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Good morning, Jumble fans! Opening up my newspaper to start today’s Jumble, I couldn’t help but have my attention gravitate towards the unique cartoon that Jeff decided to draw for us. It’s completely out of the ordinary and definitely on the sinister side. So let’s quickly run through the clue words so we can explore this devious drawing in-depth!

Did you think IGLOO looked like LOGIC at first? That extra “O” stumped me only for a few seconds before I remembered that we’ve run into this word not too long ago. THANK was immediately visible and a routine solve. Next up was TRIPLE, and it’s my pick for the peskiest of the pack. David really had me fooled by starting the anagram with a PR so it took a few self-jumbles to make it come into view. CANVAS required zero effort and I was excited to finally head over to the cartoon.

The setting of today’s panel is a workshop where we see two men plotting a plan to do battle with dracula. The room appears to be dimly lit with perhaps just a candle or two burning in a corner just outside our view. The man on the left looks like he’s been down this road before but he wasn’t successful in his previous attempt to defeat the mythological bloodsucking beast. His eyepatch as well as the scar on his face are a constant reminder that he was lucky to escape with his life during their tussle. With a pistol on his hip and a garland of garlic around his neck, he waits for his partner to place the finishing touches on the wooden stake that is sure to get the job done.

Our bald tinkerer seems to be using a magnifying glass to precisely place a few drips of “garlic juice” on the tip of the stake. There’s several other items on his workbench including some silver tipped bullets, a whole head of garlic and a mortar and pestle. Little do they know that their preparations are being overseen by their enemy as he hangs silently upside down in the window just above their heads!

Jeff went to extremes with all of the detail work in his cartoon. It’s not often that we see such a dark piece and it was such a fun change of pace. Let Jeff know if you enjoyed it by leaving a comment down below and maybe he’ll continue these types of drawings in the future.

The final solution consisted of a single 11-letter word. The layout was wonderfully cryptic and left the answer well hidden. I must admit that I was stumped at first until I noticed the letters -ING. By crossing them out, I had 8-letters to deal with making PAIN come into view. PAINSTAKING came instantly to mind leaving a very satisfying solve. Have a terrific Thursday and I’ll see you tomorrow!

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  1. 🎶Another one BITES the dust…Another one BITES the dust..And another one gone, and another one gone….Another one BITES the dust. Hey, I’m gonna get you, too….Another one BITES the dust🎶

    ⚰ Bram Stoker met a person who took him by surprise,
    It could have been his attitude, it could have been his eyes…
    And maybe something else was there to make a TRIPLE threat
    I guess he just was CANVASsing and Vlad’s the one he vet.
    We THANK him for his story, it’s still favored by some,
    I personally don’t like horror…I find it so ho hum…
    So now I look at IGLOO, and I know there is no place
    An ice house doesn’t fit this piece and I’m just wasting space…
    So Dracula’s our theme today, and to a close I’ll bring
    The rhyme about the neck biter..it’s really PAINSTAKING! ⚰

    Canvas? A tiny little tic…The rest of today’s words? THANK you, easy breezy. Ok. Let’s take a BITE out of our puzzle…Today we’re reading the VAMPIRE DIARIES…a page from David and Jeff’s GHOUL collection. We find ourselves, late at night in the workshop/laboratory of man with a plan. A plan to kill a VAMPIRE, namely DRACULA. WOOD you believe there’s articles about this on line? Yes, there are, FANG you very much! I must have COUNTed at least 10 of them…I guess some people really have a STAKE in this…Well, not me. Too sinister. I just don’t have the HEART for this sort of thing. So I’m not going to stick my NECK out here. But since it is what we have today, I’ll take a STAB at it…The man making the tool to kill the GHOUL, the Homme FATALe, is telling the THRILLER KILLER that he’s worked his fingers to the BONE to create the perfect WEAPON. He really put his HEART into it…The KILLER, CLOVED in a lei of Garlic, holds a picture showing X marking the spot. He’s probably not the brightest BULB in the box though, because he’s shown with a diaBRAM dePICKting where the HEART is. And telling him to avoid the FANGS! Did he really need a PICKture? Is he that BATty? I mean what kind of a FANGster is he anyway? BATever…The Homme FATALe, is seen trying to get his POINT aCROSS, as he oils the STAKE with what I presume to be Holy Water as a FINISHing touch. He seems a little VEIN…He’s gone through such PAINS to create this weapon…Our question asks..The prep work creating this HEART-stopper was…PAINSTAKING! FANGdango! A good one. Well DONE, Dave! Ok..eye candy..CROSSed Daggers and a Bow on the wall…Our ANTAGONIST himself perhaps, disguised as a BAT hanging upside down in the window, silhouettes of Castles in the darkened nights’ background. On the desk, a head of garlic, two bullets, one illuminated, a mortar and pestle…Our THRILLER KILLER, slinging a gun and wearing an eye patch, sporting a scar, and so in need of a hair stylist…It’s just all too much…What do I choose? Like getting BLOOD from a stone… I give up. I’m going with the magnifying glass and the EYE dropper…It just had some kind of REFLECT on me…So, There you have it Folks, Done. Have a great day, Everyone! Dracula…Certainly not my best subject, and I couldn’t quite sink my TEETH into it..I guess he’s just not my TYPE. Until tomorrow then…Be GHOUL! ⚰🙋🏻

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  2. Good morning. I’ll try again to make a quick post as I’m having trouble with my phone. It’s only at 3% right now. Today’s jumble was a typical Monday one.The words and cartoon was an instant read. Didn’t even need to look at the letters for the solution. Until tomorrow stay well.

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  3. The Inuit family said a hearty THANK you for having a TRIPLE layer of CANVAS over their IGLOO.
    Well Mike and Angela you beat me to the punch with any observations I could make about today’s cartoon. I saw the bat, the cross daggers et. al. You have trained me well to look for these wonderful details and Jeff and Dave have my eternal gratitude for all the pleasure they provide to us Jumble devotees.
    Clue words and solution were not difficult
    . I used the same technique Mike, to find the answer which was not “painstaking” and I love the clever play with “stake”
    Angela, I need some help with your song choice, unknown to me.
    BTW: wasn’t there an old song about a “monster ball” or something ?
    Had to go the mall for wi-fi. Power outage due to high winds–over 70 MPH.💨 😱

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    • The power is still out in a few parts of NH as well, Earl. It was gusty last night bringing limbs down onto wires. It seem’s to have calmed down a bit this morning.

      Thanks for your sentence as my morning wouldn’t be complete without it! Happy Thursday. 🙂


    • Good Morning, Earl. Suffering the same fate here on Staten Island. Downed trees, power outages. Brutal winds…More snow predicted…The song I chose today is 🎶Another One Bites The Dust🎶, by Queen, recorded 1980. The one you’re referring to, I believe is 🎶Monster Mash🎶by Bobby “Boris” Pickett & The Crypt Kickers, circa 1962. A campy, fun song.
      Be careful, stay safe…Great sentence, BTW. 🙋🏻

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      • I knew I could depend on you
        Thanks. Glad I am not alone with the power problems.
        I’m going to hum “I sm a rock, I am an island” today as I walk around the mall. Not much else to do but determined NOT to buy useless stuff.🍰 🌮 🎯

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        • You’re welcome, Earl. Put the blinders on, and just keep on humming! I’m hosting the Mets now at 1, and the Masters at 3. Different floors, different sports! Different food! Let the wind blow all it wants! Enjoy your day…Talk to you later 🙋🏻


  4. Igloo was a recent repeat so was an easy find,canvas was a little troublesome.Agree that the length of the solution and presence of ing,made painstaking a quick solve.Weather wise Spring has not sprung in W Central Illinois,w several inches of snow on Easter and more forecast for this weekend.

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  5. Hi, all! Today’s answer was definitely not PAINSTAKING for me. After spending only 2 minutes on the words, I looked at the letters & there was the answer. IGLOO has slowed me down before but not today. THANK and CANVAS were easy.

    As I got TRIPLE quickly, I thought of myself watching a RED SOX game with men on base and me yelling at the batter, “Get a triple!!!”

    MIKE, this one is for you:

    Smart and so friendly, our Jumble Answers man,
    Teaches Jumble solving as no one else can.
    And now, for our surprise,
    He offers us a prize!
    Wow!! Of Mike, I’ll always be a loyal fan!!

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    • You’ve got me blushing!!! Thanks so much, Lelia. And I’ll definitely be screaming “Get a TRIPLE!!!” during today’s home opener.

      Be sure to enter the giveaway before the 15th. The mug is a great prize and you can give the gift card to your grandchildren. I’m sure they’d be tickled pink. 😊😊😊


  6. Hi all – TRIPLE took an extra look, and then I realized what the answer was.
    Do I even have to say that I *really* liked this one? This is the first time I can remember laughing out loud *three* times – once at the little clove of garlic sitting there (useful for preparing a late night snack after the deed is done, but please HOLD THE TOMATO SAUCE!), once at the helpful but hopefully unnecessary instruction “AVOID” on the diagram (FANGS a lot, Dr. Obvious), and then when I realized “painSTAKING”. Nice touch adding the garlic juice to the tip of the stake too! He’d be MORTAR-fied if he’d forgotten that trick for eliminating the vampire PESTLE-ence. I see he’s prepared for werewolves just in case. He reminds me of “Have gun will travel,” a Palladin for all your monster-dispatching needs, no doubt. (Hey, there was a TV Western hero whose trademark was a string of mirrors for a hatband – that would be PERFECT for this guy.)
    My favorite detail though – that cute little bat hanging there. “How much is that fella in the window?” I’d rescue him for my belfry anyday!

    Recent songs from the ceiling –
    At a different market that usually has *awful* music, Stevie Wonder’s “Ma Cherie Amour” – maybe there’s hope.
    At Safeway, a song I had just been reading about recently, Edie Brickell’s “What I Am”, which got vast exposure when it was included on the Wondows 95 installation CD at a time when it was rare to be able to watch video on a computer.
    And, last but not least, (you CANNOT make this stuff up) – a repeat performance of “These Dreams” by – wait for it – HEART!

    See you tomorrow. We’re preparing for an unusually big rainstorm over the next 24-36 hours, so I’ve got 🎵”Friday on my mind”🎵

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    • Hey G..Break in the action 😳 Mets discussing if “it’s a homer when it lands in the flowers”!!! You CANNOT make THIS stuff up! 😂 So, what’s obvious is you put Sauce in caps…Et Tu? Edie Brickell’s 🎶What I Am🎶 has to be at least 30 yrs old, no? Underrated. I’m going to look for your article. I know you know she’s married to Paul Simon, right? Love at first BITE, on the set of SNL…I always thought she’d end up with Steve Martin…You have me thinking with your THEORY of garlic juice on the STEAK! (😉) Mike and I took the traditional route and thought Holy Water…But you may have a POINT…🎶Monday I got Friday on my mind…🎶Good choice! The Littles have this song they brought home from pre-school…🎶Sunday, Monday…🎶 etc…to the tune of 🎶Clementine🎶. I played this for them instead…One’s on board. The other’s telling me..”No way…it’s too many words”…I’m working on her…Catch you later…PS..Yep, it was declared a Homer..Came out smellin’ like a rose…😉⚾️🙋🏻


      • Well, I actually noticed right off that there was no crucifix in the cartoon, and I assumed they didn’t want to offend anyone, and that combined with the mortar and pestle made me think garlic juice – holy water just never occurred to me.

        I’m off to buy an inflateable raft…. just kidding! 😂🙋🏻‍♂️

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        • Well, Pasteur did say that one millimeter of raw garlic juice is as effective as 60 milligrams of penicillin! 😉 Kill him with the anti-bacterial? Could be! I guess we just went with the “anything religious” being lethal. But as I said, you raised a good point. Where did the liquid come from? And I too noticed the absense of a cross, and agree that it woukd have been religiously disrespectful. I’m SMH though…G, it is only a cartoon! 🙄 You’re not in a flood zone, are you? Are you really that concerned? What woukd you do if you lived out here? Mets crushed the Nats, and the Twins ARE playing…Bizarro world! I’m going to leave you something on IOW..maybe you can help me…Ciao..🙋🏻


      • Ohhh, major misinformation here, sorry!
        The Edie Brickell song on the Windows 95 install CD was “Good Times.”
        My face is red! 👹 Catch you later.

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  7. Hi, Steve! Great comments on the Jumble! I especially liked your favorite detail, the little bat for your belfry and or course, songs from the ceiling.
    I have lost count of how many times I have repeated your very funny joke about “a Super Fish Oil injury” with each telling bringing a hearty laugh that I give you full credit for.
    Good luck preparing for all that rain!


    • Thanks! Not my joke, though, I got it from the comment section of a comic strip.
      I couldn’t believe it when I realized that one of the songs today was by HEART.
      They said we may get as much rain in two days as in a normal month of April, but I’m not expecting any flooding or anything.

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