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Good Easter Morning, Everyone!     🐰 HARE YE, HARE YE…🐰

🎶 Here comes Peter Cottontail…HOPPIN’ down the bunny trail…Hippity HOPPINEaster’s on its way…Bringin’ every girl and boy baskets full of Easter joy, things to make your Easter bright and gay…🎶

🐰 Two Bunnies work in TANDEM to get those baskets out
The neighborhoods are mapped so that these Bunnies hop about
Together ONWARD they progress to get those goodies to
The little ones…like I do for my nieces and NEPHEWs
I dress up like a Bunny, go out there and spread joy…
Not that kind of a Bunny!…I’m talking Easter, not Playboy!
(Sure there’s another costume that I use when with my guys
But that’s another time and place…here families OCCUPY)
Does that word fit the meaning? Have I gone way off track…?
I’ve still got EXPORT and SAILOR…My thoughts, I need them back
Ok, so back to Jumble and the cartoon here at hand,
The Easter Bunny’s going to spread some joy throughout the land.
With too much on his plate today, and his time trying to ration…
He’s hired the old Trix Rabbit for some CO-HOP-ERATION! 🐰

Ok, soooo. These words today….The puzzle solution? A Snap. But Crackle and Pop with Tandem and Sailor, no? For a second I was like…What’s going on HARE? I wanted SAILOR to be Social, because with my astigmatism, I kept seeing that C from OCCUPY…But, I couldn’t milk that one…and TANDEM, well…I just couldn’t immediately get IN FRONT of it. So I stared into my ALPHA-BITS cereal, and then they HOPPED right out. Hmm. I’ve mentioned three cereals so far today, haven’t I? …I’m like a SERIAL Spiller, huh? Ok, I really need to get my thoughts straight this morning. I’m SCATTER brained! I apologize, Folks…Long night. So, ONWARD to our cartoon. We see two Bunnies…one who to me is definitely the Trix Rabbit, that silly guy, and the other, a seemingly older, HAREy one. What’s up with that? Sideburns, a bit of an Elvis pompadour, a little longer in the back action? Who is this HOPPLEGANGER, anywayWhatever, I’ll call him JACK. …He’s asking Trixie if he’d help him deliver the EGGS and baskets in a certain neighborhood full of cul-desacs. A DEAD END job really, but it’s not EGGSactly rocket science..So, LETTUCE notice HARE that our question is mentioning “together“, and Jack is using the words “jump” and “help” in his query…so..What did the job require? “CO-HOPERATION! HA! Could you just DYE? Too funny, Bunny! Good one, David! Ok…Eye Candy? It’ll have to wait…Because…🎶I’m late, I’m late…for a very important date…No time to say Hello, Goodbye..I’m late, I’m late, I’m late, I’m late…🎶…I’m going to make like that White Rabbit, and get this out there for you Folks…and I’ll be back to do the eye candy. Keep looking, Keep looking...🐰🙋🏻

Ok, Eye Candy! Let’s take another PEEP at this puzzle again…There’s the basket in Jack’s paw…it’s got a little smiling chocolate bunny, and some eggs..one is actually decorated. Great detail, Jeff. There’s Trixie’s silly grin...and Jack’s HARE. Well, HARE again..I just don’t get it…I like the swirly lines on the board, denoting the HOPPING the job will enTAIL…But I’m going to go with the desktop laser projector. I like the receding HARE lines it’s showing…So, There you have it, Folks, Done! I wish a Happy, Blessed Easter to all those who celebrate…And hope you can CARROT it with you all day! 🐰🙋🏻


20 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 04/01/2018

  1. As they rode ONWARD on the TANDEM bike, the SAILOR and his NEPHEW used this time to OCCUPY their leisure hours before inspecting the EXPORT container at the quay.
    Compound words often give me grief and that was true today with ONWARD. Sailor also slowed me down. The number of circled letters and the dreaded QUOTES had me intimidated until I looked at the letters and removed the obvious HOP, the rest came quickly. Clever and appropriate cartoon.
    Your song was the obvious choice Angela, and I would have been disappointed if you had not used it. The only other Easter song I can think of is the old Irving Berlin “Easter Parade” but that just would not fit with today’s cartoon. Your poem was right on and I look forward to the “eye candy” you provide—maybe there are gems that I cannot see in all those eggs.
    Have a great April Fool’s Day everyone and be on guard.

    • Good Morning, Earl. Happy Easter to you and yours! What a perfect day to blend Easter and April Fool’s Day, and go with ..”The YOLKS on me”! 🐣 I actually sat in Church this morning and had to fight to get the thought out of my head! SacRELIGIOUS! I think I’m CRACKING up…What a group of words today, right? All kinds of things HOPPING around in my mind… Not the easiest to work with, but you’ve come through with flying COLORS! Kudos, Sir! Yes, the song chose me this morning, EGGSactly what we needed to get the day started…I didn’t have to LOOK far. And yes, I agree, its an EARresistibly cute and clever puzzle today. I put the eye CANDY up, I hope it doesn’t disapPOINT…Enjoy, Earl. I have a HUTCH it’ll be a great day! 🐰🐣🙋🏻

  2. Morning, all –
    You never fail to deliver, Angela and Earl.
    I only found one cw – EXPORT – in my first run through the words. Luckily, the answer came to me right away because I’ve become more pun savvy thanks to Angela (Hare Ye!). Then I backed into the other five words, with SAILOR AND ONWARD requiring jumbling on paper.
    One year, when I was cleaning up my yard, I uncovered a nest of bunnies. They were so sweet, lying side by side, with just a little bit of fur. Despite this disturbance, no animal found them. Wishing all a happy day!

    • Good Easter Morning, Caroline! Don’t take it to heart, these were no words to shake a TAIL feather at! It’s like Dave put all his EGGS in one BASKET today! We got a run FUR our money! Thank you so much FUR your kind words, and I’m thrilled to HARE that you’re enjoying becoming a PUNster! You can BURROW my material any time you like! Those bunnies? I HOPe they survived…Have a great day, Caroline..Easter Blessings to you and yours! 🐰🙋🏻

  3. Onward and tandem gave me reason to pause,hop as the middle 3 letter solution,was obvious,with co- hop- eration following quickly.Have a Happy Easter and watch out for April Fool jokes.

    • Good Morning, Chuck! I think a little PAWS will be the rule today, they weren’t the easiest of words. Happy Easter to you and yours also! Have a great day, Sir! 🐰🙋🏻

    • Buona Pasqua, Caro! To you and yours! Of course…I was at a wedding in January, and we were all HOPPING around! 🐰🙋🏻

        • ROTFL…The line forms to the right…But I warn you, Caro…There’s a lot of comPETition! Although FUR you, I might make an EGGception! 🐰🙋🏻

  4. Hi all – Got the answer instantly from the map, but as for the words, I had to at least start writing them down to get them, with SAILOR being the last to appear (except for OCCUPY, because we just had the double-C combo yesterday.)

    Thanks Angela, I had forgotten about Peter Cottontail, and I love the extra letter inserted into “EARATION”. 🐰
    🎵”Settle back into the clickety-clack
    With the clouds and the stars to read.
    Dreaming of all the pleasure I’m gonna have,
    Watching your HARE-line recede, my vain darling.”🎵

    Happy Easter everyone. I guess Christmas has most of the good music wrapped up except for “Easter Parade”, but Tulsa Oklahoma-raised Leon Russell is willing to give it a go. I was also just astonished to read that tonight at 8PM, NBC is airing a live-staged version of “Jesus Christ Superstar” with the role of King Herod being played by Alice Cooper (NOT an April Fool’s joke!)

    🎵”Roll away the stone
    Don’t leave me here all alone
    Resurrect me and protect me
    Don’t leave me laying here
    What will they do in two thousand years?”🎵

    And another from the same album that I like even better:
    🎵”Oh, never be impatient with the ones who love you
    It might be yourself that you’re burning
    Sing a song of love and open up your heart
    For you might be the prince of peace returning
    Yeah, you might be the prince of peace returning”🎵

    • Is that how the email went out? Because it’s correct in what’s showing HARE now. I must have fixed it when I went back in to do the bold and italic touches. Is it tHARE more than once? I’m not seeing it…LOL…Funny that it’s apropos though, right? Ears? I’m lucky I had my EYES open! Really late night HARE with the second game, and all the celebrating. I HERD about the show tonight. Sounds odd though, no? I’m not a fan of Alice Cooper, but I do like John Legend. Might take a look…but it’s on so early…Maybe recording it’s a safer bet..Joni? Even today? 😉 I really don’t want to HARE it…Happy Easter to you, again, and HOPE you have a good one, G…🐰🙋🏻

      • Just in the last line of your poem. It’s still THARE! 😂🙋🏻‍♂️
        “He’s hired the old Trix Rabbit for some CO-HOP-EARATION! 🐰”

        • And I haven’t started drinking yet! 🙄 I wasn’t even looking in the right place! Tks for the heads up, I fixed it…Can’t even claim the old..”Eyes playing TRIX on me” line. I may just need a totally new LOOKING GLASS! (And I may just fill up that OTHER glass right about now..Who said we need to wait until the HARE d’oeuvres come out)? 😂🙋🏻

  5. Hi, all! I wish you a happy day of pleasant thoughts & memories.
    I was happy to get CO-HOP-ERATION first because I needed those letters to solve the words. My hardest word was SAILOR. Sorry, dad. My dad was a sailor.

    Joyce, our first-born was 2 years old and dressed in a fluffy pink dress with yards of pretty white lace for church. But first I put her on the couch & handed her a huge Easter basket, purchased with money from my parents. A few minutes later, I handed her another huge Easter basket, purchased with money from Jerry’s parents specifying that we use it for an Easter basket. Chancing that we might be late for church, I handed her a third beautiful Easter basket, also filled with delightful goodies, purchased with money from my real dad in Texas for his granddaughter’s Easter basket. I don’t even have to go get the album because I can so vividly see those wonderful, cherished pictures in my mind. Thus, again, I wish you a day of pleasant memories.

    • Now I thought for sure that that story would end in the beautiful lacy dress being covered in chocolate! Thank you, and Happy Easter to you and yours also, Lelia. Enjoy the day! 🐰🙋🏻

      • Good one, Angela! Before all 3 Easter baskets were empty, I wonder how many pictures I took of her chocolate covered face & hands, how many of her cute outfits had met their demise, and, don’t forget this one, how many of Jerry’s t-shirts had joined in the Easter chocolate fun.

        • Hi Lelia…My Grandmother was an extraordinary seamstress, embroiderer, crocheter, (is that a word)? ..taught/trained as a young child in the convents in Italy. Masterful work. She had what the Italians called “mani d’oro” …hands of gold. She made all of us grandchildren, aprons or smocks, I guess they’re called, like what the kids wear today when they finger paint. They weren’t plastic though, they were material. They had bunny ears extending from the top, with wiring I guess inside them to make them stand up. Blue for the boys, pink for the girls. Every Easter we’d don them, so that we wouldn’t ruin our new outfits. As we each became older, we passed them down to the next in line..there are 16 of us first cousins..and Nonna would make a new one for the older ones who passed their’s down..until we, one by one, became “too cool” to wear then anymore…Last year, they came up in a conversation amongst my cousins. None of us have Mothers anymore, and none of us could find those aprons in all our Mothers left-behind possessions…Not one of us inherited Nonna’s expertise..nothing even close..a few of us dabble, we sew buttons…but we fail horribly in comparison. Me? With the left/right confliction? Please…I could never get any of it right…or left! But we’re determined to recreate the aprons from our pictures for the next generation…These memories we all hold on to…So now, there’s a tear in my eye…Could be Jesus Christ Superstar…could be the aprons… could be the Holiday with so many people missing…And all this from chocolate? LOL..Sorry, Lelia. This started out happy! It’ll pass…Those memories, huh?

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