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Good morning Jumble players, and happy Saturday! David and Jeff usually keep the challenge to a minimum with the Saturday version of the game but that wasn’t the case today. The puzzle featured a couple of great anagrams and an enormous 14-letter surprise answer that I’m sure left a few of you scratching your heads.

Starting from the top, OCCUR was well laid out and turned out to be my runner-up pick for the most difficult anagram of the day. By placing a “C” on both ends of the Jumble kept me from seeing the word a little longer than if they were closer together. FUSSY wasn’t demanding in the least. By placing the Y at the end of the word brought the rest quickly into view. Now SLONES was a fantastic Jumble and my pick for the most difficult of the bunch. I know we’ve seen it recently but it’s one of those words that always tricks me. The way that I solved this one was by noticing the placement of the S’s. As with OCCUR, the consonants were on either side of the layout which led me to join them up bringing the answer into view. Lastly we had IMMUNE which only took a quick glance to decipher.

Today’s cartoon brings us to a truck stop where we see a couple of men having a conversation. The man on the left sure fits the look of a trucker with his rolled up shirt sleeves, long hair in a ponytail, and pork chop sideburns. Did you notice the circled “J”on the front of his trucker hat? The J stands for Jumble and it’s a fun detail that Jeff places on his characters clothing from time to time. The man on the right has a cleaner look with a neatly trimmed mustache and a thinner overall figure. He also has something on his hat but it was just too small for me to make out. His ginormous “Joe To Go” coffee container was a nice touch but he had another detail that you may have overlooked. Take a peek at his waistline and you’ll see that Jeff added a chain that goes from his belt loop to his wallet. Subtle and sneaky!

All of this extra detail had my head spinning, and we haven’t even discussed the trucks yet! For the sake of brevity I’ll just point out the details rather than talk about each one. There were flames on the engine compartment, dice on the rear view mirror, and spikes on the wheels. My favorite detail of the cartoon was the sign in the top left corner. It say’s “Eat Food, Get Gas” which is a bit crude but a fact of life.

As previously mentioned, the solution would be 14-letters long with a hyphen thrown in for added fun. It took a lot of staring at this one to find a place to start which was the frustrating part. After a minute or two of thinking about random trucker words, I opted to focus on the abundance of C’s and S’s instead. With them being so close to the U, it brought SUCCESS to mind. I noticed the FUL next which would extend the word making it fit neatly into the 10-letter position. SEMI was quickly deciphered making for a challenging yet satisfying finish. Have a super Saturday, and I’ll see you tomorrow!

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  1. 🎶 Keep on TRUCKIN’, Baby, I got to keep on TRUCKIN’. Got to get to your good lovin’…Huh…huh…huh…huh…I’m the red ball express of lovin’. Diesel-powered straight to you, I’m TRUCKIN’. In old Temptation’s rain, I’m duckin’…For your love through sleet and snow, I’m TRUCKIN’….🎶

    Good Morning, Everyone! 🚛 ON THE ROAD TO SUCCESS 🚛

    🚛 Making a living’s not always a cinch,
    You scrimp and you save maybe don’t budge an inch…
    Something can OCCUR that throws you off track
    The next thing you know you’re falling way back…
    You think you’re IMMUNE but before long it seems,
    A LESSON is learned as you dash hope and dreams.
    But here we are seeing where things take a turn,
    A rig driver claiming with the rubber he burns…
    He’s back on his feet, he’s not FUSSY nor shrill,
    He’s saving his money and paying his bills…
    Yet he still can do better, he knows that’s no bull
    And he’s driven himself to be SEMI-SUCCESSFUL! 🚛

    Today our puzzle takes us on the ROAD. STOP right there though, if you think David just RAN through his list of words while choosing these four. Despite being all old favorites, today he’s RIGged these anagrams in such a way that they may just BRAKE the bank! Great work, Dave, you’ve pulled out all the STOPS. So let’s LESSON our LOAD and MOVE on to our cartoon. Today we see two SEMI-TRAILER truckers TOURQUEing in the PARKing lot of a typical TRUCK STOP. If you TRAVEL at all along our country’s HIGHWAYS, you know the type. You STOP and FILL UP…both your TRUCK and your stomach. Over to the LEFT, we see that tell-tale sign letting us know just that. “EAT FOOD” “GET GAS”. A little ROAD SIDE diner, a few GAS PUMPS…The things a LONG HAUL trucker is alWAYs TANKful for. Comparing our truckers, we see that the one on the left looks a little SHIFTy. Sporting both a HANDLEbar mustache and a soul patch, his hair is LONG and PULLED BACK into a pony tail. Our trucker on the right, looks like he’s been on the ROAD LESS TRAVELLED. The dialogue tells us he’s an OWNER-OPERATOR, and he’s CARRYING a lot less debt…Besides a lot less WEIGHT! He’s LEANer and cleaner. Relating how even though he may have been on the ROAD TO RUIN, now he’s DRIVING his debt down…But he can still do better. He’s SUCCESSFUL, he’s HALF WAY there, but he still has a WAY TO GO. Our question asks what he was…He was SEMI-SUCCESSFUL! Well put ‘er in PARK and let’s UNLOAD! We’ve ARRIVED at our DESTINATION! Ok, eye candy. Today, Jeff’s given us a LOAD of DETAILs. TRUCKS first…There’s a green one on the left. On the right, a red truck has dice hanging from a rear VIEW mirror, spiked WHEELS, and it sports red flames painted on it’s ENGINE compartment. Great WORK, Jeff. Our truckers are UP next…The one on the left has the ubiquitous Jumble “J” on his cap, and he holds a water bottle. But it’s the one on the right that HOLDS my candy. His cap sports the iconic MACK TRUCK BULLDOG, which is pretty GRReat. There’s a thin chain loop on his pocket, but no, that’s not my LINK either. In his left hand, he’s holding an insulated mug by its HANDLE, and it cleverly reads “Joe to GO”. So I guess we’d assume he’s drinking coffee… But here’s the HITCH…There’s a straw sticking out from the opening in the cap! …Iced Coffee, perhaps? How cool! So, There you have it Folks, Done! Have a great day, Everyone. Phew! I’m TIREd…but I’m gonna’ KEEP ON TRUCKIN’! 🚛 🙋🏻

  2. No one was IMMUNE from his wrath if during a LESSON the FUSSY teacher had an unexpected interruption OCCUR.
    Four clue words and each ha a double letter. I had no difficulty with them and knowing that tractor-trailer trucks are called “semis” lead me to the solution relatively quickly, although I did have to write out the circled letters.
    Great post Mike, thanks for the J reference—I think I’ve missed it more times than seen it.
    Very appropriate song Angela and I suspect there are many in the country/western genre that could be quoted today. Also appreciate all your attention to details.
    Have a great Saturday everyone.

  3. Good Morning, Earl. Thank you. Very clever sentence. Have a great day! 🚛🙋🏻

  4. Interesting that each of the 4 jumble words had a double letter.Lesson made me take a second thought. I originally thought the 4 letter part of the solution was ‘self’, as in self employed,but when that wasn’t a possibility,semi , as in semi truck came to mind,with
    semi-successful offering a quick solution.My Loyola grad daughter is coming with her family for the Easter weekend,so we’ll be rooting for the Loyola Ramblers vs Kansas this afternoon.

    • Hi Chuck. I flirted with self myself! I think it may have jumped out so quickly, because we saw the F. And I think David planned it that way…you know, to throw us OFF TRACK. But the dialogues’ emphasis on the trucker “starting to pay bills, and needing to do better” was a LOADed statement. Way too glaring…like a HIGH BEAM. He was HALF way there. And as Earl stated, you say Tractor Trailer, SEMI hits you like a MACK TRUCK! It’s truly a masterful play on words. As far as the NCAA goes, at this point, it may be a sin to bet against Sister Jean, Loyola fan or not. She seems to have God’s ear! And it is Holy Saturday…soooo. Good luck, and here’s to a wonderful Holiday with your family! Enjoy! 🍷🙋🏻

  5. Good morning. I sort of breezed right through the words. If looking at each word doesn’t get an instant (5-10sec) read,I move down to the next and so on. With occur I had to go back a second time. The cartoon answer took some time because I had Self for the first part. It’s only when I realized the second word was successful that the whole answer appeared. Mike and Angela great job and thanks for all that information. Even with the magnifying glass I could not read the sign. At least it puts a smile on your face. Angela and Earl nice work on the words. Until tomorrow stay well.

    • Good Morning, Brooklyn. Thank you. Glad the puzzle brought you a smile…As I told Chuck, I truly think David RIGged this to try and TRIP us up with Self. But he didn’t BRAKE us! Hope you have a great day, Bud. 🚛🙋🏻

  6. No problem with the words this morning though lesson has tripped me up in the past. The cartoon answer was another story. Really had to ponder this one. Like others I keep coming up with self but then himself is in the clue so figured it would’t also be in the answer. Also though fuel might be in the answer but alas with all those s’s & c’s finally came up with successful and then semi was easy after that. All in all it was a good mental work out and now on to Easter preparations. Happy Saturday everyone.

    • GREAT catch that “himself” was in the clue and therefore “self” probably not in the answer! A PhD level Jumble technique.

  7. My hang up was on “lesson” because I couldn’t get “no less” out of my head, even tho’ that’s 2 words. Duh. 😕 For the solution, my downfall was “I’m my own boss” in the conversation. I started with “self” and got no further. I miss out on a lot of detail in the cartoon since, in the CT Post, it is only 1.5″ x 2″. But Hey, I have fun with the whole thing.😃

    • Denny! Where’ve you been hiding? I feared we might have DRIVEN you away with all our IDLE chatter! Glad to see you back again! That pesky little SELF TRIPped a few of us up today. You know how it is…You get a word stuck in your head, EGO down the wrong ROAD…it’s hard to get back ON TRACK. But at least you had some fun! Here’s a link that’ll show you the cartoon on a much larger scale. Just scroll down, and after you open it, depending on what kind of device you’re using, tap or click on the cartoon, and it’ll show full screen. If that doesn’t work, click on the gray shaded box above the word Jumble that reads Download PDF, and it’ll do it for you. Again, good to see you, and STOP by again. Have a great day! 🚛🙋🏻


  8. HI Betty….”But alas..” I love that phrase! Full of old world charm…Sad that so FUEL people use it anymore…And I agree, it was a nice little use of the mental MECHANICS…I’d welcome more of the same. Wishing you a great day! 🚛🙋🏻

  9. Hi all – This was a fun solve to GEAR UP for. First the answer. SEMI was obvious, but then this has never happened to me before, especially with such a long word. I came up with two incorrect answers that also had the correct number of letters – “semi-profitable and “semi-sufficient.” An extra second showed that the two C’s in OCCUR had to go together. LESSON was not ONLESS or LONE-NESS (how sad.)
    Then before seeing IMMUNE, I saw:
    MENU-MI – “ Please hand me the list of available food choices.”
    UNMIME – What many would like to do to free our cities of street performers.
    MENIUM – A newly discovered element necessary for testosterone production.
    (The corresponding substance that initiates female hormone production has recently been isolated in shallow Spanish waters – “ESTERO-gen”)

    I’ve seen that sign before as “Eat here and get gas”, and Mike, I’ve always heard those sideburns referred to as “Mutton-chops.” Just pick your favorite meat, I suppose!

    TRUCKIN’ indeed, Angela. 🎵”What in the world ever became of Sweet Jane?🎵
    And it’s just a LITTLE FEAT to come up with:
    🎵”I’ve been from Tucson to Tucumcari
    Tehachapi to Tonapah
    Driven every kind of rig that’s ever been made
    Driven the back roads so I wouldn’t get weighed”🎵

    That’s enough; have a great day everyone!

    • Gee, G…Phew, indeed! Eeny meeny, miny, mo…This is quite a (re) production here! Did we reFUEL at Peet’s today? 😉Self sufficient did FLEETingly fly by me this morning, but I was two F’s short…And I totally agree, it was a fun group of letters to play with. But for whatever reason, I was DRIVEN towards semi-successful right out of the GATE. As for the 🎶TUNE 🎶 UPS…I could like Sweet Jane, but you know I was never a Dead Head. And listen to Linda Ronstadt’s take…I bet you’ll be WILLIN’ to admit she deFEATs them all…😉 Have a good one, Bud! 🚛🙋🏻

  10. Hi, all! No instant solve of the cartoon today! This teacher of 25 years has to admit that the word taking the longest was LESSON. Second longest was OCCUR. Got FUSSY & IMMUNE quickly.

    Trying to solve the 4 letter word first was getting me nowhere, so I decided that I should think of a word with a colossal number of c’s and s’s, which brought me great success with SUCCESSFUL followed quickly by SEMI.

    This has nothing to do with a semi, but when I was 10, I went to the railroad yard one day where my mother had specifically told me NOT to go and watched the gravel trucks back up an incline to dump the gravel into an open train car. When I announced at dinner that I was going to drive a gravel truck when I grew up, my mom hushed me.

    My dad asked around for the next few days, got the name of a gravel truck driver, and told him about me. The driver agreed to take both of us with him on one trip from the railroad yard to the gravel pit to load up and back to the railroad yard to dump. I was one happy little girl getting to do something so exciting with my dad. I also loved riding on the back of his Harley, but that’s another story.

    • Hi Lelia. Where would we be without memories, right? They warm the heart…Nice story..
      Hope you’re enjoying your day! 🚛🙋🏻

    • Hi Lelia, great story!
      I’d like to try looking up that toy you mentioned online. If it’s not too much trouble, could you get me the actual name of the toy and the company that made it from the box?
      In Maple Leafs news, they have already set a franchise record for number of wins in a season and it looks like they may finish second in their division and play Boston in the first round.
      I did think of a nightmare scenario for Canadians, though. In Toronto, the center of the hockey universe, the Leafs haven’t won the Cup since 1967, the last season before the 6-team NHL expanded to 12 teams. This year, it’s possible that they may finally make it to the Finals again, only to lose to the first-year expansion Vegas Golden Knights. The last Canadian team to win the Cup was Montreal in 1993.

      • Hi, Steve! Enjoyed your entire post. Next time in a restaurant I’ll ask the waiter to “menu-mi.”
        Go Maple Leafs!! We’ll be rootin’ for ya’. I laughed when you said “Drop the puck,” I mean Play Ball on opening day of baseball.

        I purchased my singing skeleton in 2004, which I just found out from Google, was the last year he was made. I don’t know how much I paid for him in Safeway because someone threw his box away so I gave him the sturdy box my electric space heater came in.

        This is what I copied from the cover of his battery compartment:

        (copyright sign) Gemmy Industries Corp.
        Made in China

        I tried http://www.gemmy.com singing skeleton but found that he is called Head in Hands Skeleton. The next time I tried Head in Hands Halloween Skeleton and found my exact skeleton with a video in which he said & sang everything mine does and sounds exactly like him. In my Google, that site was the 4th one down and this is its title or whatever you call it:

        (GMA Re Upload) Gemmy head in hands skeleton – YouTube
        July 16, 2016 – Uploaded by Vintagecollectorthesecond ll
        I DO NOT OWN THIS VIDEO ALL CREDIT GOES TO GMA. This is footage I saved
        With my camera (Before I…

        I have corrected umpteen typos so tell me if you don’t find him. If you get to hear him say & sing a lot, I will tell you your favorite verse next time I write. Good luck following the directions of a novice computer girl. Where’s Alexa when you need her?

          • Sorry, I didn’t mean for this to be so complicated. Thanks for all the extra effort! Take the night off already, there’s Final Four and Easter and baseball… I’ve got enough info to work with. 🙋🏻‍♂️

      • Hi, Steve! Enjoyed the cartoon! Well, from my point of view, I have always thought I was a girly-girl, but as a child I was proud of my ability to shinny up a tree, climb over a fence fast, and step across an electric barbed-wire fence. High school age I played volleyball in a girlfriend’s back yard with her brothers & his friends, holding my own with guys because I could serve & return with the best. Married, I accompanied Jerry camping, hunting, fishing, rock hounding, & panning for gold. Last but not least, after 25 years of marriage, our new preacher man taught an evening class free entitled Marriage Enrichment, with the stipulation of being very happily married already. On one of our first assignments we were supposed to answer this question & trade papers without sharing with anyone else, not even him: What is the number one thing you would like for your spouse to do that is not being done now? I would have bet big money that my quiet Jerry would say, “Sometimes I would like for her to be quiet.”
        He blew me away by writing, “I wish my wife would buy herself some pretty dresses.” I guess you & Jerry know me better than I know myself.

      • Hi, Angela! Thank you for sending my comments to Steve. Do you think the whole long thing went through, all 27 lines? If not, I could resend it without the email sites.

  11. I followed almost the exact same path as Betty but eventually got the answer.
    Really enjoyed the comments & stories today.

    • Hi Caroline. I think David really deserves an Atta Boy for his word play today. Not just for the solution being so clever, but for allowing the word Self to be thrown into the mix. I wonder if he smiled as he created this one, knowing he’d give us a run for our money. Or…did we do this to ourSELFS? 😉 Hope you’re having a good one. 🚛🙋🏻

  12. Lelia. You tried posting something to Steve. It flagged out and isn’t getting approval from Word Press. It may be due to the links. If you’d like, and if Steve’s ok with it, I can email it to him instead. 🙋🏻

    • Hi, Angela! I accidentally thanked you up above here for emailing my comments to Steve. If all 27 lines didn’t go through, let me know. Thanks. What would we do without you looking out for us?

      • Angela, thanks again for your help. Much appreciated! Thanks for taking care of us. When you mentioned your house full of screamers, I was thinking that if I don’t stop posting and get my tax prep done, I’ll be the screamer in this house because daughter comes tomorrow and taxman apt is Tues. I hope you have a wonderful evening & blessed tomorrow.

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