Jumble Answers for 04/01/2018










Good Easter Morning, Everyone!     🐰 HARE YE, HARE YE…🐰

🎶 Here comes Peter Cottontail…HOPPIN’ down the bunny trail…Hippity HOPPINEaster’s on its way…Bringin’ every girl and boy baskets full of Easter joy, things to make your Easter bright and gay…🎶

🐰 Two Bunnies work in TANDEM to get those baskets out
The neighborhoods are mapped so that these Bunnies hop about
Together ONWARD they progress to get those goodies to
The little ones…like I do for my nieces and NEPHEWs
I dress up like a Bunny, go out there and spread joy…
Not that kind of a Bunny!…I’m talking Easter, not Playboy!
(Sure there’s another costume that I use when with my guys
But that’s another time and place…here families OCCUPY)
Does that word fit the meaning? Have I gone way off track…?
I’ve still got EXPORT and SAILOR…My thoughts, I need them back
Ok, so back to Jumble and the cartoon here at hand,
The Easter Bunny’s going to spread some joy throughout the land.
With too much on his plate today, and his time trying to ration…
He’s hired the old Trix Rabbit for some CO-HOP-ERATION! 🐰

Ok, soooo. These words today….The puzzle solution? A Snap. But Crackle and Pop with Tandem and Sailor, no? For a second I was like…What’s going on HARE? I wanted SAILOR to be Social, because with my astigmatism, I kept seeing that C from OCCUPY…But, I couldn’t milk that one…and TANDEM, well…I just couldn’t immediately get IN FRONT of it. So I stared into my ALPHA-BITS cereal, and then they HOPPED right out. Hmm. I’ve mentioned three cereals so far today, haven’t I? …I’m like a SERIAL Spiller, huh? Ok, I really need to get my thoughts straight this morning. I’m SCATTER brained! I apologize, Folks…Long night. So, ONWARD to our cartoon. We see two Bunnies…one who to me is definitely the Trix Rabbit, that silly guy, and the other, a seemingly older, HAREy one. What’s up with that? Sideburns, a bit of an Elvis pompadour, a little longer in the back action? Who is this HOPPLEGANGER, anywayWhatever, I’ll call him JACK. …He’s asking Trixie if he’d help him deliver the EGGS and baskets in a certain neighborhood full of cul-desacs. A DEAD END job really, but it’s not EGGSactly rocket science..So, LETTUCE notice HARE that our question is mentioning “together“, and Jack is using the words “jump” and “help” in his query…so..What did the job require? “CO-HOPERATION! HA! Could you just DYE? Too funny, Bunny! Good one, David! Ok…Eye Candy? It’ll have to wait…Because…🎶I’m late, I’m late…for a very important date…No time to say Hello, Goodbye..I’m late, I’m late, I’m late, I’m late…🎶…I’m going to make like that White Rabbit, and get this out there for you Folks…and I’ll be back to do the eye candy. Keep looking, Keep looking...🐰🙋🏻

Ok, Eye Candy! Let’s take another PEEP at this puzzle again…There’s the basket in Jack’s paw…it’s got a little smiling chocolate bunny, and some eggs..one is actually decorated. Great detail, Jeff. There’s Trixie’s silly grin...and Jack’s HARE. Well, HARE again..I just don’t get it…I like the swirly lines on the board, denoting the HOPPING the job will enTAIL…But I’m going to go with the desktop laser projector. I like the receding HARE lines it’s showing…So, There you have it, Folks, Done! I wish a Happy, Blessed Easter to all those who celebrate…And hope you can CARROT it with you all day! 🐰🙋🏻