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  1. Good Morning, Everyone 🧱 BUY…AND THE FAMILY STONE 🧱

    🎶 Just so you know, your love is engraved on my heart…It’s SET IN STONE…🎶 “Set in Stone” – Guy Sebastian 2016 https://tinyurl.com/hm9xj3l

    🧱 He’s got his ENGINE going…he’s looking for a steal,
    But nothing WITTY he can say will make this dealer deal…
    He won’t spar like a BOXER, his age shows all the reason,
    He’s dealt in antiques way too long, he’s seen the change of SEASON…
    His words are pretty clear, and he states that there is no clone,
    The marble bookends stand alone…his words are SET IN STONE 🧱

    🧱 There’s an old clock, a violin, butterfly under glass,
    A statue from the other day, a “Ming” that tries to pass?
    A discus thrower trophy, an old-time Jumble Book,
    You’ll even see some faint words there…upon a closer look…**
    But bookends are what interests him, familiar man who haggles,
    Antique dealer, besides his wife…advise him not to dabble…
    The price is marked, there’s no dispute…why bother to bemoan?
    He wants the marble bookends? Well the price is SET IN STONE…🧱

    ** https://tinyurl.com/yxdkbztd
    Have a good day, Everyone. Be well, and stay safe out there…🧱🙋🏻‍♀️

  2. 🐕‍🦺 Watching his wife once again over-SEASON the dog food, he tried to come up with a WITTY way of telling her without starting her ENGINE, so he said, “We could be facing a BOXER Rebellion”…but when she gave him a glare that was SET IN STONE…he knew he was barking up the wrong tree…🐕‍🦺

    🥊 The BOXER was a WITTY sort, he taunted those he fought,
    He bobbed and weaved around the ring, and rarely was he caught…
    A man for every SEASON, he was great at what he did
    He came on like a freight train…and they dubbed him “ENGINE Kid…“
    His record so impressive, in no time he became known,
    The Champion of heavyweights…and that was SET IN STONE 🥊

  3. Good morning. Guess what today is No, it’s not Monday but you probably wouldn’t know it by today’s jumble. It was Easy as pie, Easy breezy, all rolled up into one. You blinked your eyes, and you were done. There was no pause on the words, it was straight down line to the cartoon answer which was a blind solve. Until tomorrow stay well and stay safe.

  4. Hi Everyone – Once I gave up on “Not” as the first answer word it didn’t take too long. I wrote out possible 2 and 3-letter words, which showed me “Set In” and then the phrase.

  5. Engine looked like genie at first,but given that anagram solution along w the others,and the marble reference led to a quick cartoon solution,that indeed was “set in stone”.

  6. SENSAO gave me pause but moving the letters around flavored the day. Puzzle solution took a little time.
    Guess most in LA are A to Z types because you would think the Dodgers just won a 7 game World Series, not just game 1. Still the winner of Game 1 often goes on to win the series but as Chris Berman would say “not always–that’s why they PLAY THE GAME”! Hey, how’s that for a Jumble solve??

    • And they won it on the anniversary of their last championship, Mig! They sure looked solid. After so many home runs by all the teams this postseason, I had to laugh when three stolen bases in one inning tied a record going back to the 1912 World Series between the Giants and Red Sox. Old school!

      • I agree with you Steve! Dodgers look amazing but as a life long fan IM used to being let down, hopefully Mookie is the equation changer. Nice to see Kershaw get the monkey off his back….

  7. Like Caroline, I first thought “Not” would be in the answer but upon studying the cartoon more closely, realized stone was the finally word and the rest fell into place. Wishing all of you a good Wednesday.

  8. Hi all – No problem with the words today. Thought “Rock Bottom” for the answer, but I needed the letters to see the correct “Set in stone.”

    (If you like dueling guitars)
    🎵”And you know its getting stronger,
    Can’t fake ’em out much longer
    Turn to stone”🎵 (“Turn To Stone”, Joe Walsh 1972)

    Good wishes to everyone.

    Liked the BOXER rebellion, Angela. Your posts are never a BOER.

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