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Good morning everyone and happy Wednesday!  We’re halfway through the week and we’ve already seen some really fun puzzles.  Today’s game didn’t buck that trend so let’s explore it a bit, just ewe and me!  The first three clue words came instantly today leaving SONATA to require a few extra glances.  For that reason, it’s my choice for the most difficult anagram to decipher.  Did you notice that all of the clue words were in alphabetical order once solved?  I often wonder if David does that on purpose or if it’s just a coincidence.  Moving on to the cartoon, I noticed that Jeff has really been spoiling us this week with so much extra detail.  The third time wasn’t the charm, but there were three prominent mountaintops!  Reading the dialogue and sentence, OR was given to us and honestly was the only help I needed to finish this one off.  The colorful pun was a hoot and Jeff made it even funnier by not drawing the rams rear ends!  The cartoon was perfect and hopefully we’ll see a couple of  Halloween themed ones before next week.  Have a wonderful Wednesday and I’ll see you tomorrow!

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  1. 🐑🐑 City girl both born and bred, confusion may set in
    I’ve never really got it straight who’s her and who’s a him…
    It’s not like you can look at DRESS and tell one from the other
    Like people out in PUBLIC, you know Fathers from the Mothers.
    There’s Goats and Sheep and Does and Bucks and here we have a RAM
    I’ve read about a “Wether” too, poor guy…or is it Ma’am…?
    I could look FRONT, I could look back, I still couldn’t tell you
    If Lambs were Sheep or Goats were Bucks…Oh, I forgot the Ewe!
    But looking at this picture here, the horns should help me out
    I could think of SONATAs with some instruments about.
    It’s just never been important, who goes by what name
    Except maybe in crosswords or playing a trivia game.
    So I really never worry, with the names being a loss…
    As long as it’s not 20 down, or 17 across! 🐑🐑

    Looking at today’s words, I’m thinking didn’t we have Dress quite recently? And Front is nothing EWE either. Public and Sonata, although easy to solve, I’m not sure aBUTT, so I won’t say. Not that there’d be any RAMifications if they were new, I just would never want to STEER you wrong, or pull the WOOL over your eyes. So, our cartoon. We got two RAMS. That’s it. Now I could go out on a LAMB here, and say that Jeff was aSHEEP at the wheel with this one; BUTT that might be RAMbunctious, and I’d never want to get his GOAT. So, no eye candy today. Ok, the RAMS. The younger one seems to be on a RAMpage, trying to LOCK HORNS with the older one. And for what reason? Just to get some SHEEP thrills? The older one is like…”Leave me alone, I’m tired, and I’ve MUTTON more to say…”. What is it with some of these young BUCKS always looking to BLEAT the competition? And name calling? He’s just a bully, a WOOLy bully! I mean, off the HOOF, I’d say he’s probably always trying to RAM something down someone’s throat…Anyway, the older one is not BAAing it…”NO, IFS, ANDS OR BUTTS”! DA-DA! You GOAT this! SMASHing, great pun! BUTT, Dave? If I may, (she asks SHEEPishly…) Shouldn’t “BUTTS” have been in quotes? The word really being BUTS? Just BRAYin’…
    So, there you have it FLOCKS! I mean Folks! Done!
    Once again, this turned out LHORNger than I planned. I’m going to need more RAM on my iPad if this SHEEPS up…I’m hoping I don’t get FLEECEd with the cost though, I HERD it can be expensive! Have a great day, Everyone! And make someone proud of EWE today! 🐑🙋🏻

      • Thank you, Big Guy! Truth be told, 4:30! The paper’s been coming at 4AM! I guess the delivery guy doesn’t SHEEP well either! Or maybe the route was extended, and now he’s got more …Miles to go before he SHEEPS…!! 😉🙋🏻

    • Good one, Moose. But don’t worry. Nobody’d ever LAMBaste you if you couldn’t get it! 😉🙋🏻

  2. Good morning. Remember what I said yesterday about five letter words versus six letter words. Well “Forget About It”the second looks were on the last two. I drew a blank on the cartoon answer and decided to give up rather quickly. The answer was real cute. Until tomorrow stay well.

  3. The first performance of the SONATA was memorable when the composer spoke to the PUBLIC in FRONT of the concert hall in a DRESS designed by Donatella Versace.

    Words all seemed familiar to me today and easily unscrambled but ALL those circled letters stumped me. So I went off and got another cup of coffee, fiddled around with a sentence and kept looking at the cartoon. Separated BUTTS from the crowd and finally got the solution. Clever play on a familiar phrase Jumble Makers and clever post Jumble Master and witty poem and post from the Mistress of Missives, Angela.

    Bright sunny day and I’m off to bike along the canal perhaps for the last week before chills, both real and imaginary set in for November. Enjoy the day all.

    • Good morning, Earl, and thank you for the shout out and the title! I shall wear it proudly!
      Ah, Versace! ❤️ I’ve been FLEECEd many a time for a Versace, but it was well worth it!
      Like EWE, I’ve gone for a run, and the weather is perfect. But the slightest bit of a nip IS in the air….
      Enjoy your day, Sir! 🐑🙋🏻

  4. Sonata didn’t come to me until I had the answer and plugged the o and a into the two uncircled boxes.
    I liked Jeff’s shout out yesterday for a free press and those who work for it.
    Also was glad to read about Jerry’s good report .

    • CAROLINE, I spelled your name incorrectly AGAIN! (We have a Carolyn in our family.) I don’t mind when people spell Lelia “Leila” or when they mispronounce it, but I’ll try to get yours right. I know, I’ll send myself to the chalkboard to write it 100 times. LOL Yes, I know Steve; young people don’t know what a chalkboard is. LOL

      • Hi Lelia,
        No problem. People often misspell and mispronounce the two names, which doesn’t bother me at all.
        When Earl addressed you as Lelia Ann, that made me wonder if people call you that or Lelia.

  5. Paper does not ARR: here till sevenish so I do the puzzle on line. Did CWs quickly and solved puzzle but the on line did not recognize it as the correct answer. Had to wait till someone told me it was correct G’day

    • Anonymous: I don’t know what on line site you’re using, but you’re the second person I’ve heard that from today. Nothing beats the newspaper. 🐑🙋🏻

  6. Really clever puzzle today. I paused at public for some reason but was able to figure it and the cartoon answer as well. We’re having very warm weather here again today, in the 80’s in S.F. – a bit unusually warm for us for this time of year. Have a good Wednesday everyone.

  7. Sonata took a bit as did the puzzle answer, BUTT I finally got it!

    I don’t usually check this blog after I post, so I missed direct queries earlier in the week from Steve and Angela. Renaissance man may be a stretch, Angela, but I DO like trying new things and working with my hands. It is interesting, rewarding and an antidote to my career as a Financial Advisor, sitting at desk all day.

    Steve, how could one miss with an economy based upon beer, bread and onions!?

    The bread that I made with the spent grains was good; a bit sour and a little crunch with cracked barley, albeit maybe too much. My wife said it was like chewing around bits of sand. Not exactly the review one wants to hear, so it may be a one and done unless I mill the grain a bit more for baking.

    Make it a great day!

    • John: No stretch. Just two definitions:
      1. a present-day man who has acquired knowledge or proficiency in more than one field.
      2. a man of any period who has a broad range of intellectual interests

      I think you more than fit the bill. Especially with what you’ve previously done for a living. And after reading all the many projects you’ve undertaken, I’d say you deserve to wear the title well. Trust me. I know from whence I speak! You may have seen me comment, that I’ve come across men that are challenged by changing a light bulb! Even if I offer to hold the ladder!

      Considering it was a first try, I’m sure the bread was “good enough”. Next time will be perfect!
      EWE’ve much to be proud of! Be well, and have a great day! 🙋🏻

    • HA! Hope neither of you broke a tooth! Sounds like the perfect bread for SANDwiches, though. Just label it “whole grain” or “Paleo” and you’ve got a winner. (Why does the guy go to the beach for lunch every day? Because of all the ‘sand which is there’).

  8. HI, all! Looking at the cartoon answer & seeing the 2 commas & word “or,” the first thing that popped into my mind was “No way, shape, or form.” Upon searching my mind for another trio of words that would go with the cartoon, I came up with “No ifs, ands, or butts.” I agree that SONATA was the stubborn word for today.

    Steve, thank you from the bottom of my heart for your saying that my happy news of no more cancer for Jerry made your day. Also, I think you learned of my cast-iron stomach back with the gizzards. LOL

    Paul, I loved your words, “Prayers do work. God bless.” Wish I could give you a copy of my book with 14 stories about that. I remember when Red Skelton used to say, “God bless,” and Roy Rogers said, “May the good Lord take a likin’ to ya’.”

    I hesitate to name names for fear of leaving one out, but I remember hearing many encouraging, supportive words from all of you for Jerry & me during this ordeal. I remember Mike sending us love & prayers, Carolyn sending many messages of well wishes, Betty, Angela, & many others, and Sue. Where are you, Sue? And Earl & John & Harry have said kind things to me, and whoever I haven’t mentioned please speak up so I can thank you personally. In the meantime, THANK YOU, ALL!!!

    • Oh, right, I should have remembered. I’m beginning to think you *have* a gizzard somewhere inline on the alimentary CANAL (word from yesterday).

      • Steve: Double check the send. Nothing’s showing up in the Admin comment list, it didn’t go into pending, and it didn’t generate an Email. Take a look on the page, it never posted. 🙋🏻

        • Thanks! Probably posted the notice but forgot the article. Fixed now. That’s what I get for doing that pre-nap. Probably going shopping this PM, later, thanks again!

          • You’re welcome. Anytime, Grasshopper. You know I got your back.
            And thank you for your Goat restraint! I know you were chomping at the bit!! 😂
            Enjoy the game tonight…⚾️🙋🏻

            • I was! Even passed up a good pun. The game temp should be cooler, maybe only 99 😂
              Yesterday, San Luis Obispo was hotter than Death Valley! Later.

              • LOL..Alright, ‘gimme the pun. You deserve as much! 😂
                Yes, I heard it cooled off some! Poor guys!
                Depending on how exciting the game gets, I may do some play by play! Keep the light on! 😉

              • I used it in my post this morning….! It IS a good one…😂 I guess you don’t read it…
                You know what’s coming to mind…? One of those “Yes, dear” jokes…😉
                Enjoy the game! 🙋🏻

              • I assure you I always read them, BUTT I can’t swear that I always remember everything in them. 😂
                I can’t even remember if I thought of it when I read the Jumble before your post. In any case it was a good one. (Let’s see, can’t remember, can’t remember, is there a theme here?) 😂🙋🏻‍♂️

              • I did give you a special Thank you 😘 Shout out, with a 🎶Ram a Lama….🎶…I knew it was hard on you! 😂🙋🏻

  9. Nice Dracula picture up top there, Mike! Speaking of all the details in the pictures lately, you equaled it with the tiny blood drop on Drac’s tooth, and the BLOODshot eyes.

    Hi all, not much to note on the Jumble, except that the ‘IC’ trick worked for PUBLIC. That old ram couldn’t care less about the new guys trying to HORN in on his territory; he’s going for a nap (sound familiar?) Till tomorrow.

    • 🎶 RAMa Lama Lama Lama Lama Ding Dong….🎶
      You kept your promise! 😘 Tks….!
      Sweet dreams…😴💤

  10. Thanks for that – but there is still one game I am having trouble with. The only info I can supply regarding date is * 4/22* in the cartoon. Clue is

    “The Calico Cat didn’t get along with the cat that was – ”

    words are Trend, Robot, Locale, Likely

    Virus-free. http://www.avast.com

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