Jumble Answers for 10/26/2017








Good morning everyone and happy Thursday!  CELERY was the only word that took an extra minute to figure out.  It’s funny how simple words that are well jumbled still manage to trip me up.  When I saw SHARKN, all I could think of was a friend that has a license plate with the exact same letters.  Her husband has CHUMN as his plate.  They’re such a fun couple that love the ocean and do a lot of boating and fishing.  Moving along to the cartoon, we see some hard working coal miners and a man in a double breasted suit.  Reading the dialogue and sentence, CHANGES came to mind immediately.  Writing out the clue letters led me to MINER for the finish and a very creative pun.  I’m looking forward to the Halloween themed Jumble and I hope it has tons of detail!  Have a terrific Thursday and I’ll see you tomorrow.


21 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 10/26/2017

  1. 🎶 Well, I was borned a Coal Miner’s daughter, in a cabin on a hill in Butcher Holler…We were poor but we had love, that’s the one thing that Daddy made sure of, he shoveled coal to make a poor man’s dollar…🎶

    ⛏⛏ Coal miners are a group of men I’ve always found to be
    Daring and courageous, something I could never be…
    Their valiance runs the GAMUT from One to off the charts
    To me they are a fearless group, men with a lot of heart…
    Confined to narrow places, underground and dim..
    I suffer CABIN fever if I’m sick and must stay in!
    So thinking that their safety’s compromised by those in rank,
    My faith in corporate ownership has definitely SHRANK…
    I wish I had more info, ’cause now it’s on my mind
    I think I’ll do some research and see what I can find.
    So of the four, I’ve one word left, and that word’s CELERY…
    It won’t PAN OUT today Folks, I’m just going with the three! ⛏⛏

    I think today’s words were exceptionally well scrambled. They were all great PICKS. SHOVELling over to our puzzle, we see a group of Coal MINERS, faced with a MAJOR issue. What I find a little odd, is that they’re negotiating underground! But I guess Jeff was deterMINEd to give us the whole PICKture. The miners are trying to get the company owner to see their need for better safety measures, but it looks like the owner is giving them the SHAFT. It seems they’re caught between a ROCK and a HARD place. CANARY good come from these negotiations? I hope so. Right now, by the looks on their faces, I think the talks have turned COAL. That’s just MINE opinion. Anyway, the owner agrees to “a few” of the demands, he’ll make…” ‘MINER’ CHANGES”. Great pun, albeit a serious issue. Kudos, Jumble Guys for addressing a noble cause! So, eye candy? The cartoon’s pretty stark, a little DIM. But I think the whole idea of the cartoon is ELECTRIFYing. Without these guys, we’d be in the DARK. So, there you have it Folks, Done!
    Have a great day, Everyone, and whatever your mission, keep ADIT! ⛏🙋🏻

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  2. The visiting city cousin’s emotions ran the GAMUT from startled to terror as she SHRANK from the sight of the large rat scurrying between the rows of CELERY plants near her CABIN.

    Clue words were no problem but I had to write the circled letters out to get the solution. “Miner” was no challenge but changes gave me a slight pause. Clever pun from the Jumble Pair and great graphic from our non-blue collar Jumble Master. Angela as always amazes and astounds (even though she had to slip CELERY in as an addendum) BTW Angela—guess who serenaded me, at the laundromat this AM??
    Yes, none other than Norah Jones via cd—wish it had been in person. Her haunting voice add lustre to a dreary morning.

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    • Good morning, Earl. You never cease to make me smile! So, listen, CELERY in a mine shaft? Believe me, I tried! I was ready to just throw in the TROWEL! Now I’ll make you laugh. I’m reading, and you asked guess who, at the laundromat? And immediately I thought…💃🏻! The charming woman from the past! I can’t help it, I’m ever the romantic! 😉 Anyway….Norah Jones is just as good, I guess! Since that day, I listen to her constantly. And I run the GAMUT of emotions with her, trust me. Did you know that. Ravi Shankar is her Father? How cool is that?
      Your sentence delights me, CELERY and all. And, as always…Thank you for being amazed! 😘🙋🏻


  3. Good morning and Happy National Pumkin Day. Celery I got rather quickly but it took minutes to get gamut. The cartoon answer was simple as changes came to mind right away followed by miner. Until tomorrow have a great day.

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    • Scrappy little devils, that’s for sure!
      Just got a news alert that the Yankees are letting Girardi go.
      A lot of Managerial changes! 🙋🏻


  4. Hi all, what’s SHARK’N? That was my hardest word, then the rest was quick.

    Those coal miners are tough, and you know their daughters are no “Sissy”s either. I bet anyone of them could “Carrie” 16 tons of number 9 coal over “The River” and through the “Badlands” to earn their “Spacek”.

    I hope you receive your shipment of sunshine soon. Lelia, Betty and I have tons to spare.

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      • Well, the heat was on there for Dusty Baker, that’s for sure.
        I meant the ‘tons of sunshine’ literally, too. The great physicist George Gamov once noted that it would be theoretically possible to walk into a physics supply store and order a half a pound of red light. The real world can be very SUR-real.


  5. HI, all! Solved the answer immediately & words quickly in honor of Jerry’s brother who left the electrical business, moved to Wyoming, and became a miner, mining potash.

    MIKE, loved your post today. You know that after your story of fishing friends, I have to tell you one back. In the Sea of Cortez in our cabin cruiser, my girlfriend & I pulled in 100 shark in one day (SHARKN) while Jerry & her hubby cut the white meat from each shark, put it on ice, and threw the rest back which chummed the water (CHUMN). Shark white meat is delicious.

    Lelia’s TO DO list for today. Get to the post office quickly with a special delivery package of sunrays for Mike because today’s Phoenix forecast is 94 degrees, clear, and SUNNY.

    EARL, I hope you have already posted your wonderful sentence.
    While staying in a CABIN for a week in the woods, their GAMUT of choices for what to prepare for dinner SHRANK drastically when all they had left was canned beans and some CELERY.

    STEVE, forgot to tell you that your witty “whole grain sandwiches” made me smile.

    CAROLINE, I will answer your name question soon.

    First “Celebrate Jerry” family party will be this Sunday. Love & well wishes to all!!

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    • Thanks so much for the care package promise, Lelia! I hope your family has a wonderful celebration with many memories that you all remember forever.

      The SHARKN & CHUMN story was fantastic! Was it actually 100 sharks or a 100 pound shark? That must have been a sight to behold if it was 100 of them!!!

      Enjoy your weather and give Jerry a high five for me. 🙂


      • Hi, Mike!! Eight of us on board. At first 2 men, 2 wives, & 2 older girls fished & caught only sharks which we threw into a 25 gallon garbage can. After a while the thing tipped over, men yelling “sharks loose” while women & children jumped up onto seats. Men stopped fishing & spent the rest of the day taking care of the sharks we girls caught, which totaled 100. Even keeping only the white meat, the huge ice chest was full. I just asked Jerry & he said the sharks were about 30 inches long; not tiny but definitely not huge.

        Major events. Other wife leaned over the side to wash her hands. I saw a HUGE shark swimming toward her splashing hands & yelled just in time to save her life.
        Jerry saying, “I wonder how sharp shark teeth are. Yow!!!”

        The previous year when we found “the reef” 20 miles out & did not hit a bunch of sharks, the other wife pulled in a 50-pound bass, black sea bass, also called grouper.
        She gave us half. It was as delicious as the white shark meat. Jerry’s favorite was when I took cubes of the meat, egged it, battered it, egged it again, & battered it again before frying in a little deep fryer. Inside all that batter, the meat looked & tasted like broiled fish. Yum! Lasted us all winter.


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