Jumble Answers for 04/03/2018








Good Morning, Everyone!              👔 Are there more PRESSING Issues? 👔

🎶Guess there are times when we all need to share a little pain…And IRONING out the rough spots is the hardest part when memories remain…🎶

👔 To what EXTENT do couples go to get the wrinkles out?
Some argue ’bout the simplest things, some others fume and pout.
I get that hanging up the shirts might keep the wrinkles less
But would it cause a war of words? …I doubt it, I confess…
I TRULY feel it’s not worth it, especially as we see,
That he’s doing the ironing, so why’s it bother she?
I think we’re missing something here, I think the story’s more…
If there’s to be a BOXING match…somethings hiding for sure.
I have a small suggestion…Why bother go through this?
There’s always a dry cleaners, drop them off and live in bliss.
Just take those shirts and DITTO on the rest of all those clothes…
If this is what they’re stressing with, the problems now disposed!
Then they can concentrate on something else to fight about,
Cause I think a deeper problem’s needing to be IRONED OUT…👔

Today’s words, all old favorites, were easy, breezy and perfect for a day when I’m so PRESSED for time. So let’s adDRESS our cartoon. We see a couple, arguing over IRONING. The woman seems a little more STEAMED up then the man. She’s telling him that by not hanging the shirts, it’s caused more WRINKLES to SET IN. Personally, I don’t get it. Why get so HEATED UP over a few WRINKLES? You get upset, your blood pressure inCREASES…Over a few SHIRTS? Should this cause such disCORD? WATER the odds these two have bigger issues? There’s IRONy in here somewhere, but as I said, I’m PRESSED for time…So let’s strike while the IRON’s HOT, CLOTHES this out, and just get to today’s solution…They argued over the WRINKLES.. They agreed on hanging the SHIRTS…Our question asks..After the argument, their Problems were…IRONED OUT. Boom! WEARed you think we were going with this? Pretty cut and DRY, right? Good one, David. Ok, eye candy. The STEAM emitting from the IRON is pretty cool…Both of them depicted in bare feet is different..Have we seen that beFOUR? Hmm. Know WATT? I’ll just go with the WILCO logo on the woman’s T-Shirt…But hasn’t that BIRD flown…? Has Wilco FOLDED? Is this a PLUG?  Maybe it’ll all come out in the WASH. So, There you go, Folks, Done! Have a great day, Everyone! And keep in mind…It’s very important today that we believe in Freedom of the PRESS…Just go out and get no-IRON clothes…👔 🙋🏻


25 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 04/03/2018

  1. The full Extent of the champs Boxing skills was Truly evident and Ditto for his younger brother. Good morning and happy Monday. Oh wait,today is Tuesday. yes it was that easy to mix up the days. I breezed through the words with a slight tic on Ditto. When I looked st the cartoon it was an instant blind solve. Crossing off the letters confirmed my genius. After last weeks debacle,I’m upgrading my status. Three straight failures and now three to the good. I’ll read everybody’s remarks after this. I’ve been waiting over two hours for the post to appear. I’m so excited. Gee that reminds me of a great song but in this case I only want the blog. Until tomorrow stay well.

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    • Good Morning, Brooklyn. I’m sorry I had you waiting. for two hours….if only I knew…😉
      So, Bud, I’m TRULY imPRESSED with your new found venturing into the life of a logophile! You’re batting 1,000! And you’re 3 up? So you’re even now…It’s all uphill from here!
      Great sentence, Paul, really. 🎶 I’m so excited, and I just can’t hide it..I’m about to lose control, and I think I like it…🎶. Is that the song? 🙋🏻


      • Angela,you nailed the song I was thinking of,lol. Yesterday I didn’t see your post and thought you just took the day off. My friend told me about your post and said it was moving. Naturally I had to check and agree with her. It takes a special person to do what they do. In boot camp in the Navy we had to go into a burning building and put out the fire. There were two guys who dropped the hose and ran out. With all that smoke and flames it was a scary experience. They deserve all the accolades. Thank you Earl and I enjoyed your sentence as well. Take care.

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      • Brooklyn, we got our WIRES crossed a little here…I’m glad I got your song choice right. Thanks for yesterday, and thank your friend for me. Yes, the Firefighters deserve all our admiration and respect. You’ve seen first hand what it’s like, I can only imagine. Scary puts it mildly…Have a good one, Bud. Talk to you later. 🙋🏻


  2. In the old days, the EXTENT of printed publicity for a BOXING match came from DITTO machines which TRULY left their mark.
    DITTO your remarks Paul and great sentence this Tuesday.
    Appropriate song Angela and I really liked your poem this AM but disagree a little with your outlook on wrinkles. I can sympathise with the woman/wife in the cartoon. I iron even t-shirts/singlets before I wear them or put them away. TMI??? Was your ‘BEFORE” pun meant to point out that both people have only four toes? Is this the regular drawing paradigm—as three fingers is? Please enlighten me.
    I also noticed, and I KNOW this a family blog, that the gentleman is not only barefooted but seems to be wearing little, if anything except the shirt.
    I was tempted to use BOXING in a sentence with BOXING DAY but thought that might be a little obscure..
    How about: BOXING day is TRULY a holiday in the UK and DITTO Canada but that’s the EXTENT of it in North America.

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    • Good Morning, Earl! First thing I did was go back and check my post. My beFOUR. I thought I keyed it incorrectly. Yes, alluding to the 4 toes. And yes, same pattern. Fingers, toes…Can you DIG IT! 😉 And I must stop here and salute you on your use of paradigm! ..EARLy morning linguistics always gets me..my pulse rate inCREASES, and besides, it’s right on the MONEY! 😂 Ok, our woman. Surely you know I’m not against the FEmale…and for the IRON man! My comments just STEaM from the cartoon….You know this is just a ROLL I play…IRONically, though, I don’t IRON. I get BOARD…As for your proclivity for it…Kudos..you’ve more patience than I….Our gentleman is WEARing pants, though. BeLOW the Ironing board SETTING, you can see striped shorts, or maybe it’s just a pair of BOXERS, in a light green shade. (Our blonde woman, of course, is GARBed entirely in purple). I was thinking BOXING Day also, but couldn’t associate it with the laundry issue. Although here in America, IRONically that day has become one for returning a lot of CLOTHES! I love both your sentences today, but there’d be no ARGUMENT as to which I’d prefer. The first, with the play on the DITTO machine “leaving its MARK”? That one TRULY shows how your sense of whimsy, and cleverness unFOLDS! Thank you for your SHOUT out, and I hope WEAVE gotten all the WRINKLES STRAIGHTened out here….Have a good one, Sir! 👔 🙋🏻


  3. Good morning again. Nice job Angela. You ironed out today’s puzzle like a well starched shirt. Does anybody use starch anymore? I remember mixing it with water and flicking it on the clothes before ironing. There is enjoyment ironing out the wrinkles. Possibly some problems as well. It never bothered me doing my children’s clothes at times. My wife hated to iron and I did my uniforms in the Navy and I got satisfaction when it was all done. I liked those nice sharp creases. As always stay well.

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  4. Hey Paul, Thank you. I was TRULY trying to get the word Starch in my post. I wanted to go with the STARCHWAY behind the woman, but I wasn’t sure beyond a SHADOW of a doubt. My Mother enjoyed IRONing. She felt like you, that it was relaxing, and afforded her time to think things out…She’d tell us kids not to COLLAR for at least an hour, because she wanted some PIECE and quiet…We made sure nothing PRESSING came up…And I can just picture you IRONING your DRESS whites…Nice…Ok, in CLOTHESing….The song you were reminded of? Am I right? HOT, COLD…close? 🙋🏻


    • Hi Chuck. Good afternoon. Not an idiot, but no means…In fact, when David used the word back on December 1st, anagrammed exactly the same way, three of us owned up to seeing Idiot. I was one…But we also wondered if David would use that word in the Jumble. It is a legitimate word though, despite the sort of demeaning connotation. It would have been a good question to ask Dave when we did that interview piece. So, fear not, Sir…your word prowess has not deCREASED in the least….Have a good one, Chuck. 👔🙋🏻


  5. Hi all – Hey, Mike, TRULY ends with a ‘Y’ so I got it straightaway!
    Why do I always see IDIOT instead of DITTO (and why is everyone looking at me strangely?)

    WOW, ironing barefoot looks *really* dangerous, especially since he’s got the fancy spray-steam attachment usually only seen on “Queen For a Day” consolation prizes. (Hmm, there’s that look again.)

    The weeds on my driveway and sidewalk are taunting, and I must do battle, but definitely with eye protection and PROPER FOOTWEAR!
    See you “Wednesday Morning 3 AM”.

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    • LOL…Queen For A Day? You don’t SPRAY! …You know they didn’t have those “fancy, new fangled machines” back then…They BAILEY had IRONS! 😂 G, Give me a hint…🎶..Committed a crime, broken the law..for $25 and pieces of silver, I help up and robbed a hard liquor store…🎶? I’m not getting the connection, and WEED miss you until trow! As for Idiot…DITTO..Read the comments…The numbers are inCREASing! Talk to you later, Bud. 🙋🏻


      • Nice pickup on the lyrics, but that’s not the connection. Note my signoff yesterday and today (*not* a Beatles reference 😂) and the days of the week. Stay tuned for tomorrow.

        The first battle of the weeds has been joined, and I’d call it a draw. I have the heavy artillery (weed whacker), but they have a SPRING in their step that I can’t match. ⚔️ 🙋🏻‍♂️

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      • Thank you. But that’s the song…Hmm…Note y’days sign off? G, I don’t even remember what the LOUs said when they left this morning…and I answered! 😉 ‘Til Tuesday, be well…David Bowie? And now this today..Simon and Garfunkle? Trow? 🎶Thursday’s Child? 🎶…Will there be a prize at the end of the week…???? Like your 🎶Yesterday🎶and 🎶Today…(We Said) …🎶 (non reference)! C’mom…gimme another hint….Weeds..I’ve now resorted to using a blow torch…The weed whacker just wasn’t CUTTING it! (And besides, I’ve got scallions growing all over the front of my house…rampant scallions…They tell me this was farmland like 80 years ago…And???) 🙄 🙋🏻


      • Just referencing the upcoming day of the week, that’s all. Just like the chess problems I always fail – “Too easy for a hint”! 😂

        Giants are still introducing the players – and the coaches – and the assistant video analyzers …. it’s going to be a loooong time until “Play Ball.” 🙋🏻‍♂️


      • And don’t forget that new cleaning crew on the mezzanine…😂😂 “And here we have….”!
        Yankees are playing…with a little BJ Thomas…Get it? 😂😂🙋🏻


      • Not at first. I thought your pitcher got the hook (“Hooked on a feeling.”)
        Cheated and saw “Raindrops keep falling..” Looks miserable. Giants, 61°, no wind, not a cloud in the sky. They kept this secret from *everybody*, even the broadcast crew – first pitch thrown by the now-beardless Brian Wilson. All is forgiven I guess. 🙋🏻‍♂️

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      • You peeked? 😉 It is miserable there…All those $8 million dollar plus tax seats up front? Totally empty! Pretty soon the ball’s gonna be slipping with the pitch…Crazy…💰💰 Puddles are starting to form… 61°Nice…really nice. Enjoy’ Wilson shaved! Get out! Was it Delilah?? ✂️


  6. Not relevant to anything else, these are the two best comments I read on the comics today, and I hadn’t heard them:

    “A bottle of enhanced Omega-3 capsules fell of the shelf and hit me.
    Fortunately, it was just a Super Fish Oil injury.”

    And one more for the musicians:
    “Q: What’s the difference between a dead tuba player in the road and a dead possum in the road? A: The possum was on its way to a gig.”

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    • LOL…Super Fish Oil…Very good…I hope the Lous don’t read this…I’m POACHing it! You’ll never guess what just opened my News (ABC)..Feature stories…Will the Yankees play..and Brooklyn Firemen rescue a cat 60 feet up in a tree.!!! You can’t make this stuff up…Oh..I hear the National Anthem…Play Ball? ⚾️🙋🏻


  7. Hi, all! Split second solve of the cartoon and 3 seconds for the first 2 words after saying “idiot” for DITTO. Saw the “ing” which gave me BOXING. Just got lucky with EXTENT.

    So why am I so tardy? Because my taxes that you have heard me whining about for 2 weeks are finished!! Our H & R taxman always compliments my organized paperwork, but today he went all out! He said that no one has ever come to him with their paperwork as organized as mine, called a tax lady over to take a look at my work, and turned down my request to pay $40 for Peace of Mind to have someone go with me if I get audited because, “You don’t need it.”

    I don’t iron. When we first married, I ironed pillow-cases & handkerchiefs & put the required “razor sharp” crease across the top of Jerry’s shirts after ironing them & much more.

    Mike, congratulations again for your Magic Moment yesterday of seeing your first robin of spring and thanks for sharing such a special time with us!

    Steve, thanks again for the song Taxman that has kept me going until the job was done! Now I think that I should …go…..to……..zzzzzzzzzz!

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    • Lelia…If God intended for us to keep Ironing…He never would have given us Permanent Press…Amen. Get a good rest, and enjoy your night! 💤🙋🏻


    • Hi Lelia – I found the video of your toy, and I see he’s made by the same company that proudly produces the “Big Mouth Billy Bass” singing fish. He’s very funny, but I think I’m glad that my 2 toys are silent!
      From Wikipedia, “ “Goin’ Out of My Head” is a song written by Teddy Randazzo and Bobby Weinstein, initially recorded by Little Anthony & the Imperials in 1964”.


      I also realized the song he *should* be singing – one I mentioned to Caroline when we were talking about folk music – the Hoyt Axton tune with the chorus
      🎵”Work your fingers to the bone, what do you get?
      Bony fingers, bony fingers.”🎵


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