared by everyone here!

    Hey Jeff, I get *two* papers every day, each with a Jumble. I hope that helps you upgrade to a large size coffee!

    I’m not really a fantasy fan either, but the drawing is great. At first I thought it was Dickens, though, and it brought back memories of *slogging* through five or six hundred pages of “David Copperfield”. I think it was so long because it was originally a serialized story, and you know what my grandfather would have said about that.

    Earl, with apologies to Erie and with your blessing, the puzzle, my wife, and our Dutch friend here cause my thoughts to drift to The Netherlands and a sentence.
    When the CANAL jumper mistook a rotted SWITCH for his usual STRONG pole, he was dumped into a GOOEY mess.
    Maybe he should have tried jumping the Rotterdam with it.

    Good luck to those in peril from the rain and wind. All we have to do here is endure our mini-heatwave.


    • Steve–glad to have another “canal lover’ and sentence maker on board. Keep on rowing and don’t let the “tug boats” bite. Terrible but then I’m not Angela Like your sentence and since my mother is 1/2 Dutch and I love Amsterdam, great to have a fellow Dutchman here .


    • Barbara, They were posted early this morning. Just scroll back up to the top right, and tap 25 on the calendar. If you’re still having trouble, post back and I’ll re-type them for you. Be well 🙋🏻


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