Jumble Answers for 03/30/2018







Good Morning, Everyone!         🇫🇷 FRENCH….ROAST? 🇫🇷

🎶Whoa, ah, MERCI, MERCI me…Oh things ain’t what they used to be, no no…🎶….(Yes, I did just use this on Wednesday…If only I knew…)

🇫🇷 Teaching French to children can prove to be quite tough
Especially if  kids are feeling they have had enough…
With distraction and misbehaving making children rude
It’s easy for a teacher to lose patience and to brood…
These kids can be quite NIMBLE, though with learning they don’t budge…
They start to fool around…you’ve lost them..Now what? Say “Oh FUDGE“?
She’s trying to get through to them but seems to be left out
The kids are just ignoring her…it’s like she’s mixing GROUT
The air is thick with noisiness, how much more can she take?
Perhaps that CARAFE she should grab and take a coffee break?
A simple please and thank you, she’d just like them to see…
But it looks like she’ll be forced to just BEG FOR “MERCI”! 🇫🇷

NIMBLE was easy to move past, and FUDGE went down just as well. One might get STUCK on GROUT, and CARAFE? A farce? We’ve reached the end of our week, and today’s anagrams are some of David’s best. On to our cartoon…Back in the classroom today, we see three students misbehaving and giving a harried teacher a run for her FRANCS! She’s trying to teach some basic FRENCH phrases to an unreceptive group. Trying to get them to say “Thank you” which is MERCI in French, she’s getting nothing from them but rudeness. One student, mimicking a scene from Monty Python and The Holy Grail, (while wearing a T-Shirt depicting the Rabbit of Caerbannog the Killer Rabbit), seems to be the ringleader. He’s getting the attention the teacher should be...SACRE BLEU! Obviously frustrated, we see her pleading with the students to settle down…she’s BEGGING them…Our question asks…Trying to teach “Thank You” in French to these rude students made her…BEG FOR “MERCI“! Now here we have play on words! Can it get any more clever than this? But, the real question is…Have we seen anything like this before? A foreign word, albeit a familiar one used in the Jumble? I’m not sure…If anyone knows, please write in and let us know, ok? MERCI! Ok, eye candy. We’ve already covered the T-Shirt. Evil little rabbit surrounded by skulls. Definitely not at the HEAD of my list…Neither HARE nor there…And we see a marker for WRITING on the board…but it’s not RIGHT either. That leaves the teachers pendant, which is rather indistinct. So I guess today the solution will be going with what we don’t see. Monty Python is very well-known in France and the Holy Grail is the most well-known Monty Python movie. These movies are regularly studied in French schools during English lessons. I guess this is Jeff’s way of telling us he’s a fan… A British comedy group, a French word in our puzzle…Is anyone else begging for MERCI today? So, There you have it Folks, Done! Have a great day, Everyone. And THANK YOU for stopping by…🇫🇷 🙋🏻



26 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 03/30/2018

  1. The NIMBLE handymen were happy to find a CARAFE of coffee and a box of FUDGE after removing the old GROUT from the bed and breakfast.
    I had to pause at GROUT but the rest of the words and the solution gave no difficulty. In fact the cartoon and caption gave me a blind solve.
    Great comments Angela. Thanks again for explaining details I would have been ignorant about. I wondered what song you would use. I thought of the old Chevalier one–“Thank heaven for little girls–“. Seems appropriate with the rascallylittle boys in the cartoon and his French accent. ☔️ 😘 ⛪️ 🕍

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    • Good Morning, Earl. Thank you. And you’re welcome. I solved it all first glance also. I found it so clever. The “Thank you” being in quotes in the question sort of gave it all up! But according to the numbers, a lot of people are looking in, so it may not be a given for everyone. I’ve had 3 people text me this morning saying they were stuck on the solve. The song unnerved me! Marvin Gaye immediately came into my head, and it was perfect…but just 2 days ago? Bugged me! I probably could have given it some more thought, but I wanted to make early Mass for Good Friday, so I just folded. I do like your choice though…I just couldn’t get past the Merci! Great sentence, I had no idea how I was going to work Fudge and Grout into the classroom… I just took a bite out of that poetic license! Hope you have a great day! 🙋🏻


    • Hi, Earl! Wow! Great sentence! Handymen!! I could not combine all 4 words, but you did it! I also loved your song choice.


  2. Good morning. Another failed attempt. I added two “e’s” instead of two “a’s” and had reface instead of carafe. I found this out when I checked all the words. Now I know how to say thank you in French but,when it came time for the cartoon answer,I bombed out. The wheels that go around and around in your head got stuck. Must renew those smart pills again. I had Beg For but came up with Crime for the last word. Mercy mercy me.!! I knew the answer and then again I didn’t know the answer. Three days straight now. Great post Angela. You and Earl knocked it our if the park like a certain Yankee player I know. Until tomorrow stay well.

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    • Good Morning, Brooklyn. Beg for Crime! I love it! Only you! You’re a ray of sunshine on this otherwise gloomy day! So you transposed a couple of letters..Don’t sweat it…This ain’t Wheel of Fortune! The vowels are free here, Bud! You’ll get ’em next time…And you know you don’t need any smart pills, Paul..(Maybe a stronger Rx on those glasses can’t hurt, though)! ! 😉 What Yankee? Who? And not once, but twice…Hes something, right? But how about those Mets bats? They were hot to trot too… Should be a good Season all over our fair city…Thanks for the shout out, Brooklyn…And don’t forget, today we fast…t’row we slow down…Sunday? Bring it on! Have a good one, Bud! 🇫🇷🙋🏻


    • Hey Chuck…A bit of a stickler, perhaps, but not a complete faux pas! Thank you..And Easter Blessings and Good Wishes to you and yours…Have a good One! 🐰🙋🏻


  3. Hi all – Well, the answer was instant. Looked twice for NIMBLE and saw CARAFE when I wrote the letters. Those kids are causing a “FRACAS”.

    Hey Caroline, a scene NOT from “La Belle Époque”!
    “J’entre dans la salle de classe. Je regard autour de mois.”

    Ah yes. “We seek the Holy Grail.” “We already got-a one.” “You do?” “Yes, It’s very nice! (I told them we already got one – SNORT”) Here’s another skit of the French persuasion, not from the movie. Warning Angela, there will be sheep!

    My sports guy today says forget the home runs, walkoffs, Durant getting ejected – all stories pale in comparison to the 36-year old accountant who came in as the Blackhawks emergency goalie, made 7 saves to preserve the win against a very good Winnipeg team, and was voted the game’s First Star!

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    • Thanks for the heads up, but you know my feelings…Not a chance! 😂 I knew you’d enjoy it! Have a good one, G. 🇫🇷🙋🏻


    • The answer wasn’t hard for me because I know a little French. Funny to see today’s puzzle since we were talking about the French word epoque just yesterday, Steve. But I don’t know enough to get your French phrase, which I assume is a joke.

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      • Sorry Caroline, didn’t mean to be obtuse. Those are just the classic lines that began every French 101 textbook when I started. “I enter the classroom. I look around.” Actually I forgot “Good morning my students.” “Good morning Madam.”

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      • Hi Caroline. I think that’s what David figured…That most people would know that word…It was very clever! Have a good one! 🙋🏻


      • Caroline. Far from. No obtuse here. I took a few years of French, and I didn’t recognize it either…Taking a break from the cooking, I was just going to look it up before Steve explained…🙋🏻


      • I thought everyone had those same lesson books, but I guess not. My French teacher told us that in France, they were very proud of the fact that at any given time of day, every student in the country would be learning exactly the same lesson.

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  4. Hi, all! I had the cartoon answer immediately except for the choice of the last word between “merci” and “mercy.”

    I recognized GROUT instantly because Jerry chose me as his “Grout Girl” when we built our house together. I applied many tubes of that stuff, especially in the closets.

    “Fudge” was easy, making me want to bake some fudge brownies today, and we used to say “Fudge!” a lot to show frustration, exasperation, vexation, or irritation.

    My hardest word was NIMBLE, even after reading “Jack be nimble, Jack be quick” so many times to our children when they were little.

    I stared at CARAFE a few seconds, wondering if that’s how you spell it. I believe that I have never written that word before, and being a fast reader, I’ve not paid attention to the spelling. In fact, when any of you apologize for a typo, I have to look carefully to find it because at first reading of your comments, I read it as you intend for it to read without noticing the typo.


    • Hi Lelia – Funny coincidences today – I was going to say that I bet you can guess my favorite lyric in “Taxman”, then skulls appear in the Jumble, and I also wanted to tell you this – Remember my Day-of-the-dead guitar-playing skull bobblehead? I put it on a wish list just in case I wanted to find the picture again. Then a couple of days ago I clicked the list accidentally and found that the price had gone down from around $26 to around $6. So he’s standing here on my table, playing right next to my skeleton hockey player.
      He’s very cute. The shiny smooth head is certainly very familiar to me, and his headphone strap is genuine although you can’t remove them. Unlike the Jumble characters, he has all 10 digits on his hands, but the guitar has only three tuning pegs. There’s some precedent for that though – The Stones guitarist Keith Richards plays in an alternate tuning with one string removed from his guitar, so maybe my guy has just taken it a step further!


      • Hi, Steve! I do remember the guitar-playing skeleton but I can’t find the one with a bobble-head skull. Congratulations on that smokin’ deal! Now I have a third coincidence to add to your 2 skeletons.

        Do you remember when I told you that one of my favorite Halloween possessions was my singing skeleton who sang “And I think I am losing my head” and “I love playing head games” and one more with his head flopping forward into his hands after every verse? Well, he has been “lost” for 2 years but 3 days ago when daughter finally emptied her closet while moving to her new house, she found him on a high shelf, safe & sound in his box. He’s in my study now.

        Wish I could post you a pic. Your hockey player looks good in his white, red, & black uniform. My singing skeleton is sharply clothed in a solid black hooded garment with some bright red satin trim.

        I’ll guess that your favorite line in Taxman is “Now my advice for those who die, declare the pennies on your eyes.” Very funny!

        Last, after reading the first thing you learned in French 101, I wish to tell you the first thing I learned in 3 different conversational Spanish classes that I have enrolled in since retirement. I even read the complaint of a female reporter new to Phoenix who wanted to quickly learn some Spanish & was disappointed when after her first lesson, the only thing she had learned was what I had learned 3 times: Yo tengo un lapiz amarillo.


      • Hi Lelia – Ah, that is all so funny. Here’s the guitar player:


        You know me too well – I figured you’d guess the right lyric!
        Let’s see – “You hold a lazy armadillo”? Never took Spanish and obviously haven’t absorbed very much, but I did look up the translation online so I wouldn’t have to use my yellow #2 pencil! Now to tie a yellow ribbon round the old oak tree in Amarillo, Texas.


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